REL baseball logo newWell, on the heels of the real-life Trade Deadline, we are now faced with the REL Trade Deadline looming this Sunday.  We’ve started seeing a huge influx of trades as team build for the final stretch or rebuild for the future.  You know the saying “the future is now”?  Things couldn’t be further from the truth for my REL Brewers!

To the teams that are actually good, and we’re starting to see runaways in both leagues.  In the AL, the Blue Jays are migrating to the top of every category, and in the NL, the Nats have already lived there.  Looks like the initial REL World Series will be the 1 Canadian team vs. the 1 former Canadian team.  At least things are going better for the ol’ US of A in the Olympics!  Here’s how week 19 went down in the 2016 REL League:

REL Dynasty – NL
Nationals 139 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $88 Trevor Gott Was – RP NA $0
Still sitting in 1st place, we made another trade with the Brewers, sending Michael A. Taylor, Luis Ortiz, and the PTBNL in the Jonathan Lucroy deal for Tyler Thornburg and Brandon Phillips. We wanted as much major league depth as possible heading into the final part of the season and hopefully the World Series. We dropped Jim Henderson and picked up Nationals reliever Trevor Gott, securing another minor leaguer that could see some playing time when rosters expand.
Cubs 115 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $95 Edwin Jackson SD – SP,RP $1, Anthony Recker Atl – C $0
J.T. Marlin 106 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 Ryan Vogelsong Pit – SP,RP $0, Brian Ellington Mia – RP $0
San Fran Giants 98.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $6 n/a
Pirates 96 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $60 n/a
Suplex City Cards 95 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $79 n/a
Dodgers 83.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 n/a
Knoche’s Rockies 82 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $54 Ross Stripling LAD – SP $5
Mookie Mets 77 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $95 n/a
Diamondbacks 66 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $66 Rob Whalen Atl – SP $6
Cincinnati Reds 66 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $5 José Domínguez SD – RP $0, Michael Bourn Ari – OF $0
Philadelphia 57.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $45 Jake Thompson Phi – SP (called up)
Braves 42 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $84 n/a
Brewers 41.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $22 Will Middlebrooks Mil – 3B DL $0, Michael Reed Mil – OF NA $0, Adam Morgan Phi – SP NA $0, Álex Reyes StL – SP (called up)
Wow, an unbelievably busy week for the Brewers and our rebuild effort.  No old people allowed!  But if I had to sum up this week in two works, it would be this: One Hundred And One Miles Per Hour!  Dammit, I went a little over.  Let’s condense it to Alex Reyes.  Mannnnnnn he looked awesome in his debut. Hit 101 twice in an inning of relief, nice compact delivery, awesome breaking ball… Who cares if he’s in the bullpen right now? He’s 21 and I don’t need the stats.

So a flurry of trades, and with Junior Guerra on the DL, I loathe myself for having no current pitchers in their respective rotations. Ouchie! But my exodus to get pitchers away from Miller Park has lead to this conscious decision. In a 3-team deal, I more-or-less gave up Jimmy Nelson and Tyler Thornburg for Luis Ortiz (dammit, he’ll be in Miller Park!), Michael A. Taylor and the Texas PTBNL in the Lucroy trade. But this was a huge trade for me, and worked for both the Marlins getting a pitcher (Nelson) and Nats getting hitting depth (Brandon Phillips, who was the 3-team mover). On my end, I now have all the pieces we’ve picked up in trades to make Milwaukee the best farm system, except Lewis Brinson (wahhhhhh) and Phil Bickford (has some question marks). The real pull here was securing the PTBNL, as rumor has it, it will be a significant piece.  If it’s indeed this Yohander Mendez dude, that would be aweeeeeeesome. Michael A. Taylor was kinda a throw-in, but he’s still fairly young and maybe if he can get that K rate to 27-28%, he can be usable.

Then to the biggie. It comes with a heavy heart and needle-riddled butt that I have traded Ryan Braun. The rebuild necessitated it as much as I didn’t wanna do it… The hesitation is I again have to try and trade for the prospects he is dealt for in the offseason or next deadline (although he apparently only garnered one terrible offer this deadline, but who knows about the MLB rumor mill) or he’s moved to 1B. I don’t have anything for 1B until Josh Naylor comes around (hopefully), and if Braun is converted to first sometime next year (probably would need to trade Chris Carter first), I will be a sad panda. Anywho, I think the return is worth it. Cubbie number one is Jason Heyward. Ewwwww, I know. But he’s signed forever and only 26, so if he can rebound and go 15/15 and hit .270 into his 30s, that’ll have value as he’s gonna play every day. He’s got a .269 BABIP this year and still walking pretty well, so I think he could still be OK. Cubbie number two is a cub in real life, but mannnnn is he getting sexy. Eloy Jiminez joins my farm, and I add another high-upside young OF to the mix. In A Ball, he’s hitting .335 with 12 homers and 8 steals, and just looks like a huge grown man already. In a few years, I’m hoping my OF is Robles/Tapia/Jiminez, and those 3 could go like 50 HR with 100 steals. Ahhhh, the magical elixir of youth and my hopeful future.

