The season is almost upon us which means it’s time to get your rosters all dialed in for the season. So, who’s set to breakout and who’s set to break our hearts. Breakouts are guys that I think will outperform their draft position. Heart breakers as you can guess, are the opposite. Guys that you have to spend a high pick to acquire that will only make you regret your decision. In most cases it’s not that I wouldn’t touch any of them with a 10 foot pole, but I don’t think they’ll return the investment required to roster them.  You don’t win  your league at the draft but a bad first or second pick can hamstring your team. 




Daulton Varsho– Yes he will be opening the season in the minors but I refuse to give up on him. He’ll be back up soon to save you catcher woes. He will most likely be headed to waivers so pay attention to D-Backs roster news and you can scoop him on the cheap. Once he’s back to the show enjoy your fantasy cheat code. 


Max Kepler- More of a re-breakout after a down 2020. But c’mon we all had a down 2020. With Eddie Rosario gone and Byron Buxton getting ready to dash our hopes once again it will be down to Kepler to carry the torch. If he snags the leadoff spot he’ll be in a prime position to rack up some points.


Franmil Reyes- Take the power and run. He’s only projected for 35 dingers but I think he can pump those numbers up. I’m thinking 60 will do.


Nick Madrigal– A high average, steals first guy in points leagues? After all those words about not chasing steals? Correct on both counts. However, Madrigal isn’t a guy you’re taking with a top pick. He’s available in the mid to late rounds and will find himself in the position to score a ton of runs in that lineup.  


Dylan Cease- I’m in on him this year. He’s got the raw stuff to dominate hitters and I think this is the year he starts figuring out his control. Depending on league size he could even be available on waivers. I expect some growing pains, but the upside is incredible. 


Ke’Bryan Hayes- Don’t love the supporting cast for him but he should provide great value for a guy going around pick 200. He showed out at the end of last season and I think there’s room for him to grow even more this year. 


Yu Darvish- He’s my Razzball pick for Cy Young so I had to include him here. He’s being drafted highly enough that I can’t really call him a breakout but I think he’s got another level in him this year with that lineup backing him up. 


Freddy Peralta- The Ks are filthy and that’s what we’re here for now that he’s been tagged as the number 5 starter. He’s got the raw stuff to lock that spot down and that means he should blow past his 100 projected innings. Add that up and we’ve got a real impact pitcher who you can snag late.


Heart Breakers:


Trevor Bauer- Maybe it’s the attitude, maybe it’s that he’s a Dodger this season, maybe it’s the poor spring moments or maybe it’s that MLB claims to be cracking down on pine tar. Whatever it is, I’m out on Bauer for where you would need to take him. 


Aaron Judge- Love the power but there’s just too much injury risk for me. He probably takes a 3rd or 4th round pick to draft and at that price there are far safer options. He claims he’ll play smarter this season and has even taken up yoga. If it works you’re in for a great ride, but you can’t ignore the risk.


JT Realmuto- He’s the top preseason option behind the dish but if you take away that he’s a catcher, his numbers don’t look so great. Let someone else pay the price of admission. 


Byron Buxton- Every year I want to draft Buxton, some years I even do. “I’m ready to be hurt again” That’s me quoting me for the past several years I’ve been playing fantasy. Buxton could go 30-30 but somehow never puts it all together. Maybe this is the year he figures it all out, and I hope that one day he does. But… leave that landmine for someone else.


Zach Plesac- I really want to like the guy but I think his hype has gotten out of control and he’s being drafted almost 100 spots too high according to the projections. Part of what made Plesac so good for fantasy last season was that you could get him for almost nothing at the end of your draft. He’s got potential but I think you have better options at his price. 


Starling Marte- Another guy I don’t care for at his ADP, he just feels so meh to me. He could end up with a solid season but I’d rather look for a guy with more upside. 


So there you go. Some guys I really want, and some that I’d rather let someone else take a shot on. Buckle up, and here’s to a full season. I’ll be here through it all to help make your team the best it can be.  Work the wire, play the matchups. That’s when the real fun begins. Drop your comments below or hit me up on Twitter @deltaxi1842.


  1. Commish Cauda says:

    Hey Butters…the points leagues spin is always appreciated in a fantasy world dominated by 5X5

    16-team, H2H-points league
    Start 5 SPs and 3 RPs
    (the usual points except for W=7, L=-5, Saves=5, Holds=3, SB=3, CS=-1)

    Finishing up a 23 round, slow draft. Looking to fill upside bench. Who stands out to you?

    Chris Taylor
    Dalebec (K’s !!!)


    RP (Still need one):
    Chris Martin
    Tanner Scott


    • Butters

      Butters says:

      I think Benintendi has a bounce back year. Haniger also has upside if he’s healthy and back to full strength.

      I like Scott to get saves now that Harvey is out. Fairbanks has pretty high upside but no one really knows how the Rays will deploy the pen.

      For SP I want to like Ray but he just fell down the stairs and I’m not sure that bodes well for the season. Kikuchi definitely has the K upside if he can carry his spring momentum into the season.

  2. Diego Garcia says:

    Jeff McNeil for MVP? Dilly Cease for CY Young?

    You can’t be serious with those proclamations.

    Honestly, WTF were you thinking?

    • Butters

      Butters says:

      The front runners were already picked so I decided to turn my bold takes up to 11.

  3. Jim says:

    drafting in a typical points league except they give 2 points for strikeouts instead of 1. I subscribe to the notion of taking offensive players early, but how much should I weigh this anomaly in my drafting strategy. starting pitchers always dominate the final points total every year in this league. any advice?

  4. Jolly_Roger says:

    How would you approach drafting RP’s in the following format…

    Daily lineups
    3 sp
    2 rp
    (These are just the starting slots)

    Max starts for each week is 10. You can have more than 10 if you load up on pitchers for Sunday while you’re at 9/10 for the week.

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