That’s a Shame (Bold Predictions) continued to set the pace, while MasterofGrond (Waco Night Terrors – Imposing Sea Creatures) moved ahead of Slocemb If You Got Em for second. Of the current top 10 teams, 4 snagged Joey Votto with their first pick, three got Miguel Cabrera, two took Prince Fielder, and one selected Carlos Gonzalez. Check out the Master Standings (you can also access them via the Leagues menu up top) to see where your team ranks in comparison to the other 767 teams through Sunday. The page now includes sortable stats.

The Top 10

1 That’s a Shame 106.7 1
2  MasterofGrond Waco Night Terrors 102.6 5
3 Slocemb If You Got Em 102.2 2
4 Pokey Reese 100.4 3
5 Insert Catchy Player Pun 100.2 8
6  mauledbypandas Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache 100.0 4
7 Retro Vertigo 99.8 10
8 Cali The Naysayers 98.7 18
9 Your face ain’t got no saves 97.9 6
10 MStark Ian’s Army 97.8 10

Free Agents: Gregor Blanco’s ownership jumped from 10 leagues to 56 with increased playing time and success (.421 and 2 steals in last 10 days). Leonys Martin (17 to 55) and Eric Young (3 to 31) also saw an increase in ownership. Zoilo Almonte was grabbed in 15 leagues. Will Middlebrooks continued to struggle and is now available in just over half of the Razzball Commenter leagues.

League News: The ECFBL and Cougars Welcomed continue to be the class of the RCL with a League Competitive Index of 105. They each have 2 teams in the top 100. Ones are GOOD right? and International Razzball lead with 4 in the top 100. Cracking The WHIP have 2 in the top 10. Cougars Welcomed are in the top 10 of 8 statistical categories, one more than the ECFBL, but the ECFBL lead those 7 categories.

EXPERTS: Rudy dropped 3 points, but held on for a half-point lead over Dr. Roto. Rudy hit .250 and had an ERA of 4.08 this week, while Team Roto hit 20 points better and recorded a 2.09 ERA, adding a league-leading 11 saves. The week improved Dr Roto’s ERA from 3.59 to 3.44. While trailing Rudy for the League Championship, the Doctor is actually ahead in the overall RCL standings, thanks to a better score in “Ranking Points.” This means his team does better when compared against every team. Nick Minnix (KFFL) saw his ERA go the other way, from 3.44 to 3.65, despite recording an RCL-best 10 wins. Grey’s pitching bounced back this week (2.68/1.08), but he hit just .244. You can find all Expert League unofficial Week 12 stats here. Rudy was also involved in the league’s fourth trade, sending Huston Street to 2012 champion Ryan Carey (Mastersball) for Billy Butler.

Writers: Andrew Nordmeier led for the 8th straight week, but Tehol closed to within 5½ points. Andrew had the league’s worst pitching ratios (5.59/1.49) along with only 3 decisions (3 wins/0 saves). Meanwhile, Tehol led the league with a .310 average, 20 home runs, and 65 RBI. And, if Tehol needed something else to shout about, his team now leads the RCL in home runs. Scott recorded a 2.49 ERA and 0.97 WHIP. Check out all the writers’ week 12 stats.

Writer Pts
1. Andrew Nordmeier 94.5
2. Tehol 89.0
3. Slim Smitty 85.5
4. Trevor 75.5
5. Sky 71.0
6. Joe Morris 66.0
7. jaywrong 65.0
8. Scott Evans 58.0
9. Nick 56.5
10. JB Gilpin 52.5
11. ChrisV 33.5
12. Smokey 33.0

Trades: A busy week of dealing with 85 players changing teams in 27 deals to run the totals for the year to 252 trades of 797 players. The most active league was Cougars Welcomed, where 6 transactions were completed. Dave’s team, Todd Hoffman, was involved in 4 of those as he worked to increase his save total, acquiring Mariano Rivera, Jim Henderson, and Sergio Romo for Bryce Harper, Daniel Nava, Josh Rutledge, and Carlos Santana. He also dealt Kendrys Morales for Martin Prado. Many big names were moved once again. Troy Tulowitzki was traded for Jose Bautista. Giancarlo Stanton was packaged with Omar Infante for Carlos Gonzalez and Didi Gregorius. Yoenis Cespedes and Stephen Strasburg were traded for Matt Holliday and Clayton Kershaw. In big 2-for-1 deals, Cliff Lee brought back Allen Craig and Rex Brothers; Paul Goldschmidt went for Cole Hamels and Shelby Miller; Jay Bruce earned Matt Carpenter and Starling Marte; and Yu Darvish was enough to acquire Jean Segura and Matt Garza. You can check out all the trades in the Fantasy Baseball Forums. Look for the RCL under the heading “Everything Else.” Also, be sure to check the player rater for “Rest of Season” projections when you’re considering a trade.

Weekly Leaders

Mel (Baseball Cougar – Night of the Living Zombinos) had a great offensive line this week, hitting .318 with 48 runs scored, 19 home runs, 60 RBI, and 7 steals. Chris Davis (4 HR/10 RBI) and Nelson Cruz (3 HR/11 RBI) paced the attack, pushing the Cougar to first place. Jean Segura hit .400 and stole 4 bases, and Miguel Cabrera hit .536. Mel picked up Gregor Blanco on Wednesday, and was rewarded with 9 hits in 18 ABs, and a stolen base.