Elsewhere for my awful active team, Orlando Arcia has been underwhelming, but it looks like he belongs. Adam Ottavino is now the closer, and he’s available on the cheap, RELers!  As is Ryan Schmipf, but no one seems to want to pay much for him, so I’m likely holding there for some cheap power.  Keon Broxton has worked his way into a mixed-league context and is playing every day now, so that’s encouraging. And well, that’s pretty much it as I slid into 14th place. But hey, this was the plan all along, and with the Major League’s best farm system under my blanket and I think arguably the best REL farm system with who is protected, things are looking bright down the road.

Padres 35 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $100 n/a
REL Dynasty – AL
Blue Jays 132 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $80 Casey McGehee Det – 1B,3B $10, Cody Anderson Cle – SP,RP NA $1, Max Muncy Oak – 1B,2B,3B,OF $1
The more things change the more they stay the same. I’ve gone from a 12.5 point lead to a 13 point lead this week. The second place team is now The Tribe as they’ve finally overtaken the Orange Birds and gotten a little (at least temporary) separation. I’ve somehow gone to an 18 point lead over those birds of a different colour. Not sure how that happened, but I won’t look a gift bird in the mouth, or is it a bird in the mouth is worth two birds in the pot? Anyways, I’m happy about it.

My trade for Jordan Zimmermann last week had an ominous start as he apparently got injured before ever throwing a pitch for my team. The nice guy he is though, he sucked it up and gave me a solid 1.2 IP with 6 hits, 2 walks, and 6 ER before going on the DL. It’s the thought that counts, right? I’m hoping he’s back when his 15 days are up [fingers crossed].

I made two more trades this week, picking up Jeremy Jeffress for Kaleb Cowart and Xavier Cedeno. This gives me another more reliable holds guy with Cedeno being kind of on the fence whether he’s getting holds on most nights. I also traded away Paulo Orlando, Vance Worley, Jon Harris, and Reese McGuire for Brad Miller, Erasmo Ramirez and Jhonleider Salinas. This gives me a guy who should help in runs and power over the (for some strange reason) 8 hole hitting Orlando. He’s only hitting about 130 points higher than the guy right above him in the lineup, but whatever KC. I will very much miss Orlando’s .330ish batting average of course. I also get a starting pitcher eligible holds guy (which is what I was hoping Worley was gonna be), who’s maybe back in the rotation somewhere next season. Both guys are in their prime, whereas the MLB guys I traded were 30+. I hate to give up Harris and McGuire, but you’ve gotta give to get, so be it.

The REL trade deadline is fast approaching, and I’m sure we’ll see some last minute tinkering with the contenders still. I feel pretty good other than the fact that both Bautista and Pillar have gone on the DL in the last few days (along with Zimm). I can weather the storm though, especially if Melvin Upton keeps stealing 3 bases in one game like he did last night (stole third base twice I think, and easily at that).

Here’s hoping I’ve got more guys that are hot than guys who are slumping from here on out. Good luck all!

The Tribe 119 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $66 Desmond Jennings TB – OF DL $1
13 points back. I don’t know why I keep thinking I should keep going for it. There are points to be had in the standings. 4 or 5 in just S/H category which I thought I’d get for sure until Cam Bedrosian hit the DL. I still might get them. I’m 1 run back from the O’s and 2 back from the Jay’s in runs. Those are some good offenses but 2 points possible there. There is 1 point in BA if I overtake the KC. 3 wins back from the Jays which would be a big one since it drops them a point too. And 1 strikeout behind the O’s for another point. I have a couple other possible deals out there but I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to put the breaks on. That is a lot I need to go right just to make it close. Sunday is the deadline we’ll see what happens.

On the block –
Michael Brantley
Yam Gomes
Colby Rasmus
Jesus Montero
Fernando Abad
Shawn Armstrong
Mark Canha
Other too if the deal is right!

Go Tribe!

