The top 10 and 20 for 2011 fantasy baseball are in the bag, along with the top 20 catchers and your receipt for a $30 massage valued at $50.  Thanks, Groupon!  Today, Razzhands, we look at the top 20 1st basemen for 2011 fantasy baseball.  All this shizz can be found under the 2011 fantasy baseball rankings.  Don’t believe me?  Click the link.  This top 20 list of 1st basemen is the opposite of the catchers, it is bursting at the seams like you at a Hometown Buffet.  Speaking of gorging yourself, I want a top 1st baseman on my team in 2011.  Sure, the list is deep, but 10 of these guys will probably be gone by the 4th round.  Do you really want to go to battle with, say, Lance Berkman when someone else has, say, Ryan Howard?  I don’t.  I want to be one of the teams with a top 1st baseman.  This list will get additional 1st basemen added to it in the way of sleeper posts.  As with the other rankings, the first basemen are broken up into tiers with my projections included.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 1st basemen for 2011 fantasy baseball:

1. Albert Pujols – See top 10 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Albert Pujols’ projections.

2. Miguel Cabrera – See top 10 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Miguel Cabrera’s projections.

3. Joey Votto – See top 10 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Joey Votto’s projections.

4. Prince Fielder – See top 10 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Prince Fielder’s projections.

5. Adrian Gonzalez – See top 20 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Adrian Gonzalez’s projections.

6. Mark Teixeira – See top 20 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Mark Teixeira’s projections.

7. Ryan Howard – See top 20 for 2011 fantasy baseball for Ryan Howard’s projections.

8. Kevin Youkilis – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Dunn.  I call this tier, “Your last chance for a 1st baseman I’d feel safe with.”  Other fantasy baseball ‘perts will say 1st base is one of the deepest positions and you shouldn’t pay for it on draft day.  Now, granted, Youuuuuuk had a fluke injury last year that should be fine in 2011, but do you feel as safe with Youuuuuk as you would with, say, Te(i)x?  I wouldn’t.  Do you feel as safe with Morneau as Fielder?  Do you feel as safe with Dunn as you do with any of the first basemen in the 1st tier?  And this is only one tier down.  Go another tier down.  How do you feel with Howard compared to Butler?  With Fielder compared to Huff?  Sure, some of the guys below may produce, but there’s also lots of pitfalls in there.  As for Youuuuk, as mentioned, he should be fine returning from injury and give you his usual 25+ home runs and good counting stats.  2011 Projections: 95/27/95/.300/5

9. Justin Morneau – Last year, Morneau pulled a Kotchman and missed like a gazillion games.  I wonder if his doctor warned him not to lie in a hammock under a palm tree for fear a coconut would drop on his melon.  Eh, probably not.  But maybe!  Morneau’s more valuable than Youuuuuk if he can stay healthy, but put Morneau staying healthy in one hand and a fortune cookie that says, “Morneau never stays healthy” in the other hand and what do you have?  Exactly!  2011 Projections:  85/25/100/.285

10. Adam Dunn – I have no scientific proof of this, but I think we’re due for a .240 average season from Big Donkey.  I mean, two seasons of .260+ now for him.  He’s playing with the house’s money, ain’t he?  Unless he sold two of his usual forty homers for twenty points on his average.  Then maybe Juan Pierre sold four steals to buy Dunn a hairbrush.  That’s like that O. Henry story.  2011 Projections: 80/40/100/.245

11. Kendry Morales – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Huff.  I call this tier, “You got caveats.  Now go floss.”  Morales has one solid season under his belt then a limp-off home run.  Here’s what I said when he got hurt, “Too bad the Wide World of Sports isn’t still on.  They could’ve covered the agony and the ecstasy all in one full swoop (with Morales’ home run).  This injury reminds me of the time Justin Duchscherer heard The Hokey Pokey and in celebration put his right hip out.  And didn’t put his right hip back in for six to eight months later.”  That doesn’t mean anything as far as fantasy is concerned, but it made me giggle.  I got some gems up in this mug!  You’re welcome.  There’s not much to say about Morales.  If he’s healthy, draft him for 27+ home runs.  If he’s rusty as all get out, then you’re sitting in a public restroom realizing ten minutes too late there’s no toilet paper.  2011 Projections:  80/26/95/.290

