Let’s just assume Joe Mauer hits 25 HRs, though no one south of the Arctic Circle has him projected for more than 18.  And even some less optimistic Eskimos have him down for only 20.  Let’s also assume after curing the swine (<–which is prosciutto, I believe), he hits .330.  Let’s also chuck in 80 Runs and 80 RBIs, which seems Brobdingnagian (Word of the Day!) considering time already missed.  I think these are all preposterous numbers considering his back problems, but let’s suspend disbelief.  So Mauer still has 17 more homers, a great average and 60 some-odd Runs/RBIs in him.  In the first half of last year, Doumit hit 11 homers with 42 Runs and 29 RBIs, while batting .329.  Those numbers are in 207 ABs.  He can easily replicate those numbers when he returns.  So if you trade Mauer for, say, an outfielder who still has 30 HRs in his bat (Quentin) or a pitcher (Hamels) or a corner guy (Youkilis) and grab a random schmohawk catcher of waivers, you’re walking out of the trade in good shape. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Jake Peavy – San Diego is a beautiful city with a low crime rate, a large Navy presence and it’s a stone’s throw from Tijuana donkey shows.  Who would want to leave that?  Peavy knows how lucky he is to pitch in Petco and the NL.  However, this almost trade should raise red flags for Peavy owners.  He may end up moving at some point this summer.  Hopefully, he lands in Metco.

Homer Bailey – In 12 team leagues and deeper, I’d grab him and not start him for Saturday’s game.  In the minors, he looked flat-out dominant coming into May with a 3-0 record and a 1.86 ERA and a shizzload of Ks — we’re talking 15 Ks in just over 6 innings in one game.  But since then, he’s back to his old ugly self with an overall 3-5 record and a 4.57 ERA.  Caveat emptor, for those in Latin America.

Scott Hairston – Will be the beneficiary of the Gerut trade to Milwaukee.  Hairston’s startable in 12 team leagues and deeper.  He has an outside chance at a 20/12 year while being in a good run producing spot in the Padres order… Oh, who am I fooling?  There’s no good run producing spots in the Padres lineup.

Jesus Guzman – What time is it?  Rookie nookie time!  You’re showing Gamel, the dealer’s showing Guzman.  You win, but it’s nearly a push.  Hopefully, the Giants say saynora to Ishikawa, but Guzman’s call-up may just be for interleague, because Guzman makes Gamel look like Ozzie Smith.  Pick Guzman up now in deep leagues, keepers and NL-Only leagues and ask questions later.

Travis Snider – Optioned to Vegas with the Blue Jays recalling Candi Whistleshorts from Cheetah’s.

Joba Chamberlain – Came out of the game after throwing two-thirds of an inning when he was hit by a comebacker.  Word out of the South Bronx is he’s day-to-day.

Jon Lester – 6 1/3 IP, 1 ER.  Lifting the moratorium on Lester-speak to say, ’bout time.

Juan Cruz – 1/3 IP, 4 ER.  Kazaam!

Juan Rivera – 2 homers in three days.  Get’m while they’re hot.

LaTroy Hawkins – Threw a perfect inning with 2 Ks.  I dropped Sampson from all my teams.

Bill Hall – 0-for-3 with 2 Ks and 5 men left on. The one where he actually hit the ball in play was an inning ending double play with the bases loaded. Meanwhile, Gamel had his cards read to him by part-time pitcher, part-time astrologer, Dave Bush.

Rafael Betancourt – A Cuddle Boy spotting getting the save.  Wood’s still the closer, but that may change after a few more blowups. Could Betancourt step in?  Not very likely, but I picked him up in two leagues — My name is Grey and I’m a save whore.

Pablo Sandoval – Took Eckstein out on a slide at 2nd.  It looked like Nikki Blonsky slide tackling DJ Qualls.

Zach Greinke – 6 IP, 2 ER, 8 Ks.  Take that, Greinke!  Oh, wait, that was still a solid start.

Derrek Holland – Will start Friday against the Astros.  No DH?  Yes, to DH.

Raul Ibanez – Hit his 15th homer and racked up his 40th RBI.  Doode has been way underrepresented in the daily roundups.  The move to Citizens Bank obviously was going to be a boon to his value, but he’s singlehandedly carried me in my 15 team league.  If Razzball had a Walk of Fame, Raul would be right next Asdrubal and Wandy.  (Asdrubal just because of his silly name.)

Kris Medlen – 3 IP, 5 ER.  He looked like a nervous wreck, balking and walking.   His fastball has a ton of movement, but he needs to find his Quan.  Since he’s a rookie pitcher, he comes with risk and upside.

Edwin Jackson – 8 IP, 3 ER, 7 Ks.  After the game, when a reporter asked Leyland why he let Jackson throw 132 pitches, he responded by blowing out a smoke ring and saying, “I’m old school.  And don’t spell school with a K, that’s new skool.”

Ian Kinsler – Steal yesterday.  With Mark Reynolds breathing down his neck, he became the first 10/10 player on the year.

Mark Reynolds – Mini-Donkey was at it again last night with a homer and a steal, joining Ian Kinsler as the only 10/10 players in the majors.  Can the Diamondbacks please play 100 more games in Florida?

Curtis Granderson – Hit his 11th homer yesterday.  He could coast to a 25/20 season.

Justin MorneauTwins score 20 runs.  Morneau goes 0-for-2 with one run.  Ticker tease!

Bartolo Colon – Clear the deck!  We have a Colon blow in Chicago!  He was actually another ticker tease for Fantasy Razzball as only one run of 8 was earned.

Adam Wainwright – 8 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 7 Ks.  Even more encouraging is his 17/4 K/BB in the last 22 2/3 innings.

Brad Ziegler/Andrew Bailey – Ziegler gave up the losing run, Bailey gave up two runs earlier.  I called up the A’s front office and asked to speak to the closer, and the receptionist said, “Who?”

Troy Percival – 1/3 IP, 2 ER.  I don’t think he gets removed from the job, they’ll probably just place him on the Disgraceful List out of respect.  I own Wheeler in a league or two, Nelson might be called on too.

Tony Gwynn Jr. – Traded to the Padres.  All across San Diego, I picture sons approaching their fathers with this question, “Dad, why do you have a jersey of a guy that stinks?”

