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Oh how thangs are-a-changin’!  The Brewers have the talk of the town!  The cock of the walk!  No not Brad Peacock, who I got laughed at on the Podcast for begrudgingly dropping in our Perty Perts RCL, I’m talking about the legend himself Eric Thames!  Hey, I gotta derail the NL intro somehow, because the boring ol’ Nationals continue to dominate.  Thanks to Coors Field allowing Trea Turner a cycle and like, a bajillion RBIs!  The AL is much more interesting though, with yet another new front-runner emerging with the Mariners this week.  James Paxton for president!  Wait, he’s Canadian.  Paxton for Canadian president…  I’m running out of steam with the intro!

Here’s how week 4 went down in the 2017 REL League:

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REL baseball logo new

About 2.5 weeks in, only 25 or whatnot left to go!  Man I love baseball, so much time to make your shitty teams unshitty again.  “Make American Unshitty Again!”  Totally should’ve been the campaign slogan…

Speaking of, what is the AL turning into in the REL, 1990’s MLB?!  What’s with the Yankees taking over the first spot outta nowhere?!  The pinstripes have gotten a great balanced attack from their roster (despite losing Gary Sanchez), with the surprisingly hot starts from Chase Headley and Aaron Judge.  Plus Luis Severino going nuts with the Ks!  On the NL side, yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwn.  Business as usual with the Nats winning games in real-life, and awesomely suited for fantasy in REL-life.  Good luck to those squads hoping to hold onto the #1 spots!

Here’s how week 3 went down in the 2017 REL League:

PS – this league is way better than Razz30.

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REL baseball logo newA full week plus is in the books!  It’s still happy-fun-small-sample-time, but in the REL, rebuilding and tanking teams are already feeling the strain, while the big boys up top are taking their seats on the throne.  No, that wasn’t toilet humor!  Although it really wouldn’t be on you – dear reader – to think it was, knowing us clowns here at Razzball!

The illustrious 2016 Champion Nationals have already taken over the top spot as they aim to repeat with the NL pennant, but a nice start from the surprising Cincinnati Reds is a nice story line to open the year.  While in the AL, the Tigers have started off strong to try and represent the AL in the 2017 World Series, thanks to some great starting pitching in the Tigers rotation, plus a strong start for Chris Devenski.  Good luck to everyone in the REL over the next week!

Here’s how week 2 went down in the 2017 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newThe REL is back baby!  Sure, since I get my Brewers bias-fix it’s a little slanted, but the REL has become my favorite league.  30 teams, roughly 900 players owned, along with a whole farm system of another 400-500…  What could be better?!

If you’re new to seeing these posts – here’s a quick rundown of the REL:  15 team AL only and 15 team NL only comprise the 30-team league, and you must own 15 players from the “parent team” you manage.  You also manage that team’s farm system, and can trade those prospects amongst your Major and Minor league squads.  We play Roto for the first 148 games, until the final 2 weeks.  Then the AL pennant and NL pennant winners play a H2H 2-week World Series.  Congrats again to our inaugural champion Nationals, beating the The Tribe on a dramatic Sunday afternoon finish on the last day of the season. What a season!

With keepers announced, farm teams replenished, our supplemental draft completed, and baseball finally starting anew, the 2017 REL season is here!  We’ll be checking in with the league every Thursday afternoon, and have our owners share their thoughts every week.

Here’s how week 1 has kicked off, along with draft day and keeper thoughts, in the 2017 REL League:

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You know how they say “banners fly forever”?  Well in the REL, it’s true!  The 2016 Nationals have won the inaugural 2016 Razzball Elite League season, in a truly epic 4-4 final over the AL champion The Tribe, winning on the second tie-breaker, RBIs.  You can see how close the standings wrapped up in this link, as the Nats won on a Sunday homer and Tyler Thornburg blowing a save.  Congratulations to the Nationals for posting such a dominant 2016, as us other 29 peons try to gather ourselves for a run at immortal legacy, by having our banner fly in the logo in 2017.  Here’s what our AL and NL champions had to say about the first REL World Series:

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rel-baseball-logo-new-2016-wsThe regular season in the first REL season has concluded! In the AL, a strong second half finish from The Tribe vaulted the Indians into the World Series, winning the first AL pennant. In the other corner, standing a combined 254 feet weighing 3,000 pounds (I dunno, that math might be WAY off!), the Washington Nationals pick up the NL pennant. It really wasn’t a contest the whole season in the NL!

