Wasn’t planning to feature (Alex Dickerson, OF: $3,200) here today but after that offensive explosion (5 for 6 with 3 big boys) I say jump right back in those flames. After all he is still in Coors. Maybe don’t expect a repeat power barrage, but he did blast another one a couple nights ago and I think that gets him at bats today even with a lefty on the mound. How exciting that there are actually some Giants hitters worth picking for DFS.

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Hyun-Jin Ryu, SP: $9,400 – His ERA is strong and the Ks have been there. It’s encouraging to see him able to limit the damage even while allowing multiple baserunners, and I expect him to turn in a better performance this time around. Time to go fishing. 

Kyle Hendricks, SP: $8,300 – When in doubt for who your DFS starter should be pick on the Pirates. They still don’t have a very good offense. So you can throw out his season numbers, which have been mixed, and take him for the juicy matchup.

Adrian Houser, SP: $6,000 – Now we’re really going deep for a bargain. You’re probably sensing some risk here since his last few starts have not gone smoothly. Fret not, because the bot projects him to turn it around today and at this rock bottom price you can grab yourself the best bats money can buy.

Christian Vazquez, C: $2,300 – Let’s throw a curve ball and take a look at a catcher. Obviously, there is a greater risk of him hitting the bench, but if he’s in the lineup he makes for a quality option. He did just get a day off after starting the previous nine so we should be good there. Lineup shenanigans aside, he has good projections today and comes in at a low low price. 

Pete Alonso, 1B: $3,500 – Yep, we’re looking at a bit of a sophomore slump. Fortunately he’s still flashing the power and you don’t play DFS for average.

Wilmer Flores, 2B: $3,500 – He’s been raking and now he’s rocking and rolling in Coors. That will play very nicely. 

Jake Cronenworth, 2B: $3,200 – The young gun just keeps on chugging along. His average is still through the roof with some power and the speed is finally starting to show itself. Hop on this train.

Evan Longoria, 3B: $3,500 – Talk about fire, Longo is rolling. Throw some Coors on that blaze and get set for some fireworks.

Tommy Edman, 3B: $2,600 – Edman is streaking in the right direction and that should give him a spot in the order. Don’t forget about him as a budget option.

Tim Anderson, SS: $3,600 – Just look at those sweet numbers. He is just jamming right along with across the board production. Even at this price he’s an excellent option.

Jorge Polanco, OF: $2,700 – Let’s flip over to the other side of the diamond and take a peek at Anderson’s counterpart. He’s not putting up the same great numbers but you don’t have to pay as much for him. Polanco is merely putting together a solid season and is can still help out your team today.

Raimel Tapia, OF: $3,100 – As long as he’s getting at bats atop the order he’s a tempting choice for your team. That choice gets a little easier when he’s at home and has such an enticing price.

Michael Conforto, OF: $3,000 – I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by, the fact that he’s kept his average north of .300 (career .250ish) or that he’s giving us power and speed. Oh who am I kidding, I love it all.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Weather looks pretty good all around so nothing to worry about there.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Hope you took the over in Coors last night. Who’s ready for round two? We’ve got another 12 today. Fire up any and all Rockies and Giants hitters. That’s the most exciting line but we do have a 10 between the St Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds, that’s pretty fun too.

  1. Keith Herrman says:

    So no weather concerns for Boston or Philly?

    • Butters

      Butters says:

      Philly is is overcast but the rain shouldn’t hit until later at night.

      Boston is overcast but under 10% chance of rain during game time.

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