Joey Votto –  After a week of tests, there’s word that Votto could come back this weekend.  Turns out he had an ear infection.  Okay, here’s the thing, my meth addict neighbor could diagnose an ear infection.  WTF?  Seriously.

  1. Mini Donkey is kicking a little ass!

  2. Gareth says:

    So with Reyes out for a little while, I have Callaspo subbing for him at the moment. Stephen Drew is on the wires however. Make the switch?

  3. TonyC says:

    Should I drop Stephen Drew for Casey Blake in a 12 team H2H league? I have Christian Guzman starting at SS, with Drew starting in my IF slot. Do I burn my #7 waiver to snag Blake? I want to believe Blake is too old to keep it up and Drew is too good not to turn it around, but I’m getting fed up with Drew’s inability to do anything productive.

  4. Elbert says:

    @TonyC: never drop a good slumping player for an old/hot schmohawk; Blake might be good but Drew would be a lot better come July.

    in 12 team H2H league, there are people who would beg you to drop Drew, because when you drop him now, you’re losing the upswing of a player performance, which you can never get back from Blake’s production.

  5. Elbert says:

    @Elijah: Mini-Donkey should be traded to Florida… imagine him out-socks Donkey’s behind everyday.

  6. jp says:

    can you rank the following for the rest of the way, please:

    loney, laroche, delgado, helton.


  7. Tony says:

    I guess waiver priority 11 of 12 isn’t good enough to snag Reynolds? He just had to hit another EFFF’n homer last night too.

    Why did St. Louis run wainwright out there in the 9th!? Then take him out after he gets two outs? I dont get it.

    Votto drink your OJ and get some rest. I’m coming down to see you tonight and saturday. GO TRIBE.

  8. Mike says:

    Reynolds is singlehandedly winning the hitting cat’s for me this week. Thanks god A-Ram is injured, he might have been on the bench…!

  9. Tony says:

    @Mike: LOL but for every week he wins you some offensive cats there’s 5 weeks of him killing you offensively, the team must have stayed at a Holiday Inn this week.

  10. timSTi says:

    In the on going struggle to lower my ERA & WHIP do I start Slowey and/or Jimenez tonight?? 10 Team 5×5

  11. timSTi says:

    @Grey “Okay, here’s the thing, my meth addict neighbor could diagnose an ear infection. WTF? Seriously.”

    With the success of Razzball shouldn’t you be moving up in the world to maybe coke addict neighborhoods??

  12. steamer says:

    What do you guys think of Zobrist? The guy has 8 HRs in 89 ABS, but he’s not starting. The guy’s been clutch.

  13. Tony says:

    @steamer: every dog has his day….

    man i’m still po’d about getting sniped on reynolds this morning, i hate not having a good waiver priority, but i’m not one to sit on it either!

  14. Eric C. says:

    Anybody: Someone proposed their McCann/Jose Lopez/Lackey/Cueto for my Brian Roberts/Felix Her/Jair Jurgens. (I would then drop Volstad).

    He also happens to have V-Mart and Martin and I would rather demand V-Mart out of him. I also don’t like the idea of losing my primary base-stealer for a schmo like Lopez. Should I still go ahead and accept the deal?

  15. Euroalien says:

    Looking to drop one of these duds to pick up G. Parra…… Teahen, Kendrick Del. Young, Matsui………. which one? Thanks!

  16. Eric C. says:

    @Euroalien: Delmon Young? I would drop him or Kendrick (if you have another 2B option)

  17. Frank Rizzo says:

    Begging to get Reynolds on waivers as he was dropped by the Youkillis owner who was renting him while Youk was out. Aramis owner here who’s got Casey Blake filling the roll.

    Oh yeah, I’ve got Chris Davis too. I can add Reynolds and have both of them again. But it looks like Reynolds can actually get hot. Davis is completely lost and probably has no confidence left.

    I was listening to the Detroit/Texas game on the radio yesterday while Davis was up to bat. According to the commentators, Davis watched the 1st strike by Edwin Jackson go by, he followed that with a swing on a pitch in the dirt, and then he waved at a pitch that bounced in the right hand batter’s box. 3 pitches and out. The radio personalities were remarking on how lost he looked and how he can’t pick up the ball and he’s just hacking at everything.

  18. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    No word on Hanrahanrahatty’s clean save? A clean save from the Nats pen is like a four-home-run game, or an unassisted triple play by a catcher. Rare!

    Apparently, Hanrahan is trying to throw mostly fastballs now — 17 of 19 pitches last night, and since he hits 97MPH, he pitched a 1-hit inning with 2 Ks.

    I guess he figured the whole bouncing-sliders-a-foot-in-front-of-the-plate isn’t going to work now that he’s out of Little League.

    @TonyC: Don’t do that. Drew is too good to drop, especially if you play extra INFs, and Blake is a known-quantity. There will always be guys as good as Blake out there. (See also Huff, Aubrey and Tracy, Chad.)

    @Euroalien: Teahen? Teahen.

    He combines two terrifying things: Tea and hens.

    @Eric C.: Don’t love it for you on the surface. Who’s your catcher?

    @jp: Grey never agrees with me — let’s see how close I get: Helton, Laroche, Loney, Delgado.

    Delgado might not see much action this year, given he’s got a hip injury and he’s 58 years old.

  19. NoonTime says:

    Fantasy booster pack update:
    Hanson – 6.0 IP, 1 Hit, 0 ER, 1 BB, 9 K Yesterday
    Wieters – HR Yesterday, 9 for 26 with 4 HR in last 7
    Price – Pitching today?

  20. mikey boy324 says:

    grey start zimmermann tonight at home vs the orioles?

  21. Tony says:

    @Eric C.: I think its a good deal depending who your catcher is? You’re getting the best SP (lackey) in the deal and another good SP in cueto plus the best piece of the entire deal MCCANN. I think lopez will hit at some point. He’s not going to steal though. Is there anyone on waivers you could snag for sb’s? Burriss? someone?

  22. Eric C. says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: My catcher is Pablo Sandoval. My current goals are to try and upgrade at C, dump Jair, and find a pitcher that’ll post better WHIP #s than F-Her.

  23. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Tony: Should’a listened to Grey and drafted Mini donkey (appropriate emoticon)

    @Eric C.: Don’t like that for you at all. Lopez is FA fodder. King Felix will be getting better as the summer rolls along. Your potential partner seems like a catcher collector.

