Lot to unpack here with Robinson Cano (2B, Fractured Hand; Dumb)… First Cano took a fastball off the back of his hand and suffered a broken bone in his hand, then an even bigger disappointment hammer fell. Cano was suspended 80 games for taking performance enhancing drug. That brings him to an early August return. Yikes. Stash or Trash: Stash. He’s too good for you to drop. He’ll still have two months of baseball once he returns. Fill In: Yolmer Sanchez (22.2%.) Can’t believe I’m still recommending this guy! He’s got a nice 2B/3B eligibility, a .296 average and is hitting 2nd for the White Sox. Great fill in option now, and bench bat for later.

Jeimer Candelario, 3B, Wrist Tendinitis

Everyone’s favorite third base sleeper is having a pretty solid season so far — he’s top 10 among third basemen in runs scored with 21. Stash or Trash: Stash. It’s looking like he won’t miss too much time. Fill In: Yolmer Sanchez — I can’t keep recommending this guy! JK — Daniel Descalso (12.4%.) Descalso had a sub-.200 average as late as April 27th but since then he’s slapped 15 hits in 43 at bats with 6 runs and 7 RBI. He won’t keep this up at all — he doesn’t hit HR or steal bases, but he won’t kill your ratios too much.

Todd Frazier, 3B, Strained Hamstring

The Toddfather is having a very Toddfather season so far: 5 HR, 3 SB…….237 average. Womp. Still, the 18 runs and 21 RBI ain’t bad. Stash or Trash: NL-only/deep leagues, stash. Shallow leagues? It depends on your waiver options. Fill In: One more time — say it with me now — Yolmer Sanchez! Matt Duffy (6.6%.) Don’t forget about old Duffy. In 2015 he was the runner-up for Rookie of the Year after a 12 HR/12 SB/.295 AVG season. Duffy himself had a DL stint earlier this season, but since returning he’s been out for blood! In 58 at bats he has 22 hits for a .379 AVG. Only 4 runs, 1 HR and 7 RBI — but still — you’re just looking for someone to not kill you in deep leagues.

Alen Hanson, 2B/OF, Hamstring Strain

Not to get all hipster on you — but I’ve been cyclopsing Hanson for years now anticipating a breakout. Filling in for an also-injured Joe Panik Hanson has been slugging the ball lately. In 47 ABs he has 4 HR, 3 SB and a .298 AVG. Stash or Trash: Stash. No timetable just yet, but with Panik out until June I expect Hanson to come back soon and return to his previous performance. Fill In: Y-O-L-M-E-R. Niko Goodrum (1.6%.) This is a deep league play obviously, but Niko has a dope name and a nice 4 HR/4 SB/.839 OPS stat line on the year. With Candelario and Leonys Martin on the DL Niko is going to get ABs for a little while. Last year in AAA he had 13 HRs and 11 SB so the power and speed, while not eye-popping, is present.

DJ LeMahieu, 2B, Thumb Sprain

Well this is frustrating. LeMahieu returned from a late April hamstring DL stint and now, after 5 games, he’s back on the DL again. Stash or Trash: Stash. No updates just yet, but DJ is having a typical solid DJ LeMahieu season: 20/5/13/3/.279. Fill In: YOLMER F#&$ING SANCHEZ. Jonathan Villar (12.4%.) This fall hasn’t been pretty, but Villar still has a .282 AVG on the year with 7 stolen bases. If you need an NL-only fill in you could do worse than Villar.

Leonys Martin, OF, Strained Hamstring

Don’t scroll past this Leonys — he’s been actually hitting pretty well this season. He’s got 23 runs, 5 HR, a .294 AVG and is the Tigers leadoff hitter by default. Stash or Trash: Stash. He’s not going to return when eligible on Friday, but he has been pretty solid as an OF4/OF5 bat. Fill In: Travis Jankowski (4.3%.) SAGNOF alert! Don’t forget that this Jankowski stole 30 bases in 2016. Also don’t forget that Manuel Margot has been borderline unownable so Jankowski is going to get ABs as long as he keeps hitting — and hitting he has been. He’s hitting .349 with 4 SB in only 43 ABs so far with 5 multi-hit games out of 10 games started.

