On occasion, it works out where a notable prospect gets called-up to the bigs during the weekend, allowing me to post some notes on him before Grey gets the opportunity. That happens to be the case today, as LA has summoned 1B prospect, C.J. Cron, to the big club. Of course, when it’s me providing the spin on a call-up like this, we miss out on Grey’s clever wordplay in the title. Something like, “Angels Finally Embrace Pot Legalization, Will Roll with Cron(ic)” seems sufficient. In any case, Cron can mash. He established his power potential in 2012 at High-A, hitting 27 homers in 129 games. Then last season, he followed that effort with a puzzling 14 HR year at Double-A Arkansas, causing many to cool at the idea of Cron as an everyday 1B at the highest level. The pop appears to have returned in 2014, though: Through 28 games at Triple-A Salt Lake, Cron slugged .602 with 6 HR. At least for the short-term, there’s opportunity for the 24-year-old to earn regular plate appearances from the middle of the LA order. The upside in his stick is worth the gamble in deep leagues, especially if you’re hurting at CI.

Marcus Stroman, RHP, Blue Jays: Also getting the call to the majors is Marcus Stroman. We’ve been hyping Stroman plenty around here lately — he was my #1 SP stash on last week’s list, and he headlined Grey’s buy/sell on Friday. The Jays will use the 23-year-old out of the ‘pen at first, but the back-end of their rotation is a mess, and it won’t be long before he claims a spot. Add him everywhere.

Alex Meyer, RHP, Twins: Meyer’s last two outings at Triple-A look like this: 12.2 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 6 BB, 22 K. I don’t think the Twins are in a rush to get him to Minneapolis, but I do think we’ll see Meyer in the bigs at some point this summer. He’ll be a coveted pickup as soon as he surfaces.

Joc Pederson, OF, Dodgers: Pederson continues to punish baseballs at Triple-A Albuquerque, going 11 for last 29, with 2 HR, and 3 SB. He did manage to strikeout an alarming 13 times during that stretch, but the swing-and-miss isn’t typically a major facet of his game. On the year, the 22-year-old is hitting .390/.496/.667 with 7 HR and 9 SB.

Ben Lively, RHP, Reds: Through 35 IP at High-A Bakersfield, Lively has posted a 0.76 ERA, a 0.59 WHIP, and a K/BB at 48/2. Impressive work for the 22-year-old drafted in the 4th round last June.

Michael Taylor, OF, Nationals: The #4 prospect in our Nationals preseason T10, Taylor was off to a slow start at Double-A before busting out with a 3 HR game earlier this week. There’s exciting power/speed potential with the 23-year-old.

Courtney Hawkins, OF, White Sox: Hawkins has posted 27 RBI through 23 games with High-A Winston Salem. That stretch includes 7 HR and a slash line at .289/.358/.602. It’s also worth noting that his K% in the early going is almost 12 points lower than last year’s. The 20-year-old was suspended this week for his part in a benches clearing incident, but he should be back in action tomorrow. I’m looking forward to big production from Hawkins in his repeat go at High-A.

Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Pirates: After a back injury delayed his 2014 debut, Glasnow looked sharp in his first outing of the season, whiffing 6 through 5 scoreless frames at High-A Bradenton. He appeared considerably less sharp in his next start, which was a 2-inning, 7-walk, zero-strikeout head-scratcher of an outing.

Raimel Tapia, OF, Rockies: Tapia is one of the more tooled-up players in the minors, and his long-term ceiling is enormous, but he’s gotten off to a slow start in his first year at the full-season level. The bat is showing signs of life these past few days, though, as the 20-year-old rides a 4-game XBH streak, which includes 2 HR.

Javier Baez, SS, Cubs: He’s not off to the kind of start I thought he’d be after his explosive performance in spring training, but I’m not cooling off on Baez, and I’m confident the power production will begin to take hold as the warm weather settles in. 3 SB in his last 5 games is a nice pacifier for the meantime.