Orange Birds 114 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $74 Danny Barnes Tor – RP NA $5
Astros 103.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $48 Chasen Shreve NYY – RP $3, Kyle Ryan Det – SP,RP $1, Peter Moylan KC – RP $1
This recent stretch of Astros games has been brutal, swept by the Tigers, lose 3 out of 4 to the Blue Jays and score 5 total runs in those 4 games, then lose 2 out of 3 to the Rangers. So far they’ve split 1-1 with the Twins and if it wasn’t for the rainout yesterday they would probably be looking at another series loss already. With all that said I’ve somehow managed to stay at 103.5 points over the past 2 weeks. It’s obvious I’m no longer playing to win this year but with a 5-year prize also awarded I’m kinda sorta still trying to finish as high as I can.

The big news out of Houston over the past few days was the DFA of Gomez. I’ve been benching him whenever possible lately and I’ve been trying to sell him ever since the day I decided to play as the Stros but alas to no avail. I possibly could have gotten a ‘C’ level prospect this past week but I couldn’t get anything that I thought could be a fulltime starter someday and no one was giving up an MiLB starter for him so I don’t feel too bad about losing him for nothing. I did get his last game as an Astro, a pinch run SB, a nice parting gift from an otherwise useless asset. Or whatever the opposite of asset is.

When I started this season my goal was to have half of my FAAB still available for September callups. I currently stand (sit) at $48 dollars remaining and with several guys returning in the next couple of weeks, Gurriel, Valbuena, Gregerson, LoMo (maybe), and Colby Lewis I think I may be done spending FAAB until September. I know there’s only 3 days left until our trade deadline but I think I may be done on that front too as I have no one left (of value) that I don’t at least consider a potential keeper for next year.

Red Sox 102.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $22 n/a
Tigers 96.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $50 n/a
Mariners 87 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $15 n/a
White Sox 84 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $63 n/a
Yankees 66 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $59 n/a
Power Rangers 65.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $12 n/a
Rays 62.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $1 Ryan Garton TB – RP $3, Luke Maile TB – C $0
Halos 62 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $34 José Álvarez LAA – RP $0, Juan Centeno Min – C $0
Royals 47.5 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $55 Andrew Triggs Oak – RP $0, Shawn Morimando Cle – RP NA $0
The focus for the REL Royals continues to be in getting younger and more upside-y (if that’s a word). Big trade with the Tigers this week as Lorenzo Cain, Ryan O’Hearn and Josh Staumont were shipped away for Daniel Norris, Christin Stewart, and Spencer Turnbull. With Norris and recent acquisition Mike Clevinger paired with my Ace…Ventura (Yordano that is, not Jim Carrey) and hopefully Strahm as well next season, a young rotation with lots of upside is starting to come together. Lots of risk too for sure, but liking the situation better now than when my starting staff was anchored earlier by the likes of Volquez, Nova, and Chris Young.

Also very excited about obtaining outfielder Stewart, the Tigers top power-hitting prospect who I have been targeting for a while. On the downside, the loss of Cain will definitely set my offense back for next year, but with the depth the real-life Royals have in the outfield and the contract situations they have to juggle, I’d be kind of surprised if Cain doesn’t leave as a free agent after next season. While I also wasn’t looking to part with prospect O’hearn and his power potential, one of the ugly truths in trading is that the other damn side always seems to want something valuable back in return, well, unless you’re trading with the real-life Marlins of course.

Athletics 39 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $4 Abraham Almonte Cle – OF $51
Minnesota Twins 19 Waiver Adds and Prospect Callups Past Week:
FAAB Remaining: $70 n/a

REL baseball logo new

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    It’s a little early, but, if anyone’s interested in the current “team of the half decade” pool standings, here they are as of today (at least according to my calculations). Some very interesting differences here between these and the season standings.

    01 – Blue Jays (152 adjusted points)
    02 – Nationals (149)
    03 – Astros (143.5)
    04 – J.T. Marlin (126)
    05 – Orange Birds (124)
    06 – The Tribe (119)
    07 – Pirates (106)
    07 – Cincinnati Reds (106)
    09 – Cubs (105)
    10 – White Sox (104)
    11 – Red Sox (102.5)
    12 – Tigers (96.5)
    13 – Diamondbacks (96)
    14 – Rays (92.5)
    15 – San Fran Giants (88.5)
    16 – Mariners (87)
    17 – Suplex City Cards (85)
    18 – Knoche’s Rockies (82)
    19 – Halos (72)
    20 – Yankees (66)
    21 – Braves (62)
    22 – Mookie Mets (57)
    23 – Dodgers (53.5)
    24 – Philadelphia (27.5)
    25 – Athletics (19)
    26 – Royals (17.5)
    27 – Minnesota Twins (9)
    28 – Brewers (1.5)
    29 – Padres (-5)
    30 – Power Rangers (-24.5)

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: REL Fever! Haha, this is incredibly awesome.

