For all intents and purposes, Jean Segura was a flopapotamus last year, failing to get to any of the previous year’s stats across the board.  That includes the all loving steals category.  He has gone from 33 in 2016, to 22 last year, to already having 11 in just over 200 plate appearances, which is a phenomenal pace for anyone that bought into him a his ADP in draft season.  Eleven steals already leads to a projection of right around 40, and 40 steals is fantastic, as it has only been eclipsed 10 times in the last few years.  Which brings back my old standby statement: that steals are a dying breed except for the select few.  I fully expect that the Mariners, who currently sit top-6 in MLB in steals, to keep the running game as a a major cog now that Robbie Cano isn’t around showing his elite speed.  With Dee Gordon and Segura, the Mariners have a duo of speed that really is unrivaled by other MLB teams.  The past week for Jean has seen his total jump from 5 to 11 steals overall. (Coincidence that Cano isn’t in the lineup that he is taking the base rather than trying to get hit over?  I think not.)  Nothing about that screams coincidence, it would be more of a coincidence for me to casually run into my ex-girlfriend outside the church on her wedding day.  So with a slash line of .414/.419/.655 since the removal of Cano, he looks primed to be an even more of a steal threat moving forward.  That is also a nod for Dee because the re-invention of lineup changes is the way a team plays.  I read that in a fortune cookie just now.  So welcome to SAGNOF day, kinda like Rusev day, but with less Bulgarian influence.

Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
Mets 39 vs. Mia(9), @Mil (31)
A’s 35 vs. Sea (32), vs. Ari (30)
Blue Jays 35 vs. LAA(23), @Phi (23)
White Sox 31 vs. Bal (15), @Det (22)
Padres 31 @Was (36), @LAD (13)
Orioles  30 @CHW (35), @TB (28)
Giants 29 @Hou (17), @CHC (15)
Reds 27 vs. Pit (19), @Col (29)
Dodgers 27 vs. Col (29), vs. SD (31)
Phillies 26 vs. Atl (35), vs. Tor (21)


Name SB CS
Robinson Chirinos 25 2
Russell Martin 25 7
Jonathan Lucroy 23 10
Yasmani Grandal 20 5
Tucker Barnhart 19 7
Omar Narvaez 19 9
Jorge Alfaro  17 7
James McCann 16 6
Buster Posey 16 8
Caleb Joseph 15 4
Willson Contreras 14 6
Chris Iannetta 14 2
Manny Pina 14 5
Wilson Ramos 14 1
Austin Hedges 13 4


Brandon Crawford – If you know of a hotter hitter besides Mookie or JD, than this guy I would be interested.  Not the speed demon, but with the amount of times he has been on base, damn near .600 for last eight games played.  He has one swipe and may be buying the gold package of Tinder so he can swipe some more.

Jose Iglesias – Joe Church, no relation to Joe Dirt or Jose Suciedad as he is called on the streets, has three steals in his last seven games and has matched last years total in 310 less plate appearances.

Niko Goodrum – Loving guys with multi-position eligibility that are garnering more playing and like run on sentences who also steal their fair share of bases.  Niko is the dude.  .364/.44/.727 last 14 games is a more unheralded version of Daniel Descalso.

Travis Jankowski – 5 steals since I wrote about him last week. He shouldn’t be on your waiver wire at this point but go check and come back, I probably won’t wait for you but continue on.

Amir Garrett – Nice scoreless run going and I respect a guy who causes a bench clearing brawl while getting a hold.  Finally someone as passionate as me for the freaking stat.

Nate Jones – Missed the save on Sunday to the guy from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Not because he lost the job, but because he pitched previous two days.  Fry-guy is a deeper add, but doesn’t offer much as the White Sox still don’t get a ton of saves.  Rondon is a better add than Fry.

Seranthony Dominguez – Love the name, love the stats.  Heard he has a kitten name Meowanthony.  The Phillies still don’t have a lead horse so it’s the slew of names like Hunter, Arano, Neris, Ramos all still factor in as Kapler hates your fantasy team.



  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Awesome title, Smokey!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Grey: thank you sir

  2. Don'tBeAHader says:

    Thoughts on Greg Holland…co-NL leader in Saves 2017 to bust? Really?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Don’tBeAHader: he’s crap. Not same pitcher he was last year.

  3. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    My team has entered the land of the living after starting off 13-32-5. We started with Week 2 of the MLB season. My first five opponents had their best week to date the week they faced my team. This helps explain why I started 3-19-3 in the hitting categories. Based on my team’s production, something like 14-11 would have made more sense.

    Anyway, I will try Goodrum or Crawford for a spell.

  4. crenshaw07 says:

    Sir Smoke, either Gsellman or Hicks worth rostering over Bradley, Edwards Jr, Fields or Robertson in a holds + saves league?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @crenshaw07: either over Fields.

      • crenshaw07 says:

        @Smokey: thanks. I went with Gsellman. Just a feelin.

        • Wallpaper Paterson says:

          @crenshaw07: yes, gsellman should be fine. Appears to have moved into setup role due to Ramos’ inconsistency

  5. GrassyKnollRedding says:

    Hey Smoke,

    Have Seranthony and Winkler for ratios and the occasional save. Do I drop either of them for Minter or N Jones?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @GrassyKnollRedding: Wink for Jones, sorry for delay have had a week from hell.

  6. brian says:


    Always look forward to your stuff. Quick question 12 team mixed roto, 5×5 with saves + holds. Do you think Chad Green is worth owning in this format? His counting stats are great but would you rather own a player like Seranthony Dominguez or Joe Kelly or Dan Winkler for the chance of getting more holds?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @brian: id rather own Seranthony seems more fun. Fun is what matters in fantasy lol.

  7. Alfred E. Naujocks says:

    AL only. nicasio losing value. 4 RP slots i have leclerc, nicasio, brach, kelvin. drop nicasio or leclerc (appears back to 7th inning with martin back, even though leclerc’s stats are better) for any of (or just who’s best 2 out of all of these): romo (committee the monkey is speculating might be the case), roe, the putting challenge lou trevino (OAK, appears to get the most holds there), casilla, duke, j.anderson, rondon, givens.

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