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Almost a 11 K/9 in the minors is, uh, Mike Minor.  He major, Kanye.  I hope Roberto Kelly doesn’t come back to visit the Braves because when R. Kelly sees a minor, urine trouble!  So should you play some Gary Glitter if you’re lusting after this Minor?  In 118 2/3 IP this year, he has 144 Ks and 44 walks.  Hello, beautiful.  Want me to continue?  Of course you do.  You’re greedy.  In Triple-A through five starts, his ERA is 1.99 while rocking a .171 BAA.  He probably only has around 7 starts left in his arm this year before the Braves shut him down, but that’s all right, no one has many starts left.  Minor’s a must grab in NL-Only and keepers.  In mixed leagues, I’d grab him for his first start vs. the Astros, then go from there.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Kris Medlen – Medlen’s donezo.  Shut it down, Kris.  He’s about to.  Medlen’s headed for TJ surgery, which is when six drunk frat boys give a horse tranquilizer to– Wait, checking notes.  Ah, that’s Tijuana, not Tommy John.

Kevin Youkilis – Out for the season.  You kinda knew this was coming.  What can you do?  Put on a potato sack and walk into traffic?  Sure, but after that?

Carlos Delgado – He’s got suitors.  Right now, his Mom’s fielding calls while he tries on dresses.  Who really wants to take Delgado’s I-haven’t-played-in-two-years virginity?  Wouldn’t be surprised if he lands with one of the Sox.  Red would be my guess, but the White ones might pull it out.  Means nothing unless he gets hot and you’re crazy desperate.  He’s old and rusty right now.

Jason Bay – Reportedly not close to returning.  That’s more good news from Bay.

James McDonald – 6 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 8 Ks.  Not that long ago, I liked McDonald.  Then the Dodgers diddled him as they’re wont to do.  Now he’s in the Pirates rotation and there’s no reason they shouldn’t throw him out there every fifth day.  McDonald should K around 8 per nine.  (In the minors, he had a 9+ K-rate in his career.)  His walks can get wonky, but in deep leagues, he’s definitely worth a look.

Joaquin Benoit – 1 IP, 2 ER.  I haven’t had room for many MRs this year.  Been chasing too many saves.  Two days ago, I found room on one team for Benoit.  He had given up only 3 earned runs the entire year.  Until yesterday.  When I was picking up Benoit, a little old lady walked passed my window chanting “Flores para los muertes.” I should’ve known it wasn’t a good sign.

Jhoulys Chacin – Returning to the Rockies rotation.  He’ll be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.  You can hardly wait!  Yes, you can.  Or can’t.  Whichever one makes more sense.

Roy Oswalt – 6 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 7 baserunners, 5 Ks.  What’s red, gray and all over the strike zone?  Oswalt.  Against a more patient team this would’ve been a very ugly start.  Cust kayin’.

Daisuke Matsuzaka – 8 IP, 1 ER, 7 baserunners, 6 Ks.  It was against the Indians, I shouldn’t have to say more.

Nyjer Morgan – Hits the DL with hip pain.  He hurt it falling on one of Ronnie’s grenades.

Ryan Zimmerman – 2-for-4 with two homers.  After the game, the press couldn’t wait to talk to him about Strasburg.

David Murphy – With Vlad resting for the playoffs just about every other game, Murphy has seen a decent amount of time lately.  In the last ten games, he has three homers and two homers in back-to-back games.  He has 7 homers right now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if ended the year with 15 homers.  He doesn’t face many lefties, so you’ll have platoon him into your fantasy lineup, but I like him.  If it makes you feel better, I grabbed him in one league.

Adrian Beltre – 1-for-4 with his 20th homer and 75th RBI as he bats .336.  How’s this for a nickname for Beltre?  The Contract Killer.