    @Grey – Brobdinangian indeed! Could be the Razzball word of the week; “Did you catch that Brobdinangian Doinker that Reimhold hit off Mo Rivera?”

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: – Delgado is a Latin 58.

    @Grey or astute Commentor – Is it time to discard Alberto Collapso? For awhile he was an empty average; now he just seems empty. Lilliputian would be the word. The pickins’ are slim – Lugo, I
    wamura, Schumaker, Matsui, Fontenot…

  24. Tony says:

    A guy in my league owns Hanley, Braun, agon, rios, a. hill, greinke, liriano, gallardo, lackey, and others of course and he’s in like 7th or 8th place!? 12 team H2H…. and he’s got aramis DL’ed.

    I love it.

  25. Hardcore Midget says:

    @Tony: Hey, that sounds very similar to my team. H2H keeper, and I’ve got Hanley, Kemp, Hamilton, Kinsler and Zimmerman anchoring my offense. Lackey, Liriano and Cain on my pitching staff.

    I’m in 6th (out of 12) and getting murdered this week. Goddamn fantasy!

  26. Mike says:


    Delmon Young or Matsui (if it’s Kaz). Hold onto Kendrick a little while longer.

  27. Eric C. says:

    @Tony: Burris is available. So is Callapso and Hairston Jr.

  28. Mike B says:

    Rich Hill vs. Nats. Bench him right?

  29. Tony B. says:

    After the 4-6 line yesterday, Rollins is a virtual lock for an 0-5 line tonight.

    I don’t know if I should run Nolasco out there tonight or not. He has good numbers versus Tampa in his career but I also start Longoria and I want to plug Zobrist into my UTL spot tonight.

    I’m more confident in starting Porcello tonight @ home versus Colorado.

    Today’s minor league clubhouse entry:

    We had Round Rock in on two separate occasions. I loved when they came in, why you ask? Ray King, that’s why. Ray would get to the park around 2PM for a 7PM game, eat and eat and eat. Take a shower, go out and throw for a bit, come back in, make a sandwich and then take another shower right before the game. While the first pitch happens around 7:03PM, Ray can be found in the clubhouse with us amping up on Red Bull and coffee and telling stories. He rarely makes it to the bullpen before the 3rd inning.

    On this occasion, Ray was talking fantasy football draft strategy as well as what preseason NFL he should bet on for the evening. “You bet preseason NFL? I asked. “No doubt, I’ll have a grand or two on a couple preseason games a day.”

    The best is when he told us he used to take bets when he played for the Nats and Robert Fick was into him for nearly 25K. “Did he pay it all?” “No doubt, I gave him a little discount though, he’s good for it.” He also said when he was with the Braves, Smoltz would demand a TV be available or near the bullpen so he could watch the NFL on Sunday day games.

  30. Hardcore Midget says:

    Alright, my turn for some questions relating to the DL.

    I need to drop someone to activate Francisco this weekend. Do I drop Rafael Soriano, or Jorge de la Rosa? I’m leaning towards DLR, especially after his craptacular start the other night. But I am also easily seduced by lots of K’s.

    Second question- if I have an extra DL spot, is it worth stashing Rickie Weeks in a keeper league? I know he’s done for the year, but would he maybe be worth keeping as a late round 4-year keeper option?

  31. Tony says:

    @Hardcore Midget: hahah he’s my best friend and brags to me all the time how good his team is, how they’re heating up, how he’s moving up….. and who’s in first place in our league? ME

    And with the 15-4 pouding i’m putting on this guy i’m playing it just keeps getting better, whats best, my team isn’t even hitting! Cano is carrying me this week, i have 3 HR’s total, LOL….

    My pitching has given up 3 runs in 32 innings tho…

    Wainwright, Jurjjens, Shields, and RP’s….

    benched carp too…. finish strong boys

  32. bobbo says:

    Anyone starting Slowey tonight? Brewers should be using Gamel at DH.

  33. Hardcore Midget says:

    @Tony: Hey man, no worries.
    I’ve won the league in back to back seasons. Always do really well and also end up with a solid crop of keepers. We keep five- going into this season I had Berkman, Kinsler, Hamilton, Hanley and Liriano.

    I had a decent draft, but I took a few too many gambles on upside. So the suckiness of guys like Krispie Young, Scott Baker and Ricky Nolasco, along with the slumps/slow starts by guys like Berkman, Parra and Fowler, is friggin killing me.

  34. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @bobbo: I’m starting the Slowman. I figure, none of his starts were completely horrible (ie, a bit more luck in spreading out the hits and they look just fine), and he’s been good the last couple times out. I got tired of trying to guess matchups so I pared down my starters by trading up on my position players.

  35. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    I hate Liriano so much right now, he’s untradeable and I am terrorfied to start him….

  36. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Would anyone do Wainwright for Manny? I can have him on my bench no problem.

  37. Mike says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez:

    Depends on your other arms. Reading that you own Liriano, I suspect that you have do not have the depth that would allow you to deal Wainright for Manny straight-up.

  38. Tony says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: you’re receving manny? I dont know if a manny owner would do that? But if he is gonna today would be a good day to shoot it out… if you have the pitching to spare, i say go for it….?

    personally i think any smart manny owner unless he’s desperate desperate for pitching is NOT going to do that? my leauges pretty deep and i’d for sure just bury manny and wait….

  39. Tom says:

    SOmeone offered me Pence for Liriano two weeks ago and immediately took it off the table. Now I wish I could have accepted it quick enough.

    I have a nice pitching surplus and would love a bat. Beckett is not playing well so I dont feel like I’ll get max value on him. Wainwright and Shields are coming around and I don’t want to trade them. Is Beckett for Adam Jones too much, or should I wait on Beckett and get something more?

  40. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Tom: Ha! If I were Hershiser, I would pay lot’s of dough to destroy all copies of this video.

  41. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Mike: @Paulie Allnuts: The Manny owner suggested it. I def have the depth, Peavy, J. Johnson, Oswalt, Wandy, Slowey, Wainwright, Lirano and Hanson reserved. I am 60 ip ahead of the pace.

    I tried to offer Liriano instead, but he laughed :(

  42. Tony says:

    @Tom: i own about all the pitchers you own except Liriano…. I think jones for beckett is too much? Beckett is pitching under his ability. I think he’ll be better barring blisters, injuries, etc….

