Zack Godley ($8,800) takes on the Mets tonight. He’s dropped a serious poo in the pool since his fantastic July, surrendering 9 ER’s in 17 IP over his last three starts. Those are three chunky nuggets of bad, but hey, good thing David Wright has taken the form of Jesus to distract us! But let’s be real, there’s no forgetting this is the Mets, a team that has struck out 56 times over the last week. Here’s the game where Godley gets back on track, but the Mets are persistent, give em’ cred. This dumpster fire never dies quietly, but if Godley throws another 8 K’s against them like he did back in May, maybe, just maybe, the toaster will finally be thrown in Terry Collins’ crap-bath. On that positive, here’s your DFS plays this fine Wednesday!

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Ervin Santana, SP: $8,600 – You probably filed for divorce with Uncle Erv back in May, but guess what, he’s back on your doorstep begging for a sixth chance. This time he’s sporting his best ‘Blink If I’m Awesome’ t-shirt, accompanied by the second cheapest 1800-flowers rose the operator could pity-offer. Santana has allowed at least one earned run in his last nine games, but he owns a .176 AVG against vs. the White Sox and has recorded 18 strikeouts (season high) in just three outings. He’s cheap as chips, and a nice option on a night when there’s very little class to choose from.

Alex Avila, C: $2,800 – Whenever Avila lays down a hit, I like to think the Cubs clubhouse hoists him onto a chair and sings his name to the tune of Hava Nagila, full bar mitzvah style. If that is the case, there’s been some serious partay-ing going on, because Avila is hitting .270 with 3 HR’s and 11 RBI’s since making the move. Fantasy peeps still want to pretend this isn’t a thing, but he’s been the most productive catcher behind Yadier Molina and Gary Sanchez you dinguses.

Jesus Aguilar, 1B: $2,900 – Throw your computer out the window, Aguilar is probably going to hit 20 HR’s this season. Yeah, damn straight this is a big surprise. He’s crushing lefties to the tune of a .320 AVG, 4 HR’s and 14 RBI’s, and while I’m not telling anyone what to do, if your name is Matt Moore, maybe fake a shoulder injury or something.

Brian Dozier, 2B: $4,300 – 0/3 last night and wait, what’s this, no home run!? Good thing James Shields has been generous enough to give away seven in his last five starts. Jimmy gets to ride up front today because he’s such a good guy at sports.

Adrian Beltre, 3B: $4,200 – The Angels put up 10 runs on the Rangers last night, so by baseball logic, that means they’ll burp and fart on offense tonight. Beltre has seen better weeks, putting up only eight hits in 10 games. Some guy named Andrew Heaney is on the mound tonight though, he owns a 15.9% walk rate vs. the Rangers. If he can’t screw this one up, Mike Scioscia will.

Corey Seager, SS: $3,700 – The Dodgers are having a rip-snorting good time, and Seager has that quiet 11 game hit streak going *fire emoji*. If I jinx this I buy you a coke, but this isn’t even Seager’s final form. This current stretch is his sixth double digit hit streak in his career, and he’s still nine hits away from his career best! We’re not dealing with a normal man here.

Eddie Rosario, OF: $3,600 – 2 HR’s and 7 RBI’s in a week. He’s hitting .360 in his last 59 games, and even if the Twins don’t make the playoffs, at least Rosario has provided plenty of false hope for years to come.

Nelson Cruz, OF: $4,600 – From one hit streak to another, Cruz’s came to an end at 12 games last night. He probably went home and took his frustration out on a warm Ovaltine while he contemplates hitting his third career home run against R.A. Dickey.

J.D. Martinez, OF: $3,900 – Against the Mets? You betcha. Martinez has mashed 3 HR’s and 6 RBI’s over the last week alone, so if you thought Chris was gon’ be Flexen, well… you know the rest.

Ben Zobrist, OF: $2,600 – Zobrist hit his second double of the week last night against the Reds. He’s also batting .349 against Cincy this year, and since the Cubs rank third in the league in runs this week (47) Asher Wojciechowski might be Asher Ouch-a-somethin’ after this one.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a lil’ cloud hanging around Baltimore and Pittsburgh, but other than that, strap yourself in for a full, uninterrupted five hours of baseball!

Doing Lines In Vegas 

The Cubs are heavy -150 favorites away at Cincinnati, a surprising line considering all five of their most recent games with the Reds have been decided by four runs or less. The Yankees are also seeing some big lovin’ sitting pretty at -250. Luis Severino takes on Jordan Zimmerman in a match up that could prove to be a little tricky for the Yankees. Zimmerman owns a 22.4% strikeout rate vs. Joe Giradi’s guys, but Vegas is obviously taking into account the whole ’14 earned runs in his last two starts’ thing.

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