Welcome into a sad day here at Razzball does Draft, the final Monday of the regular season. At least we get to go out with Ace Day as Corey Kluber, Luis Severino, Stephen Strasburg, and Clayton Kershaw are all scheduled to take the mound. You don’t need me to tell you that all 4 are great plays. In light of that, let’s go deep and look past the obvious pitchers. You should also keep in mind that things may change with the playoff races and I will take no responsibility… for anything. Anyways, thanks for being here and best of luck today.

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Nathan Eovaldi, SP: Those Bo Sawx are pretty good at this here game of baseball. That alone makes him a solid play. And then on top of that, he’s facing Baltimore. They strike out a lot and aren’t really an offensive powerhouse.

Derek Holland, SP: Pick on the Padres. Today, that means Holland. He’s been solid this year, even if he has also been erratic. He’s one of your better options as his ERA and K numbers have been pretty good.

Jack Flaherty, SP: The ERA around 3 and the K/9 above 11 are both great. That’s why you come to the show. Now sit back and watch him work against the Brewers. (They have been known to strike out)

Dallas Keuchel, SP: The Astros are good, whoever they play is bad. Today that means the Toronto Blue Jays. Now here’s a team that has struggled at the plate. If only they had a player in the minors who could swing the bat… But that’s neither here nor there. Fire up Keuchel because you want to invest in the Astros and because he’s been putting up solid numbers.

Francisco Lindor, IF: Simply put, he’s been an MVP candidate this season. He can be the MVP of your draft too. He brings the power and the legs. That’ll play.

Alex Bregman, IF: He’s really good. Astros. Power. RBIs. You’ve heard it all before, especially if you’ve been reading here. And if you have been reading, I thank you. Bregman is a great option today and any day.

Justin Turner, IF: He’s been heating up as the Dodgers gear up for their playoff run. Despite battling injury, he’s batting above .300. The power numbers are down from what we’ve become accustomed to but that is likely attributed to the various injuries he has faced. He is always a power threat

Caesar Hernandez, IF: Looking for a later round pick who could put you over the top? Of course you are. Look no further. Welcome to Caesar’s Palace. Don’t be afraid of the matchup…he’s in Colorado. Fire him up with full confidence.

Juan Soto, OF: The teenage phenom has continued to take the league by storm and has a chance to close the season hitting .300. Perhaps even more impressive is that he is second in the MLB in walks, which is incredible because he wasn’t called up until the end of May. Then again, he did hit his first major league homer before he was even called up so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at anything he does

David Dahl, OF; He’s part of the Rockies youth movement. Dahl is a top tier option on the day. He’s a complete hitter who can give you average, power and speed. Hard to ask for more than that. Let him rock your lineup. 

Marcell Ozuna, OF: The offseason trade doesn’t seem to have effected him at all as he’s giving you good average power. That means you can fire him up today against the Brewers. And the Cards may be looking for some late season magic.

Roman Quinn, OF: If we’re going deep, let’s go with a Hail Mary. He’ll be in Colorado which is always a good thing for a hitter. The thin air should give him a chance to show off the wheels.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Thunder in St. Louis and a chance of rain in Washington and Toronto. Other than that you should have nothing to worry about weather wise. Not too bad.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The Philly vs Chicago line goes all the way up to 11. Fire up your hitters, this should be fun. That’s a high over and you should get in. LA and Arizona is projected to be a pitcher’s duel with the line set at 7.