Happy 4th everybody. I hope you all celebrate safely this Independence Day. And what better way to celebrate than by enjoying some fireworks. One guy with the ability to really light it up is Joc Pederson(OF: $3,400). The power is spectacular and he’s facing a pitcher returning from the 60 day IL which means there is some rust to be expected. That could lead to mistakes over the middle that Joc can punish and put in the seats. This could be a fun show to watch.

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Hyun-Jun Ryu, SP: $10,800 – Sometimes the best option is the most expensive. Ryu has been outstanding this year and is well deserving of the All Star Game start. He’s also Razzball’s top rated pitcher on the slate today. Unfortunately, he’s also the most expensive hurler on FanDuel. You’ll have to decide if you want to pay top dollar or save your money for a bat.

Jose Berrios, SP: $10,500 – Filthy stuff, check. Pitchers park, check. Don’t be scared of the A’s lineup and give Berrios a chance to show his stuff. He can provide all the fireworks you need to celebrate the holiday. He’s also been straight fire over the past month, so that’s nice. Pay up to for a great seat.

Luis Castillo, SP: $9,400 – Time for some good old fashioned revenge, as his last tilt with the Brewers did not go in his favor. The K’s have been great and served to mitigate some of his wildness (in 98 innings he has a 115:52 K:BB) Minus his last start against the Brew Crew he’s been pretty good.

Griffin Canning, SP: $8,000 – Call this one a heart pick. Skaggs would have lined up to take the mound today. It’s still an emotional time for the Angels and I like Canning to pitch with a little something extra today.

Gary Sanchez, C: $4,000 – What better way to celebrate America than with a Yankee? The jammed thumb was minor as he was back in the lineup last night. Let him power your team to victory. 

Jose Abreu, 1B: $3,600 – Look at him go. June was kind to him after a rough month of May. As the weather heats up so has he. The bot loves him today so fire him up with full confidence.

Cavan Biggio, 2B: $3,700 – His numbers are on the rise and he’s finally doing more than just get on base. That’s great news for us because the keystone has been a bit rough this season. His price is a bit steep but he’s been showing signs of his talent just waiting to break out. 

Starlin Castro, 2B: $2,200 – If you’re looking to save some cap space with your second baseman you should strongly consider Castro despite his lackluster season, mainly because the robot has faith in him today. And for his price you can afford to go big elsewhere. 

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $4,200 – He’s a National, what’s more patriotic than that? Oh yeah, and he’s also been pretty damn good this season. He’s batting over .300 and he’s got that sweet, sweet power stroke. 

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr, 3B: $3,200 – He’s been practicing for the Home Run Derby and it’s wonderful. I’d love to see him continue that practice by putting one over the Green Monster, but alas the today’s game is in Toronto. No matter, I’m still in.

Jorge Polanco, SS: $3,700 – He’s been nothing short of fantastic this season. In fact, the only thing that could potentially slow him down is the day off he was supposed to get yesterday. He did get to serve as the DH so hopefully he won’t sit today. As long as he’s in the Twins lineup he should be in yours.

Kevin Newman, SS: $3,200 – Hello Newman. Flashing tantalizing power and speed in just over 50 games in the show. He could be an upside play here before major league pitchers and catchers start to adjust to him. 

Mike Trout, OF: $4,500 – Today we need a real American hero. I present Captain America… Mike Trout. There’s really not much more to say about him, you’ve already heard all about him. 

Oscar Mercado, OF: $3,300 – Oscar has made quite the impact in his brief time in the Indians lineup. As Grey pointed out here his numbers across the minors and majors would make him a top 10 outfielder. That makes him a no brainer pick before his price skyrockets or pitchers adjust.

Harold Ramierez, OF: $2,700 – He may be a Marlin, but he’s been fire since his promotion. He’s locked in to the lineup and that makes him dangerous. He doesn’t have a ton to work with around him but he can help your team on his own.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s weather in the forecast for multiple games but none looks particularly serious at this time. Keep an eye on Milwaukee @ Cincinnati and Chicago @ Pittsburgh as they have the highest chance of rain.  

Doing Lines In Vegas

Vegas certainly expects some fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July as most of today’s games have the line set at 9 or 10. That’s what I’m talking about and I’m looking forward to the show. Fire up those bats.