11 1/2. Adam Lind – His caveat is his strikeouts skyrocketed last year.  Still, I’m a sucker for Lind.  I wouldn’t be if 30 homers didn’t seem like such a pipe dream for so many players nowadays.  I can’t promise you that he will return to the 35 homer hitter he was in 2009.  It’s far from scientific but what I think happened last year was he was being unlucky so he expanded the strike zone causing the bottom to fall out.  The numbers back up this theory.  His HR/FB% was also off last year.  Another 5 homers on top of his 23 homers last year is easily doable.  With a little luck, you’re looking at a .270, 30 homer guy.  With a lot of luck, you’re looking at even more.  (Note:  He only has 11 games at 1st base that’s why he got a half.  Check the fantasy baseball position eligibility, fool!)  2011 Projections:  80/27/90/.270

12. Carlos Pena – I already went over my Carlos Pena fantasy when he signed with the Cubs.  His caveat is his average.  It could be silent and deadly.  2011 Projections:  70/35/95/.235/3

13. Billy Butler – It’s Mardi Gras and you have one more string of beads.  You see what you believe is a foxy number, but you can only see her from the neck down.  Do you wait to see her face or do you throw your beads on chest size alone?  Those who drafted Butler last year after his 21 homer year in 2009 threw their beads and got flashed with a rack of moobs.  Mr. Grapefruit just doesn’t have huge power potential like his Humpty Dumpty-shaped body would indicate.  2011 Projections:  80/20/90/.310

14. Buster Posey – See top 20 catchers for 2011 fantasy baseball for Buster Posey’s projections.

15. Paul Konerko – Last year, Konerko had his highest HR/FB% since 2005.  He had his highest home run total since 2005.  He had his highest strikeout rate ever.  His lowest walk rate since 2004.  His highest BABIP in his career.  You got damn lucky last year if you owned him.  If you own him again this year, you’re doubling down on an eighteen and the dealer’s showing a picture card.  2011 Projections:  70/24/85/.265

16. Aubrey Huff – I don’t buy his 2010 season at all.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I buy it.  I just don’t think we can trust he’ll do it again in 2011.  Not to mention, a big flashing red arrow is pointing at his alternate seasons of 15 home runs a piece in 2007 and 2009.  If you get an off season from Huff, you’ve just lost your league.  That’s just me being real wit’ you.  You see the truth is everybody wanna know how close me and Huff is.  Or who I’m still cool wit’.  2011 Projections:  70/22/80/.275

17. Lance Berkman – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Derrek Lee.  I call this tier, “Oldies and not so goodies.”  Maybe you draft someone from this tier and you get a 2010 Konerko.  Maybe you get a 2010 Berkman.  I would try not to live too much in the past.  These guys have deteriorating skills. As for Berkman, line drives are down (literally!), ground balls are up (not literally!) and fly balls are down (literally!).  St. Louis isn’t going to help turn around his career slide.  Sorry.  2011 Projections:  65/20/75/.270/5

18. Carlos Lee – Member how I said two seconds ago that one of these guys may be a 2010 Konerko?  If I had to bet, I wouldn’t guess public enemy #1, Chuck Lee.  2011 Projections:  65/24/75/.260/3

19. Mike Napoli – Not really old so sue the tier name for false advertising.  See top 20 catchers for 2011 fantasy baseball for Mike Napoli’s projections.

20. Adam LaRoche – The people who draft LaRoche late and say they just want his 25 home runs and don’t care that he only hits in the second half are the same people who ask me on April 15th if they should drop LaRoche for Gaby Sanchez.  That word is bond.  2011 Projections:  75/25/90/.265

21. Derrek Lee – Didn’t really want to turn this thing to 21, but I couldn’t fit Lee anywhere else and felt he needed to be accounted for especially with his new home in Baltimore.  To think I couldn’t get in James Loney at all.  Just don’t think about it for too long.  It’s a waste of time.  So let’s see why Derrek Lee is a candidate for a rebound… He’s old.  He’s only hit more than 22 homers once in the last five years.  He’s dealing with an injured thumb.  The only reason I can think people are suddenly excited about Lee is because the O’s signed him.  The O’s also finished in last place last year thirty games under .500.  This is a team you want to emulate?  If you’re pumped to find Lee on your draft board this late, you’re living in 2005.  Go buy some Apple stock, it hasn’t peaked yet.  2011 Projections:  75/18/80/.275/3

