Welcome to Friday homies. Another week over and Memorial Day BBQs to look forward to over the weekend. Before we jump to the celebrating (shamefully puts fourth beer back into fridge), let’s take a look at what FanDuel has us set up for. As is the norm on Fridays, FanDuel has a massive 14-game main slate. After careful analysis (definitely not a first look with a mild amount of research, shut up!), I’ll be locking Noah Syndergaard ($10,600) into my cash game lineup. Syndergaard has disappointed some in the early season and there are a couple of troubling numbers, including his swinging strike rate being down and his home run rate being up. I’m willing to overlook these issues and instead focusing on his opponent’s issues, makes playing Noah Syndergaard much easier. The Tigers have the second worst wOBA and ISO in the league against right-handed pitching to go along with a 26.2% K%, which is good for fourth worst. Syndergaard should face seven righties plus the pitcher spot today. Let’s take a look at the rest of FanDuel’s slate.

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Blake Snell, SP: $11,200 – Snell leads the league in both swinging-strike rate and strikeout rate, and since Ks are king in DFS, it’s impossible to ignore Snell on today’s slate. His opponent, the Indians, have struggled against left-handed pitching this year, sitting in the bottom third of the league in wOBA, ISO, and strikeout rate.

Robbie Ray, SP: $8,700 – Robbie Ray faces the Giants in Oracle Park, which means today the biggest factor standing between him and a successful start will be himself. Ray faced the Giants in his last start and struggled with his command, walking four batters over four innings, while striking out six. Robbie Ray has the ability to break the slate at his price if he has his command today.

Paul Goldschmidt, C/1B: $3,900 – I really wanted to take advantage of the struggling Mike Foltynewicz and thought that maybe the Cardinals bats would be priced down some due to name recognition, but alas, the Cardinals are expensive. I still love this spot for them; Folty isn’t right and the weather is hot. Other than fitting in Coors bats, I’ll be making the Cardinals bats a priority.

Pete Alonso, C/1B: $3,900 – Alonso versus a lefty is always a play, especially when its a bad lefty like Gregory Soto. The primary concern with playing Alonso is his 28.9% K%, but that should be negated by Soto’s 13.7% K%.

Mark Canha, C/1B: $2,800 – Canha is a short-side of the platoon guy, who crushes left-handed pitching and today he gets a dream matchup against Wade LeBlanc. LeBlanc has allowed a .338 ISO and .450 wOBA to right-handed batters this year, thanks to a 47.3% hard-hit rate allowed. The Athletics should go bananas today.

Jonathan Villar, 2B: $3,600 – Villar makes for a somewhat reasonable Coors bat today at a premium position.

Brendan Rodgers, 2B: $3,100 – If you’re looking to get Coors at 2B and don’t want to pay for Villar, Rodgers is a decent fallback option. John Means has only struck out 14.7% of the righties he’s faced.

Nicky Lopez, 2B: $2,800 – Lopez is becoming one of my favorite players. Throwback player who gets on base and makes elite contact.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B: $3,200 – I’ll keep playing him while he’s cheap.

Rio Ruiz, 3B: $3,100 – This is just a cheap Coors bat grab. If you can afford Arenado, by all means, go for it.

Todd Frazier, 3B: $2,500 – Frazier is along the same lines as Pete Alonso, just cheaper and less talented…..kinda like the Tuesday afternoon crew of strippers.

Trevor Story, SS: $4,600 – Story and Arenado are the main pay up bats today, facing a lefty in Coors. If you can make it work, do it.

Amed Rosario, SS: $2,800 -As of this writing, Rosario is projected to lead off, which would make him a bargain at this price.

Mike Trout, OF: $4,800 – I know I just said that Arenado and Story were the main pay up options, but it wouldn’t be right for me to not mention this spot for Trout. He faces Drew Smyly, who’s allowing a 50% hard-hit rate along with a 45% flyball rate. Anyone know what you get when you combine flyballs with hard-hits? Very good class, taters. Massive, massive taters.

Ian Desmond, OF: $3,500 – If you can’t make it up to Story or Arenado, Desmond presents himself as a decent consolation prize. As of this writing, Desmond is projected to lead off and has a .333 ISO and .383 wOBA against lefties this year.

Alex Verdugo, OF: $2,700 – As of this writing, 5:24 AM for those curious, the Pirates haven’t announced a starting pitcher yet. If it comes out as a lefty, ignore this. If it’s a mediocre righty, Verdugo could be in play.

Chad Pinder, OF: $2,600 – See Mark Canha for anti-Wade LeBlanc propaganda. Pinder has a .260 ISO and .380 wOBA against lefties this year and should bat second today.

Curtis Granderson, OF: $2,400 – I mean, I don’t wanna play Marlins, but if you need a salary saver, you could do worse than Grandy leading off in Nationals Park, where it’s forecasted to be in the 80s.

Jonathan Davis, OF: $2,100 – It’s strange to me that at 48-years old, the Korn lead frontman would switch to baseball, but alas, here we are…..Da boom na da noom na namena. Davis is projected to lead off for the Blue Jays to-Day boom na da noom na namena.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Rain should be falling for the Yankees/Royals game, along with the Brewers/Phillies, however, they’ll just close the roof in Milwaukee and that game will play. There are a couple of spots that will be in the mid-70s and higher in Dodgers/Pirates, Nationals/Marlins, and Braves/Cardinals, so slight bump up to the bats in those games.

Doing Lines In Vegas

As of this writing, five games do not have lines and currently, only the Twins are a big favorite at -220. Not including Coors (because there’s no line as of now), the three highest totals tonight are Braves/Cardinals, Athletics/Mariners, and Rangers/Angels all at 9.5 runs.