    I think Adam jones will be solid for the whole year, just not .350 solid obviously…. so he’s due to come back down some, plus he already had a hammy issue?

  43. Tony says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: i’d deal wainwright for manny then.

    You can find another good SP at some point during the season on the wire, and you’re probably deep enough anyways. You’re not going to get another MANNY anywhere. Roto or H2H?

  44. Ceasar says:

    How would you rank these young Angels in the Outfield?

    Byrnes, Parra, Fowler, Rasmus

    I’ve put together one of those construction paper chains, with each link representing a day until Ludwick returns. I tear one off each morning but the chain is still too long.

  45. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    Wow. 10 out of 10 on the DJ Qualls reference.

  46. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Tony: Roto

  47. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Plus when Manny gets back I should be able to trade for pitching, as Manny will have to replace Carlos Lee, Quentin, Beltran or BJ Upton.

  48. Mike B says:

    Javy Vazquez & Mark Reynolds. Equal value? I need some Ks

  49. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez – Go for the deal. I have Manny stashed in several leagues. He is worth a bit more with each day that passes. Plus, he might smarten up and take AROD’s HGH, and not get caught this time around.

  50. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Ceasar: I would give Parra a flyer. I am also counting the days for the god of lud to return; my HR and Ribbie totals have plummetted in the last month.

  51. Tony says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I’d do it if that guys willing, you’re selling wainwright right after a good performance, he’s solid but manny’s value is much better…

    sounds like you have the OF to deal too…

    I think Manny in H2H is even more valuable to go after. He comes back and goes bonkers right when you need him, down the stretch…

  52. Andy says:

    @ Grey – should I try and swap Wandy for a Quentin or something similar? I know Wandy has been awesome but he can’t be this awesome (can he?) and I could use some pop. I have Price, who should be called up very soon. Meanwhile, Burnett is sitting on the wire right now waiting for someone to grab him.

  53. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Andy: Burnett got dropped too in one of my leagues, should I stash him?

  54. steamer says:

    Speaking of Manny, someone just offered me A. Gonzalez for him.

  55. Bob from Germany says:

    after your last comments about Liriano, what do you think about trading liriano für scherzer ? It’s a keeper league…

  56. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Bob from Germany: I’d let Grey answer that one before accepting it, but that might not be that bad especially in a Keeper league. Very torn on Liriano, he was nasty last year when he came back from the minors, maybe he needs to get demoted and clear his head and get comfortable pitching again, I really have no idea what to do with him. I know I am indef benching him.

    [email protected]steamer: I would take Adrian there, he’s awesome.

  57. SRM says:

    @Anyone with 4 seconds to spare: Howard/Nolasco for Pedroia/Peavy just went down in my league. Winner?

  58. Hardcore Midget says:

    @SRM: I like the Pedroia/Peavy side, but it’s actually a pretty fair deal.

    One side gets a struggling SP with tons of upside but a stud 1B. The other side gets the stud SP and a 2b who will put up solid numbers.

  59. Bob from Germany says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez:

    thats what i thought! I mean, usually i wouldn’t think about that very long. But you can’t deny the upside of Scherzer.

    On the other hand, Liriano was pretty good at the final starts last year, so even with lost velocity he can be a pretty good pitcher.


  60. Euroalien says:

    12 Team, 5 x 5 Keeper League where I need a stud hitter….. which of the following would be my best option? Lincecum for Longoria…….. or Lincecum for Markakis…….. or Lincecum for Braun?

  61. Euroalien says:

    ….. or Lincecum for Mauer?

  62. Mike says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez:

    I’d first see if you each could throw in a bat and an arm in the deal to make it even. But even if you can’t, based on your staff, I’d do it.

  63. Andy says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Depends on how deep your league is and how in need you are of Ks. But he has to pitch better than he has so far, right?

  64. Tony says:

    @SRM: @Hardcore Midget: Howard is the best player in the deal that side wins IMO. Nolasco has room to improve. Pedroia has the exact same/worse numbers than ASSdribble Cabrera.

    Peavy might get dealt, and its not going to be to a better park than Petco. Is there a better pitchers park? NO

  65. Tony says:

    @Euroalien: braun or longo, no way for mauer or markakis…

  66. Mike says:

    Quick trade help: 16-team, mixed, H2H-Points

    Kelly Johnson is my 2B. Do I trade A-Rod FOR Lester & Pedroia?

    I have Branyan and Gamel to fill in at 3B until Encarnacion comes off the DL.

  67. bobbo says:

    @ Euroalien: If you trade Lincecum for Mauer you should be beaten repeatedly in the face. I’d go for Longoria first, then Braun, and I’d want Markakis + a decent fill-in SP.

  68. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Tony: If Minaya wakes up from his nap time and he goes to the Mets, I think that is the best situation for Peavy. The new Shea isn’t too far off from Petco and he should get more wins… This is not based on anything but Keith’s desire to see the Mets win again.

  69. Mike says:


    Euroalien…I agree with bobbo

  70. Tony says:

    @Mike: If you’re a boston homer sure, if not NO. Pedroia is overrated. I think the ESPN comarison to assdribble i just mentioned a couple posts ago proves that. There #’s are almost identical and leaning towards cabrera. Pedroia has a better chance to keep his up, but neither are that spectacular to demand the value people want/think pedroia is worth, again IMO.

  71. Ricky Bobby says:

    I’m heavy on outfielders (BJ Upton, Ethier, Bruce, Vlad, Bay, Pierre). Should I trade Bay for Rollins or does he keep mashing all year long? Could use a little speed in the MI so I was thinking Rollins was the call. Thoughts? 12-team 5×5.

  72. SRM says:

    @Hardcore Midget: @Tony: Thanks. I should have mentioned it’s a 6×6 with OPS (& QS) so I think it’s close, but the Howard side wins slightly.

    [incoming overreaction to rumor]: Gammons (who couldn’t have been more wrong regarding Peavy) said Delcarmen for Nick Johnson has been discussed. If it goes through, Delcarmen is their new closer or just set-up for Hanrahananrahan?

  73. cubbies299 says:

    drop coghlan for swisher? he was inexplicably dropped

  74. cubbies299 says:

    drop caughlan or R. Hill, also

  75. cubbies299 says:

    Sorry, drop Cecil or R. Hill, my bad

  76. Tony says:

    @cubbies299: i was thinking of dropping HILL early this week too, i wanna see another start and maybe 2 since tonight is vs. WAS….