After the top 20 1st basemen for 2011 fantasy baseball, there’s a lot of names, but these two stand out:

Justin Smoak – Already went over my Justin Smoak fantasy.  If you read that post backwards, it’s a Satanic message.  Sorry, churchies!  2011 Projections:  75/22/90/.275

Gaby Sanchez – He’s a lot closer to Billy Butler’s value than he appears to be and at half the cost in your drafts.  Actually, he might be better than Billy Butler.  He’s only unofficially listed at number twenty-three because I wanted to highlight him.  Check out his projections then look at Billy Butler’s.  How’s dem apples?  Delicious!  2011 Projections:  75/20/90/.270/5

  1. Marqo says:

    Comparing the projected stats of Howard and Tex, I don’t see any difference between the two of them…

  2. Mike from Jersey says:

    Can a healthy Youkilis (yes, big if) , and we’ll define healthy as 150 games for him, approach 120 rbi? If he ends up hitting 5 behind pedroia-craw-agonz, and before Ortiz, that’s a pretty sweet spot.

  3. Steve says:

    Assuming the first dozen or so are drafted as a 1B, are there any of the rest that you *wouldn’t* consider as your corner guy?

  4. Al Swedgin says:

    Grey, you really have huff down for 0 SBs? I mean, I realize he probably won’t be good for 7 again like last year, but it seems like he should be able to out-run Carlos Pena, so to speak.

  5. Uncle Bill says:

    is swisher even 1B elig?

  6. AJ says:

    At what point (in the rankings) is it better to take a potential upside guy like Freeman or Smoak — and instead concentrate on other positions/areas?

    And whatever will become of Chris Davis? Is it back to AAA once again, and just wait for an injury or trade? I’m honestly surprised Texas hasn’t tried to move him already, though I’m not sure to whom.

  7. M. Turner says:

    Mitch Moreland? Where are you on him?

  8. pubscout says:

    Hey Grey-

    Meet my team. It generally finishes third or fourth, so there is a long tradition of mediocrity to live up to. I have to consider keepers soon…

    Stewart (eligible at 2B In this league) or Roberts

    I can keep 13, the rest go back to auction. Salary is an issue, but let’s not worry about that. League plays with 2 C, 2 at both 2b and SS, one at each corner, one additional INF of any kind 5 OF and 8 P. Mostly, this is a no-brainer, but I’m stuck on wanting to keep 14:

    Napoli, Dunn, Cano, Rollins, Stewart, Beltre, all OF, Wainright, Cain and Jimenez.

    Who should take the fall? I keep targeting Napoli, Stewart, Gardener or Rasmus at different times but keep finding a reason to talk myself out of it each time. Any thoughts on who should go and what categories I’ll need to target at auction (outside of pitching SAGNOF)?

    Thanks a bunch.

  9. Swagger Jackers says:

    No love for Ike Davis? He hit 19 HR and batted over .320 in the last month of the season. That’s more MOOBish than Gaby Sanchez.

  10. Terrence Mann says:

    Drafted from the 3 spot and had my least favorite razz mock last night. Had no clue who to go with at 22 (seeing the top 21 were the same top 21 listed in your top 20, Grey). I went with Dunn. Pitching is OK and I like having all the 1B. I knew OF would be pretty weak. Also, I didn’t realize I drafted the whole ChiSox murderers row until after the draft.

