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‘Member the days when I told you that you needed a top 1st basemen and you shouldn’t look for sleepers at this position? Don’t remember? Prolly for best, leave more room in your brain to remember excuses for why you didn’t exercise. Previously, I’d tell you to go to my top 20 1st basemen for 2022 fantasy baseball (not clickbait at all) and draft some top guys and stop fooling around with sleepers at this position. Of course, I’m malleable like Gumby and this year we need to look for sleepers at 1st base *ducks head*.  Whoa, someone threw a wrench into this! Fine, Pete Alonso and Matt Olson get my nethers ablaze, but 1st basemen dry up quick. As with other positions like the catchers to target (again, not clickbait), these are 1st basemen that are being drafted late. For the 1st basemen, I’m going with an ADP of 150 or later to be included in this post. Anyway, here’s some 1st basemen to target for 2022 fantasy baseball:

Anthony Rizzo (NFBC 174, ESPN 170) 1st base is a mess, yes, no stress, getting gas at Hess–Sorry, I was applying for fantasy baseball poet laureate. So, 1st base is a mess, but there are a lot of “If you take a player’s name away and just show their stats,” you’d struggle to figure out who was being drafted first, i.e., 10/4/.268 vs. 22/6/.248. Clearly, one of those is Rizzo (he’s the 2nd one). The 1st one is DJ LeMahieu, who’s being drafted about 50 spots before him.

Alex Kirilloff (NFBC 175, ESPN 161, Yahoo 187) Already gave you my Alex Kirilloff sleeper. It raised its hand to answer a question then burped.

Andrew Vaughn (Yahoo 212) Already gave you my Andrew Vaughn sleeper. It had such a joie de vivre, though struggled to pronounce it.

Trey Mancini (NFBC 187, Yahoo 152) Went over Mancini in the video at the top of the page, which a very insightful look at his fantasy value and how he killed JFK. Also, if you were wondering, ESPN (or any site) isn’t listed in the ADP section if they’re before the cutoff of 150.

Jonathan Schoop (NFBC 198, ESPN 217, Yahoo 225) As I kinda mentioned in the Rizzo blurb, the 1st basemen are basically one ginormous tier from around the 110th overall drafted 1st baseman to the 200th overall drafted 1st baseman (or 250th for ESPN and Yahoo). Seriously, tell me the difference between Rizzo, LeMahieu, Schoop, and Mancini. I’m not being rhetorical. Tell me the difference or else.

Frank Schwindel (NFBC 229, ESPN, 175, Yahoo 187) Well, not a Frank Schwindel stan. A Strank, so to speak. A Schtan, so to speak in a different way. How’sever, for his price, I could see getting in on him. Sometimes I do wonder if this is what happens with some guys:  Drafters see I’m down on a guy, in a non-sexual way, and they back off the player, then there’s a buying opportunity because I don’t like him, so now I like a guy. As self-fulfilling prophesies go, that’s as good a reason as any. Some things you just have to accept or have the Patrick Wisdom to know the difference.

Nathaniel Lowe (NFBC 241, ESPN 218, Yahoo 217) It’s truly remarkable how many 1st basemen are all varying degrees of 19-27 HRs and .240-.275 with a handful of steals or no steals. Basically, every 1st baseman from 100 overall to 300 overall.

Spencer Torkelson (NFBC 259, ESPN 216, Yahoo 332) If you’re using the Fantasy Baseball War Room, you’re likely looking at drafting Torkelson around 115 overall. I like Torkelson, but Rudy likes Torkelson like he’s his father, and Rudy Torkelson is the LaVar Ball of fantasy baseball. If you see the hitter projections Rudy’s got down for Torkelson, you wouldn’t be surprised to see him ranked so high. Rudy’s expecting Torkelson to be basically Rhys Hoskins, but with a better average. My Tigers contacts are saying Torkelson is breaking camp with the team; I sure hope they’re right.

Rowdy Tellez (NFBC 334, ESPN unranked, Yahoo 296) So, everyone was in on Rowdy Tellez last year, when he was in Toronto without a job, but now that Tellez could be the everyday DH, no one wants any part. Kinda reminds me of Daulton Varsho. Only not this year. Next year after Varsho burns everyone this year.

Eric Hosmer (NFBC 363, ESPN 237, Yahoo 235) Finally, an exciting name! Luke Voit (who I like too now) crowds the Padres’ lineup, and specifically Hosmer’s ABs. But if Hosmer is a 17/5/.260 hitter, and he is, then tell me how he’s being drafted around 363 and DJ LeMahieu is going around 110. Tell me how this is possible. Stop looking behind you at your coworker who is picking their butt and answer me!

Seth Beer (NFBC 602, ESPN unranked, Yahoo unranked) You know whenever you see Beer, you’re gonna see a Homer. Take it, Highlights! It’s yours! So, I didn’t even rank Beer myself in my top 500 for fantasy baseball. What am I, a white man in Portland with an IPA cellar? I don’t know Beer. I’m the most un-man man you’re gonna find. I’m sorry. Seth Beer, however, The Lisper’s Cocktail, as no one calls him, looks like the main candidate for DH at-bats in Arizona. Beer’s a true three outcome guy — homer, walk, strikeout, which sounds like me after three beers at a bar in my single days. Beer could sneak into a 27/.255 season. Or maybe I’m too high on Beer and suffering from the hiccups. Price to find out is basically free. FREE BEER!