Even if you draft one or two outfielders in the top 100 (which you should), you’ll still need to identify some late bargains.   The top 20, 40, 60 and 80 outfielders for 2010 fantasy baseball can be found under the 2010 fantasy baseball rankings.  This is by no means all the outfielders I’d draft for one of my teams.  This is a list of guys that will go late and could provide some healthy returns.  Where applicable, click on the player’s name to read more about them and to see their 2010 projections.  Anyway, here’s some outfielders to target for 2010 fantasy baseball:

Jay Bruce – Bruce is actually a good case study for someone who wants to see how long it takes a player to go from being a hyped rookie to actually producing.  Bruce burst on the scene in 2008, then bust on the scene in 2009 and now can actually start producing.

Nolan Reimold – If Reimold takes the Bruce route, it might not be until 2011 for Reimold.  But, like the secret Secret Recipe, Reimold has more seasoning.  (I’m a fried chicken conspiracy nut!)

Corey Hart – Hart isn’t a slam dunk by any stretch, but, if he can stay healthy, he’s a good bet for 20/20.

Dexter Fowler – I’m going to ignore that Baseball Prospectus’s most comparable player for Fowler is Paul Householder because even before the subprime mortgage crisis let Paul down, he was not a household name.  (See what I did there?  That shizz was like butterflies in your ears!)  Here’s my limb:  in 2011, Dexter’s going to be a top 20 outfielder.

Colby Rasmus – Rasmus ties together any outfield you’ve drafted like a Tony LaRussa scarf ties together a fur coat and a polyester shirt.

Travis Snider – Cheap homers late with the chance for cheap lots of homers.  And he has the same neck as this guy.

Jason Heyward – Caveats:  rookies usually crash and burn; it’s probably a year too early for Heyward.  Caveats aside, my man can hit!  Ride that donkey-donkey!

Austin Jackson – If his name were Joe Smith, no one would know who he was.  He has a shot to be the leadoff hitter and every day player.  Jordan Schafer had that shot last year for the Braves, too.  Doesn’t mean everything, but Jackson’s worth the flier.

Kyle Blanks – As long as the Padres don’t fly Southwest Airlines, Blanks should near 30 homers.

Julio Borbon – I know saying this is kinda like yelling fire in a crowded theater, but I think Borbon is Ellsbury 20 rounds later.  Zoinks!

Brett Gardner – Rudy has Gardner at 75/4/38/.266/36 in 440 ABs.  He concedes that he thinks the ABs might be bullish and the average could be worse.  The runs also seem like they’re on the high side in that projection.  But notice one stat we’re not tempering — steals.  (“No Tempering” sounds like an unreleased TLC song.)  Gardner’s a $4 player with $21 of it in stolen base value.  As in, he’d be worth -$17 in a mixed, 12 team leagues if he had no speed.

Cameron Maybin – If he can get healthy, he might get into the two hole.  That always worked for Tom Cruise.

  1. SotoMojo says:

    Razzball newbie here… I really enjoy the site. My question to you is, in a 6×6 H2H league, which third baseman would you rank higher, Zimmerman or Youk? Offensive stats scored in this league are R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, and OPS. Thanks in advance.

  2. Tony says:

    Anyone interested in a competitive Yahoo 12 team H2H league, 10×10 with a $100 buy in. ALL MONEY IS PAID OUT. Leagues been running for about 9 years. We had a guy bail. If you want some more info email me at [email protected]

    I’ll get back to whoever I hear from later tonight. The draft is March 27th.

    I’m a frequent poster and running an RCL league, plus I’m a teacher, so if mailing the $100 is a concern it shouldn’t be, its a good league with active owners.

    Only stipulation: NO talking about razzball!

  3. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    For Fowler, how worried should we be about Seth Smith/Spliborghs?

  4. Mikey boy324 says:

    Grey out of all these guys who are you liking the most?