    14 Shades of Grey
    Player Team Acquired
    1B Adam Dunn CHW R2 P10
    1B Paul Konerko CHW R6 P10
    2B Chone Figgins SEA R9 P3
    3B Adrian Beltre TEX R3 P3
    SS Hanley Ramirez FLA R1 P3
    SS Alcides Escobar KC R20 P10
    C Buster Posey SF R5 P3
    OF Jay Bruce CIN R4 P10
    OF Carlos Quentin CHW R8 P10
    OF Jose Tabata PIT R17 P3
    OF Tyler Colvin CHC R19 P3
    OF Jonny Gomes CIN R22 P10
    DH David Ortiz BOS R11 P3
    SP Dan Haren ANA R7 P3
    SP Wandy Rodriguez HOU R10 P10
    SP Hiroki Kuroda LA R12 P10
    SP Gio Gonzalez OAK R15 P3
    SP Ricky Romero TOR R16 P10
    SP Johnny Cueto CIN R18 P10
    SP Ervin Santana ANA R21 P3
    RP Francisco Cordero CIN R13 P3
    RP Brad Lidge PHI R14 P10
    RP Dan Bard BOS R23 P3
    RP Mike Adams SD R24 P10
    RP Matt Capps MIN R25 P3

  11. Swagger Jackers says:

    I feel better about this team than my previous drafts. I’m curious what Grey and the masses think.

    1B Ryan Howard PHI R1 P9
    1B Justin Morneau MIN R4 P4
    1B Ike Davis NYM R18 P4
    2B Dan Uggla ATL R3 P9
    2B Neil Walker PIT R16 P4
    3B Pedro Alvarez PIT R6 P4
    SS Stephen Drew ARI R12 P4
    C J.P. Arencibia TOR R25 P9
    OF Matt Holliday STL R2 P4
    OF Corey Hart MIL R5 P9
    OF Nick Swisher NYY R9 P9
    OF Juan Pierre CHW R14 P4
    OF Desmond Jennings TB R19 P9
    OF Logan Morrison FLA R21 P9
    DH Ken Griffey Jr. FA R24 P4
    SP Matt Cain SF R7 P9
    SP Roy Oswalt PHI R8 P4
    SP Colby Lewis TEX R11 P9
    SP Jorge De La Rosa COL R13 P9
    SP Ted Lilly LA R17 P9
    SP Jordan Zimmermann WAS R20 P4
    SP Homer Bailey CIN R23 P9
    RP Brian Wilson SF R10 P4
    RP Ryan Franklin STL R15 P9
    RP Aroldis Chapman CIN R22 P4

  12. Yes, I said it! says:

    How about Carlos Lee? I believe he started about 17 games at 1B last year. Shouldn’t he be somewhere around #15-18 on this list?

  13. carlos marmLOL says:

    @Grey “and your receipt for a $30 massage valued at $50. Thanks, Groupon! ”

    off topic here but i get one of these emails everyday. that and brazilian wax emails. i’m not a chick here groupon, lets use some of your 15 billionty dollars to match offers to customer data. haven’t had a massage in years, but if i ever do there’s no way i’ll pay full price after seeing how desperate these masseuses are with the price breaks. makes me want to sign up for tampa bay just to see $90 Rays seats going for $5 come August.

  14. Matthew Raynor says:

    Doesn’t David Ortiz have 1B eligibility in 2011 (at least in Yahoo). He is def. more valuable then a lot of this later guys even with the terrible April and May’s and the poor average.

  15. Sir Larry says:

    Grey, some classic humor in here – always a treat.

    In a 5×5 H2H league, I’m legitimately thinking of totally punting HRs & RBIs (and slightly Runs), with the intent being to try and lock-up all pitching categories + SBs and AVG. One of the reasons: an owner (not named Larry) has acquired about 10 picks in the first two rounds, and I am sure he will be going with a classic “own power” strategy. Ultimately, with this strategy, HRs & RBIs are useless to me – which makes it interesting at 1B since those are typically big categories at this position.

    My question: Should I be looking at getting my hands on some moobs, waiting to the very end to grab a guy like Loney -hoping for a bounceback in AVG-, or go another direction entirely?

