So far the rook (Jake Cronenworth, SS: $2,600) is playing pretty good ball and the Padres actually have a solid offense. His positional versatility (and hot bat) should find him a spot in the lineup. Plus they run quite a bit and he really wouldn’t want to feel left out. Bonus, he’s got a fun name. And yes, I am stealing this title from one of our own. Totally Cronenworth it. 

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Griffin Canning, SP: $7,800 – Can he do it? Yes he canning. He should give ya Ks and a solid ERA. He’s also got a pretty good offense backing him up. 

Nate Pearson, SP: $7,700 – The young fireballer doesn’t even have a picture yet but don’t let that make you think he’s not a real person. He should bring the heat against the fish. 

Matthew Boyd, SP: $7,200 – Top of the Streamonator list but not top of the price sheet. That’s a winning combo. His price probably has to do with his spectacular (meaning bad) ERA. However, there is cause for hope as the punch outs have been there. This is the real value play. 

Salvador Perez, C: $2,700 – Let’s roll out a catcher, just for fun. You’ve got some pop and a pretty good average to go with it. You like that.

Christian Walker, 1B: $3,400 – The white Walker lives. His counting stats leave quite a bit to be desired, but it’s only a matter of time until they start to pick up.. There’s no time like the present, especially in Coors. And he’s the bot’s top pick at first. 

Ketel Marte, 2B: $3,900 – He’s got a high price but the bot says he’s the top pick at the keystone. Throw in Coors and that’s good enough for me. 

Cesar Hernandez, 2B: $2,700 – A cheaper play that has the potential to pay off. So says the bot. 

Eduardo Escobar, 3B: $3,600 – Coors…check. The bot’s ringing endorsement…check. Let’s do this. 

Yandy Diaz, 3B: $2,500 – Throw out the season stats, this is DFS baby. Hittertron is in and that means you should be too. His BABIP is absurdly low so some positive regression is coming. The robot says today is the day.

Nick Ahmed, SS: $3,000 – He’s been cold to start the season but Hittertron is all over him today. Coors seems to agree with him as he just swiped two bags and raised his average 40 points. Look for that to continue. 

Austin Meadows, OF: $3,200 – Here’s one of your top outfield options on the day but he certainly isn’t priced like one. Take advantage of this screamin deal while it lasts. The guy is uber talented and will look to slay the Green Monster. 

Teoscar Hernandez, OF: $3,200 – The Jays hidden gem. He’s hitting for average with power and some speed. That will play. 

Matt Kemp, OF: $3,200 – Not the sexiest name out there but if he’s starting in Coors he’s worth a look. The Rox seem to hate their young talent so he should find his way into the order. 

Byron Buxton, OF: $2,700 – Oh boy, here we go again. I know, I know many of you have been burned by Buxton in the past just like me, but hear me out. The Twins actually don’t suck this year and that tantalizing talent is still there. Even at the bottom of the order he can still help you out. 

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Once again we are in the clear so fire up your guys with confidence.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Coors is turned up to 11 today so grab a piece of that action. Nothing else really jumps out one way or the other so, I guess just do your thing. 

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1 year ago

Looks like Padres are trying to put cronenworthit in the line up more often than not, not bad pick up for a points league?

Reply to  johnnyhobbes
1 year ago

Yeah, he’s decent