For those of you who don’t remember, here’s the gist (and we’ll keep this blurb here all season so as not to confuse any newcomers):  Ranking prospects for fantasy purposes is a tricky exercise.  Back in February, I rolled out my Top 50 Fantasy Prospects for 2014 (part 1, part 2), and those are already garbage.  The variables involved are constantly in flux — talent emerges, talent regresses… opportunity comes, opportunity goes… clubs get cold feet because of service time, clubs don’t give a shizz about service time.  So, given the fluid nature of this prospect business, we’re going to keep a running ranking throughout the season.  This post will run every Wednesday, providing a weekly glimpse of the soon-to-arrive impact talent. 

It’s our first PPR list of the year (don’t get confused, football meatheads), and I’m too excited to chat, so let’s get right to it:

1.  Javier Baez, SS, Cubs:  I told you on Sunday that I don’t think Baez will be long for the minors.  When he surfaces at Wrigley, he’ll bring immediate and significant impact potential in HR and SB.  If you miss out on this one, you’ll be crying yourself to sleep all summer.

2.  George Springer, OF, Astros:  Think of Springer as 2014’s version of Wil MyersWil Myers with 40 SB potential, that is.  He’s a virtual lock to arrive in Houston this June, offering a HR and SB boost to your squad as soon as he steps into a big league ballpark.  There’s some swing-and-miss in Springer’s game, which could lead to a slow start, but make no mistake, this is the sort of power-speed combo that doesn’t come around often.

3.  Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals:  Both Baez and Springer have more direct paths to big league playing time, and they might even bring higher respective ceilings too, but no one in the minors is better equipped than Oscar Taveras for immediate success at the ML level.  Oscar’s plus-plus hit tool is ready to be tested in the bigs, but first things first:  He needs to prove that he’s healthy. After a banged up 2013 that’s bled into the 2014 season, it is of great importance that Taveras’s name appears in the Memphis box score everyday this April.

4.  Archie Bradley, RHP, D’Backs:  Bradley is the top pitching prospect in the game, and he’s close to being able to put his impressive skill set to work in the bigs, but his command could use some refinement, and a little bit of time spent at the Triple-A level might serve him well.  The D’Backs view themselves as contenders this season, and they won’t hesitate to call-up Bradley as soon as he’s ready.  Early/mid-June seems like a plausible ETA.

5.  Kevin Gausman, RHP, Orioles:  Early on this spring, Gausman looked to have a grasp on a gig in the O’s rotation, but then the Ubaldo Jimenez signing happened, and that acquisition ultimately pushed Gausman to Triple-A.  The 23-year-old offers advanced stuff and plenty of polish, and it’s only a matter of time before he steps into a permanent SP role in Baltimore.

6.  Gregory Polanco, OF, Pirates:  Polanco brings an exciting skill set to the fantasy game, and his long-term upside is the same class as the hitters ahead of him on this list.  Developmentally, however, he isn’t quite as well-cooked as Baez/Springer/Taveras.  It might take a season or two before he’s able to achieve the 30/30 potential I’ve pinned on him, but even so, Pittsburgh figures to have a need for him this season, and you don’t want to get caught sleeping on a talent of this caliber.

7.  Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Mets:  I’m thinking Rafael Montero (see Next Five) gets the first look when an opportunity presents itself in New York, but I’m slotting Syndergaard higher on this list based on his enormous upside.  The 21-year-old brings a true ace profile, projecting to be a durable four category contributor as soon as he surfaces.

8.  Jameson Taillon, RHP, Pirates:  I expect Jameson Taillon’s path to Pittsburgh to resemble that of his teammate, Gerrit Cole’s.  Like Cole a year ago, Taillon could use some more time in the upper levels to work on his command, and the Pirates figure to allow him a couple months at Indianapolis before adding him to their big league rotation sometime in June.

9.  Jonathan Singleton, 1B, Astros:  Time is the only thing standing between Singleton and full-time 1B duties in Houston.  He’s probably ready for a look now, but the Astros are pinching pennies, and they’ll be sensitive to service time in order to keep their top prospects cost-controlled for as long as possible.  Singleton offers serious power potential, and he should be doing damage in fantasy leagues before the calendar rolls into July.

