You know what Tuesday’s are good for… SAGNOF.  And remembering to put your recycling out.  Funny enough, I am correlating the two this week.  Co-mingling, if you may.  This week, I wanna bring something old, something not so new, and he wears blue… pajamas.  (Because p-jays make the man.)  Let’s look at some old SAGNOF gold and the familiar name that is Eric Young Jr..  Hell, this is SAGNOF, it ain’t a beauty contest… it’s not even that B.S. 15-buck prize from Monopoly when you land on the community chest.  Why I like E.Y. Jr. is multi-faceted; First, he is on a team where he doesn’t have to throw base-running as a caution to the wind.  The Angels are second behind only the Reds’ legs in steals, and with an 80% success rate, they prolly won’t be choosing another tact to manufacture runs while Trout is mending his fin.  He isn’t sexy, and he has a track record of being a good for a few games then falling off a plateau, but since receiving regular at-bats, it is in the same breath as Trout going down.  He has an OBP of over .410, and if you think it’s kind of a fluke, check his minor league stats prior to call-up.  His OPS was at .950 in 44 games at Triple A with 15 steals.  The days of stealing 50-plus bases ala 2013 are long gone, but if you need to find a place for a steal here or there, check the Angels ownership and steals totals.  Maybin, Simmons et al.  So with that, let’ see what else is shaking in the 90-feet of thievery department.  Chart added for flavor.  Cheers!

Name SB’s SB Opps OBPa
Andrew Triggs 15 98  .323
Tyler Glasnow  13 104 .405
Matt Cain  10 128  .368
Gerrit Cole 10 107  .319
Jason Hammel 10 108  .341
Mike Pelfrey   10 69 .301
Julio Tehean  10 123 .350
 Mike Fiers 9 90 .330
Jaime Garcia 9 104 .304
Daniel Norris  9 122 .366
Jake Arrieta 8 100 .323
Scott Feldman 8 103  .332
Ubaldo Jimenez 8 87  .349
Jimmy Nelson  8 102  .314

Trea Turner
– Back in the saddle and on pace for a 15/50 season.  So that’s why we used a first round pick on him in some cases. Ten steals in his last 15 games makes rainbows remind me of my good friend Roy G. Biv.  Call me crazy, but is Eduardo Nunez basically the same player?

Mallex Smith – Sounds like a minion of Nicolas cage in Face/Off.  Pollux, Castor, and Mallex all walk into a bar… and scene.  Kiermaier is not miraculously going to be hip to play, so Mallex is the Ray of larceny for now.

Lewis Brinson – Blah, Blah.  Check Grey’s lead from yesterday.  It references Trading Places and I think the cheat code for Contra.  Muddled outfield makes me go hmmm.

Ian Desmond – Hey Ian, thanks for those 3 whole steals this past 15 days.  They make the zero RBI and zero home runs look like a shiny Ferrari.  The Rockies don’t run because they are to sedimentary.

Adam Engel – Can they just give him a shot at regular at-bats?  What do they have to lose?  More games?

Koda Glover – And the carousel in Washington goes round and round.  Albers looks to be the reliever of note, but this seems like a episode of Groundhog’s Day.  Wash, rinse, Dusty.

Michael Lorenzen – Raisel doesn’t go on back-to-backs, if you need to shovel the elephant poop of chasing saves look at Mikey.


  1. phil says:

    is Engle back up?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @phil: no, but that was part of my point. He should be

  2. Benintendo64 says:

    Would you bench Desmond and play Brinson in a standard H2H?
    Which would you rather own for ROS?

    • Benintendo64 says:

      @Benintendo64: I should add: 14 teams, and Desmond currently plays in my UTL spot

      • LenFuego says:

        @Benintendo64: I own both, and I am expecting way more out of Desmond ROS.

        • Benintendo64 says:

          @LenFuego: thanks! that’s what I’m thinking as well

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Benintendo64: Def Desmond, unless you wanna speculate on Brinson speed more

  3. You think C**nt Hurdle just hates fantasy baseballers and fucks with us intentionally? So he bats Polanco sixth and David Freese 3rd all last year then this year he fucks with us saves vultures and makes us hold NIcasio on our rosters while he demonstrates no intention of actually using him for saves?
    Seriously, though If you were holding Nicasio on an injury-decimated team with a DL crunch, how long would you continue to do so without him being given a save chance?

    • Big W says:

      @Hugman: Felipe got saves in back to back games… i’d say that’s pretty telling. If it was truly both of them, wouldn’t Nicasio have closed out the second game?

      I think you can move on from Nicasio… my $0.02

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Hugman: its Rivero for the win, drop Nicasio immediately. And yes Hurdle plays in an ulterior universe league with Sciocsia

      • hal_incandenza says:

        Hey Smokey. @Smokey: Present Me thanks Past Smokey for the advise. Was looking for your opinion on dropping Nicasio fs vulturin’. Thanks!

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