For this list, I used the players’ ages as of July 9, 2023.

The cut-off lines for eligibility were 130 at bats for hitters and 50 innings for pitchers.

Here’s a link to the Top 25.

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51. Rays RHP Shane Baz | 24 | MLB | 2021

With 40.1 innings, Baz remains eligible by the laws of this list. His value is pretty dependent upon your play style and/or league setting, I think. He’s a good bet to gain value between now and spring training 2024. 


52. Orioles SS Joey Ortiz | 24 | MLB | 2023

I like this player a lot, but it’s hard to see how Ortiz fits into that lineup. This ranking will look a little low if he gets traded to a team with more playing time to offer.  


53. Diamondbacks SS Ryan Bliss | 23 | AAA | 2023

Arizona has plenty of reasons to be pleased with their 2023 season. The Emergence of Bliss could be the subtitle of their season-wrap video, depending on how he handles Triple-A and (perhaps) the majors over these next few months. 


54. Tigers RHP Jackson Jobe | 20 | A | 2024

He’s only been going about two innings per start, but Jobe is dominating Low-A, recording 14 strikeouts while allowing two walks and zero runs in 10.1 innings spread across five starts.


55. Blue Jays LHP Ricky Tiedemann | 20 | AA | 2023

Tiedemann had a lot of hype during the preseason but spent most of the year on the Injured List. He remains a deceptive lefty with dynamite stuff but tumbles down the list due to general uncertainty.


56. Giants SS Marco Luciano | 21 | AA | 2024

When a prospect gets overrated early, reality struggles to catch up with imagination. In this case, Luciano was already seen as a future star when he got further inflated by a false exit velocity on a Twitter video. To his credit, he’s battled through some tough stretches and has looked really good lately, slashing .326/.438/.605 with a 181 wRC+ over his last 24 games.


57. Yankees SS Oswald Peraza | 22 | MLB | 2022

The Yankees themselves don’t have much time for Peraza, who has played well this year and could be traded into a starting spot at the deadline. 


58. Pirates C Endy Rodriguez | 22 | AAA | 2023

Fighting through a difficult year. This ranking assumes he’ll come back stronger after offseason surgery.


59. Yankees OF Jasson Dominguez | 20 | AA | 2024

I’m typically lower than consensus on underperformers. While I don’t ignore the scouting grades or high upside of some young-for-level, named guys, I see a lot of value in identifying and avoiding the hype-vacuum types as early as possible. Dominguez is hitting .204 with a 28.4 percent strikeout rate. Others can continue to rank him as a top 25 prospect, which is essentially saying he’s a buy low, or a buy while you can get him. It endorses the player and the value already inherent to his name. I’ll go the other way on that. 


60. Dodgers RHP Bobby Miller | 23 | MLB | 2023

Here’s a ranking that swerves more toward perceived value than my own feelings about the player, which are not especially positive. What he lacks in repeatability and command he mostly makes up for by being a Dodger.


61. Cubs RHP Cade Horton | 21 | A+ | 2024

His full-sample numbers in High-A are a little deceptive (3.89 ERA) because Horton has produced a 0.94 WHIP and 30.6 percent strikeout-minus-walk rate in 28.2 innings since May 31. He demonstrated this kind of mid-season surge in college as well and has the look of a deep-summer innings eater. 


62. Pirates 2B Nick Gonzales | 24 | MLB | 2023

He’s playing well enough to keep the job for now, but I’m worried about his ability to make adjustments with his relatively grooved swing. 


63. Athletics RHP Mason Miller | 24 | MLB | 2023

We got a nice look at Miller’s surreal stuff before his health faltered. He’s a top 25 type talent, but it’s anyone’s guess whether he’ll hold up enough to help us in the long term. 


64. Royals SS Austin Charles | 19 | A | 2026

He’s got some learning to do on the baseball field after splitting time with football throughout his life, but the 6’4” 215 lb Charles brings game-changing upside to the diamond.


65. Orioles 2B Connor Norby | 22 | AAA | 2024

Recovered well from a chilly April, slashing .292/.351/.504 with ten home runs and four steals over his last 60 games. Trouble is, that’s just a 108 wRC+ in that league, eight percent better than league averager, and the slow start seems to have cost Norby the inside lane on playing time at second base.


66. Phillies OF Johan Rojas | 22 | MLB | 2023 

Started in centerfield yesterday and made a terrific catch against the fence then fired to first base to double off Ha-Seong Kim, who’d been running on the play. Rojas steps into the spot vacated by Cristian Pache, and while he probably won’t play a lot, it’s a great sign that he made a uniquely impactful play in his first inning as a big leaguer. He was hitting well in Double-A, slashing .306/.361/.484 with nine home runs and 30 steals in 76 games and improving throughout the season.


67. Red Sox OF Roman Anthony | 19 | A+ | 2025

Has burned through High-A pitching to the tune of seven homers in 17 games with a preposterous slash line of .350/.494/.817.


68. Pirates 2B Termarr Johnson | 19 | A | 2027

Striking out more than I would’ve expected (30.2 percent) but doing damage on contact and getting on base at a .410 clip and generating a 139 wRC+.


69. Yankees SS Roderick Arias | 18 | CPX | 2027

Struggled in the DSL last season but has caught fire on the complex, slashing .385/.515/.692 with more walks (22.1%) than strikeouts (17.6%) along with five home runs and nine steals in his last 14 games.


70. Twins OF Walker Jenkins | 18 | NA | 2028

The fifth overall pick in this year’s Rule-4 draft, Jenkins features plus power from a quick lefty swing.


71. Dodgers C Diego Cartaya | 21 | A+ | 2024

Hitting .196 since June 1, Cartaya is blocked and frequently overrated for dynasty purposes. 


72. Rangers 1B Abimelec Ortiz | 21 | A+ | 2024

Ortiz has dominated all season, but we’ve gotta put some sunglasses on just to look at his last 16 games, when he’s hit seven homers and slashed .450/.507/.950. I would wave him on to Double-A if it were my call to make. 


73. Giants RHP Mason Black | 23 | AAA | 2023

Has hit a new gear this summer, earning a bump to Triple-A and debuting there with five shutout innings despite allowing four walks.


74. White Sox SS Jose Rodriguez | 22 | MLB | 2023

Tim Anderson’s name is floating around the trade block, and Rodriguez has been scalding the ball in Double-A, slashing .324/.347/.604 with eight homers and eight steals over his last 26 games. He’s still swinging way too much, but at least he’s doing damage.


75. Guardians RHP Daniel Espino | 22 | AA | 2024

I don’t know where to put this guy. That 2024 ETA feels aspirational at best.

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