Welcome to this wonderful Sunday chalked full of baseball, great food and adult beverages. I don’t know about you guys, but I will be breaking open a bottle of Sambuca on this lovely day as it’s family tradition for every family get together. If you’re not familiar with Sambuca it’s an Italian liquor that taste like black liquorice. Anyways, ever since I was a little kid we’ve always had Italian themed dinners growing up because my dad “thought” he was Italian. It wasn’t till a few years ago where my cousin ran the family tree and discovered we had no Italian in us whatsoever, in fact we are predominately English. Despite the devastating news we continue to eat Italian themed dinners and drink Sambuca. Moving on to the real reason you are here, Gio Gonzalez ($15,600) is my golden egg of the day and I would only use him in GPP plays. Gio has started the season off hotter than helles and I’m banking on him to win me more than just eggs. The Nationals are the 4th highest favorite on the board so there is some risk but that is why this is strictly a GPP play. Historically he’s pitched well against the Phillies and they were ranked towards the bottom vs lefties last season. This season they are sporting a 25% K rate against lefties which is more of the reason to target Gio. Don’t let us down Gio, we are all counting on you.

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Jon Lester, SP: $21,900 – Lester is the most expensive pitcher throwing today,so I must have him in the write up. The Cubs are heavy favorites against a struggling Pirates offense, though it appeared the Pirates offense woke up yesterday. Still I like the matchup for Lester and think he will be a solid play if you can afford to get him in the lineup.

Carlos Carrasco, SP: $17,100 – Without a doubt one of the best arms going today and a relatively cheap price tag. The suspected injury in spring training now feels like a mirage given Carrasco’s hot start. He has 14 k’s through 12.2 innings so far this season. His price tag will allow you to get some bigger bats in the lineup.

Rich Hill, SP: $18,800 – As much as I don’t want to recommend Rich Hill, I must. Streamonator says he has the best matchup of the day and will limit the runs. Be mindful that he’s only had one start this season due to a finger blister however his bullpen session on Friday was very strong per Dodgers beat writer. Hill could be a contrarian play today if people are still concerned about the blister.

Michael Pineda, SP: $17,600 – I’m not going to lie, Big Mike scares me every time he takes the mound. After watching the Yankees vs Cardinals yesterday I’m a little more confident in putting Mike in some of my lineups today. It’s hard to deny his upside against a struggling Cardinals offense.

Cole Hamels, SP: $19,200 – I really wanted to put Drew Pomeranz as my final recommendation of pitchers but I really like this matchup for Hamels today. He’ll be facing an Mariner’s offense that haven’t quite been able to put it together at the plate this season. They only have 2 guys hitting over .250 this season and that is Motter and Haniger. Vegas seems to like this matchup as well with a 7.5 o/u and Texas is the favorite on the road.

Anthony Rizzo, IF: $9,200 – Rizzo has produced well in this matchup previously and I anticipate he continues. Taillon has been near perfect in his first two starts however Rizzo will make him pay for any pitch that is not perfect.

Mark Trumbo, IF/OF ,$7,800 – I’ve fallen victim to Trumbo one too many times this season already. If there is any time for Trumbo to break out of his homer slump today is that day. He gets a favorable matchup against J.A. Happ in a hitter friendly park. Manny Machado is also another bat you may want to target in this matchup for only $8,400.

Mitch Moreland, IF: $6,400 – Play Mitches, get money. Notorius B-I-G reference. Seriously though, Mitch gets a plus matchup against Cobb and just hit his first dong of the season. Could this be the start of a hot streak? For $6,400 I’m willing to plug him in a few lineups today.

Eric Thames, IF: $7,800 – It’s unfathomable that Thames price tag is still below $8k given the hot start he is off to. None the less he’s a must start in all lineups. He’ll likely be chalky so you could always fade him to be contrarian.

Adam Jones, OF: $7,600 – Sir Adam has good numbers against Happ and already has a homerun against him in this short season. Happ is sporting an ice cold 5.40 era through his first two starts so lets expose Happ today.

Yoenis Cespedes, OF: $8,000 – So, let me get this straight, Cesper’s has 6 dongs in 11 games and he’s only $8,000. I’ll be loading up on my shares, believe me.

Kyle Schwarber, IF/OF: $8,000 – The Cubbies are going to win today and we have to figure out who is going to do the damage. Schwarber for $8,000 is excellent value for a great L vs. R split.

Andrew Benintendi, OF: $7,600 – If you couldn’t tell already, I’m not a huge fan of Alex Cobb. He has already given up 3 homeruns in 2 games. The wind should be blowing heavily out to right field today which gives a little more advantage to the lefties in this lineup. I would also try to throw Hanley Ramirez in a lineup if you have cap space.

Nomar Mazara, OF: $6,300 – Mazara has been swinging a hot bat lately and batting in the 3 hole which makes this an easy pick at his price tag. There is nothing consistent about Iwakuma so I wouldn’t read too much into his last start.

Miguel Sano, OF: $8,000 – Hittertron has Sano with the most upside at the OF position today against James Shields. He is clearly seeing the ball very well with 3 homeruns and 11 walks. If Dozier is in the lineup today I would encourage you to make some room for him as he is also off to a great start this season with 5 sb and 6 runs scored. He has also man-handled James Shields throughout his career.

Kris Bryant, OF: $9,000 – It feels like someone is heating up, can I leave with you? Yes that was a JT remix right there. Kris Bryant broke out of his homerun drought yesterday and I’m getting back on the KB train. Last years MVP is about to catch fire and I’m going to take advantage of it.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Today is going to be tough to escape the landmines that mother nature is leaving us. FantasyDraft does not have late swap so you will have to be careful in the games you do choose to play today given the current state of the weather.

Games that have a 40% chance or higher rain/storm: Colorado vs. San Francisco, Houston vs. Oakland, Milwaukee vs. Cincinnati and Detroit vs. Cleveland.

There are games that have less chance of rain and I will remind you to monitor those games prior to lock as it is still too early for me to know which games will be affected.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The Indians come in as the heaviest favorite on the day at -210 followed by Dodgers. Vegas expects most of the scoring to come from the Brewers, Reds, Rays, Red Sox, Twins and White Sox as they are all in games with an o/u 9 or higher.

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