Last week we touched on the Mariners and the propensity for steals in a post-suspension world.  Since then, the navigators of the sea have acquired Denard and Colome, making more SAGNOF situations. The scorching hot filterless hitter I wanna concentrate your gaze on this week is from the same team with ample speed to be used.  That hitter is Ben Gamel.  The addition of Span to the outfield mix is a bit of a head scratcher fantasy-wise, because someone has to sit and three outfielders have to play.  Gamel over the last 7 games is going streaking across the quad and down the street to On Base Percentage-ville.  His batting average alone is a nice coup for a short term pick-up.  Hitting .381 and an OBP of .458 is a nice end of the OF problem to have.  He is getting his fair share of AB’s and is putting his on base skills to good work too, stealing 3 bases in the past week.  That may seem like small potatoes, but in the world of steals that is a lot by its own standards.  So if you are surfing the waiver wire looking for outfielders with small potatoes to offer, take a long hard look at the Marines outfielder.  On to better and pressing news in SAGNOF-dom, we got charts and snippets of joy for this Memorial Day.  Cheers!

Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
Mets 45 @ Atl(37), vs. CHC (18)
Blue Jays 40 @Bos (35), @Det (24)
A’s 39 vs. TB (31), @KC (25)
Orioles 36 vs. Was (37), vs. NYY (22)
Giants 36 @Col (33), vs Phi (23)
White Sox 35 @Cle (27), vs. Mil (36)
Padres 31 vs. Mia (11), vs. Cin (24)
Tigers 29 vs. LAA (31), vs. Tor (21)
Dodgers 29 vs. Phi (23), @Col (33)
Rangers 29 @Sea (39), @LAA (31)


Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Noah Syndergaard 12 89 .299
Lucas Giolito 11 93 .402
Steven Matz 11 63 .331
Bryan Mitchell 10 85 .423
Pedro Araujo 8 45 .359
Danny Barnes 8 35 .375
Dellin Betances 8 27 .289
Dylan Bundy 8 92 .306
Carlos Carrasco 8 90 .284
Sam Dyson 8 38 .287
Aaron Nola 8 82 .263
Jeff Samardzija 8 58 .365
Felix Hernandez 7 94 .338


Trea Turner – Washington as a whole is not stealing bases lately, and TT is no different as he has a whole 2 steals in the month of May.  Not encouraging, since that’s the same Hosmer, Schwarber and Daniel Palka.  Steals are a precarious beast… it lures you in with chocolates and counting stats, then leaves you for your best friends sister in the peace corps.

Jose Altuve – He is who we thought he was.  Shame on the few people who said he was bad.  Thee steals and his BA is spooktacular in a Haloween-y type .330 way.

Adam Engel – With Leury Garcia on the DL he is going to be getting a slew of appearances and has speed to burn.  Two steals in limited time and time is all that he has now with the injuries to the OF.

Brandon Nimmo – Finding Captain would have been m alteio title this week, but since I am Smokey the cigarette pun worked better.  Nimmo shows glimpses and then the Mets become irrelevant for a month.  Two steals and a nea .4 OBP in last 14 days will help for the here and now though.

Felipe Vazquez – Forearm discomfort is never good.  Hell two-arm discomfort sounds awful too and it’s only half the arms. Richard Rodriguez, Michael Feliz and Edgar Santana ae all the adds until we find out more details.

Ken Giles – Basically in a nutshell sucks out loud.  Devenski is proll owned, but go check.  The Kelvin Herrera to Astros rumors make too much sense.

Dan Otero – Takes the first chair behind Cody Allen with Miller hitting the DL again.  The Indians bullpen is really, really not good, but Otero could get the off-day save.


  1. Bk says:

    Love the article, but please proofread before hand. Quite a few mistakes.

    • Heathcliff Slocumb says:

      @Bk: telling not spelling BK

    • And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

      @Bk: could you understand it?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Bk: yea. Typed o borrowed computer where the R and Y keys didn’t work. Sexy beasts like me should have a secretary but alas I do not. I will do better next time, my apologies for the awful read.

  2. And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

    who’s the weak link for holds out of these: bradley, k-rob, kintzler (madson i owned previously and could again, use this name to represent top holds guy for WAS), kelly?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers!: k-Rob for me. Kelly and Kintzler are mist owns while Madson is out. Kelly has rediscovered his changeup which makes him nasty.

      • And Now the Jon Lovitz Dancers! says:

        @Smokey: due somewhat to green getting at least SOME of those NYY 8th innings i’d guess as well. this is good for me as i have green in one 16 team dynasty. kelly’s FIP is nutzo and BOS gets him tons of holds. madson due back shortly, want to make sure i don’t miss him late on dropping kintzler for him as well.

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