Anyone who’s read this site for a minute — an urbandictionary minute, which is actually a long time — knows I have love for Adam Lind.  In an age when the home run is scarce — wow, that sounded like a Ken Burns voiceover — Lind has big time power.  I’m a fan.  Have the pin that reads, “Lind-a-want-stats!”  Sorry, that’s a square pun in a round hole.  Yesterday, he went 4-for-4, 2 homers in his 2nd game back from the DL.  He can still get 30 homers and hits in the heart of a solid order.  I wouldn’t be scared of him, he might just do his best not-this-season Dunn impression.  BTW, Bautista hasn’t hit a homer in 7 games, what a loser!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw this weekend in fantasy baseball:

Shin-Soo Choo – Says DUI is affecting play.  Assuming he doesn’t have to drive relievers in from the bullpen, I say just start drinking before games again.

Jake Peavy – 4 IP, 6 ER.  CBS reported Peavy left start with (groin).  Frankly, I’d be worried if he left a game without (groin).

Alexi Casilla – 7 for his last 11 with three steals.  The window of usability  for Casilla will probably be shorter than Intellivision’s but he’s hot and stealing bases.

Albert Pujols – Clubbed second straight walk off home run.  I know that because it was the big story on Baseball Tonight with, like, seventeen exclamation marks.  Pujols!  Rawr!  He’s back!  Did he go anywhere?  Also, since I usually just watch the games, this was the first time I saw Baseball Tonight in a few years.  I was surprised to find out Doug Glanville has a job.  You think ESPN is like, “Hey, we need a color man– I mean a color commenter–  I mean a commenter– Let’s just hire someone before we get sued.”  Also, Jayson and Laynce Nix’s sister’s got a job.  Her name is Wendi Nix and she has about as much personality as a ill-formed origami crane.  Zach Braddock didn’t have a sleeping disorder, he was just watching too much Wendi Nix.

Lance Berkman – Sat out yesterday after getting a cortisone injection in his wrist.  No more eczema for him.

Ryan Vogelsong – 8 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 7 Ks.  There’s no rhyme or reason why he should be pitching this well but like Collmenter before him, you should just ride the tiny ship in the bottle or whatever that cliché is.

Jason Hammel – 7 IP, 1 ER, 4 baserunners, 4 Ks.  He’s whatever, but this is about my trip up to San Fran this weekend.  I took in a game at Long Distance Carrier Park.  The Giants offense is pathetic.  Without Posey, Belt (out at least a month) and Sandoval, they don’t have one hitter to worry about.  They batted the Latin 37 Tejada, who’s hitting .218 with 1 home run on the year, second.  I’d throw just about any pitcher at them.  On a side note, Giants made such a big deal about Bonds and the record and sticking their heads in the sand when he was selling out their stadium.  Yet, I didn’t see one picture or mention of him anywhere inside the park.  It was like he was Keyser Söze.

Mark Reynolds – Back to back games with a homer.  All brays to Mini Donkey! (But he only has two hits in the last five games.  He’s looking less donkey and more Rob Deer.)

Chris Narveson – 5 1/3 IP, 4 ER, which comes after starts of 4 IP, 5 ER and 3 1/3 IP, 6 ER.  Yeah, he’s completely unownable right now.  Pretty K-rate or not.

Brandon Inge – Out with mono.  Bronson Arroyo just had mono.  Cust kayin’.

Anibal Sanchez – 5 IP, 5 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks.  I don’t think this means he’s done being relevant; he just wasn’t a sub-3.00 ERA pitcher to begin with.  This start did make me happy though, since I foolishly dropped him the first week of the season, and really this is all about me.

Hanley Ramirez – First, he mucks up your team for two months with poor play then he fails to go on the DL for a week.  Hanley doesn’t care about you.

Travis Wood – 4 2/3 IP, 8 ER, 13 baserunners, 3 Ks.  Like a satisfied beaver, I’m done with Wood for now.  Beaver, the animal.  Geez.  It’s with regret it had to come to this, because I do think he has great stuff, but you have to look elsewhere.  Just way too unpredictable.

Drew Stubbs – 2-for-5 with a slam & legs.  Maybe Stubbs was tending to his BBQ empire for the last few weeks, but it’s nice to have him back.

Drew Storen – 1/3 IP, 3 ER yesterday and 8 earned runs in his last 6 appearances.  Riggleman took forever to name Storen the closer but won’t take as long to remove him.  Sean Burnett would be the handcuff.

Mark Teixeira – 3-for-4, 3 RBIs with his 17th and 18th home runs.  If PABST (Post-All-Star Break’s Stats Teixeira) stays bubbling in the 2nd half as is his wont, he’s heading for an MVP year.

Matt Kemp – 2-for-3 and his 3rd home run and 8th RBI in the last two days.  His career is bouncing back a lot better than Chris Brown in the wake of a Rihanna breakup.

Vicente Padilla – Was due back but neck pain has kept him on the DL.  Who’s the Dodgers closer?  Flip a coin.

Rafael Furcal – To the DL with a strained oblique.  Vague!  I’d drop Furcal unless you have “Days on the DL” as a category in your league.

C.J. Wilson – 7 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 7 Ks.  To be honest, I have a blind spot, middle relievers that become starters.  At this point, if they convert LaTroy Hawkins to a starter, I’m gonna throw my hands in the air and say he’ll be great.

Mitch Moreland – 2-for-4 with his 8th home run as he bats .313 on the year.   I’d love to push him more, but he’s a platoon guy at this point.  He either doesn’t play vs. lefties or doesn’t hit them, which hurts his counting stats (on pace for around 60 RBIs on the year).

Jonathan PapelbonDaniel Bard got the save yesterday after Papelbon lost his shizz on Saturday with a three run third of an inning and bumped the umpire.  Now Papelbon might get punished by the league.  I’d fine any goofy white guy for chest bumping too.

Joakim Soria – A clean outing or two away from reclaiming the closer job.  Makes sense in a non-sarcastic way.

Jordan Lyles – 4 IP, 4 ER, 6 baserunners, 3 Ks.  Sure be easier to say I don’t like him if he were to give up like 12 baserunners or something.  Well, due to the inexperience and the Astros behind him, you have to be careful starting him in any mixed leagues right now.

Mark Trumbo – Hit his 11th home run and stole his 6th base.  How does he have only 2 less steals than Bourjos?  Not rhetorical!

Carlos Beltran – Left the game after fouling a ball off his ankle.  He’ll probably miss two months.  I’m only half joking.

Miguel Olivo – It’s with much regret I inform you that Olivo now has three homers in three straight games.  I don’t have anything against Olivo per se, but I know as soon as I write Olivo hits them in bunches like he’s dating the Chiquita Banana lady people are gonna come out of the woodwork in the comments asking if they should lose their catcher for Olivo.

Evan Longoria – Rested on Sunday and will return Monday.  Sounds like someone has a God complex.

  1. virinder says:

    Man, what’s wrong with Longoria this year, did Tony Parker put a hex on him?? Anyways do you think he could still meet Greys preseason projections for him? I hope this retweak of his oblique doesn’t limit him further…

  2. Mr. Neutron says:

    “Like a satisfied beaver, I’m done with Wood for now.”

    Few things are more fun on the intartubes than Grey in midseason form.

    Burnett or Crow at this point?

  3. Derrick says:

    If you were hurting for pitching, would you deal Justin Upton for Weaver?

    Also, who do I pick up for Wood out of this group….Gee, Danks, Britton, Lyles or Arroyo?

  4. brian recca says:

    Justin Smoak, Freddie Freedman, or Anthony Rizzo?