10.  Marcus Stroman/Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Blue Jays:  From my Blue Jays MiLB preview: “Those of you who read my posts throughout the regular season know that I’m intrigued by Stroman — he brings a fastball/slider combo that’s as good as any in the minors, and that skill set makes for some exciting performances (he whiffed 11+ batters in four of his 20 starts).  Stroman was probably ready for a big league look this past September, but the Jays opted to send him to the Arizona Fall League instead.  Big time whiff potential will make him a coveted piece in the fantasy game as soon as he surfaces.”  Stroman was actually #2 in that Blue Jays T10, behind SP Aaron Sanchez, who put himself in the stash-able conversation after a phenomenal spring.  At this point, it’s tough to say who gets the first look in Toronto once an opportunity arises, but that situation should gain clarity as we work our way into the regular season.

NEXT FIVE:  Andrew Heaney (LHP, Marlins); Rafael Montero (RHP, Mets); Nick Franklin (SS, Mariners); Matt Davidson (3B, White Sox); Jonathan Gray (RHP, Rockies)

  1. JJ says:

    Hey Sky. what does Sano’s injury does to his overall ranking. Do you think it will sap his power? Do you still think that he will be manning 3B for the Twins next year? I have him in my NA spot on my yahoo squad, I have the opportunity to drop him for Taillon or Correa in a keeper league. I love his upside but wonder if he’s worth holding onto now.

    • @JJ: Sano is a special sort of talent, and I don’t see the injury hurting his overall ceiling, or prospect ranking for that matter. The injury really only serves to set him back a year developmentally. I would hold him over Taillon, but he’s right neck & neck w/ Correa — that decision comes down to your needs.

      ALSO: I’m not Sky, and I’m definitely, definitely not flattered by the mixup.

  2. JJ says:

    sorry man. thanks for the feedback

    • @JJ: No worries, man, I’m just messing… everyone loves Sky…

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        If it makes you feel any better, when I tell people my name is Sky they say ‘oh hi Scott’. Clearly we’re twins. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

        • I think it’s finally time to reveal that we’re actually the same person, and I’m simply conversing with myself right now.

          • Tom Jacks

            Tom Jacks says:

            @Scott Evans: Great stuff Scott/Sky. You may very well be right on Baez’s early call up.

            And as long as we’re doing reveals, I’m actually both Tehol and Kid A.

            • Sky

              Sky says:

              @Tom Jacks: You clearly have much internal strife my friend.

              • Tom Jacks

                Tom Jacks says:

                @Sky: It comes with being a Cubs fan. I’m hoping Baez is also a practicing psychiatrist…

                • Sky

                  Sky says:

                  He minored in it just in case this whole ‘beisbol’ thing didn’t work out.

              • Tom Jacks

                Tom Jacks says:

                @Scott Evans: Tehol = Tyler Durden

                • James says:

                  @Tom Jacks:

                  I always sort of thought that…Tehol is just the personality that any of the writers use when they just want to ramble without backing it up.

                  • longbeachyo says:

                    @James: or spell anything correctly!

                    • goodfold2 says:

                      @longbeachyo: this has been postulated before, but then just who was that guy in the video interview at the start of the NFL year with MJD and Roddy white?

        • Wallpaper Paterson says:

          @Sky: If your name is Scott, it might as well be Todd. Similarly, if your name is Sky, then it might as well be Ty.

  3. Fungazi says:

    Whats the exact date of this super 2? Is it just June 1st?

    • @Fungazi: The exact date for 2014 won’t be determined until 2016… MLB tries to make it tricky to pin down so clubs can’t exploit service time as easily as they used to…

      • Fungazi says:

        @Scott Evans: That makes sense why there haven’t been rushes of rookies in the past and they sorta drift in as the season goes on. Thanks.

        • James says:


          I think it is something like 20% of rookies with the most service time qualify. So teams try to make that middle releivers and utility bats for the most part, guys that will not make a ton of money either way.

          So the early June thing is just the point when it is normally “safe” to call up a guy, and have him not be in the top 20% for service time

  4. Clint says:

    Every time I look at lists like this I wonder: what the F is wrong in the Brewers’ organization? We don’t seem to have good enough prospects when they come up they dominate whatsoever like the years of 1st round draft choices seem to be helping the Pirates finally. Nor do we have ones that even if we DID spend a lot of money on payroll we could flip for big names like the BoSox or Yanks.

