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Note: All stats and Player Rater values are accurate through Sunday’s games.

Player Rater Top 20 (5×5 Standard)

Player Rater Top 20 (6×6 w/ Holds)

2024 SVHD Leaders

Weekly Saves Leaders

Weekly Holds Leaders

Weekly Blown Saves Leaders :'(

Arizona Diamondbacks:

  • Paul Sewald 2 SV. Metrics didn’t dazzle but results were great. Ryan Thompson 1 W, 1 HLD. Allowed 5 H yet no runs. Joe Mantiply and Justin Martinez also had 1 HLD. Kevin Ginkel 2 W, which helps on the Player Rater but really doesn’t mean much.

Atlanta Braves:

  • Raisel Iglesias 1 SV. Joe Jimenez 1 HLD. Run of the mill stuff here. Jimenez stonks up while Minter is out. Sounds like Minter is gonna be ready to return when eligible on the 14th.

Baltimore Orioles:

  • Craig Kimbrel 1 SV. Yennier Cano 2 HLD. Struck out 4 and walked 1 in 3.1 scoreless. Danny Coulombe was perfect over 3 IP, striking out 4.

Boston Red Sox:

  • Kenley Jansen 1 W, 5 K across 2 dazzling IP. The only SV went to Cam Booser in extras. He also K’d 5. That’s one cool story; look it up some time. He’s been pretty good despite a mid H/9, but he’s not relevant for fantasy. But again, cool IRL story.

Chicago Cubs:

  • Hector Neris 1 W, 2 SV. Control has been better of late. On the up and up a lil bit. Mark Leiter Jr. 1 HLD. Very strong metrics this week (34.6 SwStr%, 53.8 CSW%). No other RP matter back there. So much for Ben Brown RP szn. That just reminded me of a dog one of my college roommates had. Big ol chocolate lab we called Brown Frown lol. Damn, that was a good dog. RIP Brown Frown.

Chicago White Sox:

  • John Brebbia 2 HLD, 7 K over 4.2 scoreless. Woopty doo, who gives a fart? I’d be hard-pressed to roster any of these arms in an AL Central-only SVHD league, pards.

Cincinnati Reds:

  • Alexis Diaz 1 SV, 4 K. Wasn’t the most efficient whippersnapper this week. Bad ratios and blah metrics. Fernando Cruz 1 W, 2 HLD. More efficient but not dominant. Still, he’s adjusted and is doing quite well again overall. Emilio Pagan is back on the IL too, so really it’s his dog and pony show back there. Lucas Sims, you’re dead to me, ya hear!

Cleveland Guardians:

  • Emmanuel Clase 1 SV. Pitched well. Hunter Gaddis, Scott Barlow, and Sam Hentges all had 1 HLD. Would it surprise you to learn Hentges had the best stuff? That feller pulled a negative FIP and SIERA this past week, y’all. Reckon this pen is too crowded for his fantasy stock, nonetheless. I still like Gaddis best overall, but Barlow still leads the team with 15 HLD. That pard only trails three other banditos for the league lead in that regard (Harvey, Romero, and Kittredge).

Colorado Rockies:

  • Tyler Kinley 2 SV, 1 HLD, 5 K. This guy is one half of the headline if’n you ain’t figured it out yet. Can I take a victory lap two and a half months late? I picked Tyler Kinley to break out this year and be the Most Valuable Fantasy Pitcher in the staff pick ’em this preseason…and then he went and got demoted to middle relief until pretty recently. Now all of a sudden he’s getting high-leverage looks and doing pretty well. Jalen Beeks had 2 HLD, but he also had 1 BS and 1 L. Ugly line overall. Went from headline boi last week to…this. Both probably have a place in SV-only leagues (Kinley has the edge for now), but like I’ve said all year, you gotta pretty ding dang desperate for saves to want a Rockie.

Detroit Tigers:

  • Jason Foley 1 SV. Good news: he was perfect. Bad news: 0 K. Shelby Miller sorta bounced back and earned 1 HLD, striking out 5 over three scoreless. I say sorta cuz he also had a blown save despite a great line and great metrics. Them’s the breaks. Foley remains the only name I care to entertain in all formats, though.

Houston Astros:

  • Josh Hader 1 SV. Wasn’t his best week. Bryan Abreu walked more than he struck out. Still got you 3 HLD and a 0.00 ERA. I’ll say it for a fifth or sixth or tenth time (I’ve lost track): buy low.

Kansas City Royals:

  • James McArthur 1 SV. Doo doo otherwise. I would sell while you can. I know people who have already dropped him, even in SV-only. I wouldn’t go that far unless you’re in first place in SV in your league. But I don’t feel great about my one share of him, I’ll put it that way…and come to think of it, I am in fact in first place in SV in that roto league. Hmm. John Schreiber 2 HLD. The line and ratios looked great; the metrics were boring. He’s a boring kind of guy, and that’s okay. Not all heroes wear red (see what I did there, as in red metrics???). Schreiber has 15 HLD on the year.

