The top 100 hitters for the rest of the fantasy baseball season returns this week as the baseball world enjoyed a spirited trade deadline.  Seriously, I can not remember a more entertaining few hours as big names in the majors and minors were flying off the board.  This will take some time to digest, but that was potentially a historic 48 hours.  As well, it is an exciting time in our fantasy game as values quickly change and fantasy writers like me tell our editors that being wrong this time really is not our fault!  I simply guarantee these rankings for the next 17 minutes!  Time to break down the big moves from Anthony Rizzo to Joey Gallo to Starling Marte to Kris Bryant to Trea Turner and so much more!  Check your tray tables and buckle up for another rousing rendition of the top 100 hitters for the rest of the 2021 fantasy baseball season.

Ranking Player Movement
1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
2 Shohei Ohtani 1
3 Trea Turner -1
4 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
5 Bo Bichette
6 Jose Ramirez
7 Juan Soto 1
8 Freddie Freeman -1
9 Bryce Harper
10 Rafael Devers 1
11 J.D. Martinez 1
12 Jesse Winker 1
13 Kyle Tucker 5
14 Nick Castellanos -4
15 Nelson Cruz -1
16 Whit Merrifield 5
17 Xander Bogaerts -2
18 Marcus Semien 1
19 Mookie Betts -3
20 Manny Machado 5
21 Aaron Judge -1
22 Matt Olson 6
23 Javier Baez 3
24 Starling Marte 6
25 Yordan Alvarez -2
26 Jose Abreu -2
27 Cody Bellinger -10
28 Trevor Story -6
29 Nolan Arenado -2
30 Jose Altuve -1
31 Tim Anderson
32 Ozzie Albies
33 Austin Meadows
34 George Springer 9
35 Max Muncy 1
36 Franmil Reyes 12
37 Kris Bryant
38 Randy Arozarena 2
39 Carlos Correa 2
40 Alex Bregman 14
41 Justin Turner 15
42 Jared Walsh -8
43 Cedric Mullins II 3
44 J.T. Realmuto 3
45 Paul Goldschmidt 8
46 Giancarlo Stanton -8
47 Mike Trout -8
48 Anthony Rizzo 12
49 Mitch Haniger 12
50 Tommy Pham 12
51 Jazz Chisholm 1
52 Trey Mancini 11
53 Trent Grisham -11
54 Christian Yelich 1
55 Teoscar Hernandez 9
56 Ramon Laureano -7
57 DJ LeMahieu -6
58 Michael Brantley -8
59 Eloy Jimenez NR
60 Salvador Perez 14
61 Pete Alonso 8
62 Charlie Blackmon 5
63 Bryan Reynolds 10
64 Rhys Hoskins 8
65 Ketel Marte -30
66 Francisco Lindor -22
67 Corey Seager -22
68 Alex Verdugo 10
69 Anthony Rendon -3
70 Yuli Gurriel -2
71 Byron Buxton 17
72 Tyler O’Neill -13
73 Adolis Garcia -15
74 Yoan Moncada -3
75 Austin Riley NR
76 Wander Franco -19
77 Joey Gallo -2
78 Ryan McMahon -2
79 Mark Canha -9
80 Kyle Schwarber -1
81 Eduardo Escobar -1
82 Josh Donaldson -1
83 Randal Grichuk -1
84 Ryan Mountcastle -1
85 Jarred Kelenic -20
86 Jonathan Schoop -2
87 Robbie Grossman -2
88 Andrew Benintendi -1
89 Brandon Crawford
90 Jake Cronenworth 1
91 Brandon Lowe 1
92 Mike Yastrzemski 2
93 Raimel Tapia 2
94 Joey Votto NR
95 Dylan Carlson NR
96 Cesar Hernandez NR
97 Harrison Bader NR
98 Eddie Rosario -2
99 Tommy Edman
100 Adalberto Mondesi -14


Sticking with the trade deadline theme, let us dig into some of the movement and see what it all really means:

