Do you know the difference between Anthony Rendon and Kris Bryant? Well if we are comparing them from a points league perspective, the answer is “very little at all”. The two have posted extremely similar numbers so far this season. To be more precise, Rendon has 145 points and Bryant has 146. And while we’re comparing, Bryant has had 16 additional plate appearances. While I’d obviously prefer to have Bryant, I just wanted to point out how much of a return Rendon’s owners are getting on their draft day investment.

Anthony Rendon led all batters with 43 points in week 8. Sadly, no one in the contest picked him. Next was Lucas Duda with 39. No one picked the Duda either. Then Charlie Blackmon (35 and Unpickable), Adam Duvall (35), Anthony Rizzo (33 and Unpickable) and Jordy Mercer (30). It’s not until Jose Abreu and Melky Cabrera, each with 29 points, do we find a batter that was picked by someone in week 8.

You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow picked Melky, but he was not the week’s winner. That honor goes to Smallwine who selected Jose Abreu, Jose Bautista and Michael Conforto for a total of 71 points. After finishing second in week 7, Smallwine jumped right back in the saddle and took care of business. Nice work! Don’t under do it finished second with 64 points.

Here are the top 5 from Week 8:

Smallwine (71): Jose Abreu (29), Jose Bautista (23) and Michael Conforto (19)
Don’t under do it (64): Corey Dickerson (15), Jake Lamb (26) and Jose Bautista (23)
Leopold the Cat (60): Adam Frazier (27), Matt Kemp (10) and Jose Bautista (23)
You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow (59): Melky Cabrera (29), Jose Ramirez (13) and Carlos Gonzalez (17)
Grey (57): Carlos Gonzalez (17), Francisco Lindor (22) and Edwin Encarnacion (18)

Current Standings

Contestant Score
Thor da Man 514
Manley Ramirez 452
You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow 451
Smallwine 439
Euroalien 433
Jeff P 433
Mike_Vee_ 407
Trevor 402
Jason Heilskov 395
Icalltails 390
Shivdaddy 390
LenFuego 389
Robert Leiker 388
Fungazi 383
malamoney 376
King Homer 375
Mickey 374
The Great Knoche 372
Don’t Under Do it 367
MattH 366

The full standings are included in the spreadsheet attached at the bottom of this post.

Week 9

There are 37 total people competing in week nine. Those 37 have selected 51 unique batters. The most selected batter was Michael Conforto with 11 selections. Next are two Blue Jays, Jose Bautista and Devon Travis, each tied with six votes. Besides being picked once in week two, Travis hasn’t been picked since.

The current leader for week nine is jesusc97 with 53 points. Those 53 points come from Kyle Seager, Chris Davis and Carlos Correa. In second place is Foul Balls with 52 points. Foul Balls picked Justin Smoak, Devon Travis and Kendrys Morales. And in third, with 51 points, is Fungazi. His picks are Brian Dozier, George Springer and Carlos Correa. Elvis Andrus leads week 9 batters with with 28 points.

For those trying to figure out what this whole contest is all about, please re-read this post containing the rules. For those too lazy to do so, here are the basic rules. Each week you pick three batters (no pitchers). A week (scoring period) runs from Monday through Sunday. You must have your picks submitted by 1:00 PM EDT on Monday mornings. You submit your picks by leaving a comment in the comments section of that’s week’s contest post. Comment timestamps will be used to break any ties. Once you pick a player, you cannot pick that player again in any subsequent week. A card laid is a card played. This means that once you announce your picks in the comments section, you cannot change them. It doesn’t matter the reason.

The last thing to mention are the unmentionables. Actually they are called Unpickables. You cannot pick an unpickable. Well you can, but you will get zero points.

The Unpickables – DON’T PICK THESE PLAYERS!!!

Mike Trout
Mookie Betts
Jose Altuve
Nolan Arenado
Paul Goldschmidt
Anthony Rizzo
Bryce Harper
Charlie Blackmon
Kris Bryant
Josh Donaldson
Manny Machado
Joey Votto
Miguel Cabrera

Each week is a new contest, but your weekly points will count towards your total points in the season long standings. The season will run fifteen weeks. At the end of the season there will be a five week playoff competition. In order to qualify for the playoffs you need to either win a weekly contest or finish in the top three overall season standings. That’s it. If you win more than one week and/or finish in the top three, you still only get one entry into the playoffs. However the person that finishes the regular season with the most points (first place), will be allowed to pick players from the Unpickables list during the playoffs (one per week). The winner of the playoffs will receive a brand new Razzball tee shirt. And that’s me plagiarizing me from last week again. Thank you cut and paste.

The scoring system that will be used for this contest is as follows:

1B(+1), 2B(+2), 3B(+3), HR(+4), RBI(+1), R(+1), SO(-1), BB(+1), SB(+1), CS(-1)

In case you don’t remember who you’ve already picked, you can refer to the attached spreadsheet which shows you everyone’s picks.

