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Matt Holliday heads to the DL with a quadriceps injury.  C’mon, Mantle played with no knees for ten years!  Have a scotch and get in the lineup!  John Jay should see time while Holliday recoups.  Worth owning in 12 team leagues and could make a decent sub while Holliday’s out.  That’s not to say he could make a decent hoagie.  Different things.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Kyle McClellan – Out for at least a couple of weeks with a hip flexor strain.  Or it’s hip to be strained, if you’re a kid of the 80’s.

Lance Lynn – Will fill in for McClellan.  Decent K-rate in the minors, a few too many walks at times and barely above average stuff.  But Dave Duncan once coached a pot of a chili to a 12-5 record, so I went out and grabbed Lynn in an NL-Only league.  He could quickly become a decent gamble in mixed leagues, but for now he only has one start guaranteed.

Allen Craig – Didn’t start yesterday, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to hit.  He went 1-for-3 with a home run while batting nearly .500 over the last week.

Hanley Ramirez – Always one to take any opportunity to not hustle, Hanley’s waiting until Friday to decide whether to go on the DL.  If I had to take a guess, I think he will go on the DL.  If you really need speed, I’d grab Bonifacio, who will be playing short in media res.

Aroldis Chapman – Won’t be activated on Friday when eligible.  Dusty said, “He’s got to get things together mentally and emotionally.”  Hey, Aroldis, stop watching Lifetime movies!

Brian Matusz – 5 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 4 baserunners, 3 Ks.  He used to be the weak side of the Double Stuff Orioles (with Tillman), but, since his 2nd half ERA last year was 3.63 with a solid K-rate, he’s been the pitcher to own…In deep leagues.  In shallower leagues, he’ll be serviceable at times.  There’s an outside chance for a breakout, but I’d conservatively expect around a 4.00 ERA overall.

Michael Pineda – 7 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 7 Ks.  I feel like I haven’t talked about Pineda enough.  He has more than a K per inning, a WHIP of 1.00 and an ERA of 2.30.  Let’s see, that’s better than F-Her, Tommy Hanson and Sabathia.  Bingo bango!

Josh Willingham – Yesterday, he hit his third homer in his last six games.  The Hammer in Oakland that you can touch and doesn’t wear pants seventeen sizes too big is crazy hot right now.

Clint Barmes – 2-for-5 and he hit a home run on May 30th.  For him, that’s hot.  Also, I watched him hit yesterday and he looked locked in. Not to mention, I just dropped him in one league so he’s going to spite me.

Brent Lillibridge – 2-for-5 and his 2nd home run in the last five games to go along with a modest five game hitting streak.  Playing every day puts him in over his head like Michael J. Fox in The Secret of My Success, but while he’s hitting, what the hey?

David Ortiz – Hit his 4th home run in the last week and he’s hitting .313 on the year.  Did he get some of Bartolo Colon’s stem cells injected into him too?

Laynce Nix – Hit his 9th home run yesterday.  Yeah, instead of Josh Hamilton in the 2nd round, you could’ve drafted Laynce Nix.  Fantasy Baseball:  If You’re Not Already Prematurely Balding, It’ll Make You Pull Out Your Hair.

Dan Haren – Lower back spasms caused him to fall to his knees in pain.  He screamed, “I feel bad!” then Mark Trumbo put a cape over his shoulders.  Haren said later it felt better and he’s waiting to see how it feels on Thursday before pushing his next start.

Erick Aybar – 3-for-4 and his 14th steal.  Now batting .315 on the year.   He’s a two week hot streak away from being the best shortstop in baseball, even if that’s like being the tallest midget.

Mike Stanton – 3-for-4 with his 12th home run.  The other day someone accused me in the comments of not showing enough love to Stanton.  I found that offensive since I literally drool every time I watch him bat.  On my Trapper Keeper, it says, “I heart Pony Sticks.”  That’s what I secretly call Stanton.  We have pet names.  And I don’t show enough love for him?  Over his first 150 games in the majors, 75/33/88/.258/5.  At the age of 21, that’s a thing of beauty.  If I had to say one player that I think would make the Hall of Fame that has been in the league for only one year, it would be Stanton.  He’ll have 500 homers by the time he’s 33.  Is that enough love?

Javier Vazquez – 6 IP, 4 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Well, he finally started K’ing some hitters, so that’s good.  But four earned in six innings isn’t exactly dying your hair blonde and pretending to be Guy Fieri at a local diner.

Cody Ross – 4-for-5 with a steal.  Now has two homers and is 7 for his last 13.  Does he think it’s the playoffs?

Juan Miranda – 2 for his last 18.  And…scene!

Jhonny Peralta – 2-for-4, after hitting 7 homers and .354 in May.  Okay, pop quiz, hotshot.  Who is hitting for a better average?  Peralta or Miggy?  Yup.

Justin Morneau – 0-for-3.  Hey, it’s good to have you back!

Rajai Davis – 2-for-4, 4 RBIs and his 1st home run.  Now hitting near .350 over the last week and 15 steals on the year.  For a SAGNOF’er, because of his placement in the lineup, he might set the record for ribbies.  Prince Fielder, “Someone say ribbies?!”