  • Anthony Rizzo & Joey Gallo – New Yankee Joey Rizzo is the left-handed masher that New York has been missing for years. Does the short porch in right field sound enticing?  Yes.  Is it really going to make much of an impact?  Less than we all expect due to the parks these fellas are coming from.  The homers might look more imposing in New York, but not much more plentiful.  I will give a slight boost to Rizzo but see little change for Gallo.
  • Cesar Hernandez – Hernandez jumps from the 22nd team in terms of run production to the 4th team in terms of run production while staying in the AL Central.  I expect a spot near the top of the lineup for Hernandez who should see everyday playing time in this powerful lineup that just returned Eloy Jimenez.  Not a huge boost, but I like this move for Cesar.
  • Eduardo Escobar, Kyle Schwarber, Starling Marte – So many faces in new places.  While it would be wonderful if we foresaw a boost for all folks involved, some will simply keep on keeping on.  We certainly should never discount the motivational factor of the pennant race, but guys like Escobar, Schwarber and Marte do not see substantial benefits from their moves.  Give them a few spots in the rankings for rejuvenation if you so please and enjoy watching Kyle Schwarber try to play defense in the Fenway outfield because that will certainly make us feel like winners!
  • Trea Turner – Turner already represents one of the game’s top offensive forces and a move to Los Angeles does little to change that perspective. Moving atop one of the highest producing lineups is rarely an issue with the prime concern being any impact to stolen base totals.  While there might be some slight speed downside as LAD is not a typically speedster team, that minor risk is more than overcome by overall production boosts.  I like this move for Trea and personally believe the Dodgers pulled one over on the Nationals.
  • Kris Bryant – Bryant moves to the San Franciscan Bay and the spacious ballpark that may be a bit of a challenge for his power production. The Giants continue to surprise, but there is little difference in the lineup protection or production that Bryant will see out west.  This is a neutral move by all accounts.
  • Javier Baez – While much of our digging today looks at park factors or lineup positioning, that is not the case for Baez.  If there is one player that wants the spotlight and seems to thrive in that place it is Baez.  It often seems that players join the Mets and suddenly forget how to play (looking at you Francisco), but I believe the bright New York lights will give us an exciting stretch run from Mr. Baez.  This is not a deep analysis here, but just that gut feel that this situation is going to play a big motivational factor for one of the league’s bright young stars.
  • Jorge Soler, Adam Duvall, Eddie Rosario – Toss in Joc Pederson and Alex Anthopoulos has completely redone the outfield in Atlanta. I am not sure this logjam is really going to help any single player’s fantasy value and more than likely spreads playing time as Atlanta tries to…well I have no idea what they are trying to do.   Sorry Braves fans!
  1. mUshi says:

    Hi. Would you trade kelenic and lou bob for harper in a 20team keep forever league? Thanks

    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      Harper is definitely the best player in that trade, but I am holding Kelenic and LouBob in that scenario!

  2. prognation says:

    Hey Brewer,
    D-backs just activated K-Mart from the IL. Who do I kick to the curb? 10-team league.

    1) Baddoo
    2) Tommy Edman
    3) Soler
    4) Votto – though his is en fuego right now.

    Thanks for the advice.

    • prognation says:

      Bellinger is also an option to drop on my team.

      • Jeremy Brewer

        Jeremy Brewer says:

        I am kicking Soler to the curb here. He was already questionable and this move to a crowded outfield in ATL is concerning for me!

        Ride that Votto train while you can. I was wondering if he would breakout as he has been blistering the ball all year!

  3. Kcc26 says:

    12 team mixed, keep 6 each year. Can keep forever at escalating prices (average of previous year adp and current year average adp.

    Being offered cole and castellanos for my Acuña. Cole can be kept in the second round next year and Castellanos in the 3rd. Acuña is going to be a 3rd rounder. Would you give up Acuna there?

    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      No chance. Acuna is probably the best keeper in the league and with only 6 keepers you want to be maximizing your 6 guys. I like Cast and Cole but I would be hard pressed to do this even if your 6th keeper is junk.