  5. As a 4th or 5th OF, would you recommend drafting most/all of this group over somewhat yawnstipating OFs like Cuddyer, Hawpe, Kubel, and Wells?

  6. sean says:

    10-team/5×5/CBS standard:
    I’ve been offered his Longoria for my Wright. By way of background, my team is a little light on average (.280), sound in power (over 300 HRs) and speed (nearly 200 SBs).
    C: Iannetta, Shoppach
    1B: Teixeira
    2B: Roberts (no, not Bip)
    SS: Ever-Cab
    3B: Wright
    CI: Votto
    MI: Tejada
    OF: Sizemore, Upton, Werth, Pence, Bruce
    U: Carlos Gonzalez

  7. majortommy says:

    I HEART Jay Bruce!

    p.s. Everyone knows the secret to good fried chicken is in the soak! Lots of garlic, cayenne, salt and buttermilk!

  8. majortommy says:

    @sean: I would hold onto the average. Between your catchers SS, and half your OF(not sure wich upton)you couldn’t really take the 30 point(or more) differential between Longoria and wright average. One of those deals where you would get the better player but it wouldn’t really help your team.

  9. Mickey says:

    I think Bruce and Rasmus are going to be on all my teams this year.

  10. grandysdandy says:

    grey, would you trade one of my frank francisco or chad qualls AND roy oswalt for his Josh Beckett?

  11. Tony says:

    @zombie: haha well the guy who was talking smack to me in a mock the other night would say KUBEL since he took him in the 8th round…. what a moron.

    in this situation i’d almost say kubel…. maybe cuddyer, but i dont like any of them.

  12. NoPepperGames says:

    You will not be getting Julio Borbon in Round 21. If you want him, you’ll need to reach for him starting at Round 15 – if not sooner. He’s on every single sleeper list out there, and as such – is no longer a sleeper.

  13. shitbird says:

    @grey: love the beaker reference. i need to get to the PA system at the skydome and replace snider’s song with meee meeee meeee meee meeee.

    I’m in year two of an AL only keeper where we get to keep 3 players based on where they were drafted the year before (+2 rds each year). Next year we’re upping it to 5 players but I’d like to know ppls thoughts on which 2 players I should keep out of:

    Adam Jones – 9th rd
    Billy Butler – 11th rd
    Shin-SooChoo – 15th rd
    Clay Bucholz – 19th rd
    Brandon Wood – 20th rd
    Nolan Reimold – 26th rd

    The league is 5×5 roto with 12 Hitters, 8 Pitchers and 6 bench players.
    We get only 3 pickups all year so the SAGNOF strategy doesn’t work so great. I’m using my 6th rounder to hold onto Verlander.

  14. majortommy says:

    @shitbird: Not a whole lot to choose from, but I would go Jones(9th round is not bad and he projects as the player with highest upside going forward) and as much as I hate to say it Choo would be the other9personal preference, i know lots of people who love him). 15 round is a very nice slot to get him in (most projections have him in the 7th-10th).

  15. aj says:

    Fur coat and a polyester shirt. How do you do it, Grey?

  16. polczek5 says:

    “Borbon is Ellsbury 20 rounds later”

    The only problem I have with this statement is the “20”. I don’t see Borbon going that late. But even with a 10-15 round difference in price, the value could be great.

  17. sean says:

    @sean: @majortommy: It’s Justin Upton. Should have put that in there. I probably won’t draft Bossman Junior.

    I’m inclined to agree with you. I don’t think there’s a 30-point difference in average (Wright’s a .300 hitter and Longoria a .285), but there could be a swing in either direction. Average is a fickle mistress.

    I’m really just thinking about avoiding Wright-induced headaches when he looks more like Nate McLouth than A-Rod again this season. The fact that I can trade “UP” for Longoria in the pre-season without having to sell low if his power is light in April is very appealing. The problem is that Wright and Votto are the only .300 guys that I have on this roster. I’m also carrying two catchers and a shortstop who’re going to struggle to put up an average higher than Kung Fu Panda’s weight.