  5. enrico says:

    Hi Grey. Ted Lilly @Phi – start with confidence or stick on bench? Thx

  6. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Choo worried about DUI! Ha! All he needs to do is emulate King Kelly from over a century ago – the King used to take a cold brew out to rightfield on a hot day in Chicago. Once he caught a deep drive one handed, beer in hand, and according to all accounts, did not spill a drop. And this was with no glove!

    Presuming I should bench Scherzer in Texas, although, as you mentioned, he has history of having problems in May. Is there anything wrong with Brett Anderson, outside of tough matchups?

    Thanks as always.

  7. Jash says:

    Beaver, wood, excellent

  8. RonWashington'sStache says:

    Pick two- Trumbo, Hosmer, Morneau.

  9. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Did you have some garlic fries at ATT park? Be careful though, you will go looking like Phelps to Butler with two servings.

  10. RonWashington'sStache says:

    @Mr. Neutron: A.J. Burnett > Crow…Sean Burnett < Crow

  11. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Time to lose Wood, definitely agree. Who should I replace him with. OBP league.

    L. Hernandez
    Joe Saunders

  12. timSTi says:

    Grey: Who do I drop to activate Lind from the DL – Barney, Ibanez, or Pena? Position doesn’t matter.

    Got SonovaDL’d yesterday bigtime.

  13. Mike says:


    Was offered McCutchen for Marcum? Make the deal? It would hurt my pitching a little to give up Marcum, but I could pick up Lilly, Baker, Volquez, or Liriano to replace Marcum if I made the deal. Thoughts? Thanks!

  14. Mr2Bits says:


    Yes, do it quickly before he changes his mind.

  15. BeantownBomber says:

    Pence for M Young… Who wins?

  16. Golfnut says:

    I have to drop one…..Morse or Allen Craig?

  17. jonnycat says:

    Nervous about Scherzer but it’s a weekly lineup league and if I want the more tempting v.SEA matchup I have to take the scary @TEX one with it. I really need Ks and I drafted the guy so I figure I have to use him in a 2-start week and sink or swim. Any reasons to feel encouraged?

  18. busta says:

    have to make a drop…swisher or tabata? H2h points league favoring power.

  19. debar says:

    gotta sit one this week: anibal, latos, or jhoulys? or do i sit dhudson or scherzer despite a 2-start week since neither’s pitched well lately?

  20. Just Another Steve says:

    I believe you meant “Wyendi Nix.”

  21. Steve says:


    I picked up Crow last week when Soria was relieved of his closer duties. Is it already time to drop Crow and switch back to Soria (who is still available in my league)?

  22. Commish Cauda says:

    Which 2-start arm this week for H2H?

    Ted Lilly: @PHI (Lee) and @COL (Mortensen)
    Javier Vazquez: vsMIL (Greinke) and vsARI (Kennedy)

  23. tourinct says:

    Rubby De La Rosa to replace Wood?

  24. Lob Ball says:

    Once called up, who is the better all-around Roto CI for the rest of the year: Rizzo or Lawrie?

  25. Ian says:

    Start Uggla in a weekly league or ride Espinosa’s hot streak? Could also play Uggla over slumping LoMo or Tabata.

  26. Alvin says:

    Better (shorter) term SP pick up:

    S. Baker, J. Zimmermann, B. Norris

    Pretty much behind in all pitching stats, so no need to weigh Ks over ERA/WHIP, or anything like that

  27. frank rizzo says:

    Okay so I’m still trying to make a move based on Friday’s Buy/Sell. Looking to sell Pineda but not give him away. Would an offer of my Pineda/Mauer for his V-Mart be a wise offer? I got Mauer cheap in a trade early on and don’t know if he’ll amount to much more than Morneau this year. Wise offer or look for more?

  28. Comment from Yahoo – Gardenhire talking about Morneau – just thought you would like it:
    “He came to me today and said he needed time. He’s been playing with it and playing with it and playing with it and now it’s time. He’s needs a blow” Justin’s just a regular guy I guess!

  29. zk says:

    I’m surprised a great writer doesn’t appreciate Glaville—he’s hardly a token hire. His columns for the NYT are terrible on a literary scale where Joyce is the good end and Eric Karabell is the bad end, but if you’re judging him on other athletes-turned-writers he’s friggin Dostoevsky. I mean, he’s not Harold Reynolds or Darrin Jackson, for crying out loud.

  30. CL says:

    10 team Dynasty… I have an offer to give Dom Brown and get Aroldis Chapman. Thoughts?

    I currently have a surplus at OF (we play LF, CF, RF only)… CarGo, Pence, Werth, AJones, even Morse as of late.

    My tendency is to keep the bat. I’m questioning if whether or not I want to give up Dom Brown as a dynasty keeper for a pitcher. I don’t really have a need for Chapman, but could down the road.


  31. Cole says:

    How does a grown man get mono? Stop making out with high school chicks!

  32. McBainus says:

    @Grey: 12-team standard 5×5 roto league. I need another SP. Someone just dropped Justin Masterson. I have the #2 waiver wire pick – with using it to pick him up?
    His metrics seem to show he is for real, but his HR% is insanely low compared to his career average and I am worried he is going to start giving up the long ball and shatter my ERA.

  33. Van Hammersly says:

    Pick up Volquez and start him in a 12-team H2H this week against the Cubs? Had a sub-2 ERA in the minors, but also a 7/6 K:BB ratio. I want to believe he’ll pull a 2010 Jobacum and come back fine, but I also drafted him on all 4 of my teams this year and am still cleaning up the mess he made.

  34. papasmurf says:

    Traded Crow for Lawrie in my keeper league. Hopefully I come out ahead for that one, assuming Lawrie’s wrist isn’t seriously hurt.

  35. DHill Dragons says:

    @jonnycat: I’m a Scherzer owner as well, at the very least the law of averages should give us some confidence? With that said, I’ll be very scared to check in on the action as it unfolds tonight.

  36. mrobs says:

    morse or lind? thanks

  37. hoey says:

    Please rank these 2B: Allen Craig, Callaspo, EY2, MetMurphy


  38. L-Boogie says:

    Thoughts on Volquez coming back?

    Possible 2 start pitcher this week. Start him (vs Cubbies and @SanFran) over 1 start Norris (5×5 roto)?

    Thanks dude.

  39. joe from point pleasant says:


    LMAO at the Choo comment, nice post…

    Also, just throwing this out there. Like many, I often look more at peripherals and FIP/xFIP when evaluating pitchers. When I look at Narveson, I see a guy I would love to buy low on… He currently has a 3.37 FIP, a 3.46 xFIP and a sparkling 8.17 K rate. His strand rate is also low at 66%. He also plays for a team with a great offense. Someone recently dropped him in my league, and I am about to add him myself.. seems to me he’s been more than a bit unlucky…

  40. Ralph says:


    Chase Headley or Wilson Betemit?

  41. Wilsonian says:

    Can you rank these SPs for me:

    Gio, Bills, Scherzer, Kennedy, Pineda.

    Thanks man. GREAT shizz today. The Doug Glanville line, while awful, was INCREDIBLE!

  42. Fletch says:

    Does anyone like Danks as a 2 start pitcher this week? I’m thinking of rolling the dice.

  43. Hi Grey — What to do about Nicasio? If Mortensen drops a stinkbomb tonight do you think Nicasio gets the start against LAD Saturday? If Mortensen pitches OK tonight, is Nicasio droppable? This is in a 20-team one-year roto league where my worst categories are ERA and WHIP.

    Looking at potential streamers this week, how’d you rank the following (let me try to get the order right, best to worst): Minor @HOU; Maholm vs. ARI; Pineiero vs. KC; Westbrook @HOU; Ruby of the Rose @PHI, @COL. Is that right?