The inaugral World Series (final 2-week H2H playoff) has already begun, and it’s a razor close 6-3-1 lead thus far by the Nationals, with all categories neck-and-neck. If you’d like to check out coolest and most prestigous final in all of fantasy baseball (no hyperbole there!), you can track the matchup on our 2016 World Series page. Dope, right?!

For the other 28 franchises, this is our final post to reflect on the 2016 season that was… We’re all prepping for the offseason with some hopeful Winter trades and praying our parent clubs make smart offseason decisions. Here’s our regular season wrap-up of the Razzball Elite League:

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REL baseball logo newWow, this is our penultimate league-wide post! In only one-and-a-half weeks, the first REL World Series will see its first pitch.

Even for the non-contenders, it’s September roster expansion time! A lot of prospects have gotten the call, and several big splashes have been made with the final FAAB dollars teams have remaining.

To the standings, and in the AL, what a push from The Tribe! After jostling with the Blue Jays the past few weeks, they took a commanding 11.5 point lead as scores wrapped this morning. The Blue Jays aren’t out of it yet though… In the NL, it’s been the Nats all along, who continue their dominance in the first year. Here’s how week 23 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newDude, it’s September already?! This season has absolutely flown by… Talk about your cliche open! We say this every year, and I think I said this in a similar open… I’m at a lack of creativity during the grind!

With rosters expanding today, it should be a fun final 2-and-a-half-weeks of stashing as the non-competitors head into the offseason. For the races though – the AL is looking like it’s going to be a brutal finish! The Tribe take a 1.5 point lead this morning, after being tied with the Blue Jays yesterday. TIED at this point of the season! Out of control… Unfortunately the NL is less intriguing, with the Cubs continuing to make a little bit of noise, but not enough to really challenge the Nats. Here’s how week 22 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newFinal update through August!  It’s hard to believe we have less than a month left in the REL regular season before our inaugural REL World Series.  Even though I couldn’t be further on the sidelines, I think it’s going to be a ton of fun to track and follow who can take home the first ever trophy (and $1,000!).

The NL side of things are getting moderately interesting with the Cubs on a little bit of a run and the Nats sinking a few, but it may be a case of too little, too late.  But things are stewing up right nice in the pressure cooker that is the AL!  The Tribe have stormed into the leading position over the Blue Jays, with both teams neck and neck in several categories which should make it a photo finish.  Should be a wild ride!  Here’s how week 21 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo new20 weeks into the season! Damn it’s flown by. As has our Trade Deadline which didn’t quite have the fireworks of the MLB Trade Deadline, but I think that’s because we all manage our teams smarter than MLB GMs. Why wait until staring down the barrel of a gun at 2:45 at a 3:00 PM deadline to make a deal; you know you need something, make it happen to help your team earlier! My Brewers did that for CC Sabathia, and we needed every ounce outta the big guy! Just like he needed every ounce out of the kegerator…

Not much going on in the standings with the Nats and Blue Jays still leading, but The Tribe continue to be knocking on the door in the AL after making several trades the past month. Let’s see if they can build on the Cavs success! Here’s how week 20 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newWell, on the heels of the real-life Trade Deadline, we are now faced with the REL Trade Deadline looming this Sunday.  We’ve started seeing a huge influx of trades as team build for the final stretch or rebuild for the future.  You know the saying “the future is now”?  Things couldn’t be further from the truth for my REL Brewers!

To the teams that are actually good, and we’re starting to see runaways in both leagues.  In the AL, the Blue Jays are migrating to the top of every category, and in the NL, the Nats have already lived there.  Looks like the initial REL World Series will be the 1 Canadian team vs. the 1 former Canadian team.  At least things are going better for the ol’ US of A in the Olympics!  Here’s how week 19 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newThe Trade Deadline hath come and gone!  And thankfully, while there was a huge amount of trades, we got through the deadline with minimal confusion and dissent.  It’s a lot to buy into that you lose & gain players in AL -> NL trades.  But alas, I think we’ve shown the league can work.

Speaking of working it, how about the Indians on the trading block?!  They’ve made 4 trades I think it is in the past week, as they gear up for the stretch run.  I think for next year I’ll have a trades section as well for these updates, but I’m lazy for now!  The Tribe are still chasing the Blue Jays and the Orange Birds in the AL, while the NL is still a snoozefest as the Nats walk all over everyone.  Here’s how week 18 went down in the 2016 REL League:

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