    I normally don’t take average into account, but I tried to assemble a very balanced team and I’m not sure getting the better player here is a better fit for my team…

  18. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @shitbird: i’d probably say jones and reimold

  19. sean says:

    @shitbird: I’d lean Choo and Butler. Buchholz may only end up getting 150 innings. In this type of format, I think you need to lock up quality ABs. Jones is appealing, but the 9th doesn’t really represent any bargain.

  20. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @sean: i’d have a difficult time not pulling the trigger. like you said, avg is fickle, and wright is closer to a ~15-20 better avg hitter than longoria. any given year could see longoria bat .305 and wright bat .295 and it wouldn’t surprise anyone. also, think about how much ~20 points in avg will affect you team’s overall avg. maybe 1 point? you’ll be losing maybe 10 SBs, but gaining big HRs and RBIs. i’d pull the trigger.

  21. Frank Rizzo says:

    I try to get Borbon in most of my mocks as a 4th OF if possible. He could be Ellsbury Light with maybe even a little more pop? Is that possible?

    I’m not going after Reimold much anymore. Achilles issue is scaring me away. If I need an OF at that point in the draft I can get Ludwick. They’re close for adp’s I believe.

    What should we make of Krispy Young this spring? 9 for 26 so far with 2 HR’s and 4 doubles! He’s still only 26. Could he raise his BA to .265-.275?

  22. majortommy says:

    @sean: I see wright as more of a .310 guy and Longoria more as .280, but that is just semantics. Longoria is the better player and i would draft him over wright any day and twice on sundays, but I think the move hurts your team more than helps it. Tough call, Longoria is a sexy power monster(have you seen the size of his hands and feet?) in the heart of a potential offensive juggernaut.

  23. KarlJ. says:

    Had my 2nd money league draft last night. 10 Team Roto, 5 X5
    Had the 9th pick. Here is what I ended up. Round picked in parentheses.

    C Montero (11)
    1B Cabrera (2)
    2B J Lopez (12)
    3B Reynolds (6)
    SS Rollins (3)
    OF Kemp (1)
    OF J Upton (5)
    OF Granderson (7)
    OF Hawpe (17)
    OF Reimold (18)
    UT Figgins (8)
    SP Lester (4)
    SP Billingsley (9)
    SP Webb (15)
    SP Scherzer (16)
    SP Slowey (20)
    RP Soria (10)
    RP Aardsma (13)
    RP F Francisco (19)
    B I. Stewart (14)
    B M Napoli (21)
    B Chapman (22)

  24. majortommy says:

    @sean: @shitbird: But Jones could represent great value in the 7th(most mocks have him going in the 7th this year) next year. If he takes the next step(which I think he will) he could be a top 10 OF.

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @majortommy: even if you say they are ~30 point differences in avg, that’s 1-2 points in overall avg. i would take longoria, and look get an empty avg C to replace shoppach. you could easily gain 50 points in avg back by making that move, and shoppach is at best gonna split time with navarro.

  26. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    @ FrankRizzo: I’ve become similarly skeptical about Reimold after being firmly on board earlier this spring. Any O’s fans have any intel on his achilles?

    @ Grey: Do you like Blanks or Snider better for late dingers?

  27. Frank Rizzo says:

    @KarlJ.: You’re going to have some issues with BA for sure Karl. How the hell do you get J-Upside in the 5th round? I’m seeing him start to go consistently in the 2nd round of 10 team mocks now. Your pitching staff looks great for relievers IMO, but your starters scare the hell outta me.

  28. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Tarasco’sSecretStash: i like blanks better, simply because he’s had more success at the mlb level. but both are on my radar for late round fliers on guys with a lot of upside.

  29. KarlJ. says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    In this league, everyone else targeted pitching in the first few rounds ( I guess they don’t read Razzball) so my nephew ( who I am sharing the team with)and I couldn’t believe it when J Upside lasted until the end of the 5th round. We were also surprised Mini Donkey lasted until the 6th.