Los Angeles Angels:

  • Carlos Estevez 1 W, 2 SV, perfect again with 2 K. He’s on a nice little run. Makes me think he’s due for a Wile E. Coyote TNT barrel blowing up in his face kinda outing. Do you care who got holds back there? I don’t. I don’t even care that Ben Joyce got one. He gave up 5 H and 2 ER over 1.1 IP. No K. I’m sorry, but I’m not hype at all about that guy. More like Bland Joyce.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

  • Only SV was a random vulture from Yohan Ramirez. Not even bothering to bold his name. Alex Vesia had the only hold. Blake Treinen and Evan Phillips earned no decisions. Treinen was good; Phillips was not. Not that I’m worried.

Miami Marlins:

  • The only positive decision went to Tanner Scott (1 W). Tasty, dark red metrics on the week, thanks to 4 K and 0 ER in 2.2 IP. Another pen where nobody but the primary closer matters.

Milwaukee Brewers:

  • Trevor Megill 1 SV. Nice whiffs, great stuff overall. Bryan Hudson 2 HLD. Struck out 5 in three scoreless. Must-own in holds formats. I think I’m happy saying I don’t think anyone else in this pen has a place on most rosters.

Minnesota Twins:

  • Last week I was happy to see Jhoan Duran saves even though his numbers weren’t stellar. This week it’s a sadder tale, pards. Got a win, but otherwise he provided very little fantasy value. Ratios sucked and metrics sucked. I got half a mind to think he ain’t quite one hunnid percent. There weren’t any other decisions this week, but I’ll give Griffin Jax a shoutout for more K (3) than ER+BB (2) and great metrics.

New York Mets:

  • Edwin Diaz is due back any minute now. Whether he resumes closing duties or not is a different story. I’d wager not quite yet. But I really don’t know. Gotta say, no one really stood out to me this week. Drew Smith had 2 SVHD? He’s so, like…whatever. Ya know? Like, I can’t even. Dedniel Nunez had me swooning, and he did have 1 HLD this week, but he didn’t knock my boots off or anything. Danny Young had good metrics but no decisions. He’s just too far down the totem pole to matter much, and all the more once Diaz is back. Reed Garrett earned a win but had more baserunners than K. Blah. All these guys are so whatever. Pick one if you have to. Buy low on Edwin if you can.

New York Yankees:

  • Clay Holmes 2 SV. Fantasy stud. Tommy Kahnle had 2 HLD but also awful numbers lol. Guess there’s gotta be something to the fact he’s been used in the 8th four of his last five outings (and that other was the 7th). Luke Weaver 1 W, 1 HLD. I like him best.

Oakland A’s:

  • Mason Miller 1 W, 1 SV, 4 K. Looked better this week. The inhuman total domination is waning. I’m not telling you to sell high, just maybe have a think on it. Austin Adams was not good. Tolt y’all…he always does it. Rocks for a while then sucks. Lucas Erceg should be ready to take back top setup duties any day now…which doesn’t mean a whole helluva lot in Oakland, it must be said.

Philadelphia Phillies:

  • Jose Alvarado 2 SV, 1 BS, 1 L. Good strikeout stuff this week, just had a dud outing. Jeff Hoffman 2 HLD. He was better. Wonder if things to start to lean his way in the ninth? Dunno, pards, I just don’t rightly know. Orion Kerkering has been filthyyy of late. Managed 1 HLD. Just don’t know that enough holds come his way ROS. But his last month? Looks like this: 1 W, 3 HLD, 0.69 ERA, 0.62 FIP, 17:0 K:BB in 13 IP. Matt Strahm was good as well, and he’s been right proper beastly all season long. Just also ain’t gonna see enough SVHD chances with Alvarado/Hoffman in the way.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

  • Props to Colin Holderman for leading all RP with 4 HLD this week. They were boring as all get out. That’s the kinda guy he is. The Schreiber of the NL. Fine in deeper formats, but I want more sex appeal in most cases. Aroldis Chapman 2 HLD, 6 K. That’s the guy I want for holds. David Bednar 2 SV. Are we still buying low on him? Do it if you can. Last month has been great: 7 SV, 1.26 ERA, 0.91 WHIP, 10:2 K:BB.

San Diego Padres:

  • Robert Suarez hasn’t pitched since June 1, unless he pitches tonight (gonna submit this for publishing before that games finishes). Not seeing any reason for that, but seems like a bad call to let your ace closer just sit for days like that? I dunno. Jeremiah Estrada 1 HLD, 1 L, 4 K. Metrics looked good. Most holds formats, he’s the one to care about while the others don’t really matter at this point.