Ubaldo Jimenez – 9 IP, 0 ER, 4 baserunners, 7 Ks.  2010 called, it wants its start back.

Carlos SantanaIndians scored 13 runs and Santana went 0-for-3.  Ticker tease!  Though, it’s been more like a ticker season.  Comatose Indians Fan, “I’ve been asleep for the last two months but I see the Indians have the best record in baseball?!  Wow, I can only imagine what Carlos Santana, Sizemore and Choo are doing!”  Yeah, not what you think.

Asdrubal Cabrera – 4-for-6, 2 runs, 3 RBIs.  Okay, he is the best shortstop as of right now.  Fair enough.

Shaun Marcum – 7 IP, 2 ER, 5 baserunners, 7 Ks.  Since I’m venting today, someone the other day mentioned how I didn’t say anything when Marcum had a bad last start.  He pitched fine, he grooved one to some rookie that no one thought could hit (Brandon Crawford) and he hit a grand slam.  He threw a bad pitch, he didn’t throw a bad game.

Nyjer Morgan – 2-for-3 in back-to-back games.  He’s really not much better than Gomez, and Gomez isn’t very good, but Morgan is at least hitting.

Vicente Padilla – From the files of, “Yeah, Well, Dur,” Mattingly says Padilla will regain the closer role on Friday when he returns from the DL.

Daniel Murphy – 2-for-4 as he stays sizzling.  At least two hits in the past four games.  He’s not glamorous, but hot schmotatos rarely are.

Kevin Correia – 6 IP, 2 ER, 8 baserunners, 4 Ks with his 8th win.  I’m still waiting for Correia to go south and smell of fermented cabbage.

Mike Leake – 6 IP, 3 ER, 7 baserunners, 3 Ks.  He’s a deep league add at this point since he may not stay in the rotation for long.

Jay Bruce – Hit his 17th home run.  Or one home run for every baby born in the Ohio area in the last month named Bruce.  Broose counts as well.

Felipe Paulino – 5 IP, 0 ER, 4 baserunners, 4 Ks.  I do love his Ks, but…must…resist…urge…to…pick…him….up.  He’s just too inconsistent.

Billy Butler – Hit his 4th home run, a game winner.  After he crossed home, someone threw beads at him.

Daisuke Matsuzaka – Headed for Tommy John surgery.  In other words, Dice-K’s elbow rolled craps.  I always thought it was gonna be “Dice” Clay who’d need Tommy John surgery because of his unorthodox smoking form.  Dice-K’s ulnar collateral ligament blew — it needed the money — oh!

  1. Virinder says:

    Edwin Jackson might be sent to the bullpen per CBSSports…I just picked this guy up after he was dropped on waivers. I thought he was just getting unlucky, and could maybe turn it around?? Thoughts??

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    yes,been waiting on ubaldo,now i need morrow to atleast pitch good enough to not want to drop him,which i cant do,and no one wants to trade for him

  3. Bré Jus says:

    Prince Fielder is vegan, dude

  4. blinkuldhc says:

    Unless you’re related to him, there’s absolutely no reason why Billy Butler should be starting at 1B for any fantasy team in a sub-20 team league, right?

    I don’t get how he’s owned in 90% of Yahoo 12-team leagues (75% starting him). He’s on pace for 77 runs, 12 HRs (WITH last night’s HR), 65 RBI, 3 SBs. I’m not even sure I’d start Butler if he somehow got 2B eligibility.

  5. blinkuldhc says:


    I thought Ozzie said that he’s going ahead with the 6-man rotation. You should check that out.

  6. Gaby Sanchez and Jon Lester for Timmy Slim Jim Lincecum. Which side?

  7. Howard says:

    @Grey I’m letting Bud the Spud go @ Petco today. Do I take a chance on Mad Bum @ St. Loo? Thanks!

  8. Steve says:

    Can we take it, then, that Guerrier has outlived his usefulness?

    Such as it was.

  9. papajason says:

    Have to choose one: Stauffer or Norris in SD tonight?

    Also, why can’t I give up on Ryan Raburn. Somebody help me

  10. Francis says:

    Dice-K post: best post of the year. Well done! Sad to say (or proud to say) that I still remember all the naughty Mother Goose rhymes from my teenage days. Oh!

  11. K76154 says:

    Should I hold on to Miranda? Or drop him for Allan Craig, Jon Jay or Justin Smoak?

  12. HldOnMgnolia says:

    Can I use this chair?

  13. muchacho says:

    Prince Fielder is vegetarian

  14. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey and/or anyone else:do you have any clue whats actually going on w/ Minor?

    apparently theyre gonna bring him back for another start in a couple of weeks,but then what?

    I currently own him in a 10 team keeper league and dont want to drop him if theres any real chance he’ll be in the rotation this yr.But I dont like him enough to hang on til’ next yr.

  15. barker says:

    andres torres or pagan kinda tomato tomatoe imo but who will be better from here on out — two terrible offenses but the giants are slightly worse ?? verdad

  16. Hi Grey — If Nicasio pitches well @SF on Friday, would that tilt the scales enough to make him roster-worthy in a 20-team mixed roto league? Or is he still a spot start kind of pitcher?