  30. Beau says:

    Keeper question. Already asked a related question last week but now Ive got a trade squared away and everything is set to declare keepers for tomorrows deadline. 10 team mixed 5×5 league (1 c, mi, ci) with 6 keepers kept where they were drafted last year (+ 2 rds each year?). Any thoughts would be helpful on which 6 to keep (draft round where kept in parentheses)

    Utley, Holliday, Miggy (1)
    Prince (2) –> 1
    Grady (3) –> 1
    Votto (6)
    Ellsbury (8)
    Lester (18)
    Ethier (22)
    Price (23)
    McCutchen, Pineiro (25)

    Also, if 2 or more players are kept in the same round they get bumped back, so conceivabley i could keep utley, prince, miggy, sizemore, and hoolliday in rounds 1-5. As of right now im thinking i want to go utley, votto, lester, ellsbury and then im having trouble with the last 2. Leaning towards mccutchen and ethier, with the hopes of grabbing back one of my 1b or a big ss/3b in the 2nd round. Tex, jroll, and tulo are not being kept, no word yet on reyes, youk, reynolds, ad gon.


  31. Beau says:

    No word yet on wright either.

  32. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Would you consider taking Mauer 16th overall in a 16 team 2-catcher league?

  33. Mark says:

    I have two questions.

    IN a H2H league I do not have any sped imo. I have Weeks and Zobrist in my 20 team mixed. Would you/should I trade Snider for Gardner? BOth are on your list of Outfielders to target but it bothers me not to have no speed.

    I always wondered is Andy LaRoche officially a bust? I see his minor league numbers and am blown away, great power, low strike out rate for a power hitter, but he comes up pedestrian in the big show. I know anything can happen, I see your projections, but why is he not delivering at the Majors level?

  34. Tony says:

    @polczek5: thats true i see borbon go in the 11-14 rounds range.

  35. Tony says:

    @KarlJ.: the Q is why did you let J-UP get to the 5th?

  36. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Beau: “conceivabley i could keep utley, prince, miggy, sizemore, and hoolliday in rounds 1-5”

    i really would have a hard time not telling you to just do this and lock up every offensive category except SBs. well, i would probably drop sizemore, and keep lester or votto (though hard with 2 other stud 1Bs already. can you do offseason trades? i kinda feel like you are trying to get too cute with your decision, not wanting to just keep 4 or 5 certifiable studs because it’ll cost you your first 4 or 5 picks.

    also, i just can’t back ellsbury when you can get pierre way late to give you essentially the same stat line, minus a couple HRs (but you don’t draft ellsbury for HRs), i don’t care if the 8th round is “value” according to the experts or not.

  37. shitbird says:

    @majortommy:@ThePoonTycoon :@sean: Thanks much for the input.
    We only start three OF and can only change our lineups weekly so with the amount of OF talent generally available I’m leaning toward keeping one OF and maybe Butler. I don’t think he’ll ever crack 30 HR (or 25 for that matter) but I would like some talent at CI.

    @Cheese: I’m in an AL only 2 catcher 10 team league and I wouldn’t take Mauer at 16 and I almost certainly wouldn’t take him over the talent available at 16 in a mixed-leauge draft. I say make like Shane Lechler and punt that!

  38. Beau says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, part of it is that I kept all those 1B last year and cruised to huge wins in hr/rbi but was near last in SB and it cost me the title. So maybe I should go utley, lester, votto, ellsbury, holliday and either prince/miggy. The way this league is set up people are going after the late round keepers and it seems to me keeping mccutchen in the last round would be pretty sweet value, especially if i can then just draft a big 1b in the 2nd or 3rd round anyways. Anyone else?

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SotoMojo: Zimmerman

    @Cheese: He’s gonna lose some time here and there but they’re not really the same mold of player. Obviously if Fowler’s terrible, he’ll lose all PT.