The contest closes on Monday at 1pm EST!!!

Important Note: Please use the same name you’ve used in previous weeks with all future submissions. Otherwise your points will not be combined and you will lose ground in the overall standings. If you are unsure of how you previously entered it, find your name in the standings tab of the spreadsheet and cut and paste it. You have been warned :)

Hey Batter Spreadsheet

Newcomers welcome. Just because you missed any of the previous weeks does not mean you can’t join this week. Remember all you have to do is win one week (any week) and you’re in the playoffs!

  1. #flytheW says:

    Quick 1 here in a h2h weekly al nl points. League 12 team minus 1 for a K would you drop chris davis and his 83 k’s for logan Morrison ?? Thx !!

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @#flytheW: Personally I probably would. I hate Chris Davis. The thing is, most people just see his monster home run potential and have no issues overlooking his negative strikeout impact in points leagues. What that means is that you might be able to get something for him in a trade…

  2. The Great Knoche says:

    Jake Lamb
    Steven Souza
    Corey Dickerson

  3. Trevor says:

    D Gordon
    E Iniarte
    D Fowler

  4. Larry Chip 10 says:

    I’m the Duda… man
    Smoak n mirrors
    D. kick Murphy

  5. Smallwine says:

    My run as hot schmotato is probably over as it’s back to the usual suckness. Glad I was able to sneak a weekly win in.

    Questions: How long should one be patient with the likes of R Odor (4th Rd Pick) and T Frazier (8th Rd Pick) in H2H weekly pts leagues? N Walker and Y Solarte at 2B are available and guys like E Suarez and J Gallo are available at 3B. Our league does penalize for K’s at (-1).


  6. Foul balls says:

    Encarnacion, rendon, correra. Thanks

  7. Water says:

    Travis Shaw
    Lucas Duda
    Marcell Ozuna

  8. El Famous Burrito says:


  9. Don't under do it says:

    Bradley jr.

  10. Robert Leiker says:

    M Kemp
    M Carpenter
    G Stanton

  11. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    Carlos Santana

  12. FBV says:

    Trevor Story Col SS
    George Springer Hou RF
    Brian Dozier Min 2B

  13. King Homer says:

    G. Stanton
    G. Springer
    J. Bour

  14. Thor da Man says:

    JD Martinez, Y Alonso, Trea Turner

  15. VictoriaB

    VictoriaB says:

    Edwin Encarnacion
    Matt Kemp
    Michael Conforto

    (Thanks, as always! This contest makes me want to tear my hair out, but I dig it!)

  16. Mike_Vee_ says:

    Jake Lamb, Justin Bour, Lucas Duda

  17. B. Rabbit says:

    Domingo Santana, Jake Lamb, Matt Adams

  18. Jeff P says:

    Matt Adams
    George Springer
    Marwin Gonzalez

  19. Fungazi says:

    JD Martinez, Kemp, Fatt Adams

  20. LenFuego says:

    Matt Kemp
    Anthony Rendon
    Ryan Zimmerman

  21. Smallwine says:

    G Springer
    J Lamb
    J Upton

  22. Leopold the Cat says:

    Justin Bour
    Anthony Rendon
    Marwin Gonzalez


  23. Steve Sturm says:


  24. You Know Nothing, J.T. Snow says:


    ^thats the second time I’ve multiple posted under different names. Whoops

  25. Icalltails says:

    Andrus Parra Healy

  26. The Padre says:

    Carlos Correa
    Marcel Ozuna
    Miguel Sano

  27. Manley Ramirez says:

    Adams, Reddick, Aledmys

  28. Gary Sanchez, Lindor and Aledmys Diaz

  29. Uno Mas Cerveza says:

    Andrus, Lindor, Abreu

  30. Steinbrenner Youth says:

    Pillar, Thames and Odubel Herera. I suck at this.

  31. Mel

    Littlecf24 says:

    Nick Markakis
    Tommy Pham
    Kyle Schwarber

  32. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    My picks: Matt Kemp, Ender Inciarte and Zack Cozart

  33. Mickey says:

    Khris Davis
    Matt Kemp
    Christian Yelich

  34. Jason Heilskov says:

    Matt Kemp, Carlos Correa and George Springer

  35. Tony says:

    thanks! Adam Duvall, Eric Thames, Justin Bour

  36. Tony C says:

    Correa, Judge, Dickerson

  37. Euroalien says:

    Ender Inciarte
    Jedd Gyorko
    Matt Adams

  38. MattH says:

    Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Eric Thames


  39. Mel

    Littlecf24 says:

    Who ended up winning week 9?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Littlecf24: That gets announced in the next post.

  40. Jason Heilskov says:

    Miquel Sano, Brian Dozier, and Xander Bogaerts

    • Jason Heilskov says:

      sorry, I put this in the wrong week. I corrected myself.

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