Welcome to weird slate Thursday where MLB has scheduled games at all hours of the day, which is great as a fan and…interesting as a DFS player.  I’m going to focus a bit more on the early slate since it’s the larger slate today and the pitching in the nightcap is pretty ugly.  Marco Gonzales and your favorite dart throw I guess?  For the early slate though, we have Carlos Carrasco (DK: $9,800) doing his thing and facing the Giants at home.  The Giants have been perfectly mediocre to start the season which means, they’ve done nothing to make me fear this match-up for Cookie.  Carrasco is looking like his 2017 self in the early going of 2022, healthy, with an 11 K/9 and a 2.39 FIP.  I can’t help but root for this guy and I’ll be doing so today as I lock him in as my top pitcher.

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Jordan Montgomery, SP: DK: $6,900 – This is just a silly price.  I don’t get how Jo-Mo was $8,800 last week, goes 5 scoreless (only 2 Ks, but still) and his price drops to $6,900.  He’s hopefully built up to about 90 pitches or so after tossing 71 last time out and the Tigers rank bottom five so far in team OPS.  Sign me up for a Cookie and Monty combo today.

Joe Ryan, SP: DK: $9,300 – If you’d rather go double pricey pitchers, might I suggest MLB’s most underrated ace, Joe Ryan.  Ryan takes on the Royals who are also bottom five in team OPS thus far.  Get past Witt and keep Mondesi off the basepaths and it should be smooth sailing for Ryan.

Carson Kelly, C: DK: $3,500 – DK is taking away my fun by removing Varsho from the catcher pool, it seems yesterday was the last day of that loophole.  Instead, I’ll still pick on Josh Rogers with the D-Backs actual catcher, Carson Kelly.  Give me all the snakes today.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: DK: $4,300 – I had Bell here to start, but he’s getting an MRI on a creaky knee today, so I’ll turn to Rizzo.  No cheapie 1B are grabbing my attention today and Rizzo is fresh of a 28 point outing yesterday.  I like him to stay hot, batting third ahead of Giancarlo.

Luis Arraez, 2B: DK: $3,100 – Greinke’s toast, right?  There’s no way this crafty veteran thing keeps him at a sub three ERA for much longer.  Give me some Twins today to make Greinke look like Keuchel yesterday.  Arraez is cheap and is hitting third today with Polanco MIA.

Bobby Witt Jr., 3B: DK: $2,600 – If you don’t go with Ryan, you can disrespect him with the rest of us and grab a cheap Witt while he’s still under 3K, because he won’t be there for much longer.

Bo Bichette, SS: DK: $5,300 – Pay up at short and don’t be disappointed.  Don’t let Bo’s FPPG (4.8) fool you, he’s one of the best players in the game and you want to be on him when he goes supernova.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: DK: $4,900 – Stanton against Pineda should be fun and really, Pineda against the Yanks, in general, is a good storyline.  I’m willing to bet on Stanton’s upside here and hope that Pineda is washed.  Stanton has the ability to win you a tournament by himself.

Cooper Hummel, OF: DK: $3,100 – This play is only if Hummel finds himself in the leadoff spot, which he seems to be rotating with Varsho.  If Varsho lands here, I could see him at $3,300 taking this spot.  Either way, we want the cheap-ish leadoff hitter for the D-Backs today.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains

No precipitation to worry about today, but we do have some winds to factor in.  We have a strong wind blowing out at Citi Field, which makes me a little nervous for Carrasco, and strong winds blowing out in Boston, which makes me happy to stack some Jays and Sawx.  There is a strong wind in Detroit as well but it’s more of a right to left looking wind, so might not matter much for our game.


Doing Lines In Vegas

The Yanks are the biggest favorites on the day, so chalk another tally up for Jo-Mo.  Vegas expects fireworks in Boston with the Blue Jays and the Sawx, can’t say I disagree with a 9 run total there, I fear for Houck.  [email protected] has the lowest total at 7.5 runs, making me feel even better about that Carrasco/Montgomery pairing.