      Yuck, looks like I’ll have to cheer against my Brewers to lose some games down the stretch haha. Yeah helps kinda bring some parity, yes the 2 #1 teams are first, but it’s all a lot closer. HOW DO THE TWINS HAVE MORE THAN ME?!?!!? Haha

      • A Hill O' Beans says:

        @JB Gilpin: Haha, yep! Those Twins don’t just have more than you, they have have 6x as many points as you do JB. They’re crushing you, haha.

        See this is good news for some teams, I mean Slim is all the way up in 3rd place, and Cincinnati jumps all the way up to #7!

        I feel like you need to be very careful in this league or you could make your REL team very bad while your real life MLB team is still very good. In which case you could be getting docked some serious points in these team of the half decade standings. With great power comes great responsibility!!!

        We haven’t even had a full season to screw up what our MLB teams gave us yet, and we’ve already got a team that’s getting docked 90 points off their total. That’s crazy! The biggest bump up is only 40 at this point, but I’m sure we’ll see some of that on the plus side too. I fear for my team a few years from now when my guys are all 35 years old and have no trade value left, haha.

        I’ll be cheering for the Jays to win the AL East, but hopefully finish 3rd in the AL though. Go Jays! Just don’t go overboard, alright?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @A Hill O’ Beans: Hahahaha, fair fair. Yeah Reds have done pretty well in REL for how bad they are in real life.

          Yeah I thought about that before full rebuild, and I was like, “ya know what? I’d rather be immortalized with a pennant than constantly be middle of the pack”. I definitely wont be tanking to this extend next year.

          You and Nats both have some aging concern. Nats with all those pitchers getting older! Then Giolito comes… Ugh, such an unfair team… Hah yeah, no need to get crazy Jays, just win the division!

        • Slim

          Slim says:

          @A Hill O’ Beans: I’m trying pretty hard not to mess with the core of the Astros. Almost every trade conversation I had started with me saying ‘I’m not trading any young Stros SP’. I no longer have Castro, Gattis, Rasmus, Marwin, Kemp, Moran, Fiers, Fister, and some RPers. I’m pretty sure none of that is going to haunt me.

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @A Hill O’ Beans: @Slim: Let’s see, I’ve moved Braun, Carter, Villar, Davies, Jimmy Nelson, Jeffress, Lucroy, Chase Anderson, Jungmann and Blazek. Some youth, only the Villar one really hurts. Getting Alex Reyes was worth it though.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @A Hill O’ Beans: @Slim: @JB Gilpin: Oh not having Hernan Perez is annoying, but I dunno where he’ll fit when all the youth arrives

  2. Malicious Phenoms says:

    Who do you like better long term:

    Yohander Mendez or Luis Ortiz?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Malicious Phenoms: Probably Mendez. Lefty, doesn’t have the “body” concern (Ortiz is already pretty big, a lot of Bartolo Colon jabs being thrown his way), and I think better pure stuff. Ortiz is prob safer tho

      • Malicious Phenoms says:

        @JB Gilpin: Ortiz is ‘safer’ cause he throws in the NL?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Malicious Phenoms: Well if Mendez is the PTBNL they both will be! No not about NL, about his stuff, I think he is regarded as having better command and already has three for-sure usable pitches, given i dont know the scouting on mendez as well

          • Malicious Phenoms says:

            @JB Gilpin: fair enough..I’ll see what Ralph thinks as well..thanks JB!

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Malicious Phenoms: Cool, yeah he knows the ‘spects better than me!

  3. Malicious Phenoms says:

    Also you think Otto is the closer in Colorado next season?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Malicious Phenoms: Hmmmm, yeah I would think so, barring an epic collapse this year. Earlier on I wouldve guessed Miguel Castro could be in the mix, but he’s been terrrrrrible since shoulder inflammation earlier in the year.

      • Malicious Phenoms says:

        @JB Gilpin: I agree with that..I just hate closers, even Jansen got rocked last night, I am use to Robertson blowing saves lately…I am in a forever keeper and I have Osuna as mt 3rd closer..I was thinking of holding Otto, but I really would like another SP spec..Just trying to decide on Yohander the left hander or Ortiz..

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Malicious Phenoms: Yeah, Jansen in a non-save too… So annoying. I would probably take Mendez. More upside, a year older, already in AAA

          • Malicious Phenoms says:

            @JB Gilpin: I am leaning Mendez, thanks for the help..

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