    (feel free to comment on my overall strategy for this league as well)

  16. i have the berkman tier ranked in about the same place, relative to all the other 1B, but i’m less down on them subjectively. you don’t want any of those guys as your starter. but if you can get them late, like mid-teens, they start to have their own brand of abandoned-veteran upside. grey acknowledges that with his konerko remarks, but i think he’s underplaying it a little. which i mean i understand why, since his first job is to talk kids out of drafting berkman in the 10th on name value alone.

    but – take berkman for example. his knee was barking last year. but his massive eye ratios didn’t go anywhere. as far as power, the four years before 2010, he hit 45, 34, 29, and then 25 in less PAs than usual. not denying the obvious overall decline trend. but he’s 35. that’s old, but not ancient. the skills are still there. if his legs show up healthy i believe there’s still 30-ish HR power in the body. in a way i think that has just as much upside as a guy like smoak.

    of course, now they have him playing outfield… wah? but then, he knows that, and signed up for it voluntarily, and is probably getting in shape for it. that might even be an advantage. at first, anyway. if nothing else, it shows that berkman himself still believes in his own knee. maybe he’s delusional, but whatever, it’s something. so – draft him late, hope he roars out of the gate and rebuilds some of his name value with the public, then decide whether to ride it or deal him before he gets hurt again? too crazy?

  17. Mets fan says:

    GRey who’s your early picks for nl and al cy young?

  18. Up in this Mug says:

    Thanks for bringing me back into the mix. I have felt underappreciated for years now.

  19. huh, thome back to minnesota, same half-time role as last year probably. interesting sneaky late pick for home run power on teams you’re able & willing to micro-manage. or heck, even ones you’re not, maybe – he had the same # of home runs as laroche last year. in half the ABs. of course, his HR/FB was… what… 34. so i guess it’s POSSIBLE he won’t do that again

  20. Steve says:

    Balfour to the A’s. Means the Rays have every single pick in the draft. Well, not quite, but they’re going to be able to load up big time.

  21. big o says:

    Player Team Acquired
    1B Kendry Morales ANA R4
    1B Billy Butler KC R7
    2B Ian Kinsler TEX R3
    2B Mike Aviles KC R16
    3B Alex Rodriguez NYY R2
    3B Ty Wigginton COL R23
    SS Derek Jeter NYY R5
    C John Buck FLA R25
    OF Josh Hamilton TEX R1 P10
    OF Alexis Rios CHW R6
    OF Shane Victorino PHI R8
    OF Adam Jones BAL R13
    OF Rajai Davis TOR R14
    OF Coco Crisp OAK R19
    OF Julio Borbon TEX R22
    DH Luke Scott BAL R15
    SP Tommy Hanson ATL R9
    SP Max Scherzer DET R11
    SP C.J. Wilson TEX R18
    SP Jeff Niemann TB R20
    SP Carlos Carrasco CLE R21
    RP Neftali Feliz TEX R10
    RP Jonathan Broxton LA R12
    RP Brandon Lyon HOU R17
    RP Jonny Venters ATL R24

    was surprised at how quickly starting pitching flew off the board .

    prior to my round six selection (rios) 9 SP’s were taken .
    by the time my 7th pick (butler) was due , had been caught at the tail end of a run , and by then , a total of 20 pitchers were gone .

    that left oswalt as the highest ranked sp , and not being particularly
    thrilled with his prospects for the up-coming season , took another
    outfielder (victorino) , instead .

  22. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @big o: I would have taken Craig Kimbrel in the 24th instead of teammate Jonny Venters. Just a heads up.

  23. hans says:

    Still can’t believe you ranked Kemp over Cargo, it’s mind boggling and I probably respect your opinion more then anybodys……This kid is the real deal…will he finish 1st again this year, probably not, but I don’t see him finishing outside the top 10 and I see him outperforming Kemp in every category, cust kayin.

  24. Tony says:

    @grey, first mock of 2010, here’s my first 10 picks, whatdya think?

    R1P9 Braun
    r2 Howard
    r3 j-up
    r4 wainy
    r5 kkkershaw
    r6 elvis
    r7 mark big donkey reynolds
    r8 pedro alvarez
    r9 soto
    r10 aaron hill

    then i took adam jones, j sanchez, lind, beckham and a bunch of others….

    Just haven’t done enough research yet, pitching didn’t seem as deep as usual, maybe im just unfamiliar with some SP’s i should be familiar with!!!

  25. Mann of Sandd says:

    Grey, at CI, would you keep a $1 Moreland over a $10 Butler?

  26. Terrence Mann says:

    Anty interest in a razz mock tonight? All I’m doing is watching playoff games.