    For example, Lawrie can’t stay healthy now that he’s in Toronto. La Porta is MIA completely in MLB. Gamel’s washed out after all his injuries. And I barely hear anything about any good arms we may have. I know drafting isn’t an exact science but aren’t MLB prospects easier to predict than football ones? Sometimes I wish we unloaded half our organization and stole the Cardinals’ head honchos because nobody seems to spin straw into gold like they can annually.

  5. Tugboat says:

    Big picture would you rather have Bogaerts or Baez in a long term keeper league?

  6. Bazzrall says:

    I just want to fast forward a 6 months to a year where Buxton is consistently topping this list. :(

      • Charlie says:

        @Scott Evans:

        When do you see Buxton getting the call? And if you were to remove arrival time where would Buxton slot in on this list?

        I’ve read reports all over the internet saying he’s the next Trout. What are your thoughts on him? Thanks!

        • @Charlie: Buxton should be a 2015 arrival & his fantasy ceiling is the best in the minors next to Baez.

          • Charlie says:

            @Scott Evans:

            Fantastic. Have him Taveras and Springer stashed in my NA spots in my keeper league.

            Do you think Buxton starts the year with the Twins or waits until June of next year to get the call?

            • @Charlie: He’ll probably arrive during the summer months…

              • Charlie says:

                @Scott Evans:

                Damn. A year and a half away. Hopefully he breaks out and they call him up earlier. Thanks!

  7. Ghost Face Miller says:

    Drafted Stephan Piscotty in my minor league draft this year, thoughts on him? ETA?

  8. Lville Jim says:

    Picked up Lucas Sims and Kohl Stewart in my dynasty league preseason minor league draft. Any thoughts on the pair?

  9. Dead Head says:

    Waiting on Bradley to show up in the majors is killing me, along with waiting for Bogaerts to gain SS eligibility in ESPN… And Bundy to get healthy.. prospects are frustrating haha.

    • Swfcdan says:

      @Dead Head: Bradley has taken forever, when he didn’t arrive at all last year I knew I should deal him and did for Adams and a pick which im well happy with. What about Taillon too, taken in fantasy drafts 3 years ago now and still hasn’t surfaced…

  10. King of the North says:

    I’m in a 12 team OBP league. You think I should grab Springer or Baez now? Are they legit starters in 12 team leagues? Sounds like Baez would be just due to how weak SS/2B are

    • @King of the North: Both are definite must-starts in mixed leagues as soon as they’re active… whether or not you should be stashing them depends on a few factors, including the space on your bench & your theory on using bench players & your realistic chances of grabbing one or both if you wait until they arrive… stashing is a dangerous game, but it can be a worthwhile one…

      • King of the North says:

        @Scott Evans: We don’t have deep benches, but I could make room for a month or so. I’d prefer not to wait til mid-June When you say you don’t think Baez will be long for the minors, you think they’re going to bring him up in May? Cause I could swing that

        • King of the North says:

          @King of the North: Thanks again. Much appreciated

        • @King of the North: Click the link in Baez’s capsule to see my ETA guess… I just went over it on Sunday…

  11. Phil says:

    Why not Kris Bryant on the list?

    • @Phil: Because this is for 2014 fantasy baseball & I don’t think Bryant makes an impact in 2014.

        • Phil says:

          @Phil: why does everything I read say 2014 will be the call up?

          • @Phil: *sigh* late 2014 is still 2014, but it doesn’t mean he belongs on your stash radar… this list is intended to identify guys who can help your fantasy team in the near future… 30 games out of Bryant in September isn’t really in my scope right now… he’ll likely creep onto this list later in the year…

  12. birrrdy! says:

    Can’t get any current info on Taillon’s injury. I think it’s important as it could mean the difference between a June or September call-up. Any insight?

    • @birrrdy!: No, the Bucks have been pretty vague on that end… couldn’t knock him off this list based on speculation, though… fingers crossed…

  13. Swfcdan says:

    Just the man I was looking for, got a very interesting deal in my keeper league, it’s long so bear with me:

    Give: B Hamilton ($0), D Dahl (prospect)

    For: A Rendon ($0), K Gausman (prosp), M Pineda ($2).

    I think im getting enough from Hamilton here, especially given Hamilton’s riskiness as a prospect, and Rendon is a young polished hitter on the rise with much less risk. Feel Gausman is a big upgrade on Dahl and im getting a wildcard throw in Pineda who could be good. Does it get the Scott stamp of approval?

