It would appear that the MLB Saturday schedule is being made by an 85 year old that must be in bed by 7pm ET.  What other excuse could there be for putting a whopping FOUR games in prime time on Saturday night? Instead, we have ten games on in the afternoon when everyone is out and about on a Saturday afternoon.  Makes sense. With the majority of games on the early slate (FantasyDraft is going with a 4 o’clock start and 7 game slate), I’ll focus mainly on that today. The early slate is where all the fun is and Sonny Gray ($13,700) should have some fun with the Tampa Bay Rays.  The Rays are bottom third in the league in team OPS (.705) and in the upper half of the league in team strikeouts.  The Yankees are also one of the biggest favorites on the day sitting at -164. Gray has been a little rough this season, but seems to have settled down in June with a 2.63 ERA and 22 Ks in 24 IP.  Most importantly, he’s only walked 5 in those 24 IP. Enjoy some Sonny delight this afternoon while out and about and probably not watching any of these games!

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Julio Teheran, SP: $17,300 – I’m on Teheran today for the same reasons I was on Newcomb yesterday, the opponent.  For a refresher: “First of all, the O’s are in an NL park…Secondly, the O’s have been dreadful. They have the third worst team OPS and are 11th in team strikeouts.”  Rinse and repeat for Teheran.

Andrew Suarez, SP: 14,900 – If you thought the O’s were bad, the Padres are beyond horrendous.  The Padres are second to last in team OPS and have the MOST team strikeouts in the majors.  Suarez has been OK, but the 3.58 FIP says he should be even better than his 4.70 ERA. The 8.6 K/9 and 1.8 BB/9 should have the Padres calling him daddy.

Joe Musgrove, SP: $15,800 – Pitching options are a little slim on today’s slate, and I normally don’t like playing a pitcher facing the D-Backs, BUT, Musgrove could go under owned due to his recent blow-up vs. Cincy.  Despite the implosion, Musgrove still has good looking peripherals and if you’re looking for a sub 20% option in GPPs, Musgrove might be your guy.

Anthony Rizzo, IF: $9,200 – Rizzo is actually pretty decently priced for a clean-up hitter in offense-friendly Great American Ballpark.  Anthony DeSclafani is nothing to fear and I love Rizzo in this spot.

Scooter Gennett, IF: $9,100 – I had no idea Scooter was batting .335 this year.  Am I the only one that missed this? I admittedly don’t know much about who will be starting this game for the Cubs, but it looks like a bullpen arm.  I’d go ahead and look to get a Red or two in your lineup.

Matt Carpenter, IF: $9,400 – I mentioned yesterday that I’m always looking for platoon advantage in Miller Park.  That might lead you to Carpenter but Chase Anderson actually has reverse splits. He’s much tougher on lefties than righties (684 OPS vs. 801 in his career).  That doesn’t mean I’d totally avoid Carpenter, in fact, I think with the predominantly right-handed lineup the Cards would be a nice team to stack. Carpenter should be in a prime spot for scoring runs.

Brandon Belt, IF/OF: $9,400 – Remember when Jordan Lyles was a thing?  It’s been a slow decline back to the pitcher he’s always been (mid 5 ERA) and I like Belt to help him further in his journey back to mediocrity.  Maybe he should have stayed as a reliever. Brandon Crawford at $7,400 is a nice, cheap option as well.

Kyle Schwarber, IF/OF: $8,000 – Same as Rizzo here except Schwarber has been en fuego of late.  With 3 dingers in 4 days there’s no reason to stop riding the hot hand now.

Marcell Ozuna, OF: $8,300 – Ozuna is hitting again and if you read the Carpenter blurb you know Chase Anderson is a righty with reverse splits.  Righties have clobbered Anderson pretty well in his career. Couple said clobbering with Miller Park and you’ve a recipe for disaster (unless you are stacking Cardinals).

Aaron Hicks, OF: $8,100 – Grey just gave you his BUY on Aaron Hicks.  With the Rays utilizing a bullpen start I have to think that favors the Yankees hitters.  This is a great value for a hot hitter with the potential for good match-ups.

Odubel Herrera, OF: $9,100 – Is there anyone hotter than Odubel right now?  You might be chasing dongs here, but I really don’t care. When you’re hot, you’re hot and Erick Fedde likely won’t cool Odubel off.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a chance of showers in Pittsburgh and Washington DC today.  Keep an eye on those spots and if you’re playing the late slate, Boston and New York could get wet as well.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Andrew Suarez and the Giants are the biggest favorites in the early slate of games at -170.  The highest over/under on the day is 9 runs in the [email protected] tilt. Vegas has that game completely even, no favorite given, so do with that what you will, but I’d go with the Cards there.

  1. Hepcat13 says:

    Yahoo 5×5 12 team, H2H

    Looking for a new backup 3B:

    1) Devers for Dietirch and Desmond?
    2)Devers for Ian Desmond and Dietrich?
    3) Neither

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Desmond for Devers is pretty even, so if you can use both guys then sure I guess go for it

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