    Also, in terms of value going forward, do think that Allen Craig and John Jay are worth about the same going forward? Or do you see one or the other being more useful in the coming weeks?


  17. Scalez says:

    @muchacho: 90% of his diet is vegetable oil

  18. El Famous Burrito Burrito says:

    I kind of wish The Royals would trade Billy Butler to a Chicago team so we could call him Abe Froman.

  19. Eddy says:

    Bedded was randomly dropped in my 12-team league. After a slew of injuries I’ve been using two spots to stream.

    1. Worth using my waiver (which wasn’t used on soria!) for Bedard?

    2. Worth simply hanging onto McDonald? He’s strung together three solid starts.

  20. Eddy says:



    Damn iPhone.

  21. jerky says:

    In a 10 team mix at this point who has the better season michael morse or alex rios?

  22. Eddy says:


    And to be clear, McDonald isn’t the one I’d be dropping. Those are two separate questions. I just wanted to know if Bedard was waiver-worthy.

  23. schlitzy says:

    @K7- smoak… And swing batta batta batta batta batta swing

  24. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey; @Al:

    Guy countered my offer with his Kennedy/Cruz for my Gio/CarGo. I don’t really want to take this, but I like Cruz and want some opinions on what to do. Do I accept or do I counter? If I counter, what with? Here’s my team:

    Napoli, Prince, Kelly Jo, Longo, Andrus, Kemp, Cargo, LoMo, Morse, Zobrist, Uggla, Lind-DL, Heyward-DL; Lincecum, Verlander, Hamels, Bills, Gio, D. Hudson, Pineda, Anibal, Peavy, K-Rod, Walden, Santos.

    Appreciate the help guys. Anyone feel free to chime in.

  25. Will says:

    a few questions this morning….

    1) Willingham, Lawrie or Pedro Alvarez for the rest of the year? Which 2 would you prefer. I will have Zimmerman back soon so he will fill in at 3B and these 2 would be UTIL and a sub off the bench.

    2) Tulo and Gardner or Reyes and Sizemore, which side in a keeper league?

  26. Steve Stevenson says:

    Looking to cuff Salas with Sanchez after last night. Who’s most droppable in an OBP league: Swisher, Morse, Moobs, Crisp?

  27. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : @Billy Butler – Hit his 4th home run, a game winner. After he crossed home, someone threw beads at him.

    Comedy gold right there. Those magnificent sweater kittens of Butlers never gets old!

  28. artie says:

    Does Pineda have an IP limit this year? Was just offered him for (my) Rasmus.

  29. coco krispie says:

    which side would you rather have in a 12 team mixed 7×7 (QS, H and SO, OPS)




    I could use a little pitching.

  30. Steve says:


    Is Brandon Phillips too much to give up for Pineda?

  31. ScottyM says:

    Way to finish a good post with a great blurb. I love me some Dice-man!

  32. Tony says:

    @Wilsonian: i wouldnt, cruz iz always prone to injury, i’d rather have cargo….

    @Steve: yes, pineda will be shut down early most likely this year, i am trying to move phillips tho, haven’t had much luck, he’s a career .275 hitter and has begun his regression back to it, he’s still getting hits but its more of the 1-4 nights than the 3-4 and 2-4 nights….

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @Tony: I’d rather have CarGo, too. Just wondering if there’s a counter in there somewhere.

  34. Wockenfuss says:

    What does Alex Rios second half look like? I’m not a fan but can acquire him for a minimal cost (if there is upside) so thought I’d get some other opinions.

  35. The Dice MAN!!!!

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    And Jack would try to hump her.
    Jill said No / and Jack said So
    I’ll ram it in your dumper.

  36. Mike says:

    Anyone starting J. Sanchez against STL today?? I’m torn…

  37. Chase says:

    just got offered evan longoria and future 2nd round pick for my hunter pence and krod and a 5th round pick, good value? accept?

  38. Commish Cauda says:

    10-team, mixed, H2H-7X7

    Drop Aaron Hill for Danny Espinosa?

  39. That guy says:

    Random question:

    Is aaron hill droppable? I hate having this guy on my team.

  40. That guy says:

    Drop Hill for Allen Craig?

  41. Fletch says:

    @Grey: My OF is Kemp, J. Upton, McCutchen, Stanton, Gordon and Cruz. With that depth would you trade any of the top 3 for an ace SP? What level ace…Verlander, Hamels? Would you even trade McCutchen straight up for a Gallardo, Price or Pineda type? thanks

  42. Mr. Rickey says:

    I have Holliday, Heyward, Hanley and Beachy with 1 DL spot so bench space is at a premium. I recently added Alex Gordon at 3B and have Reynolds on the bench. Is he worth holding onto at this point? It’s a 10-team daily league so if I drop him, I can cycle in hot bats at the Util. position.

  43. Eddy says:

    In a 14-team league, which of these SP would you prefer?

    James McDonald
    Doug Fister
    Zach Duke
    Dillon Gee
    Javier Vazquez
    Aaron Harang

  44. Wilsonian says:

    At this point would you rather have Espinosa for the rest of the year or Uggla? I’m debating on dropping Uggs for Danny.