Mike Gonzalez – Came in the 8th inning, gave up a single to the lefty Abreu and was promptly lifted.  The problem, if there is a problem, is Buck Showalter might see Mike Gonzalez and think he’s a LOOGY.  Sometimes old school managers see a lefty and get confused.  For further discussion, see Bobby Cox’s handling of Gonzalez.

Nick Markakis – Sparkakis!  He actually leads the major leagues in doubles which makes me think he might be a sleeper next year.  Doesn’t change how terrible he’s been this year though.

Max Scherzer – 7 IP, 2 ER, 7 Ks in a no-decision against the White Sox.  Don’t look now but that’s 11 straight starts where Der Hurler has thrown at least 5 IP and given up no more than 4 runs.  His WHIP will be high until he gets better control but he’s a good option if you need K’s (nearly a K an inning this year).

Kevin Slowey – Masterful for 7 innings against the Rays (0 ER, 2 baserunners) then ol’ Gardy brings him out in the 8th only to give up an Upton HR then load the bases so Mahay can give up a pinch-hit grand slam to Jason Bartlett.  I can picture every fantasy owner seeing him come out for the eighth saying ‘Nooooooo!’ in slowey-mowey.

Russell Martin – Sounds like he’s done for the season.  Too bad, so sad.

Bobby Jenks – You know Ozzie couldn’t have been happy when Jenks gave up a 3 run lead by giving up a two out, 3-run HR to Ryan Raburn.  When Ozzie confronted him about it, Jenks pissed him off further by getting into a sumo wrestling pose instead of donning a mask and putting on tights.

Kila Ka’ahiue – The Good Eyein’ Hawai’ian got himself a place to play.  The Royals traded him?  Nope.  That crazy guy who wanted to kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker put a jihad on the Royals and took over their team?  Nope.  The Royals designated Jose Guillen for assignment.  Holy shizz balls, the Royals are making sense!  Member two months ago when I sat behind you at your computer and kept buzzing you with an electrical current to pick up Ka’aihue?  Don’t make me do it again, my electric bill was outrageous.

  1. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Thought I’d put a smile on your face. Dropped Dom Brown for Kila today.

  2. Jack says:

    Friggin’ Yahoo and their crizzap player universe…

  3. CalCheats says:

    The first place team in my league (I’m in 2nd, 5 games back) just dropped Chris Young. I’m first on the waiver wire order. Good day.

  4. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cbs reporting chacin wont be recalled,

  5. Arrec Bardwin says:

    got wand wagon @ mil, buchholz @ ny2, and braden home vs Texas in 16 team points h2h league. thinking about benching buchholz.

  6. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Go to bed!

  7. Grey — I’m sure you’d see this on your own before putting the final polish on the buy/sell, but Chaucin reportedly threw 70 or 75 pitches for AAA Colorado Springs Thursday, and so he won’t be called up.

    My questions for today: In my 14-team redraft roto league, A guy just got Miggy Cabrera and so is looking to move Votto, who I’d love to get for my UTIL spot. He’s asked for help at 2B (I’ve got Brian Roberts, Ian Stewart, and Kelly Johnson — he’s an Os fan and has been out of fantasy for a couple of years, so I’m thinking Roberts) and an SP (I’ve got Verlander, Price, Garza, Oswalt, and JaWeaver). What’s the best combination I can offer him to get Votto? And do you like the deal?

    And in a 20-team one-year roto league I’ve got four solid starters (Cole Hamels, JaWeaver, Beckett, and Latos) and then two guys I use for matchups (Westbrook and Deunsing). Masterson, LeBlanc, and James McDonald are on waivers. Would any of them be an upgrade?

  8. Giant JJ says:

    My Berkman for his Jenks and Joe Saunders? I could counter his Garland instead of sanders if you think I should ask for a bit more. 20 mixed. Thank you.

  9. Quimmy says:

    My Kemp/Nolasco/Gordon


    His HanRam/Broxton

    Having a tuff time with this one

  10. JonNY says:

    Hey Grey, do you think I should grab Mike Minor or Travis Wood to replace Medlen?