  27. mic says:

    @Terrence Mann: im down… i have the next three days off…

  28. Howard says:

    same here…

  29. I’m down as well, and I might be able to get my roommate to bite.

  30. Terrence Mann says:

    Damn, forgot you have to be a “premium member” to create mocks. Sorry guys. Hopefully Eddy will see this thread and start one up.

  31. Eddy says:

    Opened one up at 9pm guys!

    Don’t think I’ll be able to make it but it’s all good because I’m not required there. So all 12 spot are open.

    I made it public because I don’t think it’s enough of a heads up for Razzball only readers.

    It’s promptly entitled Pros v. Joes

    Enjoy and don’t forget to post up the results!

  32. Terrence Mann says:

    Thanks, Eddy. Much appreciated.

  33. docno1 says:

    This has to be one of the worst list of potential keepers — 15 team, 6×6 roto league, with keepers only held for ONE year — but I have to choose 7. I ask now because I am considering trading for draft picks 2012. Don’t think I can win, place or show with this group. Would appreciate any suggestions:
    Sure to keep:
    Zimmerman (Ryan)
    Johnson (Kelly) – got him on the cheap last year — thanks!

    The rest:
    position players: Magglio, Carlos Pena, Eric Young, Pedro Alvarez, Starlin Castro, Matt LaPorta
    pitchers: Nolasco, J. Sanchez, Jh. Chacin, Matusz, Hudson (Dan), Clayton, Bell
    Theys got some upsides, but 2011 looks lost to me.

  34. Andy says:

    Hey Grey, love the website and all the advice. I have a question about my keeper league. It is a 7×7 roto with 14 teams, and we can have 6 keepers. Just a one catcher league. i am keeping:
    AGonz $22
    Prince $26
    Stanton $1
    Wandy $1

    Who would you go with the last two spots between:
    J. Chacin 1
    D. Brown 1
    M. Montero 1
    J. Montero 1

  35. Scott says:

    Does Carlos Santana still have rookie eligibility. It looks pretty close. Do they count DL days?

  36. Mets fan says:

    Grey better keeper for next year mccutchen,ethier or bruce?

  37. docno1 says:

    Thanks Grey…surprised by your preference of Hudson over Nolasco for 2011…but I suppose it comes down to intuition…the guy who is supposed to be a stud and never performs to expectations (Nolasco), or the guy who performs above expectations but about whom no one is convinced (Hudson). I still like me a Chacin though. Would like Matusz if I didn’t feel compelled to sit him every week he faces Boston & NY.

  38. fitz says:

    When will you post the 2B rankings? Looking forward to those. As always thanks for all the helpful information you provide.

  39. Terrence Mann says:

    Here’s my team from tonight’s mock. About half the teams autodrafted. Eh. Kept waiting on value at 2B and C and never got it. Figured I needed some speed at the end of the draft. Hehe.

    1B Adam Dunn CHW R4 P9
    1B Gaby Sanchez FLA R17 P4
    1B Brandon Allen ARI R24 P9
    2B Howie Kendrick ANA R14 P9
    3B Evan Longoria TB R1 P4
    SS Jose Reyes NYM R3 P4
    SS Alcides Escobar KC R23 P4
    C Jason Kendall KC R25 P4
    OF Matt Holliday STL R2 P9
    OF Jason Heyward ATL R5 P4
    OF Chris Young ARI R8 P9
    OF Carlos Quentin CHW R12 P9
    OF Jose Tabata PIT R20 P9
    DH David Ortiz BOS R11 P4
    SP Josh Johnson FLA R6 P9
    SP Matt Cain SF R7 P4
    SP Roy Oswalt PHI R10 P9
    SP Brandon Morrow TOR R15 P4
    SP Ricky Romero TOR R16 P9
    SP Jhoulys Chacin COL R19 P4
    SP Dan Hudson ARI R21 P4
    RP Neftali Feliz TEX R9 P4
    RP Andrew Bailey OAK R13 P4
    RP David Aardsma SEA R18 P9
    RP Joel Hanrahan PIT R22 P9

  40. Tom Thumb says:

    I also think that this is the year Miggy surpasses Albert. But I was thinking about if I were to get the first overall pick….and I don’t know if I have the guts to pass on Albert…

  41. Earl Battey says:

    It’s tough for me to put Morneau in the “last chance for a 1st baseman I’d feel safe with” tier. If anyone comes with a shiny set of caveats, it’s Morneau. Pre-2010, his stock dropped because of concern over the back injury that ended his 2009 season prematurely. Now we can add the fact that we haven’t seen him since July, and he still has not resumed baseball activities. The Twins claim to be optimistic that he’ll be ready for Spring Training, but recovery from post-concussion syndrome is impossible to map out.