  45. Johnson says:

    Grey (or anyone), would you trade C. Utley for H. Pence? I have K. Johnson as a backup. Thanks.

  46. DHill Dragons says:

    I have great depth at Shortstop with both Alexei & Starlin but I’ve had a hard time shopping either of them without giving them away.

    Yesterday I offered:
    Pineda & Starlin

    To receive:
    Gallardo & Kubel

    To a guy that needs a shortstop upgrade and has depth at pitcher.
    He turned it down.

    I guess for now I’ll just have to hang onto the depth and ride the
    Pineda wave as long as he’ll take me. Maybe by the time Pineda is
    hitting his innings limit Liriano will be usable from my reserve spot.

    Side note: I haven’t seen any mentions recently of Alexei Ramirez
    but he has certainly been sizzling at the plate of late. Here are his
    numbers from the last 24 games, where he has raised his average
    over 50 points to where it now sits at .297:

    .367 AVG
    22 R
    13 2B
    3 HR
    21 RBI

  47. Eric C. says:

    Pick 2: Rajai Davis, Morse, Ibanez, Turner, and Hosmer

  48. @artie: this is from last month.. haven’t heard a # as of yet.
    “The Mariners will cap rookie starter Michael Pineda at a yet-to-be-determined innings limit this season.
    “We’ll come up with a number, maybe another month in,” Mariners pitching coach Carl Willis said. “He’s had four starts, and they’ve been very good starts, but it’s early. … If we see things continuing to go the way they’re going, it will allow us to reasonably put a number on it.” Pineda will be limited to 105 pitches per start. Seattle capped Felix Hernandez at 200 innings — including spring training — during his rookie season in 2006. Expect a similar plan for Pineda. The 22-year-old is 3-1 with a 1.78 ERA and 21 strikeouts in 25 1/3 innings. He’s the early Rookie of the Year favorite.”

    Grey, do we know how many innings he pitched in spring this year? I can’t find it

  49. DHill Dragons says:

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Pineda had 17 Spring innings this year & 70 so far in the regular season.

    If they give him anywhere near 200 combined innings, we’re still in for a nice long ride.

    By the way, is a great resource for Spring stats, simply type in a players name and then choose Spring Training in the pulldown.

  50. trick dad says:

    holliday and farnsworth or stubbs and verlander?

  51. kangaroo hops says:

    @That guy: Anyone is droppable if you hate having him on your team. That said, I wouldn’t drop him for either Craig Allen or Allen Craig

  52. Eddy says:

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag:

    Thanks for your input!

    And to repay the favor: Pineda pitched 17 innings this spring. And Felix, in his first full season, pitched 191.0 innings. In 2005, however, he pitched 84.1 in the majors.

    So if Felix is any indication, I don’t think there’s going to be much limiting. If anything, He’ll be shut down two weeks into September aka just as championship weeks are finishing. Worst case, imo, would be shutting him down after August is done.

  53. travel152 says:

    Dilemma – Should I pick up Peralta or Aybar? They are both available! Who should I drop: Furcal or Lowrie? I can only make 2 moves per week.

  54. peter says:

    Really, Cardinals? On Wednesday you announce that Holliday will go on the DL, but you won’t make the move until Thursday? Really? You can’t just go ahead and do it on Wednesday? Really, Tony LaRussa? Do you enjoy annoying fantasy owners? Really, Seth Meyers?

  55. bobbo says:

    10team roto keeper:

    Sabathia for Hanson and Soria
    Sabathia and Norris for Hanson and Gallardo

    Which sides do you like?

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bré Jus: They make meatless ribs.

    @blinkuldhc: I’m not a big fan.

    @Craigo: Lincecum

    @Howard: Sure

    @Steve: Yup

    @papajason: Stauffer

    @K76154: Craig

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: He’s being sent down last I heard.

    @barker: Torres

    @Enrique: He’s already rosterable. Craig

    @Scalez: Ha!

    @El Famous Burrito Burrito: Ha!

    @Eddy: 2

    @jerky: Morse

    @Wilsonian: Forget Cruz.

    @Will: First two…Tulo

    @Steve Stevenson: Swisher

    @Mr2Bits: Ha

    @artie: Yup

    @coco krispie: Pedroia

    @Steve: Yes

    @Wockenfuss: Forget him.

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Ha!

    @Mike: Yes

    @Chase: Yup

    @Commish Cauda: Espinosa

    @That guy: Yup

    @That guy: Sure

    @Fletch: Sure

    @Mr. Rickey: Nope

    @Eddy: McDonald

    @Wilsonian: Eh

    @Johnson: Yup

    @Eric C.: Morse, Hosmer

    @trick dad: Stubbs

    @travel152: Aybar for Lowrie…

    @peter: Hehe

    @bobbo: Cole slaw… CC…Hanson/Gallardo

  57. Wake Up says:

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: @Eddy: Pineda has thrown 140 IP twice already so he does have some seasoning. I agree that it shouldn’t be an issue(Unless the Mariners make the WS. HA!)

    I like McDonald too, but he is due for a blowup against the Phils.

  58. bobbo says:

    @Grey: Baked beans over slaw for sure. CC or Hanson/Pineda?

  59. Aardvark says:


    It’s about time we get some Stanton love up in here! And no, that blurb was not showing him enough love.