  77. cubbies299 says:

    @Tony: had to do R. Hill. When swisher’s on waivers, you drop first, then ask questions. My league is weak on the waiver usage, so i can probably get him back if he throws a perfect game tonight or w/e

  78. Tony says:

    @SRM: Johnsons value would skyrocket then wouldn’t it? He’s fairly ownable now, and on bostons team? and if he could stay healthy…. ?

  79. @SRM: If the deal goes through, I think Delcarmen would have to be looked at as the new closer. Johnson is a big enough trade chip to return someone who can get some outs at the end of the game.

  80. Tony says:

    @cubbies299: yah that and its just vs. washington, when he throws a few good games and vs. some good teams, then we’ll know for sure if he’s “come around”

  81. Tony says:

    @naughtandcross: how close is this delcarmen/johnson deal? or is it jsut something for espn to falsley report on again….

  82. cubbies299 says:

    @Tony: He’s still throwing a 88 mph “heater.” The curve’s still looking beautiful, but color me unconvinced. Even if he does somehow regain his control, he’s not gonna be old Rich hill till his fastball breaks 90.

  83. SRM says:

    @naughtandcross: @Tony: Agreed on Johnson’s value. I just didn’t mention it because he’s gone in my league but Delcarmen isn’t. Did I mention I’m selfish?

    I might nab Delcarmen and drop Betencourt or Madson even if only for peripherals.

  84. Tony says:

    @SRM: ya he’s gone in my league too, and i just checked on delcarmen, gone too…

    god my league is a bunch of vultures, every guy i think “man i better get him quick” is already on someones team! we have deep benches, easy to hold guys, plus two DL slots….

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Gareth: Sure, switch it up.

    @jp: Loney, Helton, LaRoche, Delgado…

    @timSTi: Start Slowey, not Ubaldo. Meth’s designer, man!

    @mikey boy324: Sure

    @Mike B: I wouldn’t own Rich Hill, but if I did, I’d start him vs. the Nats.

    @Paulie Allnuts: I’d go Lugo or Matsui.

    @Tony B.: Ray King!

    @Tom: That video’s genius!

    @Ceasar: re: paper chains — Ha! Rasmus, Parra, Fowler, Byrnes…

    @GhostfacePrzybilla: Thanks!

    @Mike B: Close, but I’d want Javy.

    @Andy: I’d take Quentin there. And grab Burnett.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Burnett should be owned.

    @Ricky Bobby: I’d trade Vlad for Rollins. Not Bay.

  86. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: What exactly is the red flag for Peavy owners? He definitely wants to stay in the NL which can only help his numbers with no DH to face and the only NL park to worry about from serious buyers is Wrigley. It all sounds like gravy to me if a deal does happen, I mean who has a worse offense than the Padres in the NL?

  87. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Drop CJ Wilson for Delcarmen now or wait for a completed trade? I figure Frank-Frank is due back soon, and Wilson’s a KAZAAM waiting to happen.

  88. SRM says:

    @Tony: Certainly not immiment. Gammons mentioned that it’s been offered from the Nats side. But he mentioned that Boston has to figure out what to do with Ortiz first (?).

    @Grey: Trade rumors aside, is Delcarmen worth the drop of Zumaya, Madson or Betencourt?

  89. @Tony: It’s coming from Gammons, and while I love the guy to death, I don’t take much stock in his transaction rumors.

    My guess is its been discussed on some level, but I don’t think the Sox are going to bail on Ortiz as their DH this early in the season.

  90. Tony says:

    @naughtandcross: no they won’t, he’s one of the main faces in boston, and he just went yard! LOL

  91. Pops says:

    Need some help. Just punted Salty, working without a catcher until I get this figured out. Was offered Russell Martin and Jon Lester for Matt Kemp. I have plenty of depth in the outfield – Holiday, Victorino, Choo, Bruce, Lind, Hawpe. Do I pull the trigger or am I giving up too much for Kemp? Thanks everyone.

  92. Andy says:

    @Pops: At this point I don’t know if Martin is all that much better than Salty but if you need the pitching then go for it.

  93. Tony says:

    @Pops: I think Kemps going to be HUGE in the second half. Its good value IMO. Thats tough though.

    You need to look at Kemp and whatever catcher off waivers pretty much vs. Martin/lester…. then which side would you want….? or work a different deal not involving Kemp.

  94. Mike says:


    With that OF depth and a need at C, I’d give up Kemp for Martin and Lester.

  95. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Andy: I think you can get much better than Lester for Kemp.

  96. ScoutAbout says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: The Phillies is my home team but I agree with you about the Mets being the best situation for Peavy. God knows he wouldn’t agree to come to Citizens Bank Park from Petco. The Phillies starting pitching has been such a pile of steaming shit (other than Hamels coming around now) that I’m beginning to wonder if they shouldn’t try and see if Ibanez can pitch too.

  97. Jobu says:

    How are you guy’s liking Wolfmother’s chances at home against LAA tomorrow? I just realized he wasn;t rostered in my league and he’s a decent K-guy so I scooped him up. Everybody weigh in, please.

  98. Euroalien says:

    Thanks guys….. :-) I appreciate the feedback…… I’m holding out for a $tud for Lincecum. With solid pitching (Sanatana, Beckett, Cueto, Jackson, etc,). I feel like I’m just one $tud hitter away from contending……

  99. Tony says:

    @Euroalien: wow keep lince and johan and move beckett for a stick? maybe a jermaine dye type hitter or someone who is a good “BUY LOW”

    although you’d be trying to buy low with a sell low in beckett haha… nice staff

  100. Tony says:

    @ScoutAbout: johan and peavy would be sick nasty…. and wright, beltran, etc…. WOW

  101. royce! says:

    What a great post and set of comments… Mauer’s projections are Brobdingnagian, Callaspo’s recent numbers are Lilliputian! I would submit that Reynolds has been Houyhnhnm-ous! And all the sabermatricians fell out of Laputa, where Moyer and Randy Johnson the Struldbrugs reside!

    Okay, I’m done now. Thanks for reminding me of when I used to read something that didn’t involve baseball.

  102. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Is there a term for someone who comes up with a trade idea, you propose and then they reject it and then argue what a crappy offer you made. “It’s not insulting but no way I can take it.” Keith does not approve.