  11. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Yeah, I had literally just picked up Benoit and Mike-G in a roto where the only thing keeping me out of first place is my ratios (and a few extra saves wouldn’t hurt). Thanks for the salt in the wound.

  12. Terrence Mann says:

    razzball update today? It’s now a race for second place. I’m officially declaring RotoSavants the winner.

    Also, anything from Rudy about whether the index automatically updates?


  13. Rob says:

    @ Grey, were Ronnie’s grenades that bad? I didn’t think so. When you’re sloshed and doing a 3-way kiss, does it really matter?

  14. Wah says:

    Need some quick help:

    Zimmerman/Dread Pirate for Pedroia/Werth

    Which side do you guys like… looking at rest of the season and enxt year.


  15. Black Beard says:

    Race for the playoffs and just received this offer:

    Linc for Hanson and Lester.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  16. Wah says:

    Black Beard:
    Depends on how your team would look.. but I’d almost lean with the Hanson/Lester side.

  17. Black Beard says:

    @Wah: Thanks, I like the Pedroia/Werth side of your deal.

  18. Grey — to append my earlier question about whether Masterson, LeBlanc, or James McDonald would be an upgrade over either Westbrook and Deunsing (or both) as a 5th/6th starter, I neglected to mention that Minor is also on waivers. So I could make a claim on him and hope for the best. Does that change anything?

  19. 101 MPH says:

    “Shut it down, Kris. He’s about to.”

    Ha!!! That’s rich! Maybe when Medlen comes back from the DL he’ll wear his baseball pants backwards….

  20. Smegma says:

    Would you drop Baker for Minor (and start him next week if he gets 2 starts)?

  21. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: Start Garza @ TOR?

  22. Cole says:

    Did anyone see where Konerko tried to steal a base? Isn’t that cute? Who’s a swift donkey? You are Paulie!

  23. Mr. Rickey says:

    NL Only Keeper – playing for next year. Is McCann and Uribe too much for Krispie? Can’t keep McCann under league rules and don’t want to keep Uribe.

  24. dingers says:

    niese or minor? gracias”’

  25. Commish Cauda says:

    I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel in a deep, 16-team H2H-5X5, start 2 catcher league

    Who do you like the rest of the way? Lou Marson or Ramon Castro?

  26. hoju says:

    I just want to say that I have Gaby and Hanley on my team, and I’m a little pissed about last night.

    I also benched BJUp this week. Of course I did.

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jack: Yeah, seriously.

    @CalCheats: Nice

    @AL KOHOLIC: Hmm… That’s changed since yesterday then. Guess he won’t be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.

    @Arrec Bardwin: None are pretty. I’d bench Buchholz.

    @Enrique: Yeah, mentioned above on Chacin. He’s not quite the pickup now. Roberts and any of those pitchers if you want to be fair. Minor over Westbrook.

    @Giant JJ: I don’t like either deal.

    @Quimmy: Nolasco side.

    @JonNY: Minor

    @Awesomus Maximus: Sorry, at least I didn’t pee on your toothbrush.

    @Terrence Mann: Let me ask Rudy again. I’ll update the leagues, thanks for the reminder.

    @Rob: Good point.

    @dingus: dlR

    @Wah: Zimmerman

    @Black Beard: Lester side’s fine if you need depth.

    @101 MPH: Ha

    @Smegma: In some leagues.

    @tHe sHiT: Yup

    @Cole: Ha… Didn’t see it, but would assume a broken hit and run.

    @Mr. Rickey: I’d take Krispie.

    @dingers: Minor

    @Commish Cauda: Blech… Castro while hitting a bit.

  28. Dom says:

    Miguel Montero or J.P. Arencibia for this season? for next season?

    I have Napoli starting, Santana was my back-up… need to replace him now with one of those two.

  29. Black Beard says:

    @Grey: But hold tight if not? Thanks, Grey.