Carlos Martinez, SP, Lat Strain

Well this bites. CMart is third in baseball with a 1.62 ERA behind a pair of filthy, cheating Astros, but will now miss an undetermined amount of time with this lat injury. Stash or Trash: Did you read that last sentence? Stash. Fill In: Kyle Freeland (18.4%.) Don’t run away from Rockies pitchers! Freeland actually has a 3.30 ERA in 22 games at Coors Field over his career including a 1.40 ERA in 3 starts this year. He actually has a 4.82 ERA in away games this season mainly due to a 4 inning, 5 ER blow up in Pittsburgh in mid-April. Freeland’s next start will come in San Francisco as he hopes to bring that away ERA down more.

Keynan Middleton, RP, UCL Damage

Middleton had been looking pretty good as the Angels de-facto closer with 6 saves and a 2.04 ERA, but due to poor usage by coach Mike Sciosciapath. Middleton returned from injury on May 10th and Sciosciapath pitched him in May 10th, 12th and 13th as if nothing had ever happened. Stash or Trash: Stash for now, but expect Tommy John to claim another soul. Fill In: I’m thinking Jim Johnson (3.2%) will be the replacement closer in LA. Johnson has 177 career saves including 22 last year with the Braves. Sure, he’s a mess at times — but look at his coach — so is he. SAGNOF!

Marcus Stroman, SP, Shoulder Fatigue

You probably shouldn’t have drafted Stroman to begin with. He’s been struggling with injuries since pre-season. Stash or Trash: Stash I guess. I really don’t think he’ll give you any quality innings for the rest of the year — but hold out hope if you’d like. Fill In: Jack Flaherty (17.5%.) He’s the St. Louis Cardinals fill in option for Adam Wainwright who also hit the DL recently. His ownership is going to skyrocket, but as of Tuesday night he’s owned in less than 20% of leagues. In 80 career minor league appearances Flaherty has a 2.73 ERA and a 9.1 K/9. He’s going to be one of those guys who shows up on a lot of fantasy championship teams.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, Strained Oblique

Oh weird. Stash or Trash: Despite the .217 average — stash. He’s got a crazy low .233 BABIP but is still making hard contact 41% of the time. His walk rate, strikeout rate and contact rates are all almost identical to his career numbers so I think we’re going to see a regression to his mean soon — buy low if you can. Fill In: Mark Reynolds (6.5%.) Boom! What a Nationals debut — 2 HRs in 4 ABs for Reynolds. The past two seasons has seen a brand new Reynolds emerge — after having a .230 batting average from 2007-2015, Reynolds saw his average climb to .274 in from 2016-2017. Reynolds is hitting 5th in the Nationals lineup and could have plentiful RBI opportunities hitting behind Trea Turner, Bryce Harper, Howie Kendrick and Matt Adams.

As always, leave a comment below for injury replacement options in your league!

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Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
4 years ago

@Wile E Coyote:
I just read a notification that Yolmer might get some OF time too. He’s not an out of this world player — but for this article he’s the perfect fill in. You’re not going to find a 25 HR or 25 SB replacement player on the waivers — but a guy hitting .286 with multi-position eligibility and a respectable amount of counting stats? He’s perfect to fill in.

I didn’t hear about the wrist surgery — yeesh. Not good. I remember seeing a Ted Williams documentary and he said the wrists are the most important part of a hitters swing. That’s why I was a little nervous about Justin Turner’s return — but he’s hitting just fine. Don’t know if the power will be there this year though.

I bought Leonys early this season since I heard he was leading off. Thought he’d be a sneaky 25 steal player — I’ll definitely buy what he’s doing right now!

It’s hard to do a stash/trash because everyone is in different leagues. Even if you read the other comments in this article — one guy says that his league NEVER trades for injured players. It’s a tough balance — because in my 14 team league Stroman might get swiped up if he’s dropped. I love Stroman — if you remember, last year he was my AL Cy Young Dark Horse prediction. But this year? After his spring training injury scares — I wanted NOTHING to do with him. Own 0 shares.

Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote
Reply to  Kerry Klug
4 years ago

@Kerry Klug:

The different leagues thing is a very very fair explanation. Defining what “replacement level” is, for any given league, the metric of interest when answering any “stash or trash”, or even “do I remain patient” kind of questions.