    Morneau might have top 10 upside if healthy, but he has the greatest chance of anyone on this list of giving you absolutely nothing. One more knock to the noggin is all it would take. As a Twins fan, I’m hoping that Morneau can stay healthy, but I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me that Cuddyer would get the most starts at 1B in 2011.

  42. Al Swedgin says:

    Grey, keep one for the two years:

    Elvis Andrus or David Price

  43. Al Swedgin says:

    oops, for the *next* two years (2011 and 2012)

  44. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    1st mock of the year. Any quick thoughts? Any glaring holes? Scutaro was autodrafted in the last round.

    Player Team Acquired
    1B Adrian Gonzalez BOS R1 P7
    1B Aubrey Huff SF R15 P7
    1B Gaby Sanchez FLA R18 P6
    2B Brandon Phillips CIN R4 P6
    2B Sean Rodriguez TB R20 P6
    3B Ryan Zimmerman WAS R2 P6
    3B Chipper Jones ATL R19 P7
    SS Starlin Castro CHC R12 P6
    SS Marco Scutaro BOS R21 P7
    C Matt Wieters BAL R11 P7
    OF Nelson Cruz TEX R3 P7
    OF Curtis Granderson NYY R5 P7
    OF Drew Stubbs CIN R14 P6
    OF Brett Gardner NYY R16 P6
    SP Cole Hamels PHI R6 P6
    SP Francisco Liriano MIN R7 P7
    SP Chad Billingsley LA R9 P7
    SP John Danks CHW R10 P6
    SP John Lackey BOS R17 P7
    RP Joakim Soria KC R8 P6
    RP Francisco Rodriguez NYM R13 P7

  45. LMack says:

    Hey all. Definitely felt like my best mock of the year, what do you guys think?

    12 team, Yahoo! roster settings

    C Matt Wieters BAL R14 P4
    1B Justin Morneau MIN R3 P9
    2B Aaron Hill TOR R11 P9
    2B Howie Kendrick ANA R18 P4
    SS Stephen Drew ARI R9 P9
    3B David Wright NYM R1 P9
    3B Pedro Alvarez PIT R8 P4
    3B Ty Wigginton COL R19 P9
    OF Ryan Braun MIL R2 P4
    OF Andrew McCutchen PIT R4 P4
    OF Jayson Werth WAS R5 P9
    OF Rajai Davis TOR R15 P9
    OF Logan Morrison FLA R22 P4
    SP Cole Hamels PHI R6 P4
    SP Josh Johnson FLA R7 P9
    SP Colby Lewis TEX R10 P4
    SP Jordan Zimmermann WAS R13 P9
    SP Hiroki Kuroda LA R16 P4
    SP Kyle Drabek TOR R21 P9
    SP Aaron Harang SD R23 P9
    RP Jonathan Papelbon BOS R12 P4
    RP Drew Storen WAS R17 P9
    RP Joel Hanrahan PIT R20 P4

    Probably should’ve taken another 1B, but all in all felt I got a lot of value picks here. Early season mock I suppose.

  46. Eddy says:

    ***Opened up a new razzmock for this Thursday at 7pm EST***

    NOTE: I made this one Yahoo! style to switch it up a bit!

    password is pianowmusic.

    Hope to see you all there!

  47. The Vaporizers says:

    Good morning. Quick Dynasty League Trade Question. Which side you like better?

    Ryan Howard, Zach Britton, John Lamb and Michael Taylor


    Mark Reynolds and Desmond Jennings?

  48. The Vaporizers says:

    oops, wrong thread Sorry

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