Trading season is upon us and Leo Nunez and Heath Bell could be out while Mike Dunn or Mike Adams could be in.  And K-Rod is 5 minutes ago, according to Jessica Shaw.  Every time Bell seems more likely to be traded first, Jeffrey Loria whips his checkbook onto the Marlins GM’s back to trade faster.  Between Dunn and Adams, Dunn is less likely to get saves between him and Adams.  Dunn’s chances skyrocket if he can bake McKeon’s favorite prune cookies or if he pushes Cishek down a flight a stairs.  Outside of trading, Aroldis Chapman is nipping on Francisco Cordero’s heels, but don’t forget Dusty’s penchant to stick with his incumbent.  On a related note, revealed earlier this week that Dusty is a direct descendent of Jim O’Rourke, the manager of the 1883 Buffalo Bisons who once pitched Pud Galvin 656 1/3 innings in one season.  Your best bet for saves is to grab Mike Adams, Dunn or Chapman, in that order.  Or reverse order if you’re dyslexic.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Bobby Parnell – It’s all SAGNOF, all the time today, huh?  Hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich and put the SAGNOF between your knees.

Jason Isringhausen – Between Parnell and Izzy, I like Parnell.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I like whoever the Mets want to use in the ninth.  But I like Parnell to be used in the ninth more.

Jon Rauch – Him and his neck tattoo will shank you with saves.

Sean Marshall – I originally thought if Marmol gets replaced Wood would (stutterer!) take over over (stop stuttering!) Marshall, but Quade says Marshall, so that’s the guy to grab.  I also don’t think Marmol loses the job for long.  Maybe a few days to a week.

Javy Guerra – Only owned in 18% of ESPN leagues, but 85% of ESPN leagues are abandoned so I guess he’s owned in 103% of leagues.  Sounds a little high.

Paul Maholm – Has a 2.96 ERA, a 1.18 WHIP and you’re standing there with your hands in your pants playing pocket bocci ball.

Vance Worley – A tub of Liquid Paper is about to fall on his stats for some correction, but while he’s pitching well on a good team, as Fonzie’s horse said, what the hey?

Aaron Harang – Good for home starts and if your league has the category, “Ugly.”

Cory Luebke – Has an ERA of 2.57 and a WHIP of 0.89.  Geez, Officer Luebke, an ERA and WHIP like that?!

Mike Trout – Don’t have much faith in the Los Angeles Angels of Orange County Which Could Become A Different State From Los Angeles playing Trout once Bourjos returns, but I’d hold him to see how it pans out.

Nate Schierholtz – Every dawn has its day, every rose has its thorn and every year Schierholtz gets hot for about two weeks at a time.

Jose Tabata – Does he realize that the B in SB stands for base, not baby?  Maybe, maybe not.  Any the hoo!  He should be back any day now, Annie Potts.  I’d grab him in all but the shallowest leagues.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  He goes 0-for-35 and steals your baby?  Big whoop!

Brandon Allen – Just went over my Brandon Allen fantasy.  I wrote it while manscaping.  Don’t judge me.

Scott Sizemore – With Grady being yawnstipating, Scott is about the only Sizemore doing anything, unless you count Tom Sizemore doing coke.

Jason Kipnis – Before we starting reaching around on each other that we picked up Kipnis first, what current rookie call up has made a difference on your team if you’re in a league shallower than 14 teams?  I like Kipnis for some light speed and power and decent average.  In two months, he could give you 7/7.  Get one more seven and you’ll have a jackpot in Reno, not so much in fantasy baseball.

Zack Cozart – I gave you my Zack Cozart fantasy last week.  I wrote it while playing craps with Pete Rose.

Eduardo Nunez – Maybe Nunez, the Yankees super-sub, can have A-Rod get Boras on the horn to see if Nunez can get some endorsements while he’s filling in for the next month.  “Bronx Subway’s Super-sub is a steal!”  That’s Eduardo Nunez badly reading a cue card in a local commercial.  BTW, what smells worse — New York subways or a Subway restaurant?


Shaun Marcum – We had high hopes for Marcum this year, didn’t we?  Well, I did.  Member in January when I had rented that biplane and wrote Marcum in a heart in the sky?  We found out two things that day 1) I loved Marcum 2) I look good in aviator goggles.  He didn’t fully disappoint.  7 wins, 3.39/1.13/101 Ks in the 1st half is nothing to sneeze at unless you’re allergic to productive #2 fantasy starters.  The problem moving forward is I think he’s still hurt.  He’s a man’s man that eats grizzly bear steaks and wears their dead grizzly heads for a hat, so I think he’s going to try to pitch through the pain and be less effective.  I wouldn’t trade him for a Billy Butler-endorsed manssiere, but I’d explore options.

Johnny Cueto – He has a 1.96 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP.  His K-rate is 5.44 and his walk rate is 2.83.  Another temporarily unnamed pitcher has a K-rate of 5.35 and a walk rate of 2.83.  That’s Fausto Carmona and his ERA is 5.78.  Obviously they’re not the same pitcher unless they urinated in a fountain while making a wish.  Cueto’s BABIP is .218 and he’s leaving more than 80% of men on base.  A pimply teenager runs into frame and screams, “Watch out!  Johnny Cueto is gonna fall back to earth!”  I’ve said that before, but everything in Hollywood needs a sequel.

  1. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Let me be the 1st to comment and say; you rock Grey. Thank you for the Five Easy Pieces quote.

    Magical ;)

    The Spaceman

  2. zeke says:

    @Grey. Tabata or Bernadina? Thanks for all that you do.

  3. herschel says:

    quade = the john farrell of the nl. no way i could have told you which team he managed before all of this marmol hullabahoo….

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    @Grey : @Mr2Bits: I also had Braddock and Gallardo.

    Oh dear Jesus. That has to be one of the worse starts to a week in FB history. I have Haren going off tonight so it should be interesting to see what stat my INF/INF turns into after I get an out!

  5. Fletch says:

    Marcum/Beltre for Verlander?

  6. deep league save speculating…marshall or beato? Thanks!

  7. aj says:

    who do you like more the rest of the way?
    Morse or pena

  8. Fletch says:

    other option is Marcum/Panda for Timmy…

  9. zzzzzz says:

    Raburn or J. Weeks?

  10. zzzzzz says:

    Pence/Kuroda or Werth/Marcum?

  11. OaktownSteve says:

    Yesterday I coulda sworn I heard the Jays radio announcer say Bautista had a strained right pancreas. That can’t be right, can it?

  12. herschel says:

    @Grey: thames or ibanaez, roto? thanks.

  13. CT Old School says:

    Maholm, Worley, Harang, Luebke – I streamed them all and they were good to me. Now they’re permanent fixtures on other teams. Same with Floyd, Ed Jax, Capuano, Vogelsong and Beachy. Streaming is easy in the first third of the season when people hold on to Name Brand pitchers. Now I got to dig deep and find the hidden gems. I drink your milkshake!

  14. Sos says:

    In a followup to the last posts comments, in my scenario where I have Pujols at 1st, murphy at 3rd and Howard at util, you had said you’d move Howard for Youk. The other owner wants Pujols now for Youk. Would you do that instead? That would leave me with Howard at 1st, Youk at 3rd and trumbo at util…

  15. Johnson says:

    Could you rank these 4 SP based on who you’d rather have from here on?

    M. Scherzer
    F. Liriano
    M. Garza
    D. Hudson


  16. Jon Stancato says:

    How likely is it that Madson stumbles and Bastardo finds himself in the closer role again? I like his peripherals but am hurting for saves more than K/WHIP/ERA…

  17. Brew Crew says:

    Couple questions…..
    1) Start or sit (12 Team ROTO)
    Morrow vs NYY, Cueto vs STL

    2) What range pitcher would you shoot for when dealing Cueto in 1 for 1?? (Could also deal espinosa or ackley in combo w/ cueto)

  18. OaktownSteve says:

    @CT: solid comment. I’m a streamer from way back and have the same strategy of streaming hard early. From one streamer to another, let me give you three guys one of whom will be available almost every day and will be dominant in the second half:


    For what it’s worth, I’m not sure I used whom correctly above.

    Also, Plouf(fe) is French for splash, in case there are any graon-worthy, Grey-style splash puns out there to be had.

  19. xopchipili says:

    where would you rank Isringhausen compared to Adams/Dunn/Chapman?

  20. aj says:

    Bernadina or R. Davis

  21. bigwormsherm says:

    Hey Grey

    Closers usually get gobbled up in my league. In your moustacian opinoin, who gets the Padres job if and when heath bell gets traded?

  22. Wilsonian says:

    I know it’s speculation, but who gets more saves from here on out: K-Rod or Nathan?

  23. dingbat says:

    If I can only grab one – Marshall or Rauch?

  24. Are you there, Grey? It’s me, Margaret. How would you rank the following five moving forward: Luebke, Maholm, Kennedy, Lilly, Fister?

  25. Wilsonian says:

    Isringhausen is closing for the Mets tonight, just read that on Rotoinfo.

  26. wynams says:

    not sure of my wisdom, but parnell was the add, rios the drop

  27. Howard says:

    @Grey In a league with few transactions, currently in a dogfight for wins and saves. Rauch, Parnell, Marshall for saves availble on waivers or Maholm for wins? (I had Fister and Vargas on that list but they play for the Seattle ND’s!)

  28. TheRealTaz says:

    Recently dealt Marcum for Morrow and Trumbo. Sounds good?

  29. Mr2Bits says:

    Marmol coming out for the 9th inning again today. Same score, lets pray for different results although my ERA/WHIP are already screwed at this point.

  30. Steve says:

    All of us who endured Dempster’s 0.1 IP/7ER (or whatever it was) effort earlier in the season are frowning a little right now.

  31. Mr2Bits says:

    Sweet. My weeks ERA and WHIP just changed from INF/INF to 135.00 and 18.00

  32. Mr2Bits says:

    Freaking Marmol. He’s done with the way he’s throwing right now. He has zero confidence in ANY of his pitches other than a slider.

  33. JMAC says:

    What do you think about trading Weaver and Buccholz for Kershaw and Daniel Hudson?

  34. theguarantee says:

    Better run out and grab Marshall where available. He just came in for the last out after Marmol gave up another run for the 2-1 win. I think you have to believe Marshall will get at least the next few opportunities.

  35. zzzzzz says:

    Marcum/Wright for Pujols?

  36. zzzzzz says:

    I want to upgrade my pitching – how about Cueto/Marcum/Wright for Hamels/Haren?

  37. schlitzy says:

    Reading this while riding the 7 train. It smells like diarrhea, aids and pollos a la brasa.

  38. dingbat says:

    Good call on Marshall. I’m thinking about offering Zimmermann for Gardner. Seem like a good deal?

  39. Whiskey Diet says:

    14 Team, h2h

    Bonifacio or Cozart at SS? Is it just whoever’s hot or do is Cozart an upgrade?

    Also, lost Bastardo for Marshall?

    Thanks as always Homes.

  40. knighttown says:

    Anyone starting Greinke or Beachy in Coors this week?

  41. Tom the Niner says:

    Grey, What are your thoughts on Konerko/Morse for Prince Fielder. I have no use for Morse on my team since my OF is Holliday, J. Upton, and Crawford. My utility is Gaby or Alex Gordon. I do have Kelly Johnson at 2B and he makes my team suck big times one week and awesome the other week. Should I try to shop Morse for, say, Danny Espinosa? Or go for Fielder?

  42. Wilsonian says:

    Would you deal any of Morrow, Beachy, Anibal, D.Hudson for Charlie Quentin?

  43. Tom the Niner says:

    @Wilsonian, Beachy

  44. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Francisco Rodriguez has agreed to waive his $17.5MM vesting option for 2012 in exchange for additional compensation, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter).

  45. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    The Cardinals have shut down reliever Eduardo Sanchez after the rookie righthander experienced renewed shoulder discomfort following a two-inning appearance for Double-A Springfield earlier this week.

    Martin Prado has returned from the disabled list and is starting at third base for the Atlanta Braves against the Washington Nationals.

    Bautista may return Sunday, but Tuesday more likely.

  46. WDE05 says:

    Asdrubal with another homer today…

    Dude is going to hit 25+ at this rate.

  47. Curly Day says:

    Would you rather have Cozart or Desmond? OK to drop the other?

  48. Buge Hoobs says:

    marcum/berkman or pujols

  49. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Beltre/Stauffer for Lincecum?

  50. Fletch says:

    or Marcum/Panda for Lincecum…which option you like best?

  51. Eddie says:

    Eric Thames: Hot Schmotato? Or Hottest Schmot…atest?

  52. herschel says:

    @Grey: standard roto, allen or thames? thanks and happy carmageddon….

  53. Exactly says:

    like everyone else, now i’m rushing to move marcum (do you like any of these deals?):

    1. marcum/lind for hamels (should I try to get ike davis in return, also, in case he plays again this season or just keep it hamels?)

    2. marcum for morrow/hart

    Also, drop madson for marshall?

  54. Wilsonian says:

    Oh, and good to see I started Verlander and not Morrow. Funk dat!

  55. Steve says:

    Mother-effing Reds. How did they not pad the lead at the bottom of the 7th? Cueto stiffed.

  56. WDE05 says:

    Travis Snider is on a freaking tear. He’s averaging over an RBI per game since his return from the DL. Also added an SB in each of the first two games after the break. 2/3 tonight with a 2b, an RBI, run and SB.

  57. McBainus says:

    @Grey: I am negotiating a trade at the moment:

    I give:
    Justin Upton
    Mark Reynolds
    Ervin Santana
    Leo Nunez

    I get:
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Brandon Beachy
    Jose Valverde
    Sergio Santos

    I am in the lead in HR, with only 2-3 player even close. I am in 2nd place in SB, but it is pretty tight.
    My closers are Heath Bell, Nunez and Capps (i.e. all 3 of which could not be closing in 2 weeks). I am also in 2nd in saves and it is pretty tight.

    I am in the top 3-4 in all stats except K’s, where I am almost dead last.

    Sorry for the rant, but I needed to give background.

    This trade worth it. I am leaning towards yes, but can’t pull the trigger…my logic:
    Beachy is an upgrade over Santana
    Reyonlds is an equal upgrade over Beachy (who I lurve…not love)
    Valverde and Nunez are a wash if Nunez doesn’t get traded. If he does, then it is a huge win for me.
    Upton and Ellsbury are a wash, but I need steals a bit more than HR, so it works for me.

    All in all, what do you think? More than a “no” or “yes” would be mucho appreciato.

  58. McBainus says:

    Santos is an upgrade over Santana…sorry

  59. Steve says:

    And the Reds come back to won it anyway. Of course they do.

  60. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Jeff Karstens? Seriously? Somebody put the juice back in the baseballs, please.

  61. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Btw, Capps just blew the save and Nathan was perfect again, so Capps is about .00003 seconds from losing the job…so in 2 weeks I could not have a single closer…

  62. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Very clever. I have Zimmerman and forgot to mention that. Deal done. Muchas gracias, mi amor.

  63. Wilsonian says:

    Who do you like for this year only, all things being equal:

    Snider or Freeman?

  64. Wilsonian says:

    Aardsma to get Tommy John…

  65. chata says:

    for all of you conspiracy theorists , the minnesota pitching line , tonight ,
    could be telling .
    or not .

  66. Josh says:

    Grey, my team is in first place, and you’ve told me to sell everyone thats got me here. Reyes, Jhoulys, now Marcum. You’re killing me! Should I cut Trout to pick up Tabata? I gotta go with one or the other…

  67. chata says:

    in my h2h , i’m down by 2 SB’s …. both by alex gordon …. ????

  68. Hans says:

    @grey I have pondered this fantasy baseball question for a while and never brought it to anyones attention. I’m sure you have got this before, but would like your take on this. Why isn’t WHIP treated the same as ERA when it comes to errors in an inning. I mean if they can do this with ERA I see no reason why they can’t do this with WHIP it is kind of mind boggling.


  69. EG says:

    Lose Frank^2 for Rauch, Dunn, Marshall or Chapman? Thanks…

  70. chata says:

    trout could save me from being a big fish , if he can do something with this bases loaded situation .

  71. Hans says:

    @Grey but with ERA the pitcher is still giving up runs solely because the inning is still going on because of an error, but those runs don’t count. If the fielders made their plays those batters never would have made it to the plate, doesn’t make any sense to me. The pitcher has to face X amount of extra batters he would never face because of errors.

  72. Black Beard says:

    Can someone tell me how Kershaw doesn’t have any earned runs? He gave up a homerun and it appears only one runner got on due to an error…what am I missing?

  73. chata says:

    took crisp to the wall , earlier .

  74. ABell says:

    would you drop morris for trumbo?

  75. Jeff says:

    I’m looking to deal for a closer in a 15 team league…

    I’m looking to deal Quentin, or maybe Victorino if I really have to.

    Is Quentin for Santos fair? How about Soria?

  76. Nick says:

    @Grey: Start Hanson, Luebke & Scherzer tomorrow while benching Cahill? I’m currently +6.0 on IP so I really can’t start them all. I’m hesitant to start Scherzer cause he has been bad but the CWS matchup looks good. What you think?

  77. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:can you rank these OF’s?….D. Young,Wells,Morse.10 team 8×8 h2h keeper.


  78. knighttown says:

    Espinosa/Lind for F-Her/Uggla?

  79. Earl Battey says:

    Hey Grey,

    I need to bench two of these guys for next week:
    Gallardo @ ARI, @ SF
    Liriano vs CLE, vs DET
    JZimm @ HOU
    Garza vs PHI
    Beachy @ COL, @ CIN
    Chacin vs ATL

    I’m chasing wins and Ks and am under the innings cap, so it’s tempting to use the two start guys. Which two would you sit?


  80. K76154 says:

    I know this may be a no brainer, but I’d like to know, David Freese or Eduardo Nunez before arod is back? David Freese looks like the obvious choice, but he has nothing but average while Nunez has good speed and similar power and slightly lower average.

  81. EK says:

    which side?

    M. Holliday or Gio & Morse

  82. Jordan73 says:

    So what would you consider Marcum from here on out? My pitching was terrible last year, and I’ve over-compensated for it this season. Now, through the draft, FA pickups, and a couple shrewd trades, Marcum is maybe my fifth-best starter. Are you concerned enough with him that I should be exploring options in my situation (keep in mind Pineda and his probable innings cap are also on my team)?

  83. EK says:

    which side?

    M. Holliday v. Gio & Morse

  84. EK says:

    Sorry for the dupe entry above..
    Scherzer or Gio going fwd?

  85. AL KOHOLIC says:

    minnesota has like 10 blown saves already,nathan of old would have them in 1st place

  86. Terrence Mann says:

    Cozart over Jemile for counting stats, huh?

  87. The Talented Mr. Death Punch says:

    Hey grey,

    ROS: swisher, Vernon wells, kubel?

  88. Wake Up says:

    Following in the Cueto train of thought…

    BABIP .237/ LOB 80.7%/ 55% Fastballs…..mmmbop, mmmbop, mmmregression….

  89. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey; @Anyone:

    8 Team H2H Keeper, we keep 5. I’m currently in 2nd but only 3.5 games out of first. Here’s my team:

    C – Napoli
    1B – Fielder
    2B – Espinosa
    3B – Longoria
    SS – Tulo
    OF – Kemp
    OF – Lind
    OF – Krispie
    UTIL – Andrus
    UTIL – Pena
    BN – Bourn

    SP – Lincecum
    SP – Verlander
    SP – F-Her
    RP – K-Rod
    RP – Walden
    P – Santos
    P – D. Hernandez
    P – Hamels
    BN – D. Hudson
    BN – Morrow
    BN – Beachy
    BN – Anibal

    Would you deal Felix for J-Up, or would you do a deal of one of your bottom 4 SPs for a lesser OF bat? I’m not sure I need Felix with that staff, but it’s really nice to have 4 aces in there. We count Ks and Ks/9.

  90. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Salas or Nathan? Hughes or Luebke?

  91. Howard says:

    @Grey Any red flags in this bunch?

    [email protected] (Hello!)
    Chacin vs Mil
    Norris vs Pit
    Niese vs Phil


  92. Jeff says:

    @Grey and all

    H2H pts league, quality innings and Ks are king

    Pick 2:

    Greinke @ ARI
    Pineda @TOR, @BOS
    Beachy @COL, @CIN
    Baker vs CLE, vs DET
    Marcum @ SF

    I’m inclined to go Greinke and Baker. Greinke continues to give up 3-5 ER though, and I don’t know if I’m trusting Baker too much coming off injury.

  93. Buge Hoobs says:

    Werth and Rios just became available in my 10 team 5×5. Either one of them a better option than my current 3rd OF or 2 Us of Moreland, Rasmus, and Snider?

  94. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Javier Vazquez at it again. At this point I’d say all ten team leagues should be employing him.

  95. Wilsonian says:

    Who do I drop for Vazquez: Isringhausen or Marshall?

  96. Walker, Pittsburgh Pirate says:

    rasmus or daniel hudson

    who gets the better deal?

  97. Steve says:

    Farrell must be behind in WHIP In H2H this week, and his opponent owns Rauch.

  98. Terrence Mann says:

    Congrats, Javier Vazquez! You’re the first official razzball example of wire’s remorse!

  99. Steve says:

    Jeez. Longoria has been a shithouse first-round pick. Whenever the Rays have something going, he’s never part of it.

  100. Wilsonian says:

    Would you rather have Rauch or Marshall? They both seem like they might be fill-ins.

  101. debar says:

    trade stubbs/chacin for victorino/cain?

  102. Wilsonian says:

    ****Capps out…Nathan in as closer****

  103. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    I took Morneau and Liriano in back to back rounds (I drank the league leading FIP kool-aid). Jacoby Ellsbury was on the board.

    And that’s probably why I’m not winning my league this year lol.

  104. Martin says:

    @grey-hey what do you think of brandon boesch? Should I try and trade him. He is a very prone to slumping.

  105. Wilsonian says:

    Gotta love what Verlander and Hamels are doing to my ratios in a short week. And the fact that I benched Morrow in place of them…

  106. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    Hey Grey. I need to pick up a spot starter for tomorrow [16 team H2H 6×6, K/BB and OPS] (Hamels just blew up my ERA for the week) and I have 2 questions:

    1) Should I pick up F. Paulino @ MIN or Homer vs. StL

    2) Drop one of the following: E. Nunez, Headley, Snider, or Bernadina

  107. chata says:

    ellsbury …. 4 home runs in the past 7 games

  108. Steve Jobs says:


    Picking up Nathan, who should I drop, Luebke or Worley?

  109. Wilsonian says:

    Back to my trade question. Can you rank these guys in order you’d deal them: Verlander, Hamels, Lincecum, Felix?

  110. Steve says:

    Nice Niese. Has pretty good numbers against the Phillies hitters, so rolled the dice on him. Wheels nearly came off at one stage there, and more run support than a Mets pitcher could expect against Hamels (or anyone for that matter), but I’m takin’ it.

  111. Steve says:

    How the hell does Norris have the lead, never mind a shutout going?

  112. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Brandon Allen or Wigginton? Wigg is U/back up for KJo/Mini Donkey

  113. ABell says:

    crap. i meant morse yesterday not morris. would you drop morse for trumbo?

  114. Steve says:

    Zito is an effing useless prick. Useless. It’s PETCO for f***’s sake.

  115. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    Your fault for owning him, dude. It’s Barry Zito. What did you expect?

  116. elwood blues says:

    NL Only 4×4… in 3rd place right now, saves is about the only category where I am hurting.
    1) trade Adams $1.. or hold onto him, and hope he becomes a closer.. I have an offer for a top free agent starter from a team that’s dumping for him.
    2) trade my prospects for Madson.. and hope he stays as closer.
    3) Use my free agent money to big on B.Allen and dump C.Johnson.. or wait on other AL arrivals or Goldy to come up.

  117. K76154 says:

    If I add Edwin Encarnacion into the mix, who is the best before A-Rod is back? Davis Freese, Edwin Encarnacion or Eduardo Nunez? Edwin Encarnacion seems to be around for like 20 years, but he is still just 28, is doing very well recently, and always has the potential.

  118. TheNewGuy says:

    Pick 3 of these ‘savers’ for the upcoming week: Soria, Melancon, Parnell, League, Marshall.

  119. friar says:

    How would you rank Billingsley, Zimmerman, and Garza for the rest of the year? Thanks.

  120. Howard says:

    What a day yesterday. It was like Dunkirk and Gallipoli all rolled into one! Who would of thought Hamels would get roofed at Metco? The one bright spot was the dong by Brandon Allen. Hope that bodes well for the future! No questions today, just hoping for redemption from yesterday’s debacles!

  121. chata says:

    rios owns brad penny …<== heads up .

  122. schlitzy says:

    Brandon Allen sonofabench!!

  123. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey,out of curriousity,who won it all here last year and how are they doing this year?

  124. Al Swedgin says:

    Hi Grey,

    I’m a wuss, scared of my match-ups. Please BENCH THREE:

    Verlander @ MIN
    Greinke @ ARI
    D. Hudson v COL
    Hanson @ COL
    Colby @ LAA
    B. Norris @ CHC
    Luebke @ PHI
    Price vNYY
    Shields vNYY

  125. Al Swedgin says:

    Heh, sorry, that was my total slate of SPs and I forgot to lop him off. Thanks.

  126. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Jays need a special coach to teach Lawrie how to get out of the way. 2 HPB yesterday, including one on the same hand as before. He was wearing a protective batting glove though, and was not reinjured.

  127. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Grey, @everyone: Just wondering what everyone’s biggest fantasy bball pet peeves are? Mine is trades and messages that aren’t responded to. I mean seriously, in a competitive money league someone can’t just reject an offer or say “not interested” within a week or so? I’m in a league like this where I know the owners see the offers/inquiries (cause they’re constantly making transactions) and don’t respond to them in any way. Btw, these aren’t low-ball offers at all – trying to match needs, positions, etc.

    Any other major peeves, irritations, rants?

  128. Wilsonian says:

    Is Felix for Stanton fair? Would Hamels or Lincecum for Stanton be fair?

  129. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @chata: Understood, but I always add a message describing what my needs are as well as how I believe the players I offered would help that team based on their roster and the standings.

  130. Wilsonian says:

    Who’s better for the rest of the year: Pena or Snider?

  131. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Grey: Yeah, that’s always annoying too. There’s always a starting point for negotiations, but waiver fodder for a top-50 player doesn’t qualify.

  132. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @chata: Like Grey said, and just like in that offer you mentioned, when it’s a ridiculously lopsided deal, no response or a quick reject is understandable and probably warranted. But I’m not talking about that at all. For example, in that league I referred to earlier, I’m in first in steals but need power. I offered an owner who’s second to last in steals and mediocre in other offensive categories, Reyes and B. Phillips for Braun and Aybar. He’s starting Barney at MI (which Phillips would upgrade immensely) and Reyes would obviously upgrade Aybar in a big way. This owner has depth in the OF as well. So even if he didn’t want to part with Braun, that offer is so insulting that it doesn’t warrant a response?

  133. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Snider or Stanton?

  134. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, that guy’s response reeks of arrogance to me. He’s basically saying, “I might accept the deal, but it’ll be on my terms and at my convenience.” Someone either wants to deal or not, which was basically my argument earlier. Just make your intentions known rather than wasting everyone’s time.

  135. busta says:

    Got offered a trade:

    My Gallardo, Marmol, and Morse for
    his JJurrjens, Papelbon, and Butler

    H2H points league favoring power bats (Morse 4 pts less than Butler so far but Butler hasn’t as well lately). My team otherwise:
    C: Montero
    1b: Pena
    2b: K.Johnson
    SS: Hanram
    3B: Freese
    IF: Lind
    OF: Kemp,JUpton,Pence
    UT: Morse
    SP: Kershaw,Cueto,Gallardo,Kennedy
    RP: Marmol,Perez
    B: Alvarez, B.Allen, Sizemore, Tabata (DL), Chipper (DL)
    B: Bailey, Masterson, Hellickson

  136. chata says:

    the way that ian stewart plays defense , he’s gonna hafta hit .400
    to stay in the majors .

  137. Fletch says:

    Nathan or Salas?

  138. chata says:

    don’t want to hear about how fragile ryan zimmerman is , anymore .
    he’s a putz without the ‘t’ .

  139. chata says:

    super play by marcum !

  140. Steve says:

    Holy shit. Do I have the magic touch this week or what? Zito yesterday, Pineiro today. ERA for the week was in the toilet anyway, but a win might have helped.


  141. chata says:

    dang . it looks like that super play is gonna cost marcum .
    trainer just made him get off the rubber , at the top of the next inning .

  142. elwood blues says:

    yeah, think I will trade adams. Save myself the worry. What about this. Trade c.johnson for that same trade for gallardo Or try to outbid the competition for allen and drop.c-j

  143. Exactly says:


    which catcher do you like best out of: soto, suzuki, ramos, ruiz?

  144. Exactly says:


    1. need 2 pitchers out of: harang, arroyo, fister, floyd, cecil?

    2. wiggy or freese?


  145. chata says:

    guess there are no pineiro owners here , or we would have heard
    from them by now .

  146. Big Magoo

    Big Magoo says:

    @Eddy, @Wilsonian: I definitely agree that the “blockbuster” counter is frustrating, but at least it’s a response. Also, Eddy, that vacation sounds incredible, especially if you enjoy fine wine. I didn’t realize the US dollar was quite so devalued though. Haven’t been keeping up.

  147. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Daniel Hudson now 5 for 7 with bases loaded for his career.

  148. Derrick says:

    Thoughts on this trade…

    I will get Kemp/Danks and will trade Crawford/Gio/Soria and Espinosa.

    I have Pedroia and when Wright comes back I will have no place to play Espinosa (currently my util). I am currently leading the league in Saves.

    Should I offer this up?

  149. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Cruz/Marcum for Lester?

  150. Fletch says:

    Hughes or H. Bailey?

  151. Exactly says:

    derrek lee or brandon allen?

  152. Terrence Mann says:

    I figured most of you clowns to be living in your collective moms’ basements. Never expected a bunch of cultured world travellers.

  153. chata says:

    the bat boy that met ellsbury at the plate was taller than ellsbury .

  154. Terrence Mann says:

    This game shall be known as “wtf” in the annals of baseball history.

  155. Steve says:

    Carl’s Jr is opening in New Zealand tomorrow. Should I be excited or horrified?

  156. Terrence Mann says:

    Greasy no great! Fvckin droid.

  157. BlinkULDHC says:

    12-team, mixed, 5×5 H2H, all 8 hitting positions + 2 UTIL…..

    I traded Jay Bruce and Brennan Boesch for Josh Hamilton — who wins this trade?

    Line-up is now:

    C- Avila
    1B – Pujols
    2B – Espinosa
    3B – Beltre
    SS – H. Ramirez
    OF – Kemp
    OF – McCutchen
    OF – J. Hamilton
    UTIL – M. Stanton
    UTIL – Morse

    Before the trade, I had Boesch/Stanton/Morse to play for only 2 UTIL spots, so I had to sit one those guys every single day (Kemp/McCutchen/Bruce in OF) — it was starting to hurt seeing Boesch or Morse hitting a HR on the bench.

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