For this list, I used the players’ ages as of July 9, 2023.

The cut-off lines for eligibility were 130 at bats for hitters and 50 innings for pitchers.

Here’s a link to the top 25


26. Mariners RHP Bryan Woo | 23 | MLB | 2023

I featured this guy after his debut against Texas in “Prospect News: Woo Child Things Are Gonna Get Easier.” In his next six starts, Woo posted a 0.89 WHIP, 2.20 ERA and 24.4 percent strikeout-minus-walk rate.


27. Red Sox SS Marcelo Mayer | 20 | AA | 2024

Silent film name with a loud game but a tad more public-facing hype than the fantasy profile warrants.


28. Padres C Ethan Salas | 17 | A | 2026

Turned 17 on June 1. Slugging .500 on the season. Already a top ten prospect for non-fantasy purposes. 


29. Cardinals RHP Tink Hence | 20 | AA | 2024

St. Louis has ignored their pitching needs for long enough that Hence should get a red-carpet rollout early next year. Might even break camp with the big club if they give him that chance. 


30. Orioles 3B Coby Mayo | 21 | AA | 2024

Ran a clinic on Double-A pitching, slashing.307/.424/.600 with 17 HR in 78 games. On his way to Triple-A to join Heston Kjerstad and company. Jackson Holliday is headed to Double-A. The future gets closer by the day in Baltimore. 


31. White Sox 3B Colson Montgomery | 21 | A+ | 2024

The second half could see Montgomery burn up the lists. He’s slashing .429/.576/.694 in four games since returning to High-A after missing much of the season due to injury. 


32. Orioles RHP Grayson Rodriguez | 24 | MLB | 2023

Has three double-digit strikeout games and a 1.98 ERA since being demoted to Triple-A. Control still comes and goes.


33. Nationals 3B Brady House | 20 | A+ | 2024

Letting it all hang out this year after playing through injuries in 2022, as seen during a daring and rangy catch he made during the Futures Game on a foul ball heading toward the stands. I was afraid he’d hurt himself on the play, but some of that is just dad brain. I am not good at relaxing when my daughter is testing her limits by climbing something or jumping down. She loves to ask if I wanna see her jump down. 


34. Phillies RHP Andrew Painter | 20 | AA | 2024

Hardest guy to rank right now. The Phillies are playing the wait-and-see game on major elbow surgery, so Painter’s stuck in dynasty purgatory.


35. Rays 2B Jonathan Aranda | 25 | MLB | 2022

Hit machine is back in Tampa just in time to provide a boost for our clubs and theirs.


36. Cardinals SS Masyn Winn | 21 | 2023 | 2023

Has been improving throughout the year playing against much older guys in what would be his college junior season. Makes sense for the Cardinals to give him some time to get adjusted this season with the idea that he could be the opening day shortstop in 2024. 


37. Athletics 1B Tyler Soderstrom | 21 | AAA | 2023

Might be a welding pun in here somewhere. Or just an iron pun? Maybe a Marvel pun? Could perhaps solder a couple together. Soderstrom, punless, made the latest stash list: Baltimore Stacks Backups


38. Cubs OF Pete Crow-Armstrong | 21 | AA | 2024

Continues to hit enough to climb the ladder, slashing .272/.353/.476 with a 120 wRC+. He’s been caught stealing seven times in 30 attempts, but we’ll happily bank 23 steals and ten homers in half a season.


39. Rockies OF Yanquiel Fernandez | 20 | AA | 2024

Has five homers through 13 Double-A games. Might be higher if not for the org.


40. Tigers OF Max Clark | 18 | HS | 2027

Could push this guy pretty far up the list if you were feeling optimistic. Corbin Carroll comps are exaggerating the thump he has right now, but time and age should help in that regard.


41. Diamondbacks OF Druw Jones | 19 | A | 2027

Injuries have prevented us from seeing the full skill set, but patience is certainly warranted here even as shoulder injuries typically prescribe some extra caution. 


42. Guardians C Bo Naylor | 23 | MLB | 2022

He’s striking out 32.1 percent of the time through 15 MLB games but carried a 19.3 percent rate in Triple-A. Should start making more contact before long.


43. Atlanta RHP AJ Smith-Shawver | 20 | MLB | 2023

By the time a pitcher debuts, any profit window for the dynasty game is pretty much closed. 


44. Cubs OF Kevin Alcantara | 20 | A+ | 2024

Slashing .333/.410/.574 with six home runs in 29 games since June 1, Alcantara turns 21 today and should spend the next couple months in Double-A.


46. Red Sox SS OF Ceddanne Rafaela | 22 | AAA | 2023

With 10 homers and 31 steals in 71 games across the top two levels, Rafaela would be a fantasy star if he could lock down a regular role.


46. Reds SS Noelvi Marte | 21 | AAA | 2024

Has been rushed up prospect lists for years, but I’m not quite as confident that the hit and speed tools will actualize at the highest level.


47. Cubs 1B Matt Mervis | 24 | AAA | 2023

Feels like a good time to buy Mervis if his teams in your leagues have lost confidence. The Cubs have every reason to give him another look whenever they decide they’re out of “contention.”


48. Rays 1B Kyle Manzardo | 22 | AAA | 2023

Hitting .238 with a 94 wRC+. I suspect Tampa sent him to the Future’s Game hoping to stoke some trade interest. Or maybe just hoping to help him reset. He’s an interesting player but continues to feel overrated through the dynasty lens. Even in my own list, I’m struggling to place him. He’s 48th as I type this, but that feels too high unless you’re hoping for a deadline deal to a kinder playing time climate.


49. Dodgers 2B Jorbit Vivas | 22 | AA | 2024

Elite contact skills and advanced pitch selection from the left side make Vivas a little safer bet than some recent Dodger rookies.


50. Athletics 3B Zack Gelof | 23 | AAA | 2023

I’m not especially into the player, but he’s slashing .304/.401/.529 with 12 HB and 20 SB in Triple-A and has a pretty open runway to playing time. The steals could be huge for his fantasy profile in an era where skill and daring matter as much as raw speed.

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