    @Mikey boy324: Different guys give you different things. Bruce is the biggest bat for 2010.

    @zombie: All of these guys over yawnstipating, yes.

    @majortommy: Whoa, that’s hurting the secret.

    @grandysdandy: Not the kind of trade I’m crazy about, but it’s in your favor slightly.

    @NoPepperGames: Fair enough. It was too heavy on the hyperbole.

    @shitbird: I like that PA idea. Jones/Butler.

    @polczek5: Yeah, it’s a bit heavy on the hyperbole. You’ll forgive me.

    @aj: Huh?

    @Frank Rizzo: Crazy things could happen than a .230 hitter hitting .270. It’s probably only 2 extra hits a month. He could be Ellsbury with more pop.

    @KarlJ.: The Figgins UTIL pick surprised me as I went down your team. I was about to say you were light on speed. You have a solid hitting side of things, little light on average, but whatever. Not sure why you drafted two catchers, but that’s not that big of an issue. Your pitching is a bit weak, but in 10 team you can find guys on waivers that will be fine. Overall, solid team.

    @Tarasco’sSecretStash: Blanks

    @Beau: “No word yet on wright either.” What does this mean?

    @Cheese: Sure

    @Mark: re: LaRoche – There’s probably 1500 words to explain why, no idea. You have Weeks and Zo and no one else?

  40. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @shitbird: i think you would be keeping 2 1st rounders (utley, prince) and 2 2nd rounders (miggy, holliday), you can use miggy as your CI, and then keep lester at great value. i could see being skeptical of those big 4 bats if they were 1 year wonders (a la josh hamilton last season), but all these guys are proven studs over at least several season and are in their prime. i highly doubt you’ll be able to get a proven player with the consistent excellence of holliday, prince, or miggy by using you 2nd round pick.

    just my opinion of course, but i honestly couldn’t disagree with not keeping those guys with your 1st 4 picks (and outside of your 1st pick, the other 3 guys are coming at value, prince with a 2nd pick, holliday with a 3rd, and miggy with a 4th) and then keeping lester at value.

  41. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @shitbird: whoops intended that for beau, for some reason i got my posters confused. ha.

  42. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    The fact that Snider will most likely be batting 8th/9th gives me reason enough to avoid him this year. Love his potential, but I might only be drafting him next season

  43. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Beau: i just think you can draft avg/speed/run/obp guys late (like pierre) who will give you 90% of ellsbury’s production, but you aren’t gonna find many guys putting up regular .300+-30+-100+ seasons late. if you choose between miggy and prince, i’d go prince.

    i could see doing utley, prince, holliday, votto, and lester, and then maybe a mccutchen (are you keeping 5 or 6?). i am a lot like grey in that it’s hard for me to turn down a proven all around power stud for a 1 speed OF early in the draft or in a keeper situation. i live by sagnof, both for SBs and saves.

  44. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Cheese: if he rakes, i bet he at least moves up to 6th or 7th. but yeah, i’d still definitely favor blanks over him this year, then reevaluate after the season as to which i’ll prefer going forward.

  45. Kyle says:

    Jake Fox or Brandon Wood? Why?
    Think Fox will get C eligibility by mid-season for yahoo leagues? He played catcher the other day.

  46. Beau says:

    @Grey: No word on wether or not wright is being kept.

  47. Beau says:

    @Grey: No word on wether or not wright is being kept. As per my post immediately preceding that one.

  48. Beau says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah, I see what you are saying. I just traded for ellsbury so kind of need to keep him. Perhaps I go Utley, prince, miggy, holliday, ellsbury, and lester? And yeah, its 6 keepers. I just worry that im going to be screwed at ss/mi like i was last year if i do that.

    Some more voices would help…see previous posts.