    Are Minor or Maholm worth rostering if Nicasio ends up being a drop?

    Many thanks, and sorry about asking so many questions in such a small space …

  44. paddyman says:

    drop dunn for trumbo?. Is that just desperation or do we have to wait for independence day to be sure to be sure that he’s just a donkey.

  45. royce! says:

    Hey Grey,

    Did you ride the Coke slide? I went to a preseason game there and it was so cold that we decided to leave (also, the Giants were so bad that the Mariners split squad was beating them), but before we left, my friends talked me into riding down the slide with them. Not really for adults. Really not for adults with back problems. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t speak until we reached my friend’s place in the Mission. Well, I could have spoken, but it would have sounded like “muhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

    Stupid slide at a baseball game.

    [btw, “the Coke slide” sounds like it would be a dance from Studio 54, or a description of what occurred during the next few years to many of the people who danced at Studio 54]

  46. theguarantee says:

    @joe from point pleasant

    I just grabbed Narveson after he had been added and dropped by a few owners. For one, he was cruising along yesterday heading into the 6th with a 5-0 lead before he gives up a run and basically walks them loaded exiting the game with 1 out. In a continuation of my bullpen success / my SP’s bullpen success Estrada comes in, gets a 3 pitch K and two strikes on Brett Hayes before allowing BRETT HAYES to hit a game-tying grand slam…blowing Narveson’s potential win and tacking on 3 ER’s. Fun times.
    With that said, Narveson allowed 5 walks and it was comical to watch. For instance, up 2-0, with none on none out, he goes ahead of Emilio Bonafacio 0-2. AND THEN WALKS EMILIO BONAFACIO ON THE NEXT FOUR PITCHES. Good pitchers at the major league level simply never do this.
    In the 6th, spotted a 5-0 lead, he got the leadoff man out, then decides to walk lefty Logan Morrison on 4 or 5 pitches with Sanchez and Stanton looming. Then with 2 on, still up 5-1, he managed to walk Greg Dobbs and his .120 BA against lefties this year.

    Narveson is definitely either pretty bad, pretty stupid or both. I’m holding him for a couple more starts, hard to ignore the K-rate and it’s a good offense….but I’d tread carefully I guess is the moral of the story.

  47. Exactly says:

    Grey, I’m ready to part with wood and narvy, do you like any of these guys over them:

    Niese, Gee, F. Garcia, Duffy, Lance Lynn, Paulino, Dickey, Cobb?

    If not, which pitchers do you think I should target for Pena in a 12-team H2H?

  48. charlie batch says:

    Is it just me or have there been more 2-homer games by players this year than ever before? Or maybe I never noticed it. It seems like every day, at LEAST one player has a 2-homer game.

  49. Ralph says:


    Travis Wood, Mike Minor, Dillon Gee, Derek Holland, Chris Narveson…pick one please.

  50. stumanji says:

    Dempster was just dumpstered in my 12 team keeper. Is he worth stashing to see if he sorts it out…he obviously does not deserve his 6+ ERA, but who knows how much better he’ll be.

  51. stumanji says:

    Also, which SAGNOF would you rather have, EY Jr or Bourgeous? Tomato-tomahto?

  52. bobbo says:

    Rest of season value: Nolasco, Norris, Jurrjens, Lilly, Liriano

  53. zzzzzz says:

    Anyone rolling with Lannan this week for 2 starts? Seems like good matchups but I could be wrong.

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Josh2: He’s dating Wilson Ramos’ mom.

    @virinder: He’s not meeting preseason projections.

    @Mr. Neutron: Thanks! Crow for now.

    @Derrick: No…Danks

    @brian recca: Smoak

    @enrico: I’m benching him.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Ha…Nah, tough matchups.

    @Jash: Ha

    @RonWashington’sStache: First two

    @Mr2Bits: Nah, but I feel like I did because of everyone eating/smelling of them.

    @Mr2Bits: Correia

    @timSTi: Barney

    @Mike: Take McCutchen.

    @BeantownBomber: Pence

    @Golfnut: Craig

    @jonnycat: I’d bench him vs. Texas.

    @busta: Swisher

    @debar: Anibal

    @Just Another Steve: Ha! True.

    @Steve: I’d own Soria.

    @Commish Cauda: Bleh..Vazquez

    @tourinct: Not this week.

    @Lob Ball: Lawrie

    @Ian: Espinosa

    @Alvin: Zimmermann

    @frank rizzo: Don’t trade for catchers.

    @Freda: Huh?

    @zk: Ha

    @CL: Keep Brown

    @Cole: Ha!

    @McBainus: Worth a flyer.

    @Van Hammersly: I wouldn’t start him.

    @papasmurf: Nice

    @mrobs: Lind

    @hoey: Young, Craig…

    @L-Boogie: I wouldn’t start Volquez.

    @joe from point pleasant: Thanks!

    @Ralph: Headley

    @Wilsonian: Scherzer, Gio, Kennedy, Bills, Pineda…Thanks!

    @Fletch: Not terrible matchups…

    @Enrique: Minor…

    @paddyman: I’d hold Dunn.

    @royce!: Ha! No, I didn’t ride it. It was pouring rain until about 20 minutes until game time.

    @Exactly: Niese, Lynn…

    @charlie batch: Does seem like it’s happening a lot.

    @Ralph: Minor

    @stumanji: Depends who you’re dropping for him.

    @stumanji: Young

    @bobbo: Lilly

  55. NF says:

    Weekly pts league: +1 TB, +1 R/RBI, -1 K

    Better play at UTIL – Ortiz for 6 games (probable to face lefties Sabathia and Romero) or Hosmer for 7? They’re both doing very well right now, but I don’t know if I’m outsmarting myself for wanting to start Hosmer…

  56. Peavy going to hit the DL today…

    @ Grey: Got volquez coming back up. Worth dropping Rubby De La Rosa for him? Or do you think Rubby will stick in the rotation?

  57. Ralph says:


    Chase Headley, Maicer Itzsuris or Brent Morel?

  58. bobbo says:

    Catcher fill in until Mauer stops being a little girl and starts playing baseball (no I didn’t draft him, he had solid keeper value):

    Yadier, Olivo, Iannetta, Saltalamacchia (OBP and offensive K’s are cats)

  59. joe from point pleasant says:


    Pick a C for the rest of the year:


  60. stumanji says:

    @Grey: I’d drop Piniero for Dempster or Padilla. I can start either 2 or 3 RP and I have The Beard and Storen (great early on, awful lately), so hopping on Padilla’s flotilla would potentially give me some saves if Storen was removed from closing duties.

  61. Mhfella says:

    Hi Grey,
    JJ Hardy or Alexi Casilla when HanRam goes on the DL? Or should I leave the spot empty, get on my horse, ring my bell and become armed either Gee or Niese while they’re available? Thanks!

  62. Grey and fellow Razzballers — I’ve got Garza, Scherzer, and Marrow all on the same 14-team roto league roster, and I’m tempted to sit them all tonight. Does anyone think one of ’em is definitely worth starting?

  63. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: I’m trying to target Scherzer. I’ve got a collection of 2B eligible guys in Kelly, Zobrist and Uggla. Is Uggla or Zobrist too much for Scherzer, or just right?

  64. Exactly says:


    1. J-Upton or Choo/Wandy?
    2. Pena or B. Norris

  65. Benson says:

    Should I start Randy Wolf or Travis Wood this week? I was leaning Wolf. or maybe just grab a middle reliever and avoid the pain. Thanks.

