This is an especially exciting day of DFS action because I will enjoying a game at Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants as they host the New York Metropolitans. We should be in for a clash of epic proportions as Madison Bumgarner ($9,000) toes the rubber against Noah Syndergaard ($9,200). Thor hasn’t been great this year, though he has been improving. Truthfully, it’s probably that we’ve become so accustomed to his dominating performances that he seems like a letdown. Anywhoo…I’m just excited to watch him do his thing live. On the flip side we’ve got MadBum, who’s actually been looking back to form. I like him better of the two since he’s at home and the Giants offense has suddenly remembered that scoring runs is good. So let’s sit back and enjoy the show. Enjoy being at work dudes and dudettes, I’ll have some garlic fries for ya.

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Trevor Bauer, SP: $10,800 – Oh boy, sign me up for this one. Bauer has been money all season and just keeps piling up the Ks. Today comes a date with the Tigers, who have been rather toothless all season. The #BauerOutage should roll on.

Kyle Gibson, SP: $7,200 – His season numbers aren’t eye popping but he does give you roughly a K an inning and gets an unimposing matchup. That and the robot’s recommendation makes him worthy of our attention. He’s not an elite option but he comes with an affordable price tag.

CJ Cron, 1B: $3,200 – He’s off the shelf and has had a couple games to shake off any rust. Before injuring his thumb, he was giving us a fine season. The Twins as a whole have been pretty damn good which means there’s a better chance of someone being on base when Cron parks one in the seats. 

Michael Chavis, 1B: $3,300 – Everyone has power this year, but Chavis has been impressive in his limited time in the majors. He hasn’t hit 80 games yet and he’s already closing in on 20 bombs. That’s the kind of power that can make your day

Keston Hiura, 2B: $3,600 – The power has been on full display as has the speed in his young career. Apparently getting sent back to AAA was all the motivation he needed. Since returning to the show he’s been on an absolute tear, batting well over .300. Fire him up and let him keep bombing. 

Scooter Gennett, 2B: $2,800 – Boot, scoot, boogie…he’s back and ready to roll. Injury or illness has robbed him and us of his talents on the field. Let’s not forget that he enjoyed quite a breakout last season. Take this price and run to the bank.

Yoan Moncada, 3B: $3,700 – The most impressive part about his season is that his average is still sky high. He’s cut his strikeout rate this season and it’s allowing him realize his potential. He was one of the top prospects in the game and now he’s seeking to become one of the top players. As long as he’s rolling you should take a look.

Jose Ramirez, 3B: $3,500 – How the mighty have fallen. That aside, he’s showing signs of life over the past week. The steals have been there all year so at least we can bank on that. What we’re waiting for is the power to really show itself, oh yeah, and an average above .250. That would be nice too. Here goes hoping.

Jorge Polanco, SS: $3,700 – He just keeps on being one of the best shortstops in the league, yet somehow his price hasn’t quite caught up, It’s climbing, but he’s still not among the top priced options. Given that he should outperform all those guys, he’s a great value. Get him on your team while you can still afford him.

Leury Garcia, SS: $2,900 – He’s certainly been a pleasant surprise batting leadoff for the Pale Hose. His versatility gets him into the lineup and he figures to be a great option that you don’t have to pay top dollar for.

Michael Brantley, OF: $3,900 – Let’s take a ride on the Astros rocket to the stars. Brantley has been rocking and rolling, finding himself in the top 10 for batting average. Just like, apparently, everyone else in the league he’s chipping in some power as well.

Lorenzo Cain, OF: $3,200 – We all know the Brewers have stud outfielder and he’s always a top option no matter the cost. But if you’d rather save some cash and still want a piece of that outfield turn your attention to Cain. He’s been batting at the top of the order and that’s a great spot with the talent around him. 

Alex Dickerson, OF: $3,000 – Since joining the Giants he’s been on an absolute tear and shockingly, he’s done it in the Bay. The numbers really are staggering and he’s boosted the value of everyone around him. The offense is on a roll right now and I don’t want the party to end. 

Adam Eaton, OF: $2,900 – When on the field he’s a great option. He’s healthy so that means getting him in your lineup. He may be the least sexy name in the Nats outfield but he can give you great value at his current price, making him even more enticing. Don’t forget about him. Seriously, how is he this cheap?

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’ll be a brisk 56 in San Fran because its summer and that means the coldest winter of your life. In precipitation related news, I have concerns about Tampa @ New York and potentially LA @ Philly. Other than that is should be smooth sailing, but I’m no meteorologist or sailor for that matter so take it with a grain of salt.

Doing Lines In Vegas

As you might expect from the pitchers, Vegas projects Mets @ Giants to be on the lower scoring side. The other games clock in with more projected firepower on display. We’ve even got a few tipping the scales at 10. That all checks out since offense is up due to juiced balls or whatever.