I’m going down the path of J-FOH and others here and trying to give general, “win your league” type advice these last couple weeks.  I’ve decided this week that advice will come in the form of how many games each team has left, along with noting which teams have Monday and Thursday off days. It’s not only useful for stolen bases but whatever category you need.  And I’ll also be noting as I did last week, some speedsters that have gained playing time recently, these are players to consider for streaming stolen bases these last two weeks.  So definitely couple this advice with the stolen bases versus starting pitchers SAGNOF tool and stream, stream, stream for steals, if you are up to the task.  Here’s this weeks “Names to consider” from speediest to least speedy:  Sam Fuld (Athletics), Abraham Almonte (Indian), Mikie Mahtook (Rays, decent power too), Andrew Romine (Tigers), Cory Spangenberg (Padres).  Some of those aren’t exactly household names, which is basically the point.

Last week I had Carl Crawford (Dodgers), Kelby Tomlinson (Giants), Jean Segura (Brewers) and Ketel Marte (Seattle).  Now here’s the table with the number of games remaining for each team.  It might be useful to consider for streaming middle relievers as well, frankly I haven’t had enough time to examine the various bullpen Saves Ain’t Got No Face situations right now.  Instead I’ll just say sorry to all the David Robertson and Brad Boxberger owners out there.  Ouch.  And that’s it for this week’s SAGNOF Special.

Team Games Left Play Mon 9/21 Play Thurs 9/24 Play Mon 9/28 Play Thurs 10/1
Baltimore Orioles 13 Y N Y Y
Boston Red Sox 14 Y Y Y Y
Chicago White Sox 14 Double Header Y N Y
Cleveland Indians 13 N Y Y Y
Detroit Tigers 13 Double Header N Y N
Houston Astros 12 Y N Y N
Kansas City Royals 13 N Y Y Y
Los Angeles Angels 13 Y N Y Y
Minnesota Twins 13 N Y Y Y
New York Yankees 14 Y Y Y Y
Oakland Athletics 12 N Y Y N
Seattle Mariners 12 N Y Y N
Tampa Bay Rays 13 Y Y N Y
Texas Rangers 13 N Y Y Y
Toronto Blue Jays 13 Y N Y Y
Arizona Diamondbacks 13 Y Y N Y
Atlanta Braves 12 Y N N Y
Chicago Cubs 13 Y N Y Y
Cincinnati Reds 14 Y Y Y Y
Colorado Rockies 13 Y Y N Y
Los Angeles Dodgers 14 Y Y Y Y
Miami Marlins 12 N Y N Y
Milwaukee Brewers 13 Y Y N Y
New York Mets 13 Y Y N Y
Philadelphia Phillies 12 N Y N Y
Pittsburgh Pirates 13 Y Y Y N
San Diego Padres 12 N Y N Y
San Francisco Giants 13 N Y Y Y
St. Louis Cardinals 13 Y Y Y N
Washington Nationals 13 Y N Y Y
  1. RotoLance

    RotoLance says:

    How ’bout those “Atros”.

  2. Scott says:

    The Royales (e added for emphasis) need to just rest their starters and play Dyson for the rest of the year. Cmon guys! For my fantasy team!

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Scott: That’s not just wishful thinking but a legit point. Gordon and Cain probably among those likely to see a day or two off during the last week.

  3. G says:

    Anyone you like especially for holds this week. I have will smoth, Madson, osich, and shaw as of now. Thanks man

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @G: This is a situation where I’d be tempted to stream if possible, swapping your middle relievers that don’t play on Thursday for players that do.

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