  49. KarlJ. says:

    @Tony: I had already used my 1st 2 picks on two deep positions ( OF and 1B) , I didn’t want to take another OF in the 3rd or 4th. I guess it worked out for me that I waited until the 5th to take him

    @Grey: I was also thinking Batting Average could possibly be an issue, but there are plenty of .300 type guys like Coghlan and such on waivers. I took the 2nd catcher because I thought Napoli was good value in that round and I think it threw off a few owners (one got stuck with Martin and another got stuck with Pierzynski) I guess I could have taken my 2nd pitcher in the 5th, 6th, or 7th, but felt I couldn’t pass up J Upton, Reynolds or Granderson when the fell to those rounds.

  50. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Beau: you won’t be the only guy screwed at SS/MI. plus you have utley at 2B that is a nice advantage over everyone else (assuming kinsler gets hurt as usual). maybe you could try to pull a trade for a SS/MI you like, but i can’t really imagine many being worth trading for and keeping over your studs, i’d just suck it up and draft escobar and take the 35-40 SBs.

  51. Tony says:

    @KarlJ.: ya i was just saying looking at your draft you shoulda taken J-UP before lester….

  52. Beau says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: So you dont think the value of mccutchen as a 25th round pick or ethier as a 22nd round pick is worth not keeping one of the studs and hoping to draft them?

  53. Beau says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: So you dont think the value of mccutchen as a 25th round pick or ethier as a 22nd round pick is worth not keeping one of the studs and hoping to draft them? Or else votto in the 6th?

  54. Beau says:

    Damn browser keeps posting my stuff, sorry everyone.

  55. majortommy says:

    @Beau: You kind of have to keep Utley, Prince and Miggy. Holliday and Sizemore are not a first round talents, but they are higher than fourth and fifth round talent You said you need to keep ellsebury. So that is
    Utley, Prince, Miggy, Ellesbury, Holliday Sizemore.

    You would not need OF til way later on and could concentrate on other needs.

  56. majortommy says:

    @majortommy: If anything you have huge trade chips for the MI of your choice(except Hanley). McCutchen are nice value keepers but not at the expense of top 20 players.

  57. Tony says:

    anyone interested in a league read post #2. Thanks, tony

  58. Beau says:

    @majortommy: SO you wouldnt keep lester as an 18th rounder, id definitely disagree there…perhaps you missed that part of the post. Points well taken, i think im starting to agree with you guys more and more. Thanks for the help. I love debating this stuff.

  59. majortommy says:

    @Beau: I am not saying that Lester is not a great player, especially at that price(although my Yankee fan imposed no Sox player rule prohibits me from owning him). I would cut Ellesbury in favor of him, but you said you have to keep Jacoby. Lester(or an equivalent) is far more likely to be there at your pick than any of the other guys. Maybe cut Sizemore for him?
    @Tony: A little too rich for my blood, your trophy shop must be doing better than my sign/t-shirt shop

  60. Lava says:

    @Kyle: Fox from the A’s?

    I don’t think they’ll use him at catcher. I thought the plan was to use Landon Powell as the backup catcher, but I could be dated in my knowledge.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Yeah, you might be right re: Snider.

    @Kyle: Wood

    @Beau: Oh! My bad, had just woken up. Ethier and McCutchen seems fine, you can go a dozen ways though.

  62. Bob says:

    Who gets the better of it in Jay Bruce for Chris Davis?

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Bruce

  64. Bob says:

    Until Beckham gets 2B eligibility, who do you like the most among Kelly Johnson, Scott Sizemore, and Clint Barmes?

  65. Beau says:

    @majortommy: Yeah thats what i was thinking. I dont technically have to keep ellsbury, but i made an offseason trade just go get him and itd be worthless if i didnt, lester in the 18th round i think ive got to keep.

    @Grey: What do you think about poontycoon and majortommy’s assetions to take the keep the studs even in the first few rounds and now worry as much about keeping the later value players? I know your thoughts on getting too cute.

  66. Beau says:

    @Bob: Id go Johnson for the guaranteed playing time on a good team. Lots of runs if nothing else (just like cheap mexican food).