  60. Brew Crew says:

    Looking to stream one pitcher this week, can you rank best for ERA/WHIP/W’s??

    Happ @ SD, Buehrle vs. DET, Danks vs. SEA


  61. joe from point pleasant says:


    What do you think is the better spot start?

    A.Oliver @ CWS (Buehrle)
    Duffy vs Minn (Pavano)


    BTW: Laynce Nix recently came out with his own CD, the Laynce Nix Daynce Mixxxxx

  62. Howard says:

    @Grey I made a mistake, it’s ‘filthy’ at St. Louis today. At least I’ll get my K’s and the St. Louis lineup is seriously depleted with Holliday and Albert hitting like Poo-holes!

  63. Paul R says:

    drop wieters for soto?

  64. Grey — I’m trying to shop Morneau around as you have repeatedly suggested. If the trade were essentially a package deal where Morneau is replaced by either Dunn, Billy Butler, or Lind, are any of those deals you WOULDN’T make?

    The one that is most likely — and the one I’m least enamored with — is for Dunn. Do you still believe he’ll start hitting dingers and get his AVE closer to .240-.250?

  65. Johnson says:

    J. Upton or H. Pence over the rest of the season? (I’m struggling in batting average, but lead all other offensive categories.) Thanks.

  66. EK says:

    Pls rank these Pirates SPs going fwd?


  67. slam says:

    Is rajai davis better than brett gardner or tabata?

  68. GMen says:

    @Virinder: Jackson’s garbage and the Sox are a mess. Let him go.

  69. The Burghler says:

    7×7 head to head with ops/ks

    reynolds or neil walker at 3rd for rest of season?

  70. Travis says:

    Which Young do you drop Delmoin or Eric?


  71. K76154 says:

    There are so many 2B options now. How do you rank these players?

    Eric Young Jr.
    Danny Espinosa
    Brett Lawrie
    Allen Craig

  72. Starlin Castroated says:

    Drop Gordon Beckham for Brett Lawrie? 14 team league with other semi-competent options available at 2b as well.

  73. pjtres says:

    do we think rickie weeks is over the injuries of his past??? looks solid for a while now.

  74. the grate one says:

    grey, in an unlimited keeper league,

    how would you rank J-Up, Bruce, Heyward, and Stanton


  75. Bob says:

    @ Grey: T Wood or Stauffer?

  76. the grate one says:

    thanks grey…then as a follow up, would you trade fielder for stanton? (in the same unlimited Keeper) or naaa

  77. So I think I got an in on Trading for Bautista…The kid has HR’s on lock and needs SB’s and Starters. I need everything.

    Going to offer Stubbs and Pineda for Joey Bats?

    Peoples thoughts?

  78. Rob says:

    Napoli or Lucroy?

  79. trick dad says:

    Does anyone wanna join a 30 team dynasty league? Teams available are CWS, NYM, PIT, and MIN.

    It’s on fantrax and salary/roster/rules info is here:

    Leave a message in the cbox if interested. thanks!

  80. STRAWberry says:

    Mr. Albright (if that is your real name), does Pineda get put on an IP limit this season and ultimately someone to sell high on right now due to his usefulness only lasting so long?

    Also, is this a legit performance or is he benefiting from being a rookie and not previously facing many of these hitters in The Show?


  81. correction says:

    Trade J Upton/Walden for RyHo? Walden is my only closer so I never win that cat anyway. h2h league

  82. @Rob: If power is needed Napoli…Avg I’d go Lucroy.

  83. correction says:

    also worth noting I have Braun, Kemp, Tabata, Pagan, D Brown (read: OF surplus). and only Morneau at 1b

  84. Thanks Grey…it is floated out there…

    One more quick one, Miranda worth holding, or should I just go with a hot bat…looking at Wiggington actually…

  85. RichC says:

    Good Afternoon Grey and all you razzballers.

    11 Team Roto with 6×6 (OBP and Holds).
    After losing Wright at 3B, I went to the Glass Chipper,
    but he is slowly falling apart before our eyes.
    I picked up Headley until Wright can return.

    So my question is: Best stats ROS in the Utility role:
    Chipper or Hosmer? I think Hosmer.

  86. FuzzyD says:

    Xavier Paul having a great game today….will he replace G. Jones for good? Has some decent minors #s….

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @RichC: Hosmer

    @FuzzyD: He could, but he hasn’t yet.

  88. lou rodney says:

    Hey grey

    Rest of the year and beyond, Zobrist or KJ?



  89. joe from point pleasant says:


    I know this is a tough question, but when do you see Mike Moustakas getting called up? He has like 6 multi hit games in his last 7 and his average is up around .290 after a miserable first month.

    I currently don’t even own a 3b because there are no good options out there. I’m basically streaming Jed Lowrie and Ryan Roberts based on matchups.

    Basically, what i’m asking is, when do you see Moose getting called up, and whether or not you think it is worth using the roster spot to stash him until then.

    As always, thanks a ton!

  90. aj says:

    14 team 5×5 roto league. I need steals. would you trade hunter pence for Michael Bourn

  91. herschel says:

    @Grey: is isringhausen the clear handcuff/replacement if k-rod gets traded?

