Wanna take a guess at who the title is?  Anagrams are fun, and by fun, I mean about as fun as going to a baseball game and staying sober.  Since that first sentence merely took eight seconds to read, I would assume that your guess of Fernando Valenzuela was wrong.  The real answer is Amed Rosario.  I could have went with endless possibilities, but a “sore diorama” sounds like a science fair experiment gone wrong.  So onto the SAGNOF usefulness for the man that could have been “armoire soda,” but alas the diorama wins.  Over the last 15 games with the Mets on coast mode to losing, the question is: are they in a coasting mode for losing and futility?  Anyways, over his last 15 games, he has a .364 batting average, a .391 OBP, 7 runs, and the all important 3 steals.  He never exuded elite-type speed in the minors, maxing out at 19 across two levels this year and last.  So the speed could be blossoming like the ability to make pumpkin spice anything nowadays and have lonely single people furnish an entire apartment with it. With the season less than two weeks from finish, look high, look low, look Amed Rosario.

Pitchers to Steal Against (Post A.S Break)

Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Julio Teheran 12 96 .324
Rafael Montero 11 107 .372
Carlos Rodon 11 72 .335
Mike Pelfrey 10 74 .385
Jacob Degrom 9 99 .292
Jerad Eickhoff 9 73 .362
Jason Hammel 9 99 .310
Aaron Nola 9 94 .305
Jameson Taillon 9 97 .390
Trevor Cahill 8 67 .420
Jimmy Nelson 8 83 .316
Nick Pivetta 8 98 .377
Alex Cobb 7 68 .283
Gio Gonzalez 7 76 .272

Tim Anderson – Still doing Timmy things two weeks after the first mention of his rise to fame.  Four steals in his last seven games and an OBP over .415.  You will be hard pressed to find a more useful SAGNOF player right now.

Tommy Pham – 20/20.  If he has a spot come next year, he will be slightly over-drafted because people only read numbers sometimes.  I am personally a Pham fan.  Two steals in his last seven and four in last 15.

Yasiel Puig – I almost feel like he is fantasy serial killer.  Finds a victim, does nothing for 7-10 days, then gets dropped in the waiver wire river only to look special for the next victim.  Name value is name value, but 2 steals in last six games and seems to be on the lookout for the helpless plus-sized victims.

Eddie Rosario – No, not Amed, and no, I am not doing an anagram of another Rosario. I tend to get the Twins MI eligible guys all mixed up.  They all sound like they play forwards in La Liga.  That is a soccer joke, by the way.

Cam Bedrosian – Still holding out hope of a save, nope no saves in last month and the committee is voting without him on the save referendum.

Ken Giles – Watch for rotation and rest for the quality relievers as we head down the stretch.  teams to look at are all the teams in the playoff hunt: Cubs, Astros, Nationals and D-Backs.



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    Man. I wish Eddie Rosario was MI eligible.

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