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: Johnson

    @Beau: Sounds fine that way too. Load up the team with top tier talent.

  68. majortommy says:

    @Beau: Wasn’t sure if your league would call collusion if you traded for a player and didn’t keep him, especially if the team you traded with keeps their guy.

  69. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Beau: yeah, i agree with majortommy, it’s nice to keep value like the dread pirate, but not at the expense of a consensus proven top 20 commodity who is only costing you a 3rd/4th/5th round pick. i would probably keep lester because that’s great value AND he’s a top 20 SP, with the potential to be top 10 or higher.

    so that’s utley, prince, miggy, holliday, and lester.

    so it kinda comes down to sizemore, ellsbury, and votto. in a vacuum and given the values, i’d probably prefer votto, but you do have 2 stud 1Bs. i’d consider keeping votto over miggy, but that’s kinda your call. we’ve seen miggy do it for years though at times we wonder if he cares, votto has less track record and hasn’t hit his max potential yet (though for those of you wondering, votto and miggy are essentially the same age born in 1983…amazing considering how long miggy has been in the majors). sizemore has the injury questions, and as stated, i’m a sagnof guy, so ellsbury wouldn’t be attractive to me.

    personally, i would try to sell off ellsbury as a great value keeper to someone in your league in exchange for some draft pick improvements or something.

  70. Bob says:

    @Grey, @Beau: Thanks.

  71. matthole says:

    @Grey: you mentioned that you prefer 30HRs than a guy with 20SB potential…..why is ryan zimmerman projected to go in the 3rd rd if his # are fairly similar to Longoria and Wrights.

    Longoria – 100/36/115/.280/10
    Wright – 100/25/110/.300/17
    Zimmerman – 105/30/110/.295/5

  72. matthole says:

    @matthole: @Grey: your preference for 3B….

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: No problem.

    @matthole: He’s not near them in steals. Longoria is 10 could be 15. Zimmerman is 5.

  74. sean says:

    Do you think I should pull the trigger on his Longoria for my Wright. I think I’m solid in power (1180/318/1200) but a little light on average (.280). In the meantime, I countered with Wieters/Longoria for Wright/Iannetta because Longoria is CBS-ranked 60 something to Wright’s 6 and I’m thinking he feels he’s somehow getting the better end of it if he offered Longoria straight up for Wright. If it comes down to Wright v. Longoria, on a team that’s already solid in power and speed and light on average, which way would you go?

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I wouldn’t ever trade Wright for Longoria or vice versa. Makes little sense to me.

  76. Cuban rafters says:

    Just got offered Bay for Werth…

    Here’s my OF: Werth, Lind, Pence
    Utl: Damon, Quentin

    What do you guys think… Also in response to my earlier post, beltre was dropped for fowler… And weeks was dropped for chen Ming Wang …. Crazy I know… 14 team league

  77. Beau says:

    @Cuban rafters: I think id hang onto werth in that case, of course im not convinced bay isnt about to regress significantly.

  78. NoonTime says:

    Colby Rasmus sets fire to the outfield. Go search youtube for “Colby Rasmus Fire Burning In The Outfield”. You will never think of Colby Rasmus the same.

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cuban rafters: Hold tight.

    @NoonTime: I think I linked to that at some point last year. It’s catchy!

  80. Howie says:

    I chortled when I read the Cruise reference. Outstanding. And yes, I chortled.

  81. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Cuban rafters: keep werth for sure. if you are sketch at 3B and/or 2B, i’d make room for weeks and beltre. all the top 3Bs are being kept in my keeper league, so i am probably gonna try to grab a couple of lesser guys and hope one pans out (stewart, beltre, cantu…). sucks to eat a bench spot, but it is weekly lineup h2h, so not like i can rotate SPs or something, and i figure if i can get 2 of those guys, i increase the chances of having a solid 3B this season. as for weeks, i seem to get him every year, and this year will be no different. i’d definitely make sure you have a contingency plan though.

