REL baseball logo newBREAKING NEWS! We have an REL franchise for sale by the owner. Unfortunately, the owner of the KANSAS CITY ROYALS is ready to step down from ownership of the team, and we need someone out there in Razzball Nation who is interested in joining the great social experiment that is the REL. Now, this is a paid league, so the fee for buying the team is pretty high with how baseball has grown in popularity and all our TV deals. It’s gonna be $25. League fees are $50 for each season, so you’ll be paying 1/2 price this year to take over, and mostly it’s just to ensure we get a serious owner. Then it’s $50 every additional year. To see a quick recap on how the league works, you can check out the Cliff’s Notes in the league launch post.

First commenter who says they want the Royals, gets em. Just let me know if the email is good to contact you through the email you comment on, or give me an email to reach out to ya. I’ll then forward you the rules and swap you over to own the team! Please only take over the team if you intend on staying with the dynasty as long as possible!

To our standings, the Nats/Cubs continue to rock the NL with the Orange Birds still stooping over the AL. We had two MONSTER buys – one in each league – on the FAAB market this week as well. $92 in FAAB in two moves – gone! Here’s how week seven went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newI’m going to rename this season the “Fury” year. As in, it’s a full-blown tank for me! What a good movie… Anyway, the REL keeps trucking along with some big FAAB buys in the AL that is still being dominated by the Orange Birds. Bird of Prey! Although the pair of Sox teams are clippin’ at their talons… In the NL, it’s all Nats and Cubs with the Nats getting 20 Ks from one player last night. Yeesh. Here’s how week six went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newHappy Cinco De Mayo!  I certainly know I’ll be drinking, as my rebuilding Brewers continue to have pitching numbers go down the drain like after a great relief following 5 margaritas.   And I certainly know the co-owners of the Nats are drinking heavy today too!  The Nationals are obliterating the NL league, accentuated by a 13-2 drubbing of the Royals in interleague play yesterday afternoon.  On the AL side, it’s still the Orange Birds’ show as they’ve been the hunted all year long.  Somebody break up this powerhouse on the I-95 corridor!  Here’s how week five went down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newA month is in the books!  We’ve made it [mostly] through April in our inaugural season without too many issues in our rules-set, while amending our constitution with a few new minor rules as we go along.  It’s been awesome starting up a complex league and figuring out what rules need to be tweaked as we go with feedback from everyone!  In the standings, the Cubs/Nats rivalry up top looks like the easy front-runners to win the NL, with the Cubs a mere 0.5 Pts in the lead.  In the AL, the Orioles keep on trucking, but I’ve been impressed with the run by the Indians, who have moved into a strong second place.  Here’s how week four has gone down in the 2016 REL League, plus a look-in at the REL 2 League with how it’s shaping up:

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REL baseball logo newWe’re settling into the season now, and this dumb DC-Baltimore combo is just rolling over the REL!  East Coast bias!  The Nats have taken over the NL by over 10 points thanks to Bryce Harper being the best hitter on the planet and great pitching.  And just like the Orioles in real-life, The Orange Birds in the AL are surpassing all expectations thanks to some savvy drafting of non-Orioles that are flanking a great offense.  I hope everyone is enjoying their deep dynasties this year! Here’s how week three has gone down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newJust over a week’s worth of games are now in the books, and while it’s too early to look at standings in most leagues, in the REL it’s not too surprising to see who is on top.  The Cubs are crushing the NL standings especially after a night where they rockem sockemed the Reds, and the Orioles and their 7-0  undefeated start – before losing last night – lead the field in the AL.  Probably the biggest surprise thus far are those aforementioned Reds, who sit at 3rd in the NL standings with a strong start offensively.  Speaking of offensive, check out my recap for how I just got my heart ripped out in a trade ala Temple of Doom.  Kahli-ma!  Kahli-ma!  Keone Kela-ma!!!  Here’s how week two has gone down in the 2016 REL League:

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REL baseball logo newThe season is here!  The quest for deep dynasty league immortality is abreast, which is a word that is not used nearly enough…

If you missed the league launch giving in slight detail what the league is all about, you can check it out here, plus read our draft recaps in one of the sparsest talent pools you could ever draft in an inaugural league’s draft.  Max bid on Pedro Alvarez!