Aaron Blair, RHP, D’Backs: The 34th overall pick last June, Blair is off to fine start at Low-A South Bend, posting a line at 2.56/0.85/43 through 31 IP. His most recent outing was particularly noteworthy, as the 21-year-old allowed only 1 hit through 7 frames, whiffing a dozen along the way. He’ll step up to High-A soon if this sort of dominance keeps up.

Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Mets: I’ve been begging for Syndergaard to post a start that would remind us of his front-end potential, and he’s finally come through on that end, tossing 7 scoreless IP and striking out 7 during his most recent outing. Thank goodness.

Jon Gray, RHP, Rockies: After a couple of shaky starts to begin the year, Gray has settled down at Double-A Tulsa. In 3 outings since his meltdown on April 11th, the 22-year-old has allowed only 1 run while posting a K/BB at 19/3.

Zach Lee, RHP, Dodgers: Lee has taken a step back over the past 10 days, allowing 20 hits and 11 runs in his 2 most recents starts at Triple-A Albuquerque. With a skill set that relies more on polish, deception, and durability than it does on overwhelming stuff, it’s of great importance that he rediscovers his comfort zone soon.

  1. Picard56 says:

    Scott, what is your rest of the season projections for Gregory Polanco, say if he gets called up after the super 2 date?

    I have him currently on my bench. I have Nelson Cruz, Alfonso soriano, and Carlos Beltran in the OF. I have been switching in and out Morneau and Vmart at Utility and Prince Fielder holding down 1st base(but doing a terrible job).

    I have Polanco on my bench. I am looking to upgrade my SS position as bogaearts isn’t really providing many counting stats. Thought I add Peralta and Drop Polanco.

    Keep Polanco since my OF is full with veterans? or he is expendable. And your ROS projections for Polanco please.

    • Yescheese says:

      @Picard56: I’ll add on this question…

      should I just be patient with Xander in a dynasty? Or is the real Xander showing up? Good OBP and poor RISP/fantasy counting stats?

      • You need to be patient in a dynasty.

    • An attainable projection is something like 275/330/400 w/ 10 HR & 15 SB… I’d see what sort of SS you could acquire via trade, using Polanco as the bait. Lots of hype around him right now & I think you might be able to fetch better than Polanco.

  2. Hawks Fan says:

    H2h cbs standard points

    Who wins this trade straight across





    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Hawks Fan: I think it’s probably pretty close. In my CBS league, the scoring system is rather favorable to pitchers. Sale has 612 points last year to Cabrera’s 609. McCutchen had 517 to Votto’s 480. Machado has 360 to Harper’s 327, but Machado had nearly 250 more at bats.

      I’d lean towards the Cabrera side.

      Whether or not you can keep players and for how long would affect my decision too.

  3. cubsin2020 says:

    Regarding Joc. Which is more likely?

    A. Comes up this summer and rides the pine.

    B. Comes up and starts regularly.

    C. Gets traded.

    D. Spends the entire year in AAA.

    • Brent

      The Fantasy Dick says:

      @cubsin2020: You forgot E. Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford go down for extended period, Pederson comes up to start then replaces Ethier

    • Injury, or some combination of injury & poor play, should make room for Pederson before year is through.

  4. 2 Giant rings says:

    Is Jesus Montero worth stashing in a 20 team redraft? Thanks.

    • If you’re hurting at catcher, sure.

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Scott Evans: You gotta be hurting pretty bad to need to stash a catcher. Is it a two-catcher league?

  5. Bilbo Baggins says:

    ROS and long term Gausman or Stroman?

    • Brent

      The Fantasy Dick says:

      @Bilbo Baggins: Stroman ROS, Gausman next year and beyond. IMO

    • Stroman for this year… long-term outlooks are close, but I like Gausman.

  6. Nimrod says:

    What about Robbie Ray of the Tigers? He gets the rotation slot of Sanchez and goes against the Twins and Astros this week.

