Let’s talk about roster construction to start. Specifically looking at DraftKings and how to look at your lineups as one unit. It’s easy to get tied into thinking about each individual piece of a DFS lineup alone. How the pieces mesh can be more important. Today, Gerrit Cole is a pretty clear top option according to projections. His price matches and is the highest of all the options. The easiest combination of price and projection that still lets you get good bats with Cole is Joey Lucchesi. Running an optimizer today to build for multi-entry tournaments will jam these guys together without any user intervention. This information is the key perspective you should start from when putting together your lineups. Avoiding this exact combination or leveraging your bats against one of them is the quickest way to pass a large portion of your opponents.

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Shane McClanahan, SP: $10,000 – Shane O’Mac is a great pivot from Gerrit Cole. The second-best projection from Razzball behind Cole. The White Sox still have some scary bats against left-handed pitchers in theory, but they are colder than cold. 

Joey Lucchesi, SP: $6,4000 – I’m adding Joey here because I don’t know what to do with him. It’s an incredible matchup against the puny Nationals. He looked good in his season debut. But he’s never shown any long-term ability to be good. My instinct is to fade or even stack against him until he shows some consistency.

Nathaniel Lowe, 1B: $4,700 – Fitting the theme of this write-up, the power bats in the Texas lineup are juicy targets for additional leverage in a lineup without Gerrit Cole. Cole has always had that deep underlying HR problem and has avoided giving up any this year. That is impossible to continue.  

Gleyber Torres, 2B: $4,600 – There isn’t really a stand-out 2B in these games. Ownership will be spread around. If you’re stacking the Yankees, Gleyber has the potential to contribute to taking Heaney out early.

Oswald Peraza, 3B: $2,600 – Constructing a good Yankees stack will need a couple of cheaper values. Peraza fits that build for me. Add him to your Gleyber/Judge stacks.

Anthony Volpe, SS: $3,800 – Anthony Volpe is more expensive than I really want, but he makes a lot of sense leading off tonight against Heaney to go with the other Yankee pieces. 

Aaron Judge, OF: $6,300 – You might have noticed the theme by now. I like the Yankee’s matchup against Andrew Heaney tonight. They will be popular, but not outrageously. Focusing on the pitcher dynamics first in our build can let us play them and get different.  

Alex Call/Lane Thomas OF: $2,800/$2,500 – You’ll need to find value somewhere tonight. Washington Nationals outfielders are gross. I get it, but if you’ve read my past few articles, you know I like to pay some gross stacks if the leverage opportunity exists.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Some slight risk of rain in Minnesota. Take a look at the weather there before lock to make sure you’re clear.


Doing Lines In Vegas

We just don’t know what the real Joey Lucchesi is this season. His first start was fine, but let’s bank on his history of mediocrity.  A small bet on the National’s moneyline sounds fun to me.