  82. Tom Reale says:

    Who wins?
    #1 Jeter and F Her for Kemp and Oswalt

    #2 Beckham for Vlad

  83. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: thanks

  84. grandysdandy says:

    grey// i have frank francisco/nunez/soria/bell/qualls.

    would you trade bell/span for lind/correia?

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: No problem.

    @grandysdandy: It’s a bit much, but I could see it if you really needed power. Probably wouldn’t though at this point.

  86. peter says:

    Anyone been mocking at (not towards) ESPN? In ESPN’s draft app, there is a tab for you to see how your team stacks up against the others, based upon ESPN’s projections.

    I’ve mocked a number of times there, always using the Razzball 300 and positional rankings, often employing Rudy’s BRAN-strategy. Each and every time, ESPN ranks my team as the worst (or 2nd worst) of the draft. Which I take a great sign (see below).

    Speaking of mocking, anyone seen ESPN’s “Mock 2.0” piece by Cockcroft? This stuff mocks itself… from Christopher Harris taking Lincecum with his first pick and Crawford with his 2nd. Or Nate Ravitz taking Mauer in the 2nd round and Ichiro in the third. Or Karabell taking Pedroia in the 3rd and then Phillips in the 4th?

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @peter: Hey, how about you repost your comment on the newest post to keep the convo going there.


  88. Beau says:

    @Tom Reale: I think it depends on what your team needs and strengths are, but in a vacuum Id agree with grey, usually on a trade like that id go for the one with the stronger hitter. Kemp is a stud.

  89. Stephen says:

    For all you White Sox fans, your top prospect, Jared Mitchell, is going to be out the whole year. Here is the news via Rotoworld:

    White Sox outfield prospect Jared Mitchell underwent surgery to repair a torn tendon in his left ankle on Tuesday.
    The surgery was called a success — as they all are — but the 21-year-old is expected to miss the entire 2010 season. He’ll begin rehabbing in approximately 4-6 weeks. Mitchell suffered the injury while making a spectacular catch last Friday. It’s a tough blow for Mitchell, who was selected by the White Sox in the first round of last year’s First-Year Player Draft. He was recently ranked as the organization’s No. 1 prospect by Baseball America.

  90. Keith says:

    I’m in a keeper league with 8 keepers. I’m keeping Votto, Phillips, Zimmerman, Braun, Lind, and Granderson. I want to keep 1 more hitter and 1 more pitcher but I am completely torn. My remaining hitters include Everth Cabrera, Theriot, Beltran and Blanks. Normally I’d keep Beltran but he’s hurt for who knows how long. I love Blanks but my team is power heavy and I already have 3 outfielders. Should 1/2 my keepers be OF? I also had the chance to acquire CarGo cheap but I think Beltran injured gives me similar numbers.

    Pitching wise I have Broxton and Wandy. Now normally I’d never ever keep a closer but I think I want Broxton for 3 reasons. First, everyone in my league undervalues pitching. I know I can get solid pitching with my picks. Second, Broxton has no real competition and he’s on a solid team. Yes, he could get hurt (and weighing 300 lbs can’t help) but he should be as close to a guarantee for a closer as their is. Third, last year in my league the team with the most saves had 147 and the team with the most wins had just 101. Now, I know 3 closers can eat up most of the 147 but the variance between a good and an average closer can be 25 saves (50 vs. 25). The difference between a good and average pitcher is only 7-10 wins (20 vs. 13-10). To me keeping Broxton (especially with his K rate) makes sense. But please talk me out of keeping a closer!

  91. Keith says:

    *Broxton is as close to a guarantee 50 save closer* is what I meant to say

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Keith: CarGo is better than Beltran, but close. At least he’s healthy though. Keep EverCab. Keep Broxton if you want.


  93. Dean says:

    What do you think of this trade I was offered:

    Giving: Billy Butler
    Getting Heyward, Cudyer and Johnathan Sanchez

  94. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dean: Sounds fine for you.


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