  66. EK says:

    Pls rank:

    Minor @ HOU
    Jackson vs OAK
    Correia vs NYM
    Leake @ SF


  67. EK says:

    also Wolf vs NYM in the mix

  68. JohnnyFive says:

    I can either drop one of Lawrie, Allen Craig, Tabata or Aaron Crow to pick up Alexi Casilla or JJ Hardy to put in my MI spot, or I can just throw Lawrie in the spot and basically consider the spot to be empty for the week. Thoughts? Thanks, as usual.

  69. Benny says:

    Grey – who do you see having the better fantasy impact 2 years from now – Danny Duffy or Shelby Miller?

  70. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Grey, whats with the Doug Glanville pot shot? He’s from HACKENSACK!! Smart guy too, went to UPenn

  71. Commish Cauda says:

    16-team H2H-Points Keeper league

    Would you trade J. Chacin for Carpenter?

    -I can keep Chacin in 2012 for an 8th rounder and 2013 for a 5th rounder.
    -Carpenter cannot be kept.

  72. JackInTheBox says:

    Scott Rolen is killing as a fill in for Wright (or until Lawrie gets 3B eligibility)…so would you (Grey or anyone else) be so kind as to rank these 3baggers compared with Rolen:

    Wiggington, Adam Kennedy, Callapso, Cuddyer, Turner, Chris Johnson

  73. Mr2Bits says:

    Anyone else ever have to deal with Yahoo’s “stat correction” rule?

    Just found out that a bad ruling on a Damon hit a week and a half ago shorted me of a hit an an RBI(they originally ruled him reaching on an error). Well wouldn’t you know, I tied OBP and lost by one RBI that week. Yahoo notified me of the change but did not change any H2H results, still causing me to lose RBI and tie OBP. They said that it only affects the results if it was the most recent match up. Well because those dildos took a week and a half to update their crap, I missed their deadline. What a stupid freaking rule and it really pisses me off.

  74. Paul R says:

    drop bumgarner, b anderson, matusz or morneau in 10 team mixed for lind?

  75. Rabbit says:

    I gotta start three of these five guys this week:

    Dempster @Cin
    Kuroda @Phi
    Nolasco Atl
    E Jackson Oak
    Harang Was

    Thoughts? I don’t trust any of them, but I was thinking Nolasco, Kuroda and Harang. Kuroda seems like a benching against Phi but he has pitched well against them in the past and I don’t trust Jackson or Dempster more this week. Jeez, I gotta trade for more pitching.

  76. Rodger-Dodger says:

    @Enrique: I have Scherzer and Garza too… and they’ll be watching their games from the bench in my league.

    @Wilsonian: Being a Scherzer owner… you could offer him Uggla, but I’d probably refuse it (but a good trade for you), or for Zobrist… that’s pretty fair. If I was desperate for a 2B, that would be very tempting. Also, you might want to wait until tomorrow to offer. Max faces Texas tonight and the chance that he gets rocked again are fairly good, but his next start is against Seattle. I don’t know your target opponent… if he’s the type to look ahead he might think he’s trading him to you unsuspecting of the blow-up he might have today (offer today), but if he’s more oriented on past poor performances, it’s better to wait until tomorrow when another poor showing pushes him over the edge.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @NF: Hosmer

    @The Talented Mr. Deez Nuts: Go with Volquez

    @Ralph: Headley

    @bobbo: Iannetta

    @joe from point pleasant: Arencibia

    @stumanji: Piniero

    @Mhfella: Depends what you need…Casilla

    @Enrique: Sit them.

    @Wilsonian: Uggla

    @Exactly: Upton, Norris and Pena are a coin flip on needs.

    @Benson: Middle reliever.

    @EK: Minor, Leake…

    @JohnnyFive: Just start Craig

    @Benny: Duffy

    @Buddo Chezuski: I saw he was from Hackensack.

    @Commish Cauda: No

    @JackInTheBox: Wiggy, Cuddyer…

    @Mr2Bits: Wow, that’s stupid.

    @Paul R: Morneau

    @Rabbit: Those three sound fine.

  78. JohnnyFive says:

    @Grey: The problem is that Craig doesn’t have 2B eligibility yet. Only 8 games at 2B this year.

  79. Schmohawks Bob says:

    In a two catcher NL only league where we’ve got Posey on the DL, please rank among Whiteside, Blanco, Brett Hayes, and Kyle Phillips.

  80. JackInTheBox says:

    Thanks for the quick response Grey.

  81. Nuke LaDouche says:

    I got offered Jhoulys for Sergio Santos. I would be a little light on closers but it seems like a pretty good deal. I could grab some Dodger closer until trades start happening and new closers open up. Would you make the trade? Which Dodger turd gets the most saves over the next month? Thanks Grey.

  82. Clueless says:

    Hey Grey,

    AL Ten Teamer:

    Was offered Brett Anderson/Peguero for Pineda/Brantley.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance.


  83. Buddo Chezuski says:

    @Grey: alright…well just cuz you got this “cool” mustache now doesn’t mean you can dis your Jersey roots!

  84. Rob says:

    Best holds guy out of Fernando Rodney, David Robertson, Luke Gregerson, Tony Sipp?

  85. Bermuda Triangles says:

    Hi Grey

    Which FOUR players are STARTING this week? (5×5 HTH)

    Ryan Roberts*
    Eric Young*
    J Werth
    M Brantley
    P Bourjos
    C Coglan

    *(either EY or R Roberts has to start at 2nd)

    Thanks as always!

    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

  86. Tony says:

    @grey: just offered my Brandon Phillips, Aybar and Ogando for another guys Hanley, Uggla and Pence.

    Which side do you like? I’m getting destroyed in my H2H league, with wright, heyward, and then pitchers like lester, liriano, yep…. its been an incredibly ugly year.

    Im trying to maybe buy low on hanley and uggla, and I know hanleys probably headed for the DL, but they can back date it, im just efff’d if i dont do something, the team i assembled is dying slowly….. aybar doesn’t do much and phillips hasnt really been hitting but his hot start really masks his overall doings as of late…. thoughts?

  87. t-tocs says:

    i need pitching pitching. currently starters are gallardo, d hudson, cueto, pineda, b anderson, volquez, minor, duke.
    have some decent OF with braun, pence, ichiro, krispie, g sizemore, heyward, craig, jay and we start 5 of and 2 util
    which one do you like more or should i just hold krispie

    lilly/l morrison for krispie
    t hudson/lomo for krispie
    baker/lomo for krispie

    league uses net wins as a category and also total bases

  88. Howard says:

    @Grey Start Hodgepadre Richard at home tonight vs Colorado? Hope no one fed him after midnight!

  89. Tom Emanski says:

    I traded Willingham for Lilly. I did need pitching but aside from that, do you like it in a vacuum? What about outside a vacuum? And what model?

    Willingham tends to be a major 1st half hitter and injury prone.

  90. @Grey: Follow-up… instead of dropping De La Rosa, what do you think about trading him and Belt for Pablo Sandoval?

  91. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    I have to drop 1 of these 3 guys — Bud Norris, Bartolo Colon, or Clayton Richard (2 starts at home) — before I set lineups this week. Obviously, there’s no guarantee I;ll be able to pick them back up. I’m thinking of dropping Norris and riding colon and the 2 start hodgepadre… who would you drop?

  92. @Grey: thought this was funny… Radio Stations in chicago are calling Adam Dunn “Swamp Donkey”….

    HAHA. looks like he lost his big donkey status

  93. Do people like Fowler or Bernadina for the rest of the year? Also is Liriano worth picking up to see if he reclaims some magic?

  94. trick dad says:

    fyi- minor is starting against the astros on Thurs…

  95. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: and is that because you think Uggla will be better or worse than Zobrist for the rest of the year?

  96. JohnnyFive says:

    @Grey: Nah, it’s roto which is why I’m thinking that leaving Lawrie in the spot and taking a zero might be the best bet. Then, I’d be betting on Craig getting two more 2B starts in the next week or Lawrie getting called up leaving me good for next week.

  97. I’m not sure which is worse, Hanley not going on the DL with no concrete explanation or Johnson not coming off the DL with no concrete explanation. Luckily, I own both, so I don’t have to decide.

    More importantly, how excited are you for the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals in less than two weeks? How much of that excitement is strictly to view more C.T. and his meathead deliciousness? Over/Under on episodes for him to get thrown off?

  98. Kablooie says:

    I drafted Alex Rios in Round 4. Like a boss. Should he be dropped for either of Torres or Brantley?

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Talented Mr. Deez Nuts: Sounds solid.

    @AubreyHuffingGlue: Colon

    @The Talented Mr. Deez Nuts: Ha!

    @Shea Sera Sera: Bernadina…Worth picking up in some leagues.

    @trick dad: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Wilsonian: Yup

    @JohnnyFive: Go with that plan.

    @Awesomus Maximus: I can’t wait for the new Challenge. On one hand, I want CT to do something ridiculous to warrant getting kicked off, on the other hand, I want him on the show. With that said, 2 episodes and he’s gone.

  100. boomer19 says:

    Just got offered donkey for lawrie? Is it worth it? Thanks

  101. Jobanian says:

    Zach Britton for Brett Anderson. Who wins?

  102. Sabean's Muzzle says:

    @Everyone: Anyone own Colby Lewis? Starting him tonight against the Tigers?

  103. C.O.C. says:

    Need one of these: Burnett-Bos, [email protected], Leake-ChC,@SF, and I have Minor but not sure if he is for sure starting Sat?

  104. @Grey: Same here. It won’t be worth having CT on if he doesn’t do stuff to get himself kicked off… but I don’t want the show without him. I guess Coral really is done with MTV, or she’d be a slam dunk paired up with… well, take your pick (Mormon Julie would be fun). I miss Coral and the two midgets she hides in her tank top.

  105. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : Leake a viable option against the Cubs today? Need to get rid of my Wood and figure why not take a Leake. If not, I’ll need to wait on Corriea to come off waivers

  106. hoey says:

    Soto or Wieters?

  107. AL KOHOLIC says:

    fowler to the D.L anderson going to get elbow checked

  108. Juggling DL’d and ineffective starters, which two would you roster projecting overall value for the balance of the season from Garza, Volquez, WandyRod and Peavy? Thanks!

  109. bogbert says:

    On the fence about starting Gio the Beautiful. I’m pretty far ahead on Starts Pace, and have a terrible WHIP. Go for it, or sit him? Thanks

  110. Mike says:


    Trade Weaver, Haren, or Marcum for McCutchen. Guy will take either. Then pick up Baker, Morton, Volquez, or Liriano to replace? Thank you!

  111. chata says:


    always enjoy a good bbq reference .
    will endorse most of their stuff , especially the mopping sauce , but ,
    unless you have a cast iron stomach , stay away from the hot stuff .
    that man must breathe fire .

    @Grey: @Paulie Allnuts:

    picked this tidbit up an hour ago in the A ‘s draft live-chat room :
    anderson to have his left elbow examined .
    be advised .

  112. hey ho, so, since it’s draft day, i’m gonna throw this out there for laughs.

    andrew miller!

    last 2 starts, he’s used a new warmup routine where he warms up and then sits down and then throws a fake first inning in the bullpen. he’d been having volquez-style early-game control trouble and wanted to find a way to get in a groove. and he’s got a 13/2 K/BB in those two games. 9/0 in the last one.

    beyond that, the bigger picture – the tigers and marlins tried to change his mechanics. the sox just told him, “do whatever feels right to you” and left him alone. and he says it’s starting to feel right.

    two more starts until he’s got an opt-out clause in his contract, june 15th. sox have a rotation opening now with dice-k down. they won’t bring miller up until they’re sure he can stick, since he’s out of options and would have to pass through waivers to go back down, which he probably won’t. so i’m not sure what’s going to happen. i don’t think he’ll actually opt out, don’t get the feeling he wants to leave the org right now when he’s gotten comfortable, so maybe the opt-out doesn’t trigger anything and he doesn’t come up until like september, or next year.

    but. everybody’s written him off at this point. but he never got hurt. he still has the stuff, 97 with a slider from the left side. he’s given up exactly 1 hit in 5 of his 11 AAA starts. absurdly low hit rate. and reports say even a lot of the hits he’s given up are dinks and bloops. it’s just been the walks. if he can improve the command, even just incrementally…

    this is just like an AL-only heads up for the moment, but, keep an eye on it.

  113. Mike says:

    @Grey – Peavy, J. Zimmermann, or Liriano

  114. @Grey: just pulled off this one:

    I gave Belt$30, Volquez$10, and Keppinger$10.

    I Received: Martin Prado $10

    I like!

  115. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: not to be a pain in your ass, but I asked if it was because Uggla is going to be better or worse than Zobrist for the rest of the year, and you said “yup”. So I’m just confused. Which one is it?

  116. @Mike: Peavy is about to hit the DL homie… i guess know they’re saying he will get a 2nd evaluation, but i wouldn’t be picking him up

  117. L-Boogie says:

    Follow up q. You wouldn’t start Volquez this week. So you’re down on him for the rest of the year or just wait and see for this week?

    Thanks dude.

  118. @Grey: hey man, quick question. I’m in a RCL (currently in 1st) but i’m ahead of the starts pace.. I’ve never been in a league where you can stream pitchers on a daily basis before (i normally play Roto w no bench spots). Since i’m ahead of the pace, do you suggest just rolling out my big 4 starters every week (holliday, lester, carpenter, YO-lease, and filling out the rest of my roster w/ relievers? I have KROD, Heath Bell, Fernuardo Salanchez (2), and Vinnie Pestano. I was streaming Wandy, Ervin Santana, and Randy Wolf… but maybe i would get more value with the lights out relievers and just dropping those other pitchers for bats… thoughts?

  119. Commish Cauda says:

    Pick one for this week, H2H-Points:

    Bud Norris: vsSTL (Garcia)
    James McDonald: vsNYM (Dickey)
    Edinson Volquez: vsCHC (Davis) and @SF(Sanchez)

  120. Mike says:

    @The Talented Mr. Deez Nuts: Thanks Deez Nuts, I have Peavy right now and Liriano sitting on my DL, but Zimmermann is available, so I’m wondering what to do with Peavy and Liriano (and their respective DL-status) or grab Zimmermann going forward… Any other thoughts? Grey??

  121. @The Talented Mr. Deez Nuts: don’t get -too- excited. i’m just saying, if & when he finally gets called up, he’s probably worth a flier. you don’t have to do anything unless & until a hype wave starts to build, which it hasn’t yet. a few more starts like the last two and we’ll see.

    he could always just start walking guys again next week and it wouldn’t be surprising at all. but i think there’s some reason for hope, based on the fact that the tigers & marlins tampered with his delivery and the sox now are saying, just go back to what you did in college. plenty of guys with control problems never fix them, but sometimes they do. bard did. randy johnson did. and slow control development is supposed to be a thing with tall pitchers, which miller obviously is.

    and the upside is huge.

  122. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @wily mo: Miller: 34 BB’s in 51.1 IP

  123. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @simply fred: Let’s see: fake first inning BEFORE he starts the game. How many innings he going to pitch?…hmm

  124. Ciao Grey — How would you rank these three for the ROS?

    Ruby de la Rosa
    Mike Minor
    Juan Nicasio


  125. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Does anyone have any idea when Lawrie, Jennings, Moustakas, or Rizzo are going to get called up? I have them in assorted leagues and would really like to know if they are going to be called up reasonably soon. Damnit teams call up your prospects!

  126. Steve says:

    @Grey: Just a follow up to our What’s-Gallardo-Worth? conversation of yesterday – how about Pence?

  127. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: that’s what I was getting at. Thanks dude. Offered Zobrist for Scherzer…I’m hoping for a complete and total meltdown of Scherzer tonight so I can easily make that deal. Ha!

  128. Steve says:

    @Grey: Throw Lind in there too.

  129. Eddy says:

    Dee Gordon called up.

  130. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Enrique: Minor, Nicasio

    @Steve: Pence would be good.

    @Eddy: Thanks for the heads up!

  131. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Hanson/Gordon too much to give up for Bruce?

  132. Dad says:

    @Grey: I know it’s a vague question, but would you consider Swisher a good buy-low or would you just stay away?

    I leaguemate said he’d accept 2 of my 3 closers for Konerko+Swisher. He didn’t say which ones, but i have Axford, Walden, League. How would you rank those 3 closers for RoS?

  133. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: @ThE sHiT: Hommy Tanson/Alex Gordon for Jay Bruce that is. I need an OF upgrade. My trade partner doesnt want Haren anymore.

  134. Eddy says:


    Ian Desmond has apparently been in my lineup for SB. His OBP is terrible and he has provided no pop. Would it be inconceivable to drop him for Dee Gordon? Gordon will provide more steals, way better OBP and same power (aka NO power).

    I know there will be a blurb on this tomorrow, but what do you think?

    12-team H2H OBP

  135. Wilsonian says:

    Uribe coming off the DL. Do you like him over Wiggy Wiggy Wiggy for my 3rd base doode?

  136. ChiSox says:

    Who do I sit this week, points league

    Adam Jones

  137. @Grey: I just remember during one of the challenges she got upset with Evan for backstabbing (whoduh thunk?) and walked off, saying she would never do another show. I remember because it broke my heart… okay, not my heart.

  138. Eddy says:

    Also, Dee Gordon is not in the lineup today. Jamey Carroll is leading off at SS.

  139. Fletch says:

    @Grey: I have Kershaw and Chacin going against each other in Col. this week. Do you like Danks for 2 starts over either of them or just leave it the way it is? thanks

  140. @simply fred: yeah, i mean, i kind of talked about that, didn’t i?

  141. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    Aaaaaand Brett Anderson’s elbow is borked.

    Awesome. Trotted him out for the last month while he torched my pitching staff, and now he likely needs Tommy John.

  142. AL KOHOLIC says:

    dee gordon or bartlett

  143. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Benching Garza @ CIN today right?

  144. AL KOHOLIC says:

    or gordon or EY JR

  145. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: For that trade, should i go for Bruce, CarGo or Crawford? Im pretty good on steals with Andrus and Upton also on my team, btw…

  146. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: thanks,one more,is morrow as bad as he has been or do you see a improvement,im not needing k.s at this point

  147. Sabean's Muzzle says:

    @Grey: Dunn or Mark Trumbo for the rest of the season? Dunn seems uninterested in earning his $60 million, and Guillen isn’t exactly a cool-cat.

  148. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Hide Morrow against LHB, run him out against RHB if you need ERA/WHIP help. Otherwise, trade him to someone who needs Ks while hyping his dominance against RHB.

  149. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Travis: seems he gets 2 strikes on guys only to give up a hit quite often

  150. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Which pitcher do i give, Haren or Hanson? He will take either one now..

  151. TomtheBod says:

    @Grey – Would you drop Jed Lowrie for Dee Gordon?

  152. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I’m guessing you’d rather have Pence than Heyward for the rest of the year?

    Reason I ask is that in my H2H league, we have LF/CF/FR, so I’d be choosing between Pence and Heyward for the RF slot (or I could put one at Util and sit Krispie more often – or trade him).

    Normally I never really struggle in this league, but of my first five picks, 3 are one the DL (Hanley, Zimm, Heyward), one is useless (Morneau) and one is on fire (Kemp). 9th is a place I do not recognise…

  153. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: He has a sub-1 WHIP against RHB, he’s always killed them. He’s getting pounded by LHB because he only throws fastball-slider. A slider from a RHP to a LHB has very little chance of success. Until he starts throwing changeups or curveballs, sit him against LHB.

  154. busta says:

    SS hurting:

    Izturis or Alex Gonzalez?

  155. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Travis: @Grey: @Grey: thanks for the info,im still stuck with a guy on dl,thats no longer on the dl and need to drop a guy,i know the guy i should drop,moustakas but i love him at 3rd,cant even make a 2 for 1 trade till i adjust my roster,theres my crying for the day

  156. a lot of prospecty type people don’t think dee gordon is going to hit, at least not right away. it’s like, the steroids thing is over, so most shortstops are kind of skinny, but he’s taking it to another level, to the point where scouts are making “hey, how did that fan get on the field” jokes. he’ll steal bases if he gets on base at all, so he’s still worth the flyer in this day and age of terrible MI options, but there’s a chance he’s going to get so competely owned by big league pitching that they have to send him back down. be interesting to see what happens.

    meanwhile lowrie continues to rake if by “rake” you mean “hit like he’s swinging one of those floppy leaf rakes”. he’s still killing LHP (OPS of like 1300) but getting completely shut down by RHP (sub-600). seems to be something wrong with his lefty swing, he keeps swinging like 2 feet over the ball. getting exasperated.

  157. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Got it, thanks dude. This is part of that 3-way deal i asked you about a couple weeks ago. Im giving Haren/Gordon to a guy for Weeks. Im then flipping Weeks for Bruce. It will hurt my SP staff, but there are good guys like Zimmermann, Morrow, Lewis, Jackson, Humber, Gee, Lilly are on the wire for me to grab.

  158. yankees2011 says:

    Hello Grey. Excellent work as usual. I wanted to run a trade by you.

    I get Howard and Pineda and I give up Hamels and Morse. My team is underperforming in many areas, but this would leave me with SPs Billingsley (Yuch!), Scherzer (Yuch, yuch!!), Kennedy, D. Hudson, and Colon.

    What say you Grey? Thanks much.

  159. Steve says:

    @Grey: Pick one, please:


    12-team H2H, OBP counts as well as AVE.

  160. Wilsonian says:

    Grienke or Scherzer for 2011? One guy will deal Grienke but wants Zobrist plus something. Is Bills too much as the “plus something”? I could maybe get something else tossed in with Grienke.

  161. Wilsonian says:

    Also, is Pineda too much for Kennedy? Can maybe do this 1 for 1 swap.

  162. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: scary thing is ludwick has been decent,better than dunn so far

  163. BobbyI says:

    @Grey: need your ruling on a trade. my hitting is very solid, my pitching needs a lot of work. 10-team 5×5 keeper league.

    im offering Tex, CarGo and Billingsley for Pujols, A Gordon and J Weaver

    10 keepers per team, Tex, CarGo, Pujols and JWeaver are essentially all the same price, neither gordon or bills will be keepers. I hate Billingsley, need him off my team. I feel like the trade is as even as can be, but am reluctant. I guess Im not compeltely sold on Weaver. Top pitcher last year and this year, but will he be this good for next few years? Whos the winner in this deal?

  164. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Padres clearing spot for Rizzo?: After starting 42 games at first base this season, Brad Hawpe made his first start in right field on Monday against the Rockies, prompting the speculation on the Padres potentially clearing a spot at first base to call-up prospect Anthony Rizzo. Jorge Cantu started at first base on Monday.

  165. Grey

    Grey says:

    @busta: gonzalez

    @wily mo: thanks for the breakdown!

    @the shit: gotcha

    @Yankees: sounds fine.