    • @Swfcdan: I like the deal for you, but it seems like you’re selling low on Hamilton after buying relatively high… don’t you want to see out your investment?

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: You remember what I gave for him? Ha, nice memory bud im impressed. At the time I didn’t realise the concerns with his hitting, now I do and that’s partly why I want to deal him away, as I think perception is greater than production for him likely (everyone dreams of that 100SB guy). And im worried if he does struggle he could get sent down and his value would plummet in our league as a promoted player.

        Also I don’t see Rendon as selling particularly low, couldn’t he be a good OBP, 25HR, maybe 3B+2B eligable guy in his prime? Final reason is my team happens to be loaded with speed post draft, so losing that 60+SB potential really doesn’t hurt me too much.

        • @Swfcdan: Again, I like this deal for you, but it seems sort of like a knee-jerk reaction to Hamilton’s 1st game… now you have me in a bit of a conundrum because I’m always in favor of trading Hamilton, but I’m never in favor of rash decision making!

          If you’re putting me on the spot, I say make the deal…

          • Swfcdan says:

            @Scott Evans: Well I say I want to deal him away, I don’t want to deal him per se, I just realise the risks with him more now and suddenly someone seems very interested in him. And I like the idea of getting a potential ace in Gausman who I can promote next year, for Dahl who’s a mile away.

            Ok just tell me this, what type of player could you see Rendon becoming in a few years time (and at what position)? He looks pretty good already to me.

            I guess this deal just feels a lot safer than keeping Hamilton too, and I think safer is what I need right now.

            • @Swfcdan: Rendon will be a solid 2B/3B with upside around .300 AVG & 20ish HR…

              • Swfcdan says:

                @Scott Evans: Great thanks man, I’ll sleep on it but think I’ll get it done tommorow.

  14. sagnoffy streamers says:

    Is Baez a .260 hitter with 25 hrs 180 strikeouts and 20 steals kind of hitter? Once he settles in. Just swinging for the fences?

    • @sagnoffy streamers: That’s a possible outcome, but I think stardom is more likely… if you’ve been paying attention to me this preseason, I’m projecting BIG things — 40/30 type things once he’s settled…

  15. Will says:

    I currently have Castellanos, Ozuna, Asche, and Xander. i am planning on dropping Nate Jones for Javy Baez, because if I don’t act now I won’t get him in our league. However I will have to drop one of these 4 when Machado returns, who should I drop?

      • Will says:

        @Scott Evans: thanks! should I bid more than $1 on our FAAB waiver wire to get Baez, or should I be ok with just $1? Thoughts

        • @Will: You could bid 2 or 3 to be on the safe side…

      • That’s a smart answer to a tricky quoesitn

  16. Coolwhip

    Todd25 says:

    Hey Scott,
    We know where Grey stands, but I’m curious what you think of Rendon vs Arenado.
    Who do you see as being more relavent now, and who long term.

    • @Todd25: Oof, tough one… they have very similar skill sets… I like Rendon now for the 2B eligibility, but for long-term I like Arenado because I believe his pop will eventually take form at Coors…

  17. The People's Strudel says:

    Loving the list, especially that I have Baez, Polanco, and Heaney. Quick question on Zimmer: think we see him anytime this year?

    • @The People’s Strudel: I’d like to say yes, but shoulder injuries are worrisome… need to see him log some innings before I’m comfortable pinning an ETA on him…

  18. Dan says:

    Pretty deep into a prospect draft. Who would you rather have: Rob Zastryzny, Corey Black, Chris Lee, Rob Whalen, Matt Koch, or Jacob Constante?

  19. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    if i already have stanton and avisail and currently ozuna too, which of these 3 gets cut gallo/n.williams/frazier (CLE). keep forever league.

    • @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: more upside w/ all three of those prospects than w/ ozuna, but gallo, I suppose, would be the drop if you must cut one of those 3…

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Scott Evans: only have 5 NA slots and the other 3 are being taken up with archie/stephenson (and this team needs pitching badly), and felix

  20. Em says:

    should it drop Todd Frasier from my bench now and pick up Baez and wait?

    • @Em: if you’re not using frasier & you don’t plan to anytime soon, then yes.

