Ty France leads all hitters in fantasy points? Is this some sort of joke? If so, I don’t get it. Next, you’re going to tell me that Joe Canada is going to win the Home Run Derby. If you just Google’d Joe Canada, you are obligated to say so in the comments. If you don’t, I’ll know. I have state of the art JavaScript-based trackers attached to this post. But seriously, Ty France? Dood literally just hit another home run as I’m writing this. I sh!t you not. He now has 72 points, putting him about seven points ahead of Jose Ramirez. He’s two for two so far today and it’s only the third inning in Seattle. In the preseason I tagged France as the number 15 first baseman and the 13 second baseman. Besides having dual position eligibility, there wasn’t much to see there. I guesstimated him at about 0.57 points per plate appearance. He is currently raking at 1.06 points per plate appearance. That’s nearly double my preseason plan. Last year, in his first full season (152 games/650 PA), France has 382 points (0.59 PPPA). The big question is, what should you do with him if you own him? The numbers scream sell. There’s nowhere for him to go but down. Here’s what I’m thinking. That is true, his numbers will go down. But what are you really going to get for him in return? He’s an unproven talent that’s off to a hot start in the first 16 games of the season. Here’s the deal, France’s cost to you was close to nothing. His ADP was about 182, which made him approximately a 16th round pick. Right now your 16th round pick is producing at a first round level. When his numbers do level off, let’s say he falls to being more of an 8-10 round player. You are still getting value on the pick. Here’s what else I see. In three years at college he was a .337 hitter. In five years in the Minors he was a .294 hitter. And in his four years in the MLB, he has been a .286 hitter. It doesn’t take home runs to get you fantasy points. They certainly make it easier, but base hits, runs scored and small ball can also add up the points. I say hold France. It’s little guys like this that make a difference in the end.

If the season ended now Seiya Suzuki would win the NL Rookie of the Year Award. This is just as many “experts” predicted coming into the season. While it’s way too early for any MVP discussions, if the season did end today, he’d have to be in the discussion. His 59 points (0.98 PPPA), have him squarely in the top ten hitters. The other names in the discussion would be Francisco Lindor, Nolan Arenado and Manny Machado. That’s some nice company. Like France, Suzuki was a later pick in 2022 drafts, with an average round pick (ARP) of 14 in 12-team leagues. I’d be holding on tightly to Suzuki. He might even have to get a restraining order.

I’m buying Francisco Lindor. Lindor was actually number two on my list for comeback player of the year. Ultimately I went with Mike Trout. The problem with trying to buy Lindor now is that his price is spicy. He’s bound to have a bad week or so. I’d try and pounce the moment that happens and see if I can strike a fair bargain. In the long haul of the season, I feel he’s going to finish as a top three shortstop. Given the names at that position, that’s a solid feat.

The hype around Wander Franco was legit. So is the reality. Franco, no relation to Julio, has about 60 fantasy points (0.92 PPPA). He’s got a bunch of doubles (7), a triple, three homers, 10 RBIs, 11 runs and a stolen base. He only has one walk, but he also only has 5 strikeouts in 62 plate appearances. He is, and is going to be for years, one of the top players in baseball and points leagues. Did you know that Julio Franco is the oldest player to hit a home run in the MLB? Without looking it up, can you tell me how old he was and who he hit it off of?

Paper straws suck. I’ve got nothing against the environment, but they are just horrible. They taste sh!tty. I love it when I see someone get a drink with a paper straw in a giant plastic cup. SMH. You know what doesn’t suck? Myles Straw. Right now he’s a top 30 points league hitter. Considering he was undrafted in nearly all points leagues, I’d say he’s doing pretty good. In fact, I just said it. Fun fact. Straw and Stephen Kwan are the only two hitters in the top 50 in points without a home run. They are both Guardian outfielders as well. Myles is a good guy to have on your roster. So is Kwan, but I think we discussed that two weeks ago.

While we are discussing Guardians, let me bring up another. Owen Miller. Miller leads all hitters with a 1.17 points per plate appearance. Technically Rangers catcher, Jonah Heim (1.22), is the leader, but he’s a part-time catcher with only 25 plate appearances. While Miller only has 36 plate appearances himself, he’s attracting plenty of attention with his .484 batting average. Miller was one of the more popular pickups over the last two weeks. I’m not really sure what to make of Miller, but if pressed, I’d say he will end up back on the wire in most leagues by the end of the season.

If C.J. Cron stays healthy he has a good chance at chasing the home run title. He currently is tied for the league lead with Ozzie Albies with six home runs. Playing half his games in Colorado is going to give him a leg up on the competition. His 53 points (0.84 PPPA) puts him near the top of the 1B leaderboard. Not to shabby for a 15th rounder. Us computer programmers call that a Cron job.

Any fellow jazz fans out there? I’m not talking about Louie Armstrong or Miles Davis. I’m talking about the sweet sound of Jazz coming out of Miami. Jazz Chisholm is filling up the stat sheet, which translates directly into fantasy points. The only 2B with more points is the aforementioned Ty France. And the only shortstops with more points are the aforementioned Lindor and Franco. Chisholm is off to a great start. Where he goes from here is anyone’s guess. He seems a lock for 20-20, but could he push the 30-30 envelope. I think it’s a stretch, but 25-30 isn’t out of the question. Despite that, I think I might be selling.

Andrew Vaughn has some decent numbers (0.73 PPPA). I said “decent”. He now has a clearer path to playing time.

Don’t sleep on Alec Bohm or Brandon Marsh.

Byron Buxton. Don’t trust him. Never will. Although after his two home run day, he did surge to the top of the PPPA list with a 1.2 PPPA. No one is questioning his talent. Everyone is questioning his ability to stay on the field. He’s the Glass Joe of the MLB.

I will start discussing starting pitchers next week. It’s tough after only two or three starts. For now, I’ll give you my thoughts on Dylan Bundy. What a crap career he’s having so far, given all that was expected of him. I know injuries have derailed him, but come on. He has three wins in three starts and is averaging just over 20 points per start. Might be worth looking at. I said “might”. I don’t really trust him. He’s not a strikeout pitcher and he’s bound to blow up. Or get hurt. Just saying. You won’t find him on my team.


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