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Psst! This post is gonna list 2nd basemen that you should target in your 2021 fantasy baseball drafts. I’m whispering because you don’t want everyone to see this post. No, I can’t whisper louder, then it WOULDN’T BE WHISPERING! Okay, gig’s up (or maybe that’s jig’s up), the love I’m about to reiterately (Made Up Word of the Day!) confirm is on these guys I love later in drafts. I’m not going to mention Ketel Marte other than this one mention of him where I say I’m not going to mention him. At least that’s my apophasis and I’m sticking to it! These are players that you’re looking at later and all of them have ADPs after 200 (unlike Marte; okay, two non-mentions). Some could be the 2nd baseman on your team, they are more than likely MIs. This is a (legal-in-all-countries-except-Croatia) supplement to the top 20 2nd basemen for 2021 fantasy baseball. Click on the player’s name where applicable to read more and see their 2021 projections. Anyway, here’s some 2nd basemen to target for 2021 fantasy baseball:

Nick Solak (Yahoo 225) I didn’t give you 2nd basemen fantasy baseball sleepers who were as deep as 200th-plus overall. I gave you guys who are drafted earlier, because I think you need to reach a little for that pure eh-eff upside from this position. Even Solak, who I did write one for — Nick Solak sleeper; see? — is being drafted before 200th overall in NFBC and ESPN leagues, which is why they’re not listed in the ADP/ranking parenthetical. Dylan Moore who I love — Dylan Moore sleeper — is going roughly 100 picks before 200, and I sorta wrote a Ketel Marte sleeper, which I simply posted in my top 20 2nd basemen. So, ‘lak is a definite grab if you can, and go read his sleeper post for more. By the by, I wrote this post a few weeks ago, and at the time ESPN had Solak ranked around 250th overall. I get making minor adjustments, due to playing time in the spring, but I don’t understand how anyone moves that dramatically in the rankings this time of year. It’s kinda like the first pass at rankings for them is just a literal chucking of nonsense against the wall.

David Fletcher (ESPN 223, Yahoo 232, NFBC 225) Surnames are usually what your ancestors did for a living, so Fletcher’s dad loved to watch Fletch. It’s science. Keep finding myself drafting Fletcher this year. Honestly, not sure why. He’s not the type of guy who I usually like at all — 8/8/.300 makes Daddy go yawn. Might be the eligibility everywhere, and might be because it’s been a lot of Best Ball leagues, and in roto, I’d still stay away. Hmm, big endorsement here for the one who Fletches.

Garrett Hampson (ESPN 232, Yahoo 240, NFBC 260) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA–breathe, Grey, breathe! Put me in a straitjacket! *imitating Cypress Hill* I’m going loco… Whoa, I almost lost it there thinking about how many times I’ve suggested you draft Garrett Hampson and how each time resident prospblocker, Bud Black — Bud Block? — just says nope. Hampson has been given more chances by fantasy baseballers than anyone else in recent memory, and I’m 100% factoring in Brett Lawrie. This will be the last year for Hampson as he enters the season when he turns 27. According to Roster Resource, he’s still not starting, and I tend to agree. At worst, he’s going to platoon with Hilliard and face all (and only) lefties. At best, he’s platooning all over the field, facing some righties and will get 425+ ABs. Each time I wonder if maybe Hampson just isn’t that good, and is a utility player, I’m reminded how he was great during the few times he was an everyday player in 2019. That wasn’t a…dream, was it?

Nick Madrigal (ESPN 239, Yahoo 208) I’ll be real with you, I think I ranked Madrigal too low. In fairness to me (because why not), everyone after 200th overall is one giant tier. As I’ve said numerous times before, if you need a 2nd baseman at pick 200, and need average or speed, what difference does it make if I have Ryan McMahon or Hunter Dozier before Madrigal. One of my biggest problems with FantasyPros’ ranking of rankings. It’s super dumb. If you need speed and average, Madrigal’s like a poor man’s Treat Urner. Okay, very poor. Call him Dogtreat Urner. I’m kinda shocked I have Madrigal projected for two homers. Seems high for him. If you need a .300+ average though with 15+ steals, you’re not finding that elsewhere, outside of Madrigal. Also, I already gave you a Nick Madrigal fantasy.

Andres Gimenez (ESPN 243) This made me laugh, and it’s really a super nerdy thing to laugh at but here ya go:  Two weeks ago Yahoo had Amed Rosario about ten spots before Gimenez. They, of course, changed it so you have to take my word for it. If Cleveland were to start Rosario in front of Gimenez, they’re so wildly dumb. Sure, teams are always doing dumb, and I don’t need to list examples of “teams doing dumb” but I don’t think they’re gonna be doing this that dumb. I mean, that would be very, very dumb. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, they won’t even platoon Gimenez, and just let Rosario rotate around the field. It’s why they said they’re gonna try Rosario in the outfield. Also, I already gave you an Andres Gimenez fantasy. It was from before the trade, but same diff, basically.

Jon Berti (ESPN 253, Yahoo 337, NFBC 289) If Hampson is Brett Lawrie plus five years, Berti is a Lawrie that was never meant to be. Though. Dot dot dot. Lawrie was a “never was,” so a “never meant to be” with a “never was” is a “possibly never but could be.” Not confusing at all! Berti went 7/40 one year in Double-A, after stealing 56 bags in High-A, and, damn, Berti really missed out on having a career because of some cheap-ass teams. You look at Berti’s stats, and he is consistently prorating to a 10/30/.270 season without much effort. Shame he has less than 120 MLB games under his belt at the age of 31.

Scott Kingery (ESPN unranked, Yahoo unranked, NFBC 342) If there was no 2020 season, Kingery would be ranked in the 150th overall range, as he was going into last year. So, what happened, you ask me while batting your eyelashes, as you swing for the fences. He wasn’t right for 113 ABs last year, due to the plague, and he’s completely forgotten this year. Let’s take his projections from last year: 80/22/69/.271/17 and compare them to guys this year. It’s roughly the same on our Steamer hitter projections as Ozzie Albies, Wil Myers, Randy Arozarena and Trent Grisham. So, he’s now unranked because he had a bad four weeks? Oh…*climbs to the top of the stairs in Philly with the Rocky statue*…kay. For full disclosure, I am concerned Odubel Herrera steals Kingery’s job out of spring training. Still, he’s practically free in drafts.

Brendan Rodgers (ESPN unranked, Yahoo unranked, NFBC 486) Here’s a guy I’ve been trying to figure out why there’s no one interested. Even if you consider NFBC the “smart money” and I’m not sure we should be doing that, but if we are, Rodgers is all but forgotten. People thought he was a 27/10/.275 hitter as recently as 2018, and then had two terrible years, right? No. He didn’t play, and he’s only 24 years old. So, why is he all but forgotten? Because his 2020 wasn’t good? He didn’t play — getting 21 at-bats. Because he wasn’t good in 2019? Didn’t play, only 76 ABs then. Now Bud Block (is that a thing now?) might screw with Rodgers, but all indications is he’s an everyday player. Shouldn’t he at least be going around the last round in a 12-team leagues? Roughly 300th overall. Even with the hammy injury, I’d stash him at 300th overall! He’s going almost two hundred picks later, and completely unranked by ESPN and Yahoo. I’m sorry, how is Hampson roughly 250 picks better? Not to answer but to ruminate, after googling “What does ruminate mean?”