    • Some upside in the ratio department, but K’s will be modest. Definitely a guy to keep on your radar in mixed leagues, but I’m not racing to grab him just yet.

  7. No Soup for YU says:

    Hey Scott

    In a 10 team h2h 5×5 categories league with OBP should I trade Pujols and C Santana for F Freeman and M Wieters?

    Are you selling Pujols? Thanks a lot!

    • I’d hold. I’m not quite on the sell Pujols train.

  8. Swfcdan says:

    Hi Scott which sides do you like for these deals, mainly focused on this year:

    S Marte ($6) and J Lester ($7) for J Segura ($6) and H Bailey (prices shown when they are keepable)

    H Kuroda for K Davis

    Crons gone unfortunately in my keeper but ill keep my eye out for your next breakthrough guy to replace R Mondesi! Dont think any of the unowned guys above are really worth taking.

    • I like Marte & Lester in the first deal… the second deal seems needs-based, but I lean toward Kuroda.

      Is Raimel Tapia owned in your keeper? Ben Lively is also a guy who’ll be getting added in most dynasties soon…

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Good because I got the Lester side, and not a bad first start from him! I also got Davis, in a 10 teamer Kuroda is very dispensible, plus I didnt realise hes 39 now…might not have much left in the tank.

        Tapia isnt owned, do you like him more than R Mondesi? Not heard much about Tapia.

        • Tapia is quite exciting for fantasy. Huge tools.

  9. Brett says:

    Scott what is your take on Bauer not being called up? Do you think it is soon would you rather have stroman?

    • I’m not aboard the Trevor Bauer bandwagon, so I’m not all that surprised by the decision. He needs to sustain his newfound command for a while longer before I trust him, although he was impressive yesterday.

      I’d much rather have Stroman over Bauer.

  10. Duke says:

    It’s been fun watching Joc mash here in Albuquerque. Is injury his only path the majors at this point? Also, I know there is no real way to know this but when do you see Polanco getting called up?

    • Yescheese says:

      @Duke: at this point it’s not development. So probably after 6/1 (or even 7/1) to avoid super 2 status.

    • Yes, Pederson is thoroughly blocked… it’ll likely take an injury.

      Circle 6/10 on your calendar for… I’ve seen some Super Two estimates pointing to that date.

  11. Yescheese says:

    So I’ve heard the hype on Lively now, and I’ve heard the comps to Cingrani, and his deceptive delivery.

    But is Ben Lively for real?

    Deception guys always seem to look great their first time around the league..

    Your thoughts oh wise one!

    • Lively will rack up the whiffs at every stop, but he’s playing in A- right now, which isn’t exactly an aggressive assignment for the college product. I’m anxious to see him at A+ & beyond…

      • Jason says:

        @Scott Evans: Scott, Lively has been at A+ Bakersfield for each of his starts so far this season.

        • Yes he has. Apologies… not sure why I had it in my head he was at Dayton.

  12. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    In a nl only keeper, trade a $12 McGehee, $6 seth smith, amd wilmer flores for a $10 Gregory Polanco who will have for 3 years and can extend longer?

    Oh, and thoughts on Ceasar Puello?


    • I think that’s a fair package for Polanco, although I do like Flores’s long-term outlook.

      Puello is off to a slow start, but I love his power/speed outlook & I think he’ll get going before long. Should surface in NY this year.

      • Brent

        The Fantasy Dick says:

        @Scott Evans: When do you think the numbers will start to show up for Flores? Feels like he’s been close forever (I know he turnes pro really young). Thanks!

        • That one’s tough to say, but I feel comfortable saying before the end of next season. Patience is key with these types..

  13. Steve says:

    Would u trade cano,cueto,and Uehara for Miguel Cabrera???

  14. Bri says:

    Hey Scott, love this weekly write up!