Seattle Mariners:

  • Andres Munoz 2 HLD. Annoying he got holds and not saves, but gotta be glad he avoided the IL with that bothersome back injury. But then again, he was quoted as saying he felt off…something to keep your two eyeballs and ears on. Ryne Stanek 1 SV, 1 HLD, 1 BS, 1 L. Overall, he was atrocious. The numbers and the metrics were plain garbage. Tayler Saucedo (the other half of the headline) had 2 SV and 1 HLD. Wasn’t anything special otherwise, and I can’t say I’m rushing to the wire to add him anywhere. Anywhere at all, mind you. Still the Munoz/Stanek show for now. But if Stanek pitches like that again, then maybe I’m looking at Saucedo. I mean, maaaaaybe.

San Francisco Giants:

  • Camilo Doval 2 SV, 0 ER. Always nice. Tyler Rogers and Ryan Walker each had 2 HLD. Rogers had it going this week, tossing four perfect innings. Walkers leads the team with 12 HLD and has a very nice 12.2 K/9. That’s the kinda guy I’m tryna roster, y’all.

St. Louis Cardinals:

  • Ryan Helsley 2 SV. My spreadsheet has that kinda red in the metrics that makes you wish it were a glass of wine and you had some sliced sharp cheddar on hand: 66.7 K%, 0 BB%, 31.6 SwStr%, and 36.8 CSW%. Andrew Kittredge had 2 HLD. Only trails Harvey and teammate JoJo Romero (1 W, 1 HLD, 1 BS, 1 L this week) for the league lead in holds. Romero is better quality, though.

Tampa Bay Rays:

  • Pete Fairbanks 2 SV, 4 K. Another great buy-low target, pards. Jason Adam 1 HLD, 2 K. Not the elite season we’re accustomed to; alas, I do declare him a pretty solid buy-low target as well. Garrett Cleavinger 1 HLD, but also 5 H and 2 ER with 0 K. Pass. Colin Poche is back anyway. Surely he bumps Cleavinger back into obscurity.

Texas Rangers: 

  • Nary a SVHD to be had this week. Nary a positive decision at all! All we got were two losses: one from David Robertson, and the other from Jose Leclerc. The latter at least had 5 K and actually great metrics. DRob wasn’t nearly as efficient, but he wasn’t even close to bad either. Kirby Yates was a sharpshootin son of a gun: 2 perfect IP with 4 K.

Toronto Blue Jays: 

  • Jordan Romano is throwing again but is a decent ways away still. Yimi Garcia had 2 W and 1 SV, with 5 K in 3 IP. Strong metrics. He’s the dude to own in all formats. No one else did much, but I guess Chad Green is my next pick to be rostered.

Washington Nationals:

  • Kyle Finnegan 2 SV, 4 K. Second week in a row that’s his line. Man is simply blowing everyone’s undies straight outta their britches. Been a fan of his for years now (fantasy-value wise), but I sho didn’t see a damn near Top 5 season coming from this guy (he’s #6 on both Player Raters up top). Hunter Harvey is tied with Romero for the lead with 19 HLD. Added one more this week, but also took a loss. Line was really bad, and he didn’t strike anyone out. Here’s to a better week, Mr. Harvey.



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1 month ago

hey, JKJ, first time long time! I can’t find a brown lab on waivers for the Cubs’ closer handcuff, but I do have a dog named Neris…Any suggestions for next man up?

1 month ago

Howdy! Great stuff here, thanks for covering SV+HLD, it is a huge help for that style of league.

Speaking of, I could use a new RP as I traded Helsey away in a SV+H league. I’ve narrowed it down to Yates, Estevez and Schreiber. Yates seems like obvious choice but he has only one save or hold in the past month which worries me.

Thank you for any input!

1 month ago

Hey JKJ — love your weekly analysis and commentary!

I’m planning for Bryan Woo’s return to the IL. Don’t see any available SP streamers that warm my heart this week, but there are several good RP’s on the wire, namely Yimi, Iglesias, Alvarado, Tanner Scott, Trevor Megill, Yates, and Estrada. I already roster Hoffman and Abreu.

Relievonator tells me to go with Yimi this week, and my head agrees, but would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

Reply to  JKJ
1 month ago

Thanks JKJ!

Lower the Jolly Roger
Lower the Jolly Roger
1 month ago

Saves + Holds as one ….. 12 teamer …. Who’s the drop ?? Can’t make up my mind…..

Yimi, Megill, Hoffman, Estrada, Robertson …. Ughhh

1 month ago

Saves and Holds as separate categories. Who’s the drop once Minter gets back?
Minter, Yimi, Estrada, Fairbanks and Jax.

Big Mike
Big Mike
1 month ago

Thanks for the great work! Love the Wile coyote reference…lol