  92. Steve says:

    Anyone spot-starting Maholm (ie me) is extremely pissed off right now.

  93. ritzer says:

    I just made an offer of Justin Upton getting Jose Reyes and it was accepted straight away.
    My SS is ian desmond and my OF is Kemp, Upton, Stanton, Lind, Pence, Brown.
    Good move right?

  94. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Danks was just released in my league – do you think he’s worth owning?

  95. Dad says:

    @Grey: “After he crossed home, someone threw beads at him.” Ha! Nice.

    Is a Longoria for Pujols trade a no-brainer? (16-team H2H with GIDP & OPS). But, it would leave me with Reynolds/Turner/Aviles eligible at 3B.

    My other thought is A Gordon + Feliz. Which would you try first?

  96. ritzer says:

    edit i dont have Pence…I have ludwick…bit of a difference…wishful thinking.

  97. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: Looks that way.

    @Steve: Can’t believe they let him take all those catch-up runs.

    @ritzer: Sounds fine.

    @Deeeeeez Nuts: Eh

    @Dad: Thanks! I’d try Gordon first.

  98. JohnnyFive says:

    In first place right now, and have been offered A-Rod, Torii Hunter and Zach Britton for my CarGo and Justin Morneau. Keeper league, but CarGo would be the only one that would have any value and even then, it’s only for one more year. My 3B spot is currently manned by the underwhelming Casey McGehee. Thoughts on deal?

  99. Steve says:

    @Grey: The tying run scoring on a passed ball was the cherry on top.

  100. frank says:

    You may have covered this before, what percentage chance do you think Soria has to retake closer’s role. If so how long does it take?

  101. Mike says:


    Best replacement for Holliday? Damon, Patterson, Willingham, or Jay? Thanks!!!

  102. Grey — Would you make this trade? I give Morneau and Bourjos for Dunn and Daniel Hudson? I’m OK in SBs and need ERA/WHIP help and would like to unload Morneau.

  103. Dmonkey25 says:

    Cant stomach Aaron Hill for another day… who would u pick up to replace him as everyday 2b? (12 team h2h)

    Danny Espinosa
    Ty Wigginton
    Daniel Murphy
    Allen Craig
    Alberto Callaspo
    M Cuddyer

  104. frankie beans says:

    @Enrique, if he would do Morneau for Dunn straight up, wouldn’t you trade Bourjos for Hudson straight up? Sounds good to me.

  105. Fletch says:

    @grey: Is J. Upton or McCutchen straight up for Gallardo fair?

  106. chata says:

    harrison has a blister and will not start .
    my sweet lord .

  107. Fletch says:

    @chata: I like how you tied in “my sweet lord” with Harrison…as in George Harrison.

  108. Sal says:

    @Grey: Do you think Montero has any impact this year? What are the rumblings in NY in regards to moving him – is he their only trade piece?

  109. HBP in the Gloamin says:

    Thinking of selling Anibal Sanchez for a hitter. Are players like A. Ramirez, Carlos Lee, Raji Davis, fair value or should I expect a bit more in return.

  110. LeRoy says:

    @Grey: zobrist for justin turner & brett gardner?

  111. Steve says:

    @Grey: Link would have busted into that bar and rescued that monkey from his life of servitude.

  112. royce! says:

    @Steve: Holy crap how have I never seen that before? That’s brilliant.

  113. Steve says:

    @royce!: One of the great TV themes of all time. Not sure about the animal cruelty side of things, though…

  114. @Grey: currently tied for 1st place in my AL only dynasty keeper. If i get one more good pitcher i should be able to run away with it. i can’t really give up any bats though, so im considering the following:

    Jesus Montero $2, Jarrod Dyson $10, Danny Duffy $10, and Derek Holland $9

    John Lester $41, Jamey Wright $6

    It’s a 2 catcher league, and my current catchers are Arencibia and Brayan Pena.

    My current pitchers are

    Duffy, Holland, Bailey, League, Hellickson, Morrow, Pineda, Pineiro and Weaver.

    I know Montero isn’t going to do much this year, but the thought of having both him and Arencibia as keepers for the next 5 years at $2 a piece is making me doubt this trade. Is the upgrade of Lester (vs Duffy and Holland) worth me not having 40+HR’s from the catcher position for the next 5 years? I’m all about going for it this year, i just don’t know about this one…

  115. hey grey, when you read posts, can you see the poster’s email address or just the posters name? just curious…

  116. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: He would’ve made a convincing argument why he should be freed, then, if that didn’t work, he would busted him out.

    @Epic Punk: It’s fair, I wouldn’t make that big of a trade though.

  117. @Grey: cool, i ask because i think some of my league mates have caught on to your site… might have to start disguising myself… haha

  118. @Grey: would you try to target a starting pitcher of lesser value? possibly peavy, floyd, buccholz?

  119. Black Beard says:

    Please rank the rest of the way: Carp, Ubaldo, Greinke, and Oswalt.

  120. Steve says:

    @Grey: With the Baron shaking his hand and yelling Liiiiinnnkkk!!!!! as they disapppeared into the distance.

  121. Big Nate says:

    Was just offered HanRam for Hunter Pence but that trade no longer sounds like a a slam dunk. Who you like?

  122. papasmurf says:

    I have both Bruce and Stanton in my keeper league. Man I am so psyched. Too bad both play RF though so my UTIL spot is killed up from the get go.

  123. knighttown says:

    I really have an addiction for SP eligible guys with closer jobs in leagues where I set my lineups daily. I can play my regular three guys and always have my fourth in an SP slot, in effect, increasing my save chances by 33%. Ok, that was incredibly boring but justifies my question(s). Is Padilla “the closer” in LA? If so, is it worth dropping Cody Ross, Bernadina, Des Jennings or Beachy for?

  124. knighttown says:

    Please rank these marginal starts:

    A) Chacin @ SF
    B) Colon @ LAA
    C) Bills @ Cinnci
    D) Latos vs. Hou

    Starting Hamels in Pit and Kennedy vs. Wash but the rest of these are iffy.

  125. RichC says:

    Hey Grey and/or Razzballers.

    Trying to upgrade my SP, by trading out of the
    AL and going to NL SP’s. I have and I am willing to
    trade Romero and Scherzer.

    I have my eye on either Cliff Lee, Hanson, Kershaw.

    1.) I see them this way (ROS): Kershaw, Lee, Hanson, Romero, Scherzer

    Do y’all see them the same way?

  126. yankees2011 says:

    Hello Grey!

    I am sitting on a Minor (the pitcher – the other would be disturbing) and I would like to know if I should drop him and add say a Colon.

    Scherzer, Kennedy, and D. Hudson all crapped on my stats this week. I will try not do anything rash.

    Thanks Grey.

  127. yankees2011 says:

    As always Grey, there is one more thing.

    Do I continue to hang onto Belt and Moose-Cockis? I will continue to disclose that I have Reynolds at 3rd who I kinda despise. Man he sucketh! Moose would look good there if and when he comes up.

    Thanks Grey.

  128. Wilsonian says:

    For those of you wondering about Pineda’s innings…

    According to Buster Olney, in an email from the M’s GM, his innings will be monitored, not have a set limit. They’re just gonna be smart about it. Hope that helps, or confuses everyone more.

  129. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Kemp for Hamels, Verlander or Weaver?

  130. chata says:


    105 pitches/start

  131. chata says:


    i just moved small mountains to pick-up and start nicasio in
    3 different leagues .

    chacin …. marginal ?

  132. quimmy says:

    I play in a 15 team $$ keeper league, first year, and had a horrendous draft including drafting dunn, uggla, choo, pujols, figgins, bossman jr. I have made 22 trades so far, might be a record, over 60 adds, i def have ADD, and have assembled the following squad:

    C -Ianetta
    1B -Howard
    2B -Uggla
    3B -M.Young
    SS -Izturis
    OF -Hamilton
    OF -Kemp
    OF -JUP
    OF -Pence
    U -Morgan
    U -Miranda

    SP -Halladay
    SP -Lester
    SP -Billz
    SP -Dempster
    SP -Baker
    SP -Fister
    RP -Madson
    RP -Crow
    RP -Malancon

    My question is should i stop trading now or are there some concern areas?

  133. quimmy says:

    @ quimmy

    Im sitting on a choo/yoga for my hamilton offer. Should i accept giving my lineup

  134. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Talented Mr. Douche Bag: Ha

    @Epic Punk: Yup

    @Black Beard: Greinke, Oswalt…

    @Steve: Ha!

    @Big Nate: Hanley

    @papasmurf: Yeah, that’s still nice though.

    @knighttown: Jennings

    @knighttown: Chacin, Latos…

    @RichC: I’d flip flop Lee and Hanson, but same diff.

    @yankees2011: You can drop him.

    @Wilsonian: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Fletch: I’d want Kemp.

    @chata: Ha

    @quimmy: You have too much pitching.

    @quimmy: And get more pitching? Hitting’s better in keepers.

  135. Trevor

    Tggq21 says:

    What are your thoughts on xavier Paul??? Worth a pick up?

  136. knighttown says:


    Ha! Good point. I guess if you aren’t starting Chacin in SF where ya gonna start him. It’s just that I’m a LaRuss Cannon. I’m that guy that tinkers with his team so much he manages them into oblivion. Take Tuesday night:

    Started Ian Kennedy at home vs. Florida:

    Benched Zack Grienke in Cinnci and Mat Latos in the ATL and missed:

    Like missing a 2 footer on the first hole, that shit gets in your head and you question everything thereafter.

  137. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: not a problem. I currently have Pineda and I’m curious too as to what I should do with him. Looks like I definitely need to hang on to him for the time being. Kid is tough…

  138. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tggq21: In some leagues…

  139. For all:

    What side do you like more: Greinke+Andrus vs. Tulo?

    Obviously Tulo will pick it up more before the end of the year and Andrus is a pretty big downgrade, but my other SP’s are: Kershaw, Morrow, Bumgarner, Matusz, so I could really use some help there. Still have Pence, Lind, Texeira, and Cano types for hitters.

  140. Money says:

    C.Pena, Willingham, Jay or L.Nix for rest of season?


    Is A.Hill worth dropping now? A.Craig, Lillibridge and Beckham are available

  141. The Situation says:

    @Grey et al:

    Working on the final details to a 6 player deal and would really appreciate some advice.

    1. I give Ortiz, Desmond, Crow
    I get LoMo, Alexei Ram, Nolasco

    I have steals and saves to trade. I need a starter, BA and RBIs. Good move?

    2. I can get either CJ Wilson or Nolasco (need era/whip/wins). Who should I trade for?

    Thanks in advance!!

  142. Steve says:

    @Grey: Belch one up for me:

    Gee v ATL
    Wells v STL
    Morton v PHI
    Blackburn @ KC

    Morton looks the obvious choice, but it’s H2H where my ratios are in the toilet and a Win and Ks are likely to be more important.

  143. blaster says:

    got one roster spot open … use it for aybar or lawrie in a keeper?

  144. The Situation says:

    @Grey: is it close between Ricky No and CJ Wils?

    Preseason you had Ricky at 32 and CJ at 49. That’s a pretty sizable difference. Now you got CJ ahead of Ricky? I’m worried about CJs walks and durability. Although I also hate how unreliable Ricky can be.

  145. ChiSox says:

    Loved the Garfield line the other day….anyway, Arencibia or Lucroy in a points league. Also, do you still have faith in Mark Reynolds? thanks a bunch

  146. Steve says:

    Good lord, I’ve just realised that across two teams I own 3 of the 4 players at the top of the Twins’ order.

    I read Razzball every day. How did this happen?

  147. The Situation says:

    @Grey: you da man.

  148. Steve says:

    @Steve: And I’m starting Anthony Swarzak. I need an intervention.

  149. Nick says:

    @Grey: Should I drop Andersen or Scherzer for Masterson (on waivers), Gee, D Hudson, Peavy or Bedard (i know he may be short-term but hes on fire right now)

  150. Brew Crew says:

    Was offered Brett Anderson for Allen Craig…
    Leaves me w/ Utley, Espinosa, Walker, and EY having 2B eligibility…
    Current SP is Cueto, Bills, Lilly, D Hudson, Nicasio, & Beachy…

    Take the trade??

  151. Brew Crew says:

    Other option would be Craig for Ian Kennedy??

  152. Rollie Lingers says:

    Was just offered Hanley for B Philips straight up… what you think?

  153. FanOfGrey says:

    H2H (Total bases, runs, rbis, steals, homeruns, avg.)

    Team A gets Paul Konerko, Michael Morse

    Team B gets Billy Butler, Andre Ethier

    Who wins?

  154. Eddy says:

    @Grey: @Grey:

    I have a ridiculously stacked OF in a 14-team league, and am looking to get rid of Choo. Is he worth it for CJ Wilson, Latos, Billingsley or A.Sanchez? Or am I selling too low?

  155. The Spaceman says:


    Hey there Grey, I hope that all is well.

    Simply; Weeks or Phillips?

    Your time is appreciated man. Peace,

    – The Spaceman

  156. wire says:

    Thoughts on Mauer? Will he be productive or right him off this year? Is Rios hurt? I was thinking about trading Rios for Mauer… Thoughts? I do have Lucroy as my Catcher

  157. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Cards bad defense hurts Lynn.

  158. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wire: Don’t have much faith in Rios, but write off Mauer.

    @VinWins: Yup

  159. AL KOHOLIC says:

    frickin norris better no blow this

  160. Exactly says:

    Grey, what are the odds the pirates trade hanrahan? and if so, what do you think of Jose Veras?

  161. Steve says:

    Is Maddon in the bathroom or something?

    Just grabbed Huff in a couple of leagues…

  162. Alex says:

    Any news on if Hanley is hitting the DL?

  163. Wilsonian says:

    @Steve: I was thinking of doing the same thing, re: Huff…

  164. Would you trade Grady, Pence and Billingsley for Matt Holiday, Choo and Putz? I might need the saves more than what Bills gives me, which is a some K’s and a headache every week cause I never know when to start him…

  165. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    grey! and everyone else

    12team h2h mixed league with obp. which side would you rather have?

    votto or prince +hanrahan

  166. Steve says:

    Slam and legs.

    Joyce is choice.

  167. Feeding the Abscess

    Travis says:

    ERA of 5 and a WHIP of 1.4 from two starts at Petco and Felix. Pathetic. I’m dropping Stauffer and picking up Adams and Venters and going for ERA/WHIP help.

  168. A.J. says:

    Hi Grey,

    I’m that Marcum guy you were venting about.

    True, Marcums bad start wasn’t an indicative of regression, he just had a bad inning.

    Ogandos 5 run game? 1 bad inning. Single, single, single, single, HR to some no name.

    And then Ogando goes right back to winning his next start.

    There was no regression, bad starts are just baseball. Your still cherry picking what you want to believe and have other believe.

  169. Bernie says:

    Casey Mcghee or Uggla

    Who do you feel will break out of the slump first?
    Who do you think will end up having the better season?

    One of these guys has to be dropped in my 10 team H2H

    Thanks Grey

  170. Lou says:

    A guy in my league is offering me James Shields and Michael Bourn or B.J. Upton for Hamilton. Advice?

    10 h2h standard

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