    Question: just how good is Archie Bradley and how bad does his injury sound? I drafted him in my keeper league for $1, but only have limited NA slots for minor leaguers (with Polanco, Taveras, and Baez stashed already).. So he’s clogging a regular bench spot. Is he worth the wait?

    • Archie is the best SP prospect in baseball, and the elbow injury is deeply disturbing. I’d hold for another week or two to see what news trickles out on Bradley…

  15. Rob says:

    12-Team Standard 5×5 Roto Re-draft League

    Looking to upgrade starting pitching.
    Do I offer Kuroda/Kluber for Tehran?
    Lynn/Kuroda to much?

    Thoughts on the team? Been struggling with slow starts from Gyorko/Miller. Just traded J Chavez for Bogaerts in case Miller continues to shit the bed……!

    Starting Hitters
    C Pinto, Josmil
    C Zunino, Mike
    1B Goldschmidt, Paul
    2B Gyorko, Jedd
    3B Wright, David
    SS Bogaerts, Xander
    MI Rendon, Anthony
    CI Adams, Matt
    OF Beltran, Carlos
    OF Bruce, Jay
    OF Craig, Allen
    OF Springer, George
    U Hamilton, Billy

    Starting Pitchers
    P Bumgarner, Madison
    P Shields, James
    P Fister, Doug
    P Lynn, Lance
    P Kuroda, Hiroki
    P Eovaldi, Nate
    P Kluber, Corey
    P Rodriguez, Francisco
    P Reed, Addison

    SS Miller, Brad
    C Ramos, Wilson
    OF Harper, Bryce
    P Chapman, Aroldis
    P Walker, Taijuan
    OF Polanco, Gregory

    Free Agents
    Wood, T

    • You’ve got some guys off to slow starts, but your squad seems balanced & should improve with time. I like the idea of trying to upgrade to Teheran at SP.

    • Smalls Killer says:

      @Rob: no way I’d give up Teheran for that! He is at the top of the tier 2 pitcher. Try to give as little as you can but I seriously think that’s too little. One pitcher and decent bat should do though

  16. Shake N Bacon says:

    Scott out of a $100 FAAB, what would you put down for Marcus Stroman?

    On a completely unrelated note, Arenado is on fire right now. We all knew he had great contact skills, be he’s also hitting with power. How valuable is Arenado in a keeper league? I’ve got Josh Donaldson as my 3B right now, but would think Arenado might be the better keeper. Do you agree? ROS how would you rank them?

    • How much you spend on Stroman has a lot to do with whether or not you want to be in on the bidding for Taveras/Polanco/Syndergaard/etc. If you’re in need of pitching, you could maybe bid somewhere in the 30s… keep in mind he probably only tosses 130-140 inning in the bigs this year.

      Always thought Coors would draw out the power in Arenado’s stick. For ROS, Donaldson is the safe bet, but for keeper purposes, I like Nolan.

  17. WhatsupJoc says:

    Barring serious injuries to the Dodgers existing OF I don’t think we’ll see Pederson until Sept call ups because he needs to solve LH pitching. Last year .200/.299/.269 and this year .282/.378/.385 which is no great shakes when you consider the Dukes very friendly hitters park, the PCL in general, and the fact that he’s probably not seeing to many imposing lefties in AAA.

    I would expect the Dodgers would want him to make some hay against the LH fodder in the PCL before putting him up against ML LH pitching. Maybe he’ll only ever be a platoon type but the Dodgers likely want to give him every chance to develop into a complete hitter in the minors.

    • And without an immediate need, they have that luxury. Thanks for the insight.

  18. Oz says:

    I’m holding Taveras, Polanco, Bradley, Gausman, Meyer, and Carlos Martinez (who I still consider a prospect because he’s too talented not to start) so I’m excited about callups. (Its a 38 roster h2h points league.) Quick question: who do u see having the better fantasy career b/w taveras and polanco? Thanks Scott, love the posts.
    Btw I’ve been holding Taveras since 2012 lol so I’m very anxious to see him. