For this list, I used the players’ ages as of July 9, 2023.

The cut-off lines for eligibility were 130 at bats for hitters and 50 innings for pitchers.

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76. Mets SS Ronny Mauricio | 22 | MLB | 2023

Breakout season began in winter ball but has been complicated by the club’s efforts to find its best lineup. Probably should’ve been playing big league second base a long time ago. Jeff McNeil was a nice find, but he’s 31 years old with a .324 slugging percentage. He’s essentially Luis Guillorme without the cool infield defense. How any club lets him block a bonus baby coming into his own is beyond me.


77. Mets SS Jett Williams | 19 | A | 2026

Might be a good time to check in with the Williams managers in your leagues. His season-long line looks fine but nowhere close to how good he’s been for the past month, slashing .329/.477/.541 with three homers, 11 steals, 17 strikeouts (15.3%) and 23 walks (20.7%) in his last 26 games. 


78. Rays LHP Jacob Lopez | 25 | AAA | 2023

If you’ve been around a while and have a really good memory, you might recall I’ve been into Jacob Lopez for a long time. He gets painted with a reliever brush because he looks pretty funky from the left side and doesn’t light up the radar gun, but he repeats the deception well and makes hitters look foolish all the time. His ERA through 10 starts in Triple-A is 1.16. His FIP over that same stretch is 4.13. Personally, I think FIP is just a shade better than useless, but it’s interesting to see such a wide gap. Truth is Lopez is just flat out hard to hit, and he generates a lot of soft contact from awkward swings. 


79. Rockies 3B Sterlin Thompson | 22 | A+ | 2025

He’s not young for the level, and High-A Spokane is a hitters’ haven, but all you can do is knock down the pins in front of you on a given day, and Thompson is slashing .363/.427/.583 with plate skills that can’t be faked (8.3 percent walk rate; 12.5 percent strikeout rate). 


80. Red Sox 1B Blaze Jordan | 20 | AA | 2024

Rare hitter who limits strikeouts while producing power against much older arms. Could become a dangerous RBI guy in the near future.


81. Dodgers RHP Gavin Stone | 24 | MLB | 2023

Starring this Fall in I Ain’t Dead Yet, Stone reeled off six shutout innings in his latest Triple-A start. His command abandoned him in the majors, but that hasn’t been his history. 


82. Rays 1B Xavier Issac | 19 | A | 2027

Enjoying a solid season (141 wRC+) flashing plus plate skills and making more contact than is typical of a young corner thumper. 


83. Dodgers OF Andy Pages | 22 | AAA | 2024

Patient hitter with power having an interesting year, sacrificing a little pop for better plate skills and earning a promotion to Triple-A in the process. 


84. Cubs 2B Matt Shaw | 21 | NCAA | 2025

Shaw could be a nice value pick after the top group comes off the board in first-year-player drafts this winter, or he could cut through minor league pitching over the next couple months and leap into the top group. He’s seen as kind of a high-floor pick at the moment, I think, but a noisy stat line or two would change that story in a hurry. 


85. Giants OF Rayner Arias | 17 | DSL | 2026

I wanted to rush Arias up the list, but he hasn’t played since June 30, and I can’t find anything about why. If you’ve got something, please let me know in the comments. At 6’2” 185 lbs, he’s proven too much for the DSL, slashing .414/.539/.793 with four homers and four steals in 16 games. Occam’s razor would suggest he’s just injured, but the team hasn’t said anything, which leaves me to wonder if he’s on the move to the complex and getting the paperwork and life stuff in order. There’s also a little voice whisper that maybe the Giants don’t want everyone asking about him in every trade conversation. 


86. Marlins RHP Max Meyer | 24 | MLB | 2022

Had Tommy John surgery last August and should be playing catch again soon. 


87. White Sox LHP Noah Schultz | 19 | A | 2026

Has started six games without allowing a run, and although they’ve all been brief outings (14.1 total innings pitched), I’m impressed any time a guy goes a month and a half without being scored upon. In this case, the outcomes just add to the mystique of a 6’9” lefty with a low three-quarters delivery just owning his opponents. 


88. Yankees OF Spencer Jones | 22 | A+ | 2025

I suspect you’ll see Jones higher on some lists, but the outcomes are dampened by a 31.1 percent strikeout rate. He does have ten home runs and 21 stolen bases, but this is a college hitter struggling to make contact in an offense-friendly setting. 


89. Dodgers RHP Ryan Pepiot | 25 | MLB | 2023

Began his rehab assignment this week at Triple-A after missing the season so far with an oblique injury. Pepiot’s command comes and goes, but his stuff is enough to hang in a big league rotation even with some extra walks. 


90. Astros OF Luis Baez | 19 | A | 2026

Graduated the complex league after hitting seven bombs in 17 games and walking more than he struck out. Has three doubles and two walks (.625 OBP) in two Low-A games. Feels like the kind of guy you make room for wherever you can find it. 


91. Mets C Kevin Parada | 21 | A+ | 2025

Enjoying a smooth transition to pro ball as the club takes its time with him. He’ll turn 22 on August 3 and should be in Double-A by then. He’s got 75 games in High-A with a 126 wRC+ and has been improving throughout the year. I’d put a 2024 ETA on his bat but suspect the Mets would rather wait. 


92. Giants LHP Carson Whisenhunt | 22 | AA | 2024

The Bugs Bunny changeup has dominated lower minors hitters, but the fastball is hittable and might get feasted on in the majors. One nice thing for the real game is that he’s pretty much a lock to have a major league role given the ludicrous changeup from the left side. 


93. Diamondbacks LHP Yu-Min Lin | 20 | AA | 2024

Turned 20 on July 12 and celebrated with six shutout innings in his Double-A debut. Might have some Whisenhunt-shaped issues insofar as his fastball is concerned, but it hasn’t disqualified him to this point. 


94. Diamondbacks SS Jansel Luis | 18 | A | 2026

A six-foot switch hitter, Luis earned a quick bump to Low-A after 24 games on the complex. In the early going, he’s tracking as a Perdomo type with solid skills across the board and a discerning eye.  


95. Giants LHP Kyle Harrison | 21 | AAA | 2024

No secret I don’t like this pitcher as much as other sites, who have frequently pushed him up around the top-20 range because he can be dominant when he’s in rhythm. Remains on the list despite a 1.56 WHIP because he could be a front-line starter if he ever finds a delivery he can repeat. Feels a bit like DL Hall in the sense that fantasy players have been boosting this guy for a long time despite relatively long odds that he’ll ever help much in the categories. 


96. Padres OF Samuel Zavala | 18 | A | 2026

Zavala’s development throughout the season is a bright spot during a pretty drab year for this organization. As with a lot of these young guys on the rise, Zavala’s best stretch is his latest one, posting a .440 OBP and 148 wRC+ over his last 26 games. 


97. Guardians SS Welbyn Francisca | 17 | DSL | 2026

Listed at 5’8” 148 lbs, Francisca is the perfect Guardian: a switch-hitter with excellent contact skills and surprising pop. Should probably move the complex league given his dominance in the DSL (.375/.454/.615), but that’s a promotion complicated by tax laws, and some orgs just tend to wait out that first year after a Dominican player signs because he can keep his signing bonus if he stays in the country for 12 months. 


98. Pirates RHP Jared Jones | 21 | AAA | 2024

The outcomes haven’t been great in five Triple-A games (5.18 ERA), but he’s still striking people out (11.1 K/9), minimizing home runs (0.36 HR/9), and refining his command (2.96 BB/9).


99. Mariners OF Jonatan Clase | 21 | AA | 2024

Strikeout problems (30.2 percent) have dampened the enthusiasm Clase generated during a big opening month in High-A (7 HR, 17 SB in 21 games), but the tools remain white hot if he can make enough contact to access them. 


100. Rays RHP Yoniel Curet | 20 | A | 2026

Command is not his strength, but Curet’s fastball+curveball combo is so hard to hit that he’s produced a 0.84 WHIP and 0.53 ERA over the last two months (51.1 IP) anyway. He’s covered at least five innings in six of his last nine starts, which isn’t especially common in Low-A these days. 

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