It’s another of those weeks where I wish I didn’t have to pick a pitcher at all for my FanDuel lineup: tough parks, tough match-ups, or tough-to-justify pitchers. The Rockies are at home in Colorado, Cleveland heads to Minnesota and the Yankees take on the As in Oakland (one of the more hitter-friendly ballparks so far this season), and I’d steer clear of pitching in all those places. So … hitter-stacking it is! It’s a warm, breezy day in Coors, which means the ball should fly there. It’s also a particularly good day for outfielders, for some reason: After the jump, you’ll find a few cheaper options to slip in amid your obvious big plays (Charlie Blackmon [$5,000], Mark Reynolds [$4,100], Ian Desmond [$4,000], I’m looking at you … I just can’t afford you).

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Here’s the lineup I’m running out for FanDuel on Saturday 17 June (1:07 pm, GPP All-Day):

SP: Marcus Stroman, $9,300

C: Russell Martin, $2,300

1B: Miguel Cabrera, $3,700

2B: Jose Pirela, $2,800

3B: Jose Ramirez, $3,700

SS: Troy Tulowitzki, $2,800

OF: Ian Desmond, $4,000

OF: Jay Bruce, $3,000

OF: Andrew McCutchen, $3,200

Marcus Stroman, SP: $9,300 – This is actually a decent price for Stream-o-Nator’s second-favorite pitcher today (after only Stephen Strasburg, your safest pitching bet; his price of $10,900 ain’t that horrible, either. I guess FanDuel knows everyone’s going to pay up for Coors bats today). I like this match-up versus the White Sox, who aren’t quite dead last in the American League (that honor goes to Oakland), but they’re second last. Meanwhile, Stro sits 8th in the league in terms of wins and ERA, and he’s posted 9 quality starts in the 13 starts he’s made. He’s not a strikeout machine and the Rogers Centre isn’t ideal for pitchers and on Friday night the Sox decimated the Jays, but! Marcus’ lovely sinker and slider generate loads of helpful groundballs. So HDMH: He Don’t Make Hits. But let’s say you’re trying to save cash monies for big bats. You could also look to…

Alex Meyer, SP: $8,300 – To be frank: I’m not sure about this recommendation, but I’m going to make it anyway <sticks neck out; gets comfy in the guillotine>. He’s facing the Royals at home, where he sports a 2.61 ERA, and he’s earned a grand total of 3 runs this month (his ugly 4.05 ERA is thanks to an unfortunate couple of run-ins in May). But that said, the Royals are on a 6-game win streak (at time of writing; they’re hitting .300 as a team this week), so that could make this a riskier play.

Tom Murphy, C: $2,800 – He’s just back off the DL and could be a relatively cheap Coors play today — if he plays, as he’ll be splitting time with Tony Wolters ($3,300). I’m really punting catcher today, to save some money, so if Murphy doesn’t start, I’ll likely go with…

Russell Martin, C: $2,300 – The cutest, teeniest (am I selling it?) sample size of 4 for 7 versus Mike Pelfrey may not mean much, but this price does. He’s even hitting now and then! (I’m really not selling this, am I.) If Russell doesn’t start, I’ll play Luke Maile: warm body at $2,000!

Matt Carpenter, 1B: $3,900 – This is a little pricier than I’d like, but you could definitely do worse than start Carpenter against Wade Miley, whom he’s hit for a .545 average in the past. He’s also hitting leadoff and has a lovely .300 average during his 9-game hitting streak. And why, yes, he did hit a 2-run homer on Friday night.

Miguel Cabrera, 1B: $3,700 – I’m touting both Cabreras for their match-ups today (see the Melky blurb below). This little Miggy has been heating up (mmm, roast pork) in June, hitting .333 for the month so far. Also, he’s 6 for 15 against Chris Archer. Just check that he’s in the lineup: Friday saw reports that he has a sore left hip, but apparently that’s just going to earn him some more DH time. If not, perhaps look to Eric Thames ($3,600), who has a decent lefty-righty match-up versus Dinelson Lamet (to which I always want to add an “n”: The Padres Lament) and is heating up again nicely.

DJ LeMahieu, 2B: $3,900 – This price is way too high, because Colorado, but this pay-up may well be worth it: in past match-ups versus the GiantsMatt Cain, LeMahieu has gone 9 for 22  with a home run. He’s also hitting .290 over the last week — even out of Coors. However, I’m going to keep it cheap and go for (if he’s in the lineup)…

Jose Pirela, 2B: $2,800 – It’s a little peculiar that he has 2B eligibility, considering he’s playing left field, but sure! I wouldn’t sneeze at his ridiculous 15 for 34 in his 9-day career, and for this price? definitely no sneezing.