Average: .340 (team MAGPIES – Matt B is a Tool)
Runs: 58 (Bosch Brothers – in Trout We Trust)
HR: 22 (Lincec*m In Your Pujols – Fear the Moustache, Team Dalmore – Beef SAGNOF!)
RBI: 67 (EthierSaid ThanDunn – Hu Are Yu?)
SB: 17 (Blue Beasts JYD – Beef SAGNOF!)

Old Milwaukee (You Say Potato, I Say Schmotato) took pitching honors, recording 17 decisions (7 wins/10 saves). In 73.1 innings they had 68 strikeouts with an ERA of 1.96 and 1.04 WHIP. Jeff Samardzija won twice, while Francisco Liriano (Win/12 K/2.13 ERA) and Jorge De La Rosa (Win/1.38/1.08) also had 2 fine outings. Cliff Lee (9 K/2.25/0.63) and Lance Lynn (1.50/0.83) each added a victory. Five different pitchers recorded saves, with Steve Cishek picking up 3.

Ks: 120 (The Gyorkoffs – Wake Up!)
Wins: 10 (Team Minnix – Experts)
Saves: 14 (Foot’s Cold Sweat – Myrtle’s Acres)
ERA: 1.34 (40 IP min) (Narragansett Cupcakes – The Big Rzepczynski)
WHIP: 0.76 (40 IP min) (Yellow Fever – Humm Baby)

Daily and full season stats are available, and in the RCL forum there are team and league of the day threads, as well as the top batting and pitching lines.

EthierSaid ThanDunn
89/299 (.298)
50 R/17 HR/67 RBI/9 SB
76.0 IP
86K/8 W/2.84/1.03/6 S
EthierSaid ThanDunn gained 11 points and moved up from 6th to 3rd in Hu Are Yu? and 151 spots (to 155th) in the overall standings. They led all RCL teams with 67 RBI. Adam Dunn drove in 8 runs, while Ryan Howard hit .476 and added 7 RBI. Matt Dominguez, Adam Jones, and Shane Victorino also knocked in 7 each. Victorino added a couple of steals, as did Robinson Cano, Ichiro Suzuki, and Starling Marte. Matt Harvey led the pitching staff, picking up two wins while striking out 19 and allowing just 9 baserunners in 13 innings. Mat Latos had 22 Ks in his 2 outings, winning one. Casey Janssen pitched 4 scoreless innings on his way to a win and 3 saves.
  1. Tehol Beddict says:

    Leading the entire razzball nation in home runs????? Now everyone knows its a fact I carry a huge stick. don’t let the people forget I won the football title this year and that nordamier’s team was autodrafted so technically im in first. thank you.

    • Paulie Allnuts

      Paulie Allnuts says:

      @Tehol Beddict: There is a rumor that you stashed the team with Josh Gibson’s stats from the 1958 season, but it is as yet unconfirmed. Or sent your team to Biogenesis. If that is the case, Vin will penalize you by stacking your team with a gaggle of Sparky Anklebiters.

  2. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Looks like the ECFBL has a true rival for once in Cougar’s Welcome. The two leagues are in a virtual statistical tie, and in a number of Cats we are 1st/2nd . For some reason, I could not find each league’s GS, as that total skews Wins and K’s at this point in the season. The ECFBL will increase its rating, I believe, as we are historically low in GS until around early August. Leading in 7 Cats is nice, but C.W. in the top ten in 8 Cats is impressive as well. Again, thanks for all of the great work you do, Vin. And any of the “Perts and Writers are welcome to participate if there is an opening next year and put their theoretical knowledgeable into action. It could well be a humbling experience.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Paulie Allnuts: There is a GS, Moves, IP tab on my Stats page. If you sort by league you can determine how many starts a league has used.
      CW: 115, 106, 84, 93, 100, 98, 126, 91, 83, 81, 75, 91
      TOTAL: 1143

      ECFBL: 116, 51, 85, 101, 90, 72, 47, 75, 83, 93, 67, 86
      TOTAL: 966

      • Paulie Allnuts

        Paulie Allnuts says:

        @VinWins: Thanks, Vin. Looks like ECFBL has a nice edge.

  3. Cole says:

    I am the one who traded Segura and Garza for Darvish and just wanted to explain myself. I am currently in 3rd place, lead steals by 35 over second place, have evercab coming off the DL and wanted to add Aybar off waivers. Plus I needed a high K/9 starter if I wanted a realistic shot at catching the first place guy (who has 104 points as of today). My logic was that Darvish was an upgrade over Garza while Aybar could do 70% of what is expected of Segura in the second half. That is if Segura homers 11 more times, which I question

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Cole: No explanation needed as far as I am concerned. I wasn’t judging, just mentioned as a deal of interest. I only get worked up over my own trades, which I always regret. Even if one side is the considered “winner” of a trade, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t helped both teams.

      • Cole says:

        @VinWins: I see. I didn’t think you were judging, the trade looks a bit lopsided to me too with no context. Thanks for posting these updates, sir.

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