  30. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Another reason to stay away from CBS- this is a cut and paste from their site-

    Chacin not expected to be recalled: The Denver Post reports the Rockies are expected to recall Esmil Rogers from Triple-A Colorado Springs to start on Sunday against the Pirates after Aaron Cook (toe) went on the 15-day DL on Thursday. Jhoulys Chacin was the leading candidate before he started on Thursday for Colorado Springs.
    (Updated 08/06/2010).

    Note the discrepancy between the first two clauses.

  31. Telemachus says:

    @101 MPH: and sagging!

  32. @Terrence Mann: The Razzball league index every time we post a new standings. Note on RotoSavants, they are on pace for exceeding the innings cap so there might still be hope…

  33. royce! says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: @royce!: Dang, I wish I could edit these comments- how did I read that so incorrectly? SO EMBARRASSED! I seem to have internalized the idea that CBS can’t be right.

  34. Chili Davis Con Carne says:

    Strategy question for anybody in a H2H league….I am up 2 in wins and 11 in K’s and opponent has 2 starters left for the week (Nolasco/THudson). I have 6 starts left, and thanks to fat boy Bobby Jenks, I am losing in ERA…so today, I have Garza(@TOR), Hanson(SF), and Wandy(@MIL)….All would be better if they were home vs away, or vice versa. None are great matchups. I’m thinking of sitting all 3 and hoping the 2 guys I have on Sunday (YoGa, Lilly) can get me a win if I really need it (really hoping his 2 guys blow things up for him)….good idea or just start everybody and ride it out?

  35. papasmurf says:

    I was cussing the gods for sonavabenching slowey until checking back and seeing the game tied, suddenly.

  36. Telemachus says:

    apples to oranges question…better down the stretch/better keeper: Erick Aybar or Nick Markakis?

  37. Beau says:

    In my 10 team 5×5 mixed keeper who should I drop to pick up Wuertz: Jenks or one of my prospect keepers: Dom Brown, stanton, carlos santana?

  38. Dumbmutt says:

    With Morgan down I need an SB fill in. Venable Patterson Crisp Bourjos Getz F.Gutiérrez Gwynn

  39. Black Beard says:

    Rest of the year, please rank: Wandy, Scherzer, Kuroda.

  40. Commish Cauda says:

    Deep 20-team contract H2H keeper league

    I’ve got one of the best teams in the league and I’m a lock for the playoffs. But recent trades by the competition and future playoff opponent(s), however, make me think I need another big bat to keep pace.

    I can trade Dee Gordon (2015) or Matt Moore (2016) for a Chase Utley rental for the rest of the season. *Remember, I only need Utley after Labor Day.

    (1) Do you have any reservations trading for Utley?
    (2) Which prospect would you rather give up?


  41. Wilsonian says:

    Question: when the hell is Yahoo going to put Minor in the Majors? He’s not even in our list, and we have the majority of the decent minor leaguers in the FA pool.

  42. Sandoval and Stubbs for B.J. Upton? Considering Stubbs’ iffy everyday status I think it’s a no-brainer.

  43. UncleEarnie says:


    Can you put these pitchers in order –

    Minor, Myers, Bumgarner, Scherzer

  44. @Black Beard: Scherzer, Wandy, Kuroda in my opinion. I love Scherzer.

    @Dumbmutt: I’d take Crisp. Lots of SB’s already in not that many AB’s.

    @Beau: I wouldn’t pick up Wuertz for those guys. Bailey should be back soon.

  45. barker says:

    dropped hairston jr for kila in a deep 20 team league hope it pays off

    would you use a waiver claim on arencibia and drop fister or avies in the same league
    have napoli at C but it is a big starting lineup 5 util

  46. Dom says:

    Theriot, ASS-Cab, or Castro? This year? Next year?

    I traded for Reyes as my starting SS, so it’s for a back-up position, but possibility to keep for next year.