Jose Ramirez, 3B: $3,700 – There are a few 3Bs in this price tier, before you jump up above $4,000 and then into the Arenado ($4,800) and co. stratosphere. I prevaricated between Ramirez and Travis Shaw ($3,800) and Justin Turner ($3,600), but ultimately decided to go Ramirez, for his hot bat and the good hittin’ park. He’s also $100 cheaper — I’m on the hunt for bargains today. [Sidebar: I’m going to hit Costco later. On a Saturday morning. Pray for me.]

Kyle Seager, 3B: $3,400 – I’m pretty sure Kyle’s eager (…Okay. Yeah.) to face the RangersMartin Perez again. In their previous 35 encounters, Kyle’s hit Martin 16 times, 4 of those times alllll the way out of the park. Kyle hasn’t been crazy en fuego over the last 10 days, but he’s been steady, hitting .260. In the same vein, if you need to save some cash, you could look to the surprisingly cheap Jedd Gyorko ($2,900) — he’s been solid against Wade Miley in the past, a boring but consistent .250 over 20 at-bats.

Eduardo Escobar, SS: $3,200 – Escobar is on a tear of late: .565 over the last 7 days. Ryan Merritt will be in Minnesota for a spot start; he had a 1.64 ERA in the big leagues last year, but in Triple-A Columbus so far this season, he’s garnered himself a 3.96 ERA and 1.44 WHIP in 11 starts, and the Minnesota park has been kind to hitters so far this season. Meanwhile, Escobar has hit 4 home runs and has a .370 average versus lefties.

Troy Tulowitzki, SS: $2,800 – God, this is boring, I know. But I’m trotting out the suggestion regardless, for the price tag and because Troy bats in the Pelfrey; Tulo has hit Mike Pelfrey 8 times in the 23 ABs he’s had against him, with 1 home run. Mind you, he’s hitting .105 this week. But maybe this is the match-up that clears the bats out of the bell tower (wait, is that a good thing for hitters? I’m getting tangled up in the nets of my own metaphors).

Melky Cabrera, OF: $3,500 – The history of the Melkman versus the Stroman is not a long one (only 6 at-bats), but Melky did hit Stro for 4 of those, so this could make for a good play today. Also, at time of writing, Melky is hitting .414. So there’s that!

Andrew McCutchen, OF: $3,200 – No, YOU’RE mcclutchin’ at straws! Hear me out. A couple of weeks ago, I scooped McCutchen up off the waiver wire because I needed an OF batty call, thinking “what the hell”… and he’s been kinda good? So far in June he’s hit .408 with 3 home runs, he’s dirt cheap today, and he’s 11 for 43 versus Arrieta who, let’s face it, has not been sharp of late (as in, failed to complete 5 innings three times so far this season, and ERA up to 4.68).

Jay Bruce, OF: $3,000 – Lately, Jay “Mind If We Call You” Bruce has been hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum: so far in June, the man has an OPS of 1.013. He’s also 5 for 16 with a homer against Stephen Strasburg. At this price, I like those numbers, Sheila (that’s a special shout-out to the sixth girl reader). [Sidebar: did Monty Python ever really hit US shores? After making it even a little way through that clip, are you currently looking at this Brit-Canadian as if she’s insane? Well, she is, but you should check out MP’s comedy stylings anyway.]

Giancarlo Stanton, OF: $4,100 – OK, it’s Stanton room only in the outfield at this point, and I know he’s expensive, but I couldn’t resist mentioning the statuesque hunk of man-meat that is Giancarlo (my goodness, that was objectifying). If his ridonculous .385 average this year versus lefties such as Jaime Garcia weren’t enough, I invite you to admire his biceps 6 for 17 hitting tally over the last week, and his 7 for 10 history, with 3 home runs, versus Garcia in the past. <fans self>

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s a small chance of rain in Minnesota and some thunderstorm-ish possibility in Philadelphia — nothing projected to delay or postpone games, but keep an eye on the weather there anyway.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The Jays are the heavy favorites over the White Sox today, at -196. The Dodgers, with Ryu at the helm, are projected to beat Asher Wojciechowski and the Reds at -157 (…except I made the mistake of starting Ryu last time he pitched and I am not at all sure how today is going to go). Too close to call are the Tigers (Fulmer) over the Rays (Archer), at -101. I’m leaning Rays and Archer pitching, though.