    @Steve: Jay

    @Wilsonian: yes, no

    @Bobby: eh, it’s just all right.

  166. Joel says:

    Grey, my SPs in my 6×6 h2h league are Hamels, Marcum, Carpenter, CJ Wilson, Anibal, Brett Anderson (UGH) and Ervin Santana. I’ve been offered Dunn for Ervin. Pitchers on the wire to replace him with are Stauffer, Edwin Jackson, and Haraang.

    1) I have to take Dunn for Ervin, right?

    2) If i do, which of those 3 would u take off the wire? I’m leaning Haraang I guess.

  167. TomtheBod says:

    @wily mo – I know what you mean. Lowrie is really trying my patience right now and he’s my only shortstop since Hanley went down. I need some production and I figure Gordon is worth a flier just in case. If he doesn’t produce and Lowrie turns it around, I’m screwed, b/c the wire is thin and lowrie is the best ranked option out there, but I think I got enough chips to make a trade for a shortstop. Btw, I’m preparing for the worst with Hanley (a season ending dl stint, which probably isn’t realistic but possible).

    I’m impressed with Lowrie’s power numbers in the minors and his ability to hit for average but he hasn’t shown the power this season, perhaps due to past wrist injuries. I’m equally impressed with Gordon’s ability to hit .300 every step of the way and the steals are ideal Gordon’s kind of a desmond jennings type without the power, but he makes up for the lost power by playing at a thin position. Gordon’s also not far behind Jennings in the rankings, according to baseball america’s top 100. I was kind of torn between Gordon and Lowrie, which is why I turned it over to Grey, so he better not F#$% this shizz up.

  168. Donnie Baseball says:

    give up Bruce, S. Baker, and T. Stauffer for Abreau, Gallardo, and Jurrjens.

    Good deal? And does it have a chance of being accepted?

  169. Steve says:

    Morneau back in the Twins lineup. Question is, will we notice the difference?

  170. Steve says:

    @Steve: And he’s batting 5th…

  171. Eddy says:

    MLB Draft is just starting and PIT takes Gerrit Cole 1st overall.

    Olney also reported that if DBacks get Bauer at 3rd overall, has a chance of playing in the Majors this year.

  172. Wilsonian says:

    Zobrist/Billingsly for Grienke/Nunez (or Madson)? Good deal if I’m getting Grienke?

  173. Steve says:

    @Steve: Same old, same old.

  174. WDE05 says:

    Asdrubal with a 2 run jack to start the week off on a good note. He will have to fall off a cliff to meet the projections from the “fire and ice” article. Don’t think I’d bet on that.

  175. Steve says:

    @Grey: I hate to do it to a 5th-round pick, but is Morneau actually droppable in a 12-teamer?

  176. herschel says:

    cargo leading off tonight for the rockies. thoughts?

  177. Grey

    Grey says:

    @WDE05: Yeah, those projections seemed a bit modest at this point.

    @Steve: He is, but you can’t get anything? Like a brain freeze or something.

  178. Steve says:

    @Grey: Yeah, wouldn’t drop him outright.

    Moreland, Helton, Daniel Murphy, LaPorta and Freeman are all on the wire. They’re all preferable, right?

  179. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    good start for Gio! Anyone have a gun by chance?

  180. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey / Any good folk here

    We starting Mad Max tonight @ Tex?

    Much oblidged,

    -The Spaceman

  181. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: I guess that’s a no, then? What if he offered PErez instead?

  182. Wake Up says:

    I might have just pinched a nerve pulling Morneau off of my team like a bandaid! Pretty sad, eh.

  183. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: ok, then what if it was Ubaldo, Morrow, or Garza, instead?

  184. Donnie Baseball says:

    How about Bruce, Baker, Stauffer for Crisp, Romero, Morrow?

  185. aj says:

    Who do you drop?
    Jason Bourgeois, Allen Craig, Corey Patterson, Carlos Pena,

  186. debar says:

    so i might lose anderson…ROS: wandy, danks, or bumgarner

  187. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Weeks/Rios for Haren/Wright. Thoughts? What is the latest news on Wright?

  188. Trevor

    tggq21 says:


    Just refreshed the website.. Norton blew up saying an attempted intrusion on my computer was blocked. The web attack was called, “Blackhole Toolkit Website 5” Attacking Computer- (, 80), attacker URL-

    Didn’t know if you knew about this….

  189. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThE sHiT: I’d take Wright there, but the news hasn’t been great on Wright. News is worse on Rios though.

    @tggq21: Hmm…I’ll ask my web guy, you’re not getting it at other sites?

  190. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Nope, just this website and Microsoft Word…

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tggq21: Every time you refresh?

  192. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Just the first time refreshing… Hasn’t happened since..

  193. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: The guy im supposed to trade Haren/Gordon for Weeks with offered this instead. Im not sure why he wants Wright. My guess is Wright isnt coming back til atleast August. But i dont know how to gauge the value of injured players in trades. Rios is a throw-in on his part. I would be dropping Rios for a SP.

  194. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    @Grey: On this site probably 5-6 times a day for over a year now and this was the first time I have seen it. It may just be an error from Norton.. but i’d ask the web designer just in case.

  195. AdamH says:

    Posting this here since it’s more active than the fire and ice thread. Sorry for double post.

    Wanting to add Clayton Richard for tonight and his 2nd start this week since both are at home. Are Jeter or Alfonso Soriano droppable in a 12 team H2H keeper?

    My hitters:

    C – Santana
    1B – Votto
    2B – Utley
    3B – Reynolds
    SS – Y. Escobar
    OF – Krispie
    OF – Gordon
    OF – Ryan Roberts
    UTIL – Pujols

    Bench – Espinosa, Moreland, Jeter, Soriano

  196. Fletch says:

    Danks & Scherzer…figures. So far anyways…long way to go yet.

  197. Steve says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had an 0-fer in fantasy baseball, but it’s on the cards today in my H2H league. 0-13 so far. Joyce (against Price), Huff and Krispie to come.

    A shutout beckons…

  198. Travis says:

    Needing steals and bombs and I’m top of the league in avg.

    Trade Phillips for Kinsler?

    Waiting for years for Kinsler to “break out”

  199. Grey

    Grey says:

    @tggq21: Okay, thanks for telling me.

    @ThE sHiT: Wright should be back before August, but it’s anyone’s guess.

    @AdamH: I wouldn’t drop either.

    @Steve: Ha

  200. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Travis: I wouldn’t make that trade.

  201. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    Felipe Paulino having another decent outing… i think it may be time to take a flier on this dude… this will be 4 in a row

    also, it’s time to admit that Ass-dribble cabrera is going to atleast be a 20-20 candidate this year, with 25-20 upside!! grabbed him for $17 this year, great deal!

  202. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: At 12 homers in the beginning of June, seems unlikely barring injury he doesn’t get to 20 homers.

  203. royce! says:

    Any thoughts on that white guy named Blackmon? Worth owning in a 14-teamer? And does his call up screw over EY Jr? Inquiring minds want to know! [mine]

  204. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @Grey: i definitely agree, but i also think he is going to slow down sooner or later (along with the rest of the Indians). I don’t think he has 30 HR guaranteed, like a lot of people are predicting. tons of value for his ADP.

  205. Dominic says:

    So my pitchers have been getting hammered lately.

    I have D Hudson, Bud Norris, Brett Anderson, Tim Hudson and Jhoulys. Obviously I was going for high K rates but they are killing me on the ERA and WHIP with the exception to Jhoulys.

    Players like Gee, Colon, C. Morton, Niese and Jordan Zimmerman are available.

    I just have a hard time dropping one of my starters for these other pitchers. What do you think, should I just hold strong with what I got or what?