  103. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Tony: There’s prob not much of a chance of Peavy coming to the Mets, since Wilpon lost $300 million this summer and Ollie the fattie Perez took the rest of his money.

  104. Tony says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: thats what i was thinking, after Johan, Krod, wright, beltran, delgado, ollie, and all the others…. how do they have beer money!

  105. NoonTime says:

    Can’t buy a W this week… Shields, E.Santana, Lincecum, Bedard , all nice starts but 0-4 in the W column. Johan and Kershaw tonight.

  106. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rick Dempsey: Facing lineups stronger than the NL West more often and I don’t think he holds to only an NL team once the pennant chases begin. But it could be a positive too. Will get more support.

    @mgeoffriau: I’d hold Wilson.

    @ScoutAbout: If you click the arrow next to the person’s timestamp under their name, you get the @Name.

    @Jobu: Start Wolf.

    @royce!: Ha, that’s a great comment!

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Ha, not sure if there’s a term for that. There should be a term for when someone gives you the worst sales pitch ever a’la “I think Miggy absolutely sucks. I’ll give you Huff, Ervin and Iannetta for him.”

    @NoonTime: I can’t buy a Win in any league I’m in.

  107. Pops says:

    @Tony: Would you do Holiday for Martin and Lester instead?

  108. Bob from Germany says:

    Would you trade Liriano for Scherzer in a keeper league ?

  109. Tony says:

    @Pops: I woulda a month ago, well maybe not because Lester was at his peak of sucking, but right now Hollidays actually heating up some and I’m just sitting back licking my lips waiting for him to get traded to a contender (I OWN HOLLIDAY). Personally I think the guy would be doing better than he is if he had ANYONE that could protect him just a little. I could really see him going to the Angels or…..? someone, beane has to move him IMO

    I just don’t like Martin that much, i dont hardly like dealing for any catcher.

  110. Pops says:

    @Tony: I’ve put up with Salty for this long, dropped him today. I’ll probably just hold and play backstop roulette with Varitek, Flores and the flying Molina brothers. Thanks for the help!

  111. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Grey: “There should be a term for when someone gives you the worst sales pitch ever a’la “I think Miggy absolutely sucks. I’ll give you Huff, Ervin and Iannetta for him.””

    Office fans might remember when Dwight buys Andy’s Xterra by telling, “This car is crap. I’ll buy it for next to nothing and use it on my farm as I would a cart….it’ll be pulled by a donkey.”

    Not really a snappy term for that kind of offer though….

  112. NoonTime says:

    @Grey: 15 W in 46 starts on the season…. 2nd worst in my RCL division, the last place guy is 17 for 55, but points wise he is 1, 1, 4 in K, ERA, WHIP so his poor win to start ratio is warranted. At 11, 10, 8 points wise in K, ERA, WHIP I hope for better W results going forward.

  113. Basketnarb says:

    how long should I wait on Stephen Drew to start producing? I have Felipe Lopez so I’m ok for right now but I’m in need of HRs and RBI so if Drew is not gonna give it to me then I have to find another way.
    Zorbist, Escobar, & Cabrera are all available am I better off with one of them?

  114. Zebo says:

    Drop Madson for Delcarmen? I think Lidge has righted the ship. What do you think? I need saves badly. My only reliable closer is Qualls. I also have Hawkins and CJ Wilson, but those are not long term options.

  115. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez:In one league that I am in, there was a heated imbroglio over what two managers thought were insulting trades. The Commish had to delete comments and deliver a stern warning. In another league, there is this kid, young enough to be my grandson, who constantly peppers almost every owner with ridiculous offers. After about the 10th offer to me, I attempted to educate him on the difference between a slightly low-ball offer and the outrageous one he sent to me. Later that day I received a number of e-mails from other managers wanting to know what I was drinking or thinking in accepting the offer. I guess I hadn’t had my morning cup of coffee, and pressed the accept rather then reject indicator. Thankfully, after I petitioned the league, the managers vetoed the trade.

    BTW, it’s nice to have another Metropolitan fan on the site. I have followed them since Jay Hook won their first game in their storied (?) history. Last winter I rented several games from the ’86 World Series, to satisfy my baseball craving. The last several years I had to pay homage to Shea, visiting the dump and bidding it adeau.

  116. NoonTime says:

    Slow day at work on a Friday… let’s have some fun with RCL stats. Here are the Top 5 in each category combining all divisions (the number on the left is their respective place in their division):

    1 Cookie’s Monsters 351
    1 Killa Beez 338
    2 Torre’s Honker 338
    1 Bushwood Varmint Cong 332
    2 Miggy Is My Constant 330

    1 Bushwood Varmint Cong 105
    5 Neffi’s Finest 102
    3 Adrian’s Revenge 97
    8 Covetous Choo 91
    1 Cookie’s Monsters 90
    8 Get Figgy With It 90

    1 Bushwood Varmint Cong 337
    3 Adrian’s Revenge 337
    1 Cookie’s Monsters 332
    1 Cruz Control 330
    6 The Mutt’s Nuts 328

    5 Tun’s Losers 85
    4 Byrnes When I Peavy 72
    5 Bob’s Schmohawks 71
    1 Cookie’s Monsters 68
    3 Team CruJones 66

    10 Captain Teamname 0.316
    1 A Man Named Brady 0.3092
    7 Touch’em All Joes 0.3017
    6 The Baseball Cubes 0.2995
    1 Killa Beez 0.2982

  117. rich says:

    Is this doable, and close to even????

    Team giving up the Ramirez’s is in 9th place, so immediate boost
    in SP and OF, while a drop off at SS.

    non-keeper, 6×6 (obp & Holds), 10 teams:

    H. Ramirez & M. Manny versus Shields, Kemp, Alexei or Collaspo (both SS eligible in Yahoo).

  118. NoonTime says:

    And now for pitching.. I added K/Start and W/Start as well.

