Normally I like to focus on guys you can add but now that we’re nearing the end of April, I feel it’s a good time to take a wider angle and look at the bigger pitcher, I mean picture. Didn’t mean to bring up Randy Johnson there. The Big Unit was certainly an imposing figure but he’s not really an option right now, even if your league gives bonus points for birds utterly obliterated by a fastball. Sorry… got off track there for a sec. What was I saying? Oh, that’s right, we’re looking at hitters who are hot. They won’t all be available and they won’t all be able to sustain their early season success for the long haul but for the time being they are hot hot hot.


Joc Pederson is looking like a steal for the Giants at $6 million for the year. So far that’s bought them 6 home runs and a .350 average. That’s real nice. What’s not nice is that Gabe Kapler loves a good platoon so there’s a solid chance Joc rides the pine against lefties. However, he could be getting some time atop the order until Yaz gets back from the Covid list. Until then, it’s his time to shine, and don’t forget that he’s fueled by the haters. Grab him now, before it’s too late. You know you want the sweet pearl necklace wearin, bad B in your life and on your team.

Ty France is leading the pack, both over the past week and on the season. He’s the real deal. I’d be very interested in buying “high” on him because I think he has the skillz to pay the billz. I put that in quotes because I’m not trading my first round pick for him but I think there might be an opportunity to steal him from a manager who doesn’t buy in to his hot start. Don’t forget that he was top 50 hitter in points last season, so it’s not like this is totally out of the blue. My preseason rankings had him closer to the top 100 but I’m ready and willing for him to beat that projection. The Mariners have actually scored a whole bunch of run in the early stages of the season, in part due to Mr. France (he has 19 RBIs). Kick the tires and see if you might be able to score a deal.

Byron Buxton is the guy that I so, so want to be healthy and just dominate the league for a full season. Sadly, his elite talent and performance has been matched (unmatched?) by his inability to stay on the field. If he could play a full season he would hands down be a first round pick, maybe even pushing for the top spot. Sadly, we don’t live in Marvel’s “What If” land. And the reality is that Buxton just hasn’t been able to stay on the field. You likely got him at a bit of a discount due to his injury history. I truly hope that this is his year, even though I have no shares of him, but if you can flip him for a first round bat, I think you have to strongly consider it. He is uber-talented, but I’m not ready if I’m ready to be hurt again. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you wanted to ride it out with him in case he ends up as the top batter but he’s already been hurt (or thought he was) and if you can sell high, now is the time.

Taylor Ward is very interesting because he’s basically free and Maddon has been insisting on batting him leadoff. To his credit, Ward has taken full advantage of the hand he’s been dealt with three bombs and an average north of .350. What’s surprising is that this points explosion has come with just one (1) double and only four RBIs. He did it by just being a hitting machine. He’s definitely got potential and he’s probably better than the worst player on your bench.

Eugenio Suarez was not a guy I expected to see up here on the weekly scoring list but here we are. His season average isn’t great, but he’s flashing doubles power. He’s hot right now so ride it out if you already grabbed him but the clock will strike midnight soon and he’ll turn back into the sub .200 hitter we’ve come to expect.

Jazz Chisholm shows why you should bat your best hitters higher in the order. Of course, by you, I mean major league teams. It was a rough start to the season for Jazz, batting 9th and not really doing much at the plate. Finally, he has been moved to the leadoff spot and oh boy have the results been something fantastic. He’s doing a bit of everything and racking up the points.

Daulton Varsho is starting to look like the fantasy cheat code we all hoped we were drafting at catcher. He’s been spending most of his time in the outfield which is good for his knees and by extension, his playing time. After a brutal start, he’s really turned it on with three bombs over the past week. That’s the man we drafted. Keep on rolling. Guess I was a year early drafting him everywhere last season.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa hasn’t been a fantasy monster, not that we expected him to be one, but he has put up most of his points this past week. The Bronx Bombers have some pop in their lineup and if IKF can keep hitting, he should be primed to score a bunch of runs. He’s not flashy, but points are points. He should definitely be on your list if you need help at middle infield.

Julio Rodriguez may have been dropped after his horrendous start to the season. But fear not, for he is starting to round into form and reminding everyone that he’s a top prospect. Obviously, the Mariners believe that he has the chops to succeed at the major league level or else they would have started his season at AAA. He should find himself in the thick of the Rookie of the Year race and I don’t think you’ll have much longer to pick him up if he was dropped.

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3 months ago

In CBS, Joc 72% owned, Ty 99% owned, Byron 100% owned, Taylor 70% owned, Eugenio 78% owned, Jazz 100% owned, Daulton 97% owned, Isiah 38% owned, and Julio 91% owned. Isiah is the only player less than 70% owned and the only free agent from your list in my league. He is 120th in points scored for batters, There are 21 free agents that have scored more than Isiah. This article does not help me at all.