  47. Dom says:

    Wade Davis or Minor?

  48. Ripken FF Card says:

    Need to replace Medlen in a keeper league where we can keep a player at their slot for the next three years. Who is the better pickup right now and who you expect to produce next year as well?


  49. timSTi says:

    @Grey: 10 team 5×5 Roto. 91 IP over my pace right now.

    Start both, or just one or neither?

    Kershaw VS WAS
    Wainwright @ FLA

  50. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Same league as above. Drop Bruce for Gordon, Kila, or D.Murphy? Starting to fall out of top 3 ($$) and need to make some changes with my slumping players.

  51. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Ha! Good thing you didn’t, ’cause all I did was rub your cigarettes in my bunghole, cut up and throw away your favorite lid, and toss your debit card out the window of your house… so you would have been, in no way, justified for that action and I would have had to call the police and give a formal statement.

  52. Dumbmutt says:

    @Frank Kim: Thanks I think I will try him. A lot of the others don’t lead off too

  53. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Oh yeah, and I also pushed you several times while threatening to assault you… still, you would have been way over the line.

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dom: Why do you need a backup? Montero…

    @Black Beard: Yup

    @Chili Davis Con Carne: Start them all.

    @papasmurf: Ha

    @Telemachus: Markakis

    @Beau: Agree with Frank.

    @Dumbmutt: Agree with Frank.

    @Black Beard: Scherzer, Kuroda…

    @Commish Cauda: Give Moore.

    @Wilsonian: No idea.

    @Frank Kim: I’d take Upton.

    @UncleEarnie: Scherzer, pull a name from a hat, I’d grab Minor next.

    @barker: Drop Fister.

    @Dom: Castro, Minor…

    @Ripken FF Card: Minor

    @timSTi: Both SPs… Gordon.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Then I will hug you.

  55. Howard says:

    @Grey Got offerred a trade of Buchholz for Posey. I have Montero as well so am running Posey at UT. Do I do the deal?

  56. KarlJ. says:

    Just pulled off a huge deal last night:

    I received: Miggy Cabrera, J Upton, Krispy Young, Gardner, S Drew
    I traded: Holliday, Pedroia, V Martinez, Quentin, Andrus, C Pena

    Grey stamp of approval?

  57. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    Wells v. Cin, Wolf v. Hou, Harden @ Oak, or Westbrook @ Fla?

  58. dsimon says:

    Just received the following offer:

    I give up: Teixeira, King Felix, Desmond Jennings
    I get back: Pujols, R Soriano, Markakis

    Keeper league where we also count doubles, triples, OBP, SLG for hitters and L, CG, H, QS for pitchers.

    My other pitchers already are Greinke, Verlander, CC, Colby Lewis, and Gio (with Jordan Zimmermann in reserves) and my OF (we start 4 + i usually have 1 or 2 in a UTIL slot) is CarGo, Cruz, Hart, Willingham, Ludwick, Pence, Span.

    I love upgrading to Pujols. I have the SP depth. I could use some saves. I didn’t even think the Markakis/Jennings would be part of it, but that’s more than fair on my side, right?

  59. dsimon says:

    @dsimon: Oh, its head to head, I’m currently winning, and this is a push to the playoffs. We keep 20 guys, hence my team…

  60. Long Bong Hitters says:

    Who you like better the rest of year, positions don’t matter

    Drew Stubbs


    Chris Johnson

    Right now Stubbs is on one of his awful cold streaks, and who would have known Chris Johnson would be a big player in fantasy BASEBALL.

  61. Howard says:

    @Grey Someone in my league dropped Jay Bruce. Is he worth picking up going forward from a keeper standpoint? I know you were high on him in the spring. Does he still hold that upside tag?

  62. dsimon says:

    @Grey: Its not good as in it isn’t a good trade for me?