Totally with you on Turner too, he still has decent value, but what is it if instead of 20 HR the rest of the way, we only get 10? Are really good non-HR counting stats enough juice for the squeeze? Anybody playing him now probably stashed him on the DL from the draft, but what round was he taken in?

4 years ago

Mike Soroka…Stash or Trash in a 12 team roto mixer??

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Don'tBeAHader
4 years ago

Stash. Doesn’t seem like a long stay.

Holy Chette
Holy Chette
4 years ago

I’m trying to chase the ambulance away from my team…

Redraft, 12tm, 28 man rosters (with an additional 3 DL spots), +OBP/+QS

Any suggestions on how I should handle my current plethora of DL players:
Alen Hanson
*Darvish – DTD… for now

Already had to drop Middleton earlier this week as well. My guess is that the obvious cuts are Soroka, Lucchesi & Hanson, but the problem is there are a grand total of 4 players available with >25% ownership (one of which is Cano). Any of those three drops would get picked up immediately if dropped to the wire.

I’m currently sitting in 2nd and have a 10-4 lead this week (and I suspect the worst outcome should be 7-7).

With that being said, should I:

a) Just ride it out, because most of these guys’ injuries should be short term (outside of possibly DJ & Miggy)?
b) Just cut the dead weight and work the wire?
c) This is where I’d like to say try to make some trades, but no one in this league trades for DL players… we are in our 8th season and it’s near impossible to move an injured player for anything less than 10-20 cents on the dollar.

I can roster a full hitting squad (with one bench bat) and have 9 SP and 4 RP… did I mention the rosters are pretty deep? haha.

Some waiver options are:

Sorry for the long reply, just haven’t experienced this type of injury bug before and looking for some insight as to how you might handle it. Appreciate any advice!

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Holy Chette
4 years ago

@cutchs dreads: honestly I know it’s a boring answer… But if that’s your waiver options your best bet is to wait. Youll be close to full strength in 2 weeks.
Sucks that your league won’t trade. Way too Conservative.

4 years ago

You think a package of Kershaw and Dee Gordon is enough for judge? I’ve got tons of pitching, including Verlander, thor, madbum, Paxton, nola, and can slide ozzie into 2B to offset trading away Gordon.

I’m first place in my 10 team, 4 player keeper league. Probably don’t need to trade, but I always like trying to snag a superstar.

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Mike
4 years ago

@Mike: wow if that’s your pitching you should be good. It’s a bit much to give up for my tastes (maybe one of the lesser starting pitchers?)

Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote
4 years ago

Yolmer Sanchez just got his first game towards being SS eligible, and bats second, though in a very weak CWS lineup. Love the recommendation. He’s been on my radar right behind Descalso, who, in my mind, trumps him with position eligibility.

Candelario does seem like a “stash” on the surface, but personally I’m steering clear of anyone who is known to now NEED off-season wrist surgery. Hitters use their wrists, right? I was beginning to get sold on him before the injury too… but now I’m not even confident that he finishes the season, let alone with a similar offensive pacing.

Leonys Martin is an absolute “stash”, have you SEEN his xstats? The real concern for him are his teammates’ health at least as much as his own.

You don’t know how to say “trash”, do you? Even when both your heart & brain were telling you to say that with Stroman, you still somehow managed to type out “stash.” You even knew to add in “I guess.” You knew the right answer, and blurted out the wrong. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not sure Stroman deserved a roster spot in all leagues when fully healthy. You’re getting a guy with below league average K/9 who has to face the Sox & Yanks a few times each. I think you agreed with everything I’m saying, but some outside force maybe influenced you in the other direction.

4 years ago

Already picked up Salvie Perez as Catcher to replace Yadie, who is on 1 of my 2 DL spots. Worth dropping Yadie to pick up other positions since Salvie is decent, or should I hold Yadie and drop Salvie when Yadie gets his jewels situated? Thanks.

Kerry Klug
Kerry Klug
Reply to  Prog_Nation
4 years ago

@Prog_Nation: someone in your league has to have a bad catcher… See if one of them wants to trade.