    7 Ricky Vaughn and the Rockets 408
    5 Kenny Powers 407
    2 Genius GM of April 393
    1 Bailout Funds 385
    1 Home Plate Security 376

    9 Sid Bream: Porn Star 8.69
    6 Bluegrass Bumpkins 8.33
    4 Byrnes When I Peavy 7.87
    2 Genius GM of April 7.71
    6 Bobbitt and the Cutt-off Men 7.68

    8 Bronx Bomber 33
    4 Fernando Mania 31
    3 Team CruJones 30
    7 Ricky Vaughn and the Rockets 29
    1 SmileyGonzalez’ Latin 19’s 29
    6 Woody Paige Allstars 29
    2 Sidd Finch 29

    5 Halie Selassie Lions of Judah 0.65
    4 Fernando Mania 0.61
    7 Squirrely Peglegs 0.60
    1 SmileyGonzalez’ Latin 19’s 0.60
    6 Bobbitt and the Cutt-off Men 0.58
    11 The Fearless Prognosticator 0.58

    5 Bob’s Schmohawks 48
    6 The Mutt’s Nuts 42
    2 Tijuana Two Step 37
    8 Chips Ahoy 37
    9 Big Timer 37
    4 Fernando Mania 36

    1 Bailout Funds 2.843
    3 Minnesota Twinkies 3.048
    11 Cruisin’ KCs 2 3.093
    1 A Man Named Brady 3.129
    9 Sid Bream: Porn Star 3.234

    3 Minnesota Twinkies 1.126
    1 A Man Named Brady 1.128
    5 Halie Selassie Lions of Judah 1.149
    1 Bailout Funds 1.169
    4 Bronx Bombers23 1.197
    5 Jager Bombs 1.197

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob from Germany: I’m not crazy about it, but I could see Scherzer giving better value.

    @mgeoffriau: Not snappy enough. Rudy was proposing The Neg Trade. We’re still open to suggestions.

    @NoonTime: You’ve just described every league I’m in. Stupid Bedard, Johnson, Gallardo, etc. BTW, that list of tops in categories is great.

    Cookie Monsters must have some kind of offense.

    @Basketnarb: You’re not better off with any of them.

    @Zebo: I’d hold Madson.

    @rich: What’s an M. Manny? I’d want Hanley, but it’s an okay trade.

  120. Haha my HtH opponent: “Damn, Reynolds went jihad on me.”

  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @NoonTime: It’s interesting, but not surprising that the Wins don’t correlate at all.

  122. Tony says:

    @NoonTime: looks like runs and average are a better tell of the best teams than anything else, SB’s are the worst…. only one team in first that has the highest amt of sb’s.

  123. Tony says:

    @Grey: yep i’m one of the wins leaders, sitting in 6th! HA!

  124. Bob from Germany says:


    i hoped, you would say: Thats a terrific trade :-)

    Cause I’m really not sure about that. But i will do it. Thanks for your advice. I hope this will pay off…

  125. long time reader, first time posting…

    What’s with the lack of love for Adam “Sleepytime” Jones? Not necessarily any hate going his way in the write-ups or comments, but he should be getting much more love (maybe many of the readers didn’t draft him and thus don’t want to believe?).
    This kid was considered one of the best prospects in baseball while in the M’s system, then finally gets an opportunity to play with the O’s, he takes a little while getting adjusted to major league pitching, then absolutely tore through the end of last year (injury aside). I’m so bored reading posts hyping guys like Jay Bruce when there is a top-end 23 year old OF contributing already. Too much love for prospects like Quentin/Bruce who are currently only able to help your team on those few occasions when they hit a HR (hope that men are on base), where Jones helps everyday with Runs/Avg, plus gives above avg RBI/HR, and more steals will come (probably ends w/ about 15).
    Beckett for Jones?? any good fantasy owner would shizz on being offered an over-rated pitcher for a top talent. If you guys are really going to have Bossman Jr as a 2nd round pick, then it is unfathomable how little love Sleepytime Jones gets.
    Baseball monster has him as the 3rd most valuable OF (Total – behind Ibanez + Bay) and he’d be even higher in the Avg rankings. he needs to be considered in the top end of fantasy players (top 20-30), and certainly a top end OF.

    Also, i have yet to see why grady sizemore is considered a top 10 pick (inherited him in a keeper league). in 2008 he ended as the 22nd ranked player, in 2007 he ended up at #41, and i don’t need to explain how craptacular he has been this year. I should have traded him at the beginning of the year when i had some decent offers, but decided to roll the dice with a guy i would never draft myself, and have since paid the price.

  126. Lines says:

    @Noontime – would you please high five whoever called their team “Team CruJones” for me? RAD references make my world go ’round.

  127. Elbert says:

    @Elijah: that’s hilarious!

  128. rich says:

    Is this doable, and close to even????

    Team giving up the Ramirez’s is in 9th place, so immediate boost
    in SP and OF, while a drop off at SS.

    non-keeper, 6×6 (obp & Holds), 10 teams:

    H. Ramirez & M. Manny versus Shields, Kemp, Alexei or Collaspo (both SS eligible in Yahoo).


    Thanks Grey. Should have read HanRam & ManRam versus Shields, Kemp, Alexei or Collaspo (both SS eligible in Yahoo).

  129. Mr. Rickey says:

    Any concerns about Corey Hart’s playing time? Also, Capps or Cruz next week?

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ETmcgee: At the end of April I said “3-for-4, HR and 1st steal of the year. The steals will come and the power will continue. He’s not a sell candidate, unless you’re against Prop 420.” Maybe I could push him a little more, but he’s been great and will continue to be solid. I don’t know if he beats Bruce by the end of the year in numbers though. Jones won’t bat anywhere near .360 on the year. Probably closer to .290. Anyway, good to have you commenting.

    @rich: Cool, still want Hanley side.

    @Mr. Rickey: Not yet, hopefully he starts producing. Capps.

  131. NoonTime says:

    One more stat…the most and fewest moves:
    1 Bushwood Varmint Cong 84
    4 AL KOHOLIC 63
    9 THE ASHA’MAN 56
    4 Car Wash GM Pete Incaviglia 52
    7 Veeck Yo’self 51
    8 Billy Goat Tavern 46
    8 Emo Glam Trannies 46
    7 Motor City Madmen 45
    9 A-town Champions 44
    11 Turnip of Power 42

    1 Bailout Funds 0
    4 Big Blue 0
    10 Captain Teamname 0
    8 Covetous Choo 2
    7 Ricky Vaughn and the Rockets 3
    8 Get Figgy With It 4
    9 Big Timer 5
    10 Sunshine 9 5
    11 Team pwangsta 5
    7 Touch’em All Joes 5

    Special Shout out to team Bailout Funds, leading his division with the hand he was dealt (drafted). 0 Moves and 0 trades! He went with the REMA strategy so to speak and drafted pitchers for the first 5 rounds and has a 12 12 11 12 11 in the pitching cats.

