The Spring has sprung and real baseball is here!  That fake stuff and all its glorious research has come to a head and later this week, that team that you built will go to battle.  Don’t go into battle with a little extra ammo in your tool belt though.  We all know who the steals candidates are and where to draft them by now.  The names are familiar, and if you drafted them, you are hoping the results that they have promised with our expectations.  My post this week is instead taking a look at the reflexive of the actual base stealers, and since the end of this week we’ll actually have counting stats, why not look at the pitchers and catchers that have the propensity to give up the most frequent of thievery?  It is often a very overlooked facet of the game.  We always see the counting stats of the perennial stolen base leaders, but never hear a peep about the pitchers who give up the most, or the catchers that are god awful at throwing them out.  I get that other forces of baseball nature encompass both of those factors of caught stealing and pitchers tendencies for base thefts, but if numbers don’t lie, let’s take a look at them and see who has the “better”chance for giving up the stat.  So here is this week’s SAGNOF report, basically picking on guys who do nothing but aid us in the stolen base category.  Cheers!


Name SB CS
Stephen Vogt 66 11
Willson Contreras 61 23
Miguel Montero 58 5
James McCann 57 24
Matt Wieters 57 19
Travis d’Arnaud 55 11
Tyler Flowers 55 16
Jonathan Lucroy 55 20
Brian McCann 54 8
Salvador Perez 54 20
Mike Zunino 54 17
J.T. Realmuto 53 25
Russell Martin 48 12
Robinson Chirnos 46 15
Martin Maldonado 46 29
Austin Hedges 45 26
Caleb Joseph 45 10
Francisco Cervelli 44 11
Yasmani Grandal 44 21


Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Julio Teheran 26 286 .329
Jaime Garcia 21  228 .331
Aaron Nola 21 250 .297
Yu Darvish 20 251 .291
Jason Hammel 20 306  .331
Jake Arrieta 19 230 .305
Jon Lester 19 237 .320
Jacob DeGrom 18 261 .292
Mike Fiers 18 238 .348
Jimmy Nelson 18 242 .315
Gerrit Cole 17 273 .306
Corey Kluber 15 215 .235
Daniel Norris 15 184 .365
Rick Porcello 15 312 .328
  1. Brian says:

    Great info , thanks

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Brian: no problem. Thanks for the read.

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Nice work. Thanks for the edge

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @AL KOHOLIC: my pleasurr

  3. Pager24 says:

    Hey Smoke,

    Strickland was dropped a few hours before the Melancon update. You think this is the year Giants finally give Strickland a shot at CL? Seems to be the best option, but I guess he’s really always been the best option? ha. Already own Watson, and Dyson is owned but he looks awful. Is it worth owning both until the roles play out? or would you add Strick over Watson?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Pager24: I still think it’s Dyson. Though not because of Spring merit. Dyson struggles at times last year and never was threatened by Strickland. IMO Strickland is the go to go for outs. Just not in save situations.

  4. Rod Beck's Moustache says:

    I usually think of Contreras as having a decent arm. Any chance he’s so high on the list because the Cubs pitchers are so god-awful at pickoffs? And now he has Darvish this year…

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Rod Beck’s Moustache: def because if pitchers. The 23 caught stealings is a good enough number alone the starters and now Yu are bad at holding runners on.

  5. The Harrow says:

    gotta add thor in here, he’s like top 2 worst along with lester, stats wouldn’t show it last year due to missing time though, however, go back 2 years and it’ll show.

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