      • Kcc26 says:

        Sorry—to clarify he’s giving up for the year and I’m trying to win it all. So it would be a win now, push in the chips type move

        • Jeremy Brewer

          Jeremy Brewer says:

          That makes things much closer. I am personally very down on Cole as the wheels have seemed to generally fall off since the crackdown on sticky substances. You are investing in about two months of his starts and a month or so of Castellanos nice he is back from an injury. That is a reasonable gamble if it pushes you over the top and still provides keeper value next year.

          I have my hesitations with Cole, but you have to try to win when you are in the right position and Acuna does nothing for that goal this year.

          • Kcc26 says:

            Just as an update…castellanos’ vague injury timetable gave me enough pause to put things on hold. Now I have two offers on the table:

            Cole/Winker (can be kept next year in round 7)) for Acuña

            Betts(1st round to keep)/justin turner (could be kept in round 10 but old/injury prone)/Montas

            Which return do you like better?

            • Jeremy Brewer

              Jeremy Brewer says:

              Give me Cole and Winker! I am low on Betts and he can’t seem to stay on the field. Likely don’t align with the industry on that view, but ohh well!

  4. scoboticus says:

    With 4 outfielders in Atlanta, who do you see as the backup?

    • I Am Not A Smart Man says:

      Probably more of a platoon situation

      • scoboticus says:

        Yes, but who?

        • I Am Not A Smart Man says:

          It’s still TBD, but I would expect Duvall, Soler, and Pederson to be starting most of the time for the immediate future. We don’t even have a timeline for Eddie Rosario yet who will probably need a few minor league games to rehab when he is ready.

          If / when he gets back and doesn’t look like booty, a Duvall / Soler platoon would be my guess. All of this is written in wet sand though depending how they are all performing.

          • Jeremy Brewer

            Jeremy Brewer says:

            I am banking and on a Joc/Soler Platoon with Rosario and Duvall picking up the strongest playing time. I am avoiding this situation and think it is entirely unpredictable. Wouldn’t expect a righty/righty with Duvall and Soler.

            I really don’t get this Soler move …even though he is 2 for 3 today

            • I Am Not A Smart Man says:

              Good point about the righty righty situation… I was looking more at their splits against righty vs lefties. Duvall smashes righties and Soler lefties. Defensively speaking I would definitely want Duvall over Soler, but I think Soler is a pure lottery ticket for the Braves. Cost very little for a guy who smashed over 40 homers a couple of years ago.

              • Jeremy Brewer

                Jeremy Brewer says:

                More than likely it will be completely unpredictable and somehow Nick Markakis will be the most valuable Braves OF

                • I Am Not A Smart Man says:


  5. teppista says:

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  6. Dong Show says:

    Just out of curiosity Jeremy, is Chris Taylor close on this list for you or does his team and maybe potential playing time issue knock him? I feel like he’s having just a super underrated season and I actually have started using him over Whit Merrifield lately (unless I need speed). Just feels strange to not see his name, but then see a guy like Kelenic who really is struggling. Just curious on your thought process when it comes to something like this.

    Great work and thank you!

    • Jeremy Brewer

      Jeremy Brewer says:

      Two factors in my assessment here: 1. Taylor is having a decent year but some of the underlying metrics are down and there is some volume/luck drivers. Nothing crazy, but a slight flag. 2. I don’t know how things will settle with the influx of talent into LAD and impact that playing time. You would think that is minimal.

      I could see a strong argument for the later 1/4 to 1/3 of the rankings here and a few weeks from now we will know much more on playing time. It is definitely a balance between the talent ceiling that can pop off (Kelenic) and ole faithful (Taylor).

      Great question and challenge to the rankings!

      • Dong Show says:

        Appreciate the response and feedback! No argument from me on your logic, I get it. Was just very curious on this specific example because of the current dynamic of the two players.

        Thanks again!

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