  21. Thanks for this report. As always, you are intriguing. But re: your Baez projection….


    Jeez, he’s the next Trout, not Buxton! (I kid. Neither are the next Trout–they are, respectively, the first Baez and the first Buxton.)

    I can see dreaming on 40 HRs for Baez because power can increase in someone so dynamic & young. But projecting 30 SBs in the majors for a guy’s who’s never stolen more than 20 in the minors seems more wishful thinking than strict analysis. Care to explain?

    Yes, Baez is a tantalizing, Grade A prospect but I hope Bogaerts makes you eat your Cubs cap for saying, without any kind of qualification, that Baez will be better than him. The multifaceted and already very smooth Bogaerts is just not a guy I would bet against–and I certainly wouldn’t bet against him with…the confidence that you conveyed in your remarks.

    • @Fanthead: Ha! Great comment — I thank you for it… wish more folks left thoughtful stuff like this.

      First, I was raised a Cards fan & they’re still my team, so I have no Cubs hat to eat. And I’d be the first to tell you that I started drinking the Baez koolade down the stretch last season & continued this spring & I’ve drunk a lot of it & I’m borderline wasted. Being so, my advice should be received critically & that’s what you’re doing, which is smart.

      Bogaerts is a safer prospect than Baez & were he eligible for this list, he’d be ahead of Baez based on that fact. But when you ask me who I like between them for the long-term, I go with Baez because because of ceiling. If Xander’s upside = Tulo, then Javy’s = Miggy with some give/take in speed/avg. Prospecting in dynasty leagues is all about chasing upside, so give me Baez.

      Lastly, if I come off as being too confident with these declarations, it’s because I’m doing my best not to sound wishy-washy. There’s nothing worse than someone dishing fantasy advice without conviction — the “I can see both sides of it” brand of advice is pretty silly, if you ask me. I prefer to take a stance & own it. I’m not afraid of being wrong — I’ve been wrong way too much to care about that anymore!

      Thanks again for your comment…

      • @Scott Evans: Ha. I knew you weren’t a Cubs fan; was just trying to get your goat.

        I really only question your belief that Baez will steal 30 bags. It seems to me that players–speedsters included–tend to steal fewer bags in the majors than they do in the minors. And the fact that Baez has “only” stolen 46 in his minor-league career of 215 games suggests that 30 SBs in the majors could be a reach, not a given. (Am I quibbling? Me? Absurd!) Thanks for listening.

        • @Fanthed: I always hit the koolade extra hard in the comments… I blame that… 30/15 is more like it, but sometimes you need to church it up in the comments in order to illustrate a point…

  22. y4 says:

    In a 12 team keeper what caliber player is reasonable to give up to get one of the top 3 guys? If I wanted Baez would someone like Beltran be reasonable?

    • @y4: Risky move if you’re looking to contend this year…

  23. Wake Up says:

    Great stuff Tehol… (first time I’ve ever said that)…

    • @Wake Up: Ha! Am I the only person who digs Tehol? I get a kick out of all his posts & his twitter is phenomenal…

  24. Uncle Phil says:

    Hey all,

    10 team keeper league question..

    I give:
    Matt Moore
    1st rd prospect pick in 2014 (probably around 1.4-1.6; it won’t be rodon)
    2nd rd prospect pick (probably around 2.6-2.10)

    I get:
    Wil Myers
    Drew Smyly

    Is this a good deal for me?

    I also have the option of giving taillon and zobrist instead of Moore

    Let me know what you all think, thanks

  25. kingforaday151 says:

    Keeper league, 25 man rosters but fairly shallow active lineups. I ended up taking Baez, Springer, Tavaras, and Syndergard in that draft. See any reason not to hold on to the 4 of them for now? If I do drop one, who would you let go at this point?

  26. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Who would you rather own right now? Bundy or Heaney?

    • For 2014, definitely Heaney… close call for long-term, but I think I’d go with Bundy…

  27. King Trout says:

    My Avisail Garcia for his Baez. Which side is better for this year.

      • King Trout says:

        Thank you.

  28. Smalls Killer says:

    I’m curious about Tavares. I have a friend who loves baseball, is a big cardinal fan & heard some news on him that suggest he wouldn’t be the 1st guy up if an injury hit. He believes it is piscotty to get the 1st call. My friend doesn’t have time for fantasy but did used to play. According to him (& I hadn’t had the chance to ask him about his source) what is keeping Oscar down is ego and work ethic & the fact that the redbirds do not let the players dictate them (to a degree) for example, not backing up (was it John Jay or Bourjos?) When a ball was hit to them and it got past them, ricocheted of the wall towards Tavares & he just stood there.. I was wondering what your thoughts were and is he worth a drop if Springer is available?