We’ll be checking in every week with updates from our 30 REL GMs, but I know what you’re thinking, “what’s the intrinsic value of looking into your deep league, JB?!”  Sorry, that commenter sounded too much like Frasier.  The comment would usually be, “BORING!”  Well, I think there’s a big value here – seeing pickups on FAAB in a 30er could give you some ideas for guys to watch on your wires in deep leagues as well.  Plus this is a Razzball Community league, and giving another outlet for readers to be on the site I think is awesome.  We don’t do enough of it.  You hear that Grey?!  We need to have a “be Grey for a day!” contest and have someone be you and write the daily notes!  Man I’d have fun with that…  “I interviewed Delino DeShields last night from my Motel 6 bed, and he said he’s gonna have a great year!” Here’s how things are going through the first few games in the 2016 REL League (with pickups stretching more like 2 weeks since the draft for this edition, but ya know, schwatev):

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REL baseball logo new

Mmmmmm, look at dem sexy graphics!

The inaugural draft of the Team-Based Razzball Elite League concluded this Sunday, full of mystery, intrigue and MURDER! As in, I’m gonna murder the Phillies for sniping Amir Garrett at the end there, stupid rebuilding NL teams!

REL teams in the initial season began with keeping 17 players on their active roster, leaving 8 remaining spots to be filled with a $100 auction budget. Scrubs going for mad cash! It was a draft we’re likely never going to see anything quite like again, as every following season is a 3-round supplemental snake… I’m going to always cherish the inaugural REL auction draft!

As with the REL Hoops League, yearly winners will get their pennant retired on the footer graphic and is my new primary goal every fantasy baseball season. Get that Brewers ink up on the rafters! Unfortunately it’s going to take a season or two of rebuilding to even be in the conversation, but I’ve never done a full rebuild in a dynasty before! Should be fun…

We’ll be posting updates once a week during the regular season, giving the other 29 REL GMs and myself a chance to recap their past week and explain their decisions. We’ve already gotten some big trades in the NL! Here’s how the draft went down and what the REL owners think about their year one teams:

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Razzball Nation!

For the second time, the Baseball Razzball Elite League is here!

We’re doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it again! Now, stop licking your lips, LL. That’s just creepy. And this is nothing but good news! Get excited!


The idea of the Baseball Razzball Elite League (REL) was amazing, so good we had to come back for another. If only that was true in other areas of my life. At home. LINDA! But for real, REL1 filled up so fast that unless you were one of the lucky few to read JB’s post within ten minutes of being uploaded to the interwebs…you were left out. And that was most of you. Which left you sad. And we don’t like sad pandas, do we? (The answer is no…)

Once REL1 filled up dozens, nay, hundreds, of people commented on their desire to join the league if someone dropped out. We took many of those comments and were able to fill out a second REL league: REL2! Well, almost fill it up. And that’s why you’re reading this!

But first, here’s a snippet from JB‘s initial post laying out some of the groundwork for just what in the world REL actually is…

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Special Note: Thanks to everyone who showed interest and joined! Unfortunately, this league is now full. But we are taking a list of replacement owners for any unforeseen events that cause a vacancy in the comment section, so be sure to leave your info there… 

Razzball Nation!

The Baseball Razzball Elite League is here!

Oh man, I haven’t been this excited since the Brewers traded for CC Sabathia.  Has anyone thought back on the irony of CC playing for a team named about alcohol creation?  Cust kayin’!

So over on Hoops, we’ve had a ton of fun creating The Razzball Elite League, made for the deepest of deep and faintest of heart.  Or not the faintest…  Don’t you not want faint?!  Worst open ever!

I gotta say, commenters are my heroes.  Who would’ve thought someone named Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo would be the inspiration for what will easily become my favorite fantasy league?!  But last year, seeing their league listed in a comment here, got my balls rolling.  No, not dropping, OK?!  Jo Jo Jr was my flash of genius in creating the REL Baseball League, but it may be my flash of overly-obfuscating, we shall see!

I’m not going to list out the full rules, since that would REALLY be the worst post ever.  So here’s the Cliff’s [Lee] Notes – The Razzball Elite League is a team-based dynasty, where you have to ALWAYS own 15 players from your parent team’s roster.  There’s obviously 30 MLB teams, so it’s a 30-team league, however split into 15-team AL only and 15-team NL only leagues.  The two leagues are Roto, and play through the first 148 games.  Then the final two weeks, the pennant winners of the AL and NL Roto leagues play each other in a H2H World Series.  On top of your 15 player quota from your parent team you manage a full 25-man roster (with a lot of DL and a few NA spots) and manage a farm system with your parent team’s prospects.  It’s going to be a fun way to blend real-life MLB situations (monitoring trade markets, tanking, contacts, etc.) with the standard 5×5 roto fantasy system.

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