  132. big o says:

    ok , so i unknowingly low-balled you at 6,000 , but paulie’s got you at billions and billions .
    kinda think paulie’s correct …. you’re the carl sagen of this universe .

    line of the day ==> colon blow in chicago …. HA .

    deep keepers might want to notice zavada’s return to the d-backs .
    i know they’ve been grooming this kid , pena .
    but , clay misses a lot of bats . cust kayin’ .

    over/under on johan/dice k is 9 runs tonight .
    betting the farm on the over .
    hip , with my record , you should put 20 bucks on the under , and stand in the cashier’s line , now .

    and , oh yeah , i wondered why you didn’t share those fast food coupons with your neighbors …. those guys don’t eat !!

    in another league , i dropped andruw for hairston (sd) for my bench .
    hate to miss jones’ full-time gig , if c. davis goes down for a confidence booster . thoughts on this happening ??
    regards .

  133. Elbert says:

    just dropped Hermida for Jesus Guzman, still trembling though… really like Hermida, damn Giants…hahaha

  134. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @NoonTime: Must be a REALLY slow day at work! But nice job.
    Interesting that Le Atelier de Joel Pinero, top team in the RCL, in the strongerst league of the RCL, is not represented in any of the Cats. The dominance of the team is unbelievable. JP is either 11th or 12th in EVERY CAT except for SB, where it is a lowly 4.5. JP has a total score of 109, with 120 being perfection.

  135. Doc says:

    J. Rivera or Sheffield?

  136. bpasinko says:

    I trade Vernon and Alexei, I get Pedroia?

    Anyone getting supremely worried about Alexei yet?

  137. Doc says:

    Here is one of the many drawbacks of having so many teams: I just saw that someone picked up Reynolds in one of my leagues! Wha? How did I miss him? Hey Wha’ Happened? I’m trying to do my woork!

  138. The Dude says:

    @Tony: Beane won’t trade Holliday to the Angel’s unless he can get a ridiculous return for him; he’s got a policy about helping his division rivals.

  139. Tony says:

    @bpasinko: too much for pedroia…IMO

    I think alexie is about 1-2 weeks from flipping the switch, he likes the warm weather, he’s cuban.

  140. @Grey: i know you don’t have any issues with Jones, just would like to see more love. he’s one of those guys i targeted this year (got him in 2 of 3, thinking about offering Lady sizemore as part of a deal to get him in the other), so I was actually right about someone for once and probably just want to see more love b/c of that.
    I do think jones will out produce bruce this year, though it may be my personal bias against avg killers, but it will be close.

  141. Tony says:

    @The Dude: yeah i just know they’re gonna be a team looking…. especially for offense.

    I dont know where he’d go, but i hope he does get moved, going to the A’s was a horrible horrible move for matt…. and my fantasy team!

  142. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: I’d want Hairston there too.

    @Elbert: Hermida’s consistently yawnstipating, I don’t think you’ll miss him.

    @Doc: Rivera

    @bpasinko: I’d take Pedroia there.

  143. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ETmcgee: Yeah, Bruce could be an average killer, but I tend to ignore that, probably why I own Reynolds on every single team.

  144. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: It’s actually very close, but I just assume Vernon is replaceable.

  145. big o says:

    if you just jinxed adam , i’ll be coming after you .

    @Paulie Allnuts:
    the answer to the metropolitans’ HOF battery-mates is spahn/berra .

    to all : reminder ===> holliday will be a met on july 9th …. MAYbe
    july 13th , when the A’s make their east-coast swing . make your trade plans accordingly .

    also ….. am i the only one dumb enough to think that peavy’s going to end up with atlanta ??

  146. Tony says:

    @big o: a met sounds good, how can they afford him in their line up…. i dont see it.

  147. Tony says:

    @Grey: i still hate pedroia he’s such a little weasel, he’s like the napolean of pro baseball, and he’s a red sock, ughhh, shoot me in the face before i draft that balding little bastard…

    I know its fantasy and i shouldnt care who he is, but i do, and i dont like him…. there i said it!

  148. Doc says:

    Most of teams are lacking in average. I hate paying for avg, but I might have to soon. I’m drafting Pujols in every league I have a chance next year. Anybody have some targets for average? Pedroia, Suzuki, Mauer are just too expensive in trade talks. Anyone who I might be able to buy low on who should really turn things around avg wise?

  149. @Lines: There’s a thunder in your heart. Every move is like a lightning. It’s the power you feel when you get your taste of the glory.

    @big o: wrt Andruw. I think you have to take a chance on a guy who is hitting, and in the lineup every day, over someone who is hitting, but not in the lineup.

    Mark Reynold’s nickname of the day: DonkeyPod Nano.

  150. bpasinko says:

    @Grey: My problem is I need average and power. So if I get Pedroia’s avg I lose Alexei’s power (I have enough OF to replace Vernon). It would all make sense to do, accept an Alexei surge would help me more I think, although he may not even do that, and I dunno how easy it is to catch up in average.

  151. bpasinko says:

    @Grey: My problem is I need average and power. So if I get Pedroia’s avg I lose Alexei’s power (I have enough OF to replace Vernon). It would all make sense to do, except an Alexei surge would help me more I think, although he may not even do that, and I dunno how easy it is to catch up in average.

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Callaspo?

    @bpasinko: Gotcha.

    *********THERE’S A NEW POST********

  153. cubbies299 says:

    Parra/S Drew for Bedard/Zobrist?

  154. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Not sure what Parra.

    ********Take follow-ups Q’s for me to the newest post.*****

  155. Euroalien says:

    @Tony: Thanks Tony! I thought about trying to move Beckett instead but I need a big stick…. I’d love to keep a duo of Santana and Lincecum for years to come…. I just think that big stick would make me a serious contender for the money in my league. We’ll see…… I won’t let him go cheaply.

  156. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I just swung a Mauer for Youk deal.I had offered it Friday,I geuss Mauer’s crazy Saturday night convinced him.I have Doumit on the DL,I scooped Barajas to keep his spot warm.

  157. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I just swung a Mauer for Youk deal.I had offered it Friday,I geuss Mauer’s crazy Saturday night convinced him.I have Doumit on the DL,I scooped Barajas to keep his spot warm.

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