  206. royce! says:

    I just read that XX1090 [padres radio network] were spreading the rumor that Rizzo’s coming up. Not sure if they have any info beyond the fact that Hawpe is playing RF.

    Coincidentally, because my friend and her 3 year old daughter are staying with us, I watched Muppets Take Manhattan last night. Rizzo is the name of the main rat character that works at a diner. The newest Muppets movie is coming out some time soon. Perhaps the Padres are going to do a cross-promotion? Gotta pay the bills somehow!

  207. ThE sHiT says:

    @Grey: Thoughts on Boesch? Pick him up in a 14 team mixed league?

  208. Dominic says:

    @ThE sHiT: I would he is in the 3 spot in a potent lineup… there is much worse options especially in a 14 team league

  209. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: If you can platoon him… Don’t think it screws up Young.

    @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: For sure.

    @Dominic: You’ll probably be able to drop Anderson shortly. Go with Zimmermann when you do.

    @royce!: Ah, yeah, Ratso Rizzo.

    @ThE sHiT: Depends who you’re dropping for him.

  210. Fletch says:


  211. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Would you drop C. McGehee for any of the following 3B in a 12 team, 5×5, H2H league?
    Cuddyer, Aviles, Izturies, Figgins, J.Turner, A.Kennedy, Callaspo, Betemit, C.Johnson, J.Carroll, Valencia or Headley?

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @royce!: havnt seen where blackmon was called up yet,has he

  213. EK says:

    Start Liriano and/or Stauffer tomorrow?

  214. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: No, I just like to make jokes about race.

    But seriously, I did read it, I think on rotowire, and you should drop Rizzo for him, ‘cos Rizzo’s a rat!

  215. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @royce!: ha,i read where its assumed that they would if fowler dl,d and he did but havnt seen anything for sure on bloackmon,10 hr,s 19 dbls and 12 sb,s 337 average not bad

  216. Steve says:

    @Grey: 0-17 now, but weirdly with 2 RBI and a steal.

  217. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: it was rotowire.

  218. Fletch says:

    Dunn = just hit the 80k mark…congrats!

  219. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @Grey: Swamp Donkey (Dunn) just struck out with the bases loaded. i think he has about 7 k’s in the last 3 games. dude is horrible.

  220. nyydj2 says:

    Update: Charlie Blackmon has been called up by the Rockies and is expected to be ready to play in Tuesday’s game against the Padres, the Denver Post reports.

    per rotoinfo

  221. AL KOHOLIC says:

    toronto pen blows a great game by morrow

  222. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @nyydj2: thanks

  223. AL KOHOLIC says:

    youd think unless blackmon starts out real hot that his stay could only be as long as fowler is dl,d so i wouldnt drop anyone to good

  224. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: i feel your pain man, i had morrow and pineda go tonight, 2 good games with no W’s…
    @nyydj2: can’t imagine they’re going to call him up and not play him, i just don’t know where the hell he’s going to play… with Chris Nelson just called up and hitting well, as well as EY Jr. hitting well. they’re OF is crowded as it is. maybe they play Blackmon at CF, keep EY Jr. at 2nd, and play Nelson @ 3rd?

  225. herschel says:

    from CBS: “Sports radio XX1090 in San Diego reports a team source said there is a “good chance” Rizzo will be called up by the Padres on Wednesday.”

  226. Steve says:

    @Grey: Indeed. I’m actually hoping I go hitless now.

    Couple of hits now won’t make any difference to anything.

  227. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: i dropped francuer for him,but i think your right,they like blackmon in center,i also have EY so we,ll see over the next week

  228. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @herschel: wooowhoooo

  229. nyydj2 says:

    Ha! Just noticed the rotoinfo site has an ad on this page with up to the minute blurbs, cool. Blackmon and Blackburn, I should pick up both of them but……they say you never go back…..

  230. royce! says:

    @Steve: My RCL team is 10 for 32 with 1 RBI. Also weird.

  231. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: yah i have EY too. i don’t think he’s that good of a defensive CF, he’s been a MI his entire career. I just hope they don’t take him out of the lineup, i need the steals bad!
    @Grey: what do you think of this Chris Nelson kid? I read he was a 1st round pick in 2005, then he had some sort of wrist injury, but has been back on his game the last 2 years… anything to get excited about? he’s batting 2nd tonight and had a triple in his first AB

  232. Terrence Mann says:

    I know you’re not a fan of Baseball Tonight but Kruk just said Zambrano owes the AAA team an apology for comparing them to the Cubs. Lmao

  233. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: hey man, i just read that EY JR. was supposed to lead off and play CF tonight, but there was a last minute lineup change that moved CarGO to CF and put him in the leadoff spot. Stay tuned… hopefully EY didn’t get hurt in BP or something… If so, i’m definitely going to pick up Blackmon

  234. Steve says:

    @Steve: Booo!!! Aaron Hill breaks up the no-hitter.

  235. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: nelson batted 315 14 dbls 4 trpls 5 hr 60 rbi in 200 ab,s,only 2 sb,s

  236. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: @The Talented Mr. Dope Man: nevermind about that EY injury… seems like this was a planned change in the line up to “mix things up”. but CarGo just said “it is his understanding that he is going to play a lot more CF and he wants to continue to leadoff…” that might dip his fantasy value a little bit. SCHMOHAWK

  237. Eddy says:

    Mike Morse sure knows how to turn my shitty H2H day around.

  238. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Eddy: yeah he has been a big help for me

  239. Steve says:

    Any chance the stupid Padres could provide a bit of run support?

  240. Terrence Mann says:

    @Steve: The Padres wil provide run support when Shrek stops being a beloved icon.

  241. Wilsonian says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: except I have him and Timmy on the same team. And after suffering two losses from Pineda and Gio already.

    @Grey: I don’t think you answered this in my glut of questions earlier, but: Greinke or Scherzer for the rest of the year?

  242. longbeachyo says:

    Ok Grey… I’m about to drop T. Wood. Now that I think about it, B. Anderson and Liriano are on the chopping block too. Who has more value going forward as a utility… Freeman, Boesch, Rizzo, or Allen Craig???

  243. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Weeks coming up to join A’s: Top infield prospect Jemile Weeks will be the next to join the Oakland A’s infield as he was pulled early from his game for Triple-A Sacramento on Monday night and headed to Baltimore to join the A’s, reports CSN Bay Area. With Mark Ellis getting injured in Monday’s loss in Baltimore, Weeks will be the choice to replace him in the infield. The A’s need a player as Adam Rosales can’t play on back-to-back nights. Weeks will need to be added to Oakland’s 40-man roster.

  244. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn fransisco getting close to being droppable

  245. Steve says:

    Come on Huff you prick. This is the last thing you’ll do on my team…

  246. Steve says:

    @Steve: There you go. Just needed some tough love.

    But I picked up Burnett yesterday, so that will be all now thanks, Giants.

  247. @TomtheBod: yeah no, i’m like official #1 lowrie supporter, and am skeptical of gordon’s ability to hit, yet at this point i kind of agree with grey that gordon’s the choice there. gordon’s steals are at least something you can point to that’ll probably help your team. lowrie has to hit or he’s nothing and he’s not hitting.

    i don’t think it’s a wrist injury thing. that was a long time ago. he hit last year. he’s slugging .672 against lefties and .299 against righties. he’s a switch-hitter who’s on fire from one side and cratering from the other side. and unfortunately the cratering side plays a lot more. it’s incredibly frustrating. i still think it’s possible he fixes it, his OPS vs RHP last year was over .800. so he’s physically capable of hitting them. i dunno.

    if you can avoid straight dropping lowrie for gordon and roster both of them for a while that’s what i’d try to do.

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