    • I would stash Springer over Oscar, as the above rankings indicate. As for the other stuff, sounds like a lot of speculation. The Cardinals haven’t been outspoken about anything to that effect regarding Taveras (not that I’ve seen at least), so I can’t speak to its validity. I would suspect that Taveras’s heath (or lack thereof) is the only thing that could lead to Piscotty getting a call ahead of him…

  29. Montezuma's Revenge... right now says:

    what you think about these 3 ARI guys.
    stites RP
    Lamb 3B
    Palka 1B.
    BP seems to like them a bit.

    • Lamb can rake — ranked him #6 in my d’backs T10… Stites has filthy stuff, and could end up being a valuable fantasy piece if he ends up in a late innings role, but for fantasy purposes, it’s tough to get too excited about an RP profile… Palka is a power stick w/ upside — looking forward to his full-season debut

  30. Swfcdan says:

    Got the deal done, doesn’t look bad so far seeing as Hamilton’s hitless and Rendon’s raking!

    Small sample sizes (thats not what she said), but I really love Rendon’s swing. He’s just a real pure hitter. Have only seen one ok hit ball from Hamilton so far and that was batting righty, really would seem he’d be better off just as a righty but hey I don’t have him now so I don’t care too much.

    Another thing that clinched the deal is reading back on your notes on Gausman. You said during the offseason that he could be a top15 SP if he breaks camp THIS year. That really stood out to me, you must like him a lot. That made me feel pretty confident that I should get decent value out of him next year.

    • righty… lefty… blindfolded… i don’t really think it makes much of a difference for hamilton. and yes, i do love me some guasman.

      • TheNewGuy says:

        @Scott Evans: Ha, bit harsh. Wasnt Hamiltons AA no’s far better as a righty? AA I guess but theres been a big drop off since the switch.

        Btw saw the Governor posted on your last thread. (Wasnt me I promise). Guess he does read Razzball after all!

        • yes, i’m looking forward to aligning myself with him in case of zombie apocalypse.

          • Swfcdan says:

            @Scott Evans: Haha guess we just need to find out his real name now. Still haven’t finished the series, felt it was dragging a bit in Season 3 so stopped there. Is it worth carrying on? Really don’t understand the whole planned shootout thing with the Gov, why don’t they just get the hell out of that prison and find a new hideout.

          • Swfcdan says:

            @Scott Evans: I mean they should be killing zombies not friggin people!

  31. Alex says:

    In dynasty, is arenado, lenoys and one of the below prospects enough for beltre?

    prospects: franco, giolito, alcantara


  32. chiropaul says:

    11 team 36 man roster so …DEEP w INFLATION!!! like 25 %– auction NL only $260.
    here are my keepers-who do I drop? -(can hold up to 10)

    Godlshmidt 5
    McCutchen 30
    A Craig 16
    Cashner 9
    hembree 2
    (PEDERSON 5 minor)
    (Gray 5 minor)

    (V. ROACHE 2 minor)
    V Black 7
    Hoover 7
    Arenado 20
    Rendon 20
    Thornberg 7
    Cueto 25
    (Otani 2 JAPAN)

    PS- One guy already kept Dan Murphy of the Mets at 18

    • Roache, Black, Hoover, Otani … I suppose you could hold Black/Hoover if you’re really chasing saves, but I’m not all that confident either will latch onto that role & own it.

  33. Ted says:

    Hey Scott , I know it’s early but I also like to add players off the wire who will be “Major adds”, this time last season Matt Harvey was sitting on the wire & I scooped him up, he was great all season until he got injured/shut down , also added dom brown & Puig, I was lucky to get Puig but I needed an of because kemp was either not performing or was injured. I didn’t add these two but segura & starling Marte were also big adds last season.

    That being said who do you like as either a stash or a add as the season progesses;
    Gregory polanco, Archie Bradley, Oscar taveras , Noah syndergaard, george springer, Javier Baez, Byron buxton, jon singleton, taijuan walker, Michael choice.

    Which one(s) do you like the most, or which other ones should I keep eyes on if forgot to add


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