  63. Wilsonian says:

    8 Team H2H Keeper question: I have Krispie and Pence fluctuating in and out of my last UTIL spot (Wright has the other UTIL spot on an every day basis). I also have 5 closers, those being K-Rod, Feliz, Soria, Capps, Aardsma and my worst SP is Scherzer. The only guys that seem likely to be dropped by me are Aardsma or Pence/Krispie. Would you drop any of them for an August LaRoche, Quentin, or Vernon to move into that last UTIL spot and rotate with Pence and Krispie? I’m leaning towards Aardsma for LaRoche. Either way, this spot will be dropped for Utley when he returns.

  64. Goose says:

    if you’re needing MRs to help with ratios ala Benoit, look at Erensto Frieri on the Pads. was the AAA closer, got called up a couple weeks ago and has gone 8.1 with a 15:2 K:BB, 3 hits and 5 holds.

  65. Dom says:

    @Grey, need a back-up because my league ends FA today. Been screwed before with someone going down with injury and no back-up for two months.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dsimon: Not good for you.

    @Wilsonian: Can lose Aardsma for LaRoche.

    @Goose: Yeah, he’s looked good.

  67. Any guy that thinks Ronnie’s grenades weren’t that bad is either extremely blind or as drunk as Ronnie was.

    Grey – NL only keeper league, should I waive Randy Wells (8 bucks) or Vincente Padilla (6 bucks) for Minor? (I have 8 bucks to spend, hope that will do it)..


    The Baseball Chick

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Baseball Chick: Grass on the minefield… If you’re playing for next year, I’d lose Padilla for him. For this year, I’d lose Wells.

  69. Tom Emanski says:

    Scherzer has a 2.61 ERA since coming back up. 92 Ks in 82 IP.

  70. brad says:

    I can keep four of these guys for next year, which four would you pick? I’ll see if I can trade the others for guys that would help more this season.

    J-Up – round 9
    Weeks – round 15
    Reynolds – round 17
    K Johnson – round 20
    Kendry Morales – round 21
    Carlos Gonzalez – round 22

    I’ve already committed to keeping A-Rod in round 2 if that influences a decision.

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Emanski: Cool…

    @brad: Upton, Reynolds, CarGo and Morales, assuming you don’t have to choose until he’s definitely healthy. Otherwise, Weeks.

  72. brad says:

    @Grey: Thanks. So if I could turn say Johnson and Garza into Cliff Lee. . . is that something I should be interested in?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:


  74. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Hairdresser is one seriously touched individual. I think there needs to be a “The Real World: All-Stars” where the craziest of the crazy live together. Hairdresser is obviously in, as is the crazy, drunken, coked out door puncher from Hollywood. Brooke from Denver (one of the best house meltdowns, and she cried when a dude asked her to go bowling), might have to make an exception and allow Belou from the 2nd season of Road Rules in there… she’s too crazy to pass up. Perhaps Landon, the drunken, knife-weilding Philly cast member, though I don’t know if he’ll be as crazy without his lover M.J. around (did you know they got matching tattoos after the show… truth). Perhaps that Masshole David from the Seattle cast who dated a producer and had a great tear-soaked meltdown himself… he’s unstable enough to make the cut. That makes six…who else?

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Landon’s reinvented himself on the challenges. He’d never work. Stephen from Seattle is bonkers. Was arrested for being a street walker and is now out of the closet after slapping a girl for saying he was gay on the show. Puck’s an All-Star. Also, need to squeeze CT in just because he’s CT.


  76. Swapnil says:

    I am guessing when you say this each time
    “If it makes you feel better, I grabbed him in one league.”

    Its the same league every time isn’t… I won’t be surprised if you created a ” I-grabbed-him-in-one-league” team so you can just say it and fool the ” competition” and make us , the fans ((( No, Really)))) pick the player thinking
    ” Grey’s Got him too , how bad can he be ” and thats why David Murphy is on my team now…..

  77. Just another guy says:

    Hey Razzballers, who you guys like better rest of the year. Alvarez or Gordon?

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