We all know Lefties do things different so I’m going to go off script today and do it like a Lefty.  Instead of one featured pitcher I’m pulling a Trifecta and going with Tres Zurdos (or Three Lefties in case you don’t know basic Spanish).  First up is my numero uno for the night, Robbie Ray, $9,600 vs the Mets.  I don’t typically endorse a pitcher in Coors Jr, but the Mets have been awful vs LHP.  Their offense is batting .221 in the month of August and their in the bottom 3 in offensive stats vs LHP.  If Ray is smart he’ll avoid Wilmer Flores and Neil Walker to cruise to an easy victory with at least 7 Ks.  Drew Smyly, $9,000 vs San Diego is SON’s top pick tonight, so I’m not venturing too far from a sure thing.  The human emoticon got roughed up pretty bad for a month straight giving up 25 ER’s over six starts, but after a recent software update he’s turned his frown upside down and has been all smiles since.  Over his last four starts he’s had 29 Ks in 25 innings to go along with a 2.52 ERA.  The Padres are on the home stretch of a lengthy East Coast road trip, so I’m taking advantage of a weak offensive team who’s ready to pack it in and call it a night.  The final Zurdo on my list is a Smyly’s former teammate Matt Moore, $8,800 vs Pittsburgh.  Here’s another struggling offense that’s been lost for the first two weeks of August.  Their offense prowess is not existent with Starling Marte nursing a back injury, Andrew McCutchen struggling and they’re hitting a paltry .214 in August.  He hasn’t made a home start yet, but Moore has been solid since the trade with 14 Ks over 12 innings.  His home debut is all set up for dominance, if he can limit the walks and find his command he’ll be one of the top scorers tonight.

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Jonathan Lucroy, C $4,800 – I usually punt catchers, but with the low price of our starting pitching we need to load up on offense.  Lucroy is facing Ross Detwiler and I’m anticipating lots of runs in Arlington tonight.

Gary Sanchez, C $2,900 – If you want to go with the more economical choice, then look no further than the Blanco Queso who’s got an all or nothing matchup vs R.A. Dickey in Toronto.

Miguel Cabrera, 1B $4,700 – I feel like I tap on Miggy every week, but he’s got a juicy home matchup vs HR prone Ian Kennedy.

Paul Goldschmidt, 1B $4,800 – Au Shizz is facing Bartolo Colon in Coors Jr and cousin sweatpants has a feeling.

Ian Kinsler, 2B $4,300 – Apparently 2B is the new 1B because their prices are higher than any other position player tonight.  I’m going to check down to lucky number 11 as Kinsler is 7/12 with a bomb and 4 RBI vs Kennedy.

Robinson Cano, 2B $4,900 – I have a tough time endorsing the guy I have a season long bet against, but the matchup vs the newly acquired Ricky Nolasco is too good not to jump on.

Danny Valencia, 3B $4,300 – The lefty masher has an ideal matchup vs Martin Perez.  Arlington is hot, humid and it’s just right for a MNF pre-season score to post on the board.

Evan Longoria, 3B $4,500 – It’s not his farewell season just yet, but we won’t see these type of numbers from him moving forward.

Brad Miller, SS $5,300 – I told you we were going off script tonight.  I don’t usually pay for Catchers or SS’s, but we’re going Tres Zurdos tonight.  Miller has been en fuego and Luis Perdomo loves to give the long ball up to the lefty.

Jordy Mercer, SS $2,700 – If you’re looking for a reasonably priced SS that likes LHP then Merc is your guy.  The Pirates offense has been on vacation, but Mercer could pick up a few knocks tonight.

Mike Trout, OF $5,000 – He owns F-Her, 6 bombs and 18 RBI.  Nuff said.

Khris Davis, OF $4,700 – I already touched on the prime weather in Arlington tonight and Krush is due.

Justin Upton, OF $2,300 – Rough year for J-Up maybe he’ll get some of that Upton Bros shared strength back now Melvin is struggling in Toronto.  At this price he’s tough to pass on.

Corey Dickerson, OF $3,100  – If you don’t have the cash for Miller then feel free to go with the discount lefty against Perdomo.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

There’s LOTS of Thunderstorms in the forecast for tonight, so be sure to check for the game time conditions.

MIA vs CIN 75%     BOS vs CLE 65%     KC vs DET 60%     OAK vs TEX 55%     TOR vs NYY 15%     WAS vs COL 10%

Doing Lines In Vegas

Drew Smyly vs SD and Max Scherzer at COL lead the pack tonight at -170 and the A’s vs Rangers game is slated to be the highest scoring at 10 O/U.