Happy Monday, Razzball faithful!

The day has arrived. It’s time to dive headfirst into the Top 100 Starting Pitchers version of ‘The Bog of Eternal Stench’. Following our “Next 100” starting pitchers from a couple of weeks ago is tough. If you thought there were some stinkers in SP101-200, you can bet more than a couple of FAAB bucks that SP201-300 is going to be even harder to stomach. Yes, Ludo. Smell bad, indeed.

Though it took this fantasy fan great restraint to not roll with another Labyrinth themed post for the chaos that is ‘The Next Next 100’, the show must go on. Can I promise to never repost that grey-legging gem of a photo with David Bowie as the goblin king in a future starting pitchers article? That…I cannot do.

What I can do, though, is take you on a journey through the hellscape…er…the ‘magic and wonder’…that is the last of the starting pitchers. And in reference to ‘wonder’, it is permissible to think, “I wonder why MarmosDad is writing up these wastes of roster spaces.”

But first, a bit of explanation about the why and what.

This SP201-300 is a piece for all of you AL/NL only league drafters, those with deep benches that can cycle through FAAB pickups each week, or those that can stash arms with ever-so-valuable IR slots in the hopes that you get a nice boost to your pitching at some point during the season. Because, let’s face it, draft day is great, but that’s not the only day that you need to look at pitchers. And you can bet that your pitching staff will look different in three months than it does today.

The Last Of Us (AKA The Next Next 100)

For those who have played the video game, or watched the HBO show, the title should make sense. The premise of ‘The Last Of Us’ involves people trying to navigate a post-apocalyptic world after a deadly spore-based fungus spreads through the population. Said fungus is contagious, and turns its hosts into zombie-like creatures called “Clickers”. If you’re thinking, “You’d have to be a zombie to want any pitchers from SP201-300,” then you’re on the same track that I am.

I’ll break the following groups of names into three sections. The first, SP that you can probably find useful in those deep leagues. The second, SP that may be useful at some point in the season, (or as a keeper), but have some injury concerns. And of course, the third, SP that may be the death of you if you draft them, (especially in those Draft and Hold leagues!). Each player will have the parenthetical SP position ranking added, too.

So without further, ado…I give you the hot mess that is SP201-300…

The Ellies

Under-the-radar arms that could surprise or be a key to success without realizing how valuable they are.

Just like our main character in the story, these pitchers probably don’t realize how valuable they could be to the success of the mission : Winning you your league.

Ryan Weathers (213) – Weathers is currently slotted in (on Roster Resource) as the SP3 in the Miami rotation. This is a classic case of ‘next man up’ … but in this instance, it’s the next four men up. Injuries to Braxton Garrett, Edward Cabrera, Sandy Alcantara, and Eury Perez should at least give Weathers a handful of starts to show if his 18 innings of spring training excellence (10.5 K%, 2 BB%) are for real. This could be a pretty sweet pick as SP213 who is bound to vault up the list if he has early season success.

Erick Fedde (218)  – Fedde wap! Well, if the WAP stands for ‘Winningest Asian(-League) Pitcher’, then I think we’ve got something here. Fedde went 20-6 in the KBO last year with a 10.43 K% and a miniscule 1.75 BB% in 180 innings. Even if he regresses a bit back to his 2022 numbers, it looks like he has figured something out. He’s not a bad dart throw in the post-200 SP landscape, especially considering the lack of options the White Sox have to replace him.

Jacob Misiorowski (245) – I’ll admit to not knowing this kid until I bought MLB The Show this year. I blame the AL only league that I’m in for pushing me to research more on that side of the rookie lists. Is this kid starting in Milwaukee? No. Does he have good command to pair with his plus fastball and slider? Not really. But the Brewers #2 ranked prospect had a solid spring and looks poised to be a top arm in that rotation at some point in the near future. Here’s a clip.

Jake Eder (274) – Eder was the Pale Hose’s return when they shipped Jake Burger to Miami. He’s another high strikeout potential guy that needs to fine-tune the command. 168 strikeouts in 128 career minor league innings is a pretty good start if you’re looking for a high upside starting pitcher in a system that doesn’t have many obstacles to leapfrog over to get into the starting rotation.

Spencer Arrighetti (280) – Another young arm that was a ‘buzzy’ kind of name during spring training. Arrighetti is Houston’s #3 (overall) prospect and their top pitching arm of the future. He has three years of minor league experience and posted an 11.0+ K% in each stop until he reached AAA at the end of the year (8.72 K% in 64 AAA innings to finish 2023). He’s a four pitch starter that should get a shot at some point this summer.

Jack Leiter (284)  – More prospect arms? Are you kidding me? Well, this one (and the next one) is a name that should be rostered in those keeper or deep bench roto leagues. Leiter may have a tough time cracking that Texas rotation, especially after Max Scherzer and Jacob DeGrom return from injury, but locking him in as a keeper is a smart move. Leiter struggled in his first taste of AA ball, but it’s far too early to give up on a kid who was good enough to be the second overall selection of the 2021 draft.

Jackson Jobe (300) – This is quite similar to the above blurb. If you paid any attention during the Tigers spring training, odds are Jobe’s performance turned your head much like it did mine. When a kid averages 100+ on his fastball and tops out at 102 MPH, he’s going to generate some attention. I assume Tigers fans worry that Jobe may end up like their other three SP gems who battled arm injuries, but if they can keep him healthy and developing in the minors, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see him at Comerica Park before the end of June.


The Joels

There are some reliable names here but they’re older, injured, and might not survive to the end of the season.

When are these pitchers going to be back? Are they still hurt? Are they worth the wait?

As far as “The Joels” are concerned, I don’t want to spoil anything for people that haven’t played both games yet. Let’s just say these pitchers are older and pretty broken down, just like our boy Pedro Pascal is in the HBO show.

This group is home to some names that you probably recognize. Some are injured already. Others are in limbo with creaky arms or elbows. If you have IR slots, this is a group to have a look at in case you want to stash upside if/when these guys are healthy.

Jacob deGrom (205) – Yes, deGrom was officially placed on the 60-day IL on Friday. The hope is that he can return in August. The good news is that he did pick up a baseball and throw back in February when pitchers and catchers reported to camp. Another bit of good news is that he hasn’t reported any setbacks in his recovery from TJS. If you’re a gambler, there’s not many IL stashes that could pay off in as big a way as a healthy deGrom could for that late summer stretch run.

Drew Rasmussen (208) – Will miss the entire 2024 season. If your league allows for stashes on the IL to be carried over to the following year, Rasmussen could be a decent final pick. He’s even more appealing for those keeper leaguers if you find yourself in a rebuilding year.

Jake Odorizzi (259) – See if you can guess how old Odorizzi is. Got it? I bet you were over. Odorizzi is ‘just’ 33 years old, but feels like he’s been around forever. Last week he signed a minor league deal to return for his second stint in Tampa. He missed all of last season with a shoulder injury. I would be surprised if he makes his way back to ‘The Trop’, let alone finishes the season healthy.

Brandon Woodruff (286) – Out for the 2024 season but ‘hopes to return strong in 2025’. Uh…Ok, Brandon. File that one in the ‘believe it when I see it’ drawer beside my 2024 Jo Adell bold prediction.

Shane McClanahan (294) – Another one out for the entire 2024 season, but this arm is one I’d be fine stashing in those keeper leagues. In our AL only draft yesterday he went for $6, so it’s not just me that believes McClanahan can come back strong next year. 

The Clickers

Be careful with these ones. AVOID making any sudden movements or noises. They’ll tear apart your ratios and kill your team.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Be silent around these guys or you’ll get your team ripped to shreds before you can say, ‘Fireflies’. Hopefully, the sky high WHIP and ERA isn’t contagious.

Spencer Turnbull (216) – “Breaking news” yesterday that Spencer Turnbull could open the season in the Phillies rotation. Taijuan Walker is set to miss time with a shoulder injury. “Didn’t that guy throw a no-hitter in 2021!? Let’s go!” Um…yes, he did. But there’s an old saying that refers to sunshine and the tail end of a dog that I think applies here. Steamer has Turnbull projected for fewer than 100 IP (84) and a 7.7 K%. Speaking of dogs…Woof.

Touki Toussaint (231) – Oh boy. This was another one of those Atlanta darlings destined to be a serviceable starter for years to come. Well, when researching for this article I saw Touki and figured he’d be a recognizable name to write up. And who signed him? The White Sox? Well, other than maybe Oakland, Chicago seems to be one of the easiest 40 man rosters to crack. Then, yesterday…the Sox dropped Toussaint off the roster in favor of Superman. Yep. This guy got bounced by none other than Kevin Pillar. Ouch.

Zach Plesac (246) – Bro. When your two biggest claims to fame are your last name, (Long live former Jays super-reliever Dan Plesac, BTW), and your questionable Covid taeks…maybe you should focus a bit more on improving your pitching skillz. Since 2019, Plesac has posted a K% greater than 6.85 just once. When was that? Ironically enough, that happened during the 2020 Covid season. I’m keeping my (social) distance from this guy for 2024.

Joe Rock (280) – Uh oh. When Tampa trades for a pitcher, we kind of have to take notice. Last week, the Rays dealt Greg Jones to Colorado for Joe Rock. He’s a 6’6” LHP, so that’s something, but I think the best part about this guy might be his name. He’s slated to make his MLB debut in 2025. Tampa Bay pitching magic aside, you’d be better off looking elsewhere for SP help this season.

That’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed it! Next week, I’ll post a modified version of the Top 100 Starting Pitchers that is influenced by Rudy’s projections. BUT it will have more of my own movement of players up or down our list. I’ll be flapping my baby wings out on the fantasy baseball branch, so hopefully I don’t plummet to my doom.

Drop some comments in the chat if you’re feeling extra fired up about names I have here. Have a great week!

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1 month ago

Hey MarmosDad,

Great write up!

12 team- keeper
6×6 (W/QS, K/9, IP/9, ERA, WHIP, SVHDS)
H2H- daily lineup moves

Curious on your take of my draft regarding pitchers:

Lineup- 5 SP, 4 RP

Corbin Burnes
Eury Perez (IL)
Mitch Keller
Shota Imanaga
Chris Sale
Gavin Williams (IL)
Kyle Harrison
AJ Puk
Garret Crochet
Joe Boyle

A Chapman
M Miller
Trevor Megill
Kerkering (IL)

I will be able to IL and pick up players that start on IL.

Also, I will need another RP or two. Considering,

J Leasure
I Hamilton

Guys still available,

Trevor Rogers

Thoughts on which of these is a “must have”?

Thanks for the feedback!

Reply to  MarmosDad
1 month ago

LOL, not the first bunny joke I’ve heard in my life!! :)

Appreciate the feedback and the insights. I agree, QS/W and IP/9 might be a tad weak with guys like Puk and Crochet. I assume they will be careful with them given their injury history and conversions to SP.

1 month ago

Hi MarmosDad,

I had a great Day in my Yahoo 11 team Yahoo League.

My SP is very good with Corbin Burnes. Zack Wheeler,Tarik Stubal, Greyson Rod, Cole Ragans. Aaron Nola and Cristopher Sanchez. Thoughts?

I also have AJPuk, Kutter Crawford and Hunter Harvard. Your insight on these three would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

1 month ago

What about Sandy????

1 month ago

Need to replace Woo. Please pick one of: Ranger Suarez, Meyer, Kikuchi or Mize.

1 month ago

Last sp

Marsh throwing 98

Pick 1