I know it’s bandied about plenty in our DFS articles to target the Rockies on the road.  They are simply two different teams at Coors and away from it. Bear with me while I go down this road again and name Kenta Maeda ($21,200) my top pitcher for the main slate.  The Rockies team OPS at home: 804 (4th best in the majors!), on the road: .684 (22nd in the majors).  The Rockies go from a top 5 team to a bottom 10 team, that’s pretty drastic. Maeda was straight studly in his last start, finally getting stretched out and hitting 84 pitches in 7 clean innings.  Overall, his 2.98 FIP says he’s actually gotten a bit unlucky so far this season (3.44 ERA). He should be good for 90+ pitches this time around and should have no trouble at Dodger stadium vs. the Rockies.

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Chris Sale, SP: $24,900 – We finally have a decent prime time slate on a Saturday night with seven games.  While I recommend going with Maeda for cash games and GPPs, I can’t besmirch you if you’d rather go with Sale.  My issue here is the game is in Yankee stadium and if two pitchers are close in projected performance, I lean toward the pitcher at home.  I don’t know that either pitcher will be a wrong choice though.

Carlos Rodon, SP: $15,800 – So far Rodon has faced two top 5 offense 3 times and the Oakland A’s, who find themselves in the upper half of league offenses as well.  For that, a 3.70 ERA and 1.11 WHIP are none too shabby. My gripe with Rodon is where have all the strikeouts gone? His first two years in the league Rodon rocked a 9 K-rate and upped that to 9.9 last year.  So far in 2018 Rodon is looking at a 7 K/9. The WHIP has dropped from 1.4 to 1.11, but we’re here for the strikeouts. Well, enter Texas Rangers. The Rangers are second to only the Padres in total team strikeouts and as of this writing, they are only two behind them.  If Rodon is finally going to get a high strikeout game, this could be the spot.

Trevor Williams, SP: $15,500 – Well sure, let’s just name off all of Grey’s Baes.  Trevor Williams is not a strikeout machine (6.6 K/9) and the Stream-O-Nator hates this start for some reason, but I’m on board.  It’s the Padres in Petco for crying out loud, how bad can it be? Alright, don’t answer that, but Williams could be under owned since he never gets much love and/or fanfare.  Joey Lucchesi is the sexier name and the SON loves him tonight, but I’m sticking to my human guns and rolling with Williams.

Jose Abreu, IF: $8,500 – You never know when Bartolo is going to implode, but you’d be safer than not betting it to happen.  With his 5.20 FIP, it’s just a matter of time. If it happens tonight, you can bet Jose Abreu will be a part of it, considering he’s the entire offense in Chicago.

Alen Hanson, IF: $6,400 – Happy Shelby Miller day!  What’s that you ask? Well, it’s akin to Matt Moore day and Chris Tillman day (may they both return soon!).  This is basically a national holiday for DFS players where we get to stack whichever offense is facing these sorry excuses for pitchers.  So, Happy Shelby Miller day, may the dongs rain down on you.

Mitch Moreland, IF: $9,400 – Speaking of dongs, Mitch Moreland has 4 HRs off Sonny Gray in his 27 career ABs against him.  I’m not a super BvP guy, but that one calls to me. Moreland might also be hitting clean-up, so that’s tasty!

Mike Moustakas, IF: $8,100 – Can you still be king with a 5+ ERA?  Mous has had a pretty rough month or so and his price is depressed because of it.  With a homer the other night and the platoon advantage against the ghost of King Felix, he could be starting the turnaround.  Moustakas is what he is and that shouldn’t change this year. In other words, buy while he’s cheap.

Brandon Belt, IF/OF: $9,000 – Shelby Miller Day!  Also, as Grey alluded to the other day, with a homer the other day, Belt “will either now hit five homers in the next seven games or not hit another home run until August”.  And that’s me quoting Grey! I’d bet on the first scenario with Shelby on the bump.

Joc Pederson, OF: $9,400 – Joc has 10 HRs and is hitting .297 over the past 30 days.  In other words, he’s been hot. German Marquez and his 5.53 ERA are not. With the platoon advantage going for him I like Joc to keep it going tonight.

Marcell Ozuna, OF: $7,700 – It’s looking like Max Fried is going to be the spot starter tonight.  Fried has good stuff but he’s a rookie and Ozuna is a professional hitter with 7 HRs and a .347 average the past 30 days, he’s finally back to the hitter we all draft in redraft.  Fortunately, his DFS price is still low, so buy while you can.

Starling Marte, OF: $9,400 – Like I mentioned in the Williams blurb, I think a lot more folks will be on Lucchesi than Williams tonight.  If that is indeed the case, then that will leave Pirates hitters with a low ownership. Enter their best hitter, Mr. Marte. There’s nothing like getting a solid hitter, semi-cheap and low-owned.  Those are the things that win GPPs.

Ben Gamel, OF: $6,600 – It’s Gamel vs. Hammel!  Also Ben Gamel is the model of consistency (but limited upside) for a cheap price.  A great filler that won’t leave you with a goose egg, especially when he’s got the platoon advantage like tonight.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s great weather for (fantasy) baseball!

Doing Lines In Vegas

The biggest favorite on the night is Felix Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners.  King Felix faces off against the Royals, which should be a puff match-up. I’m not sure I trust Felix in any match-up right now, but you do you.  The Dodgers are next up at -185. The biggest over/under tonight is 10 runs when the White Sox visit the Rangers. This might give you pause to start Rodon, but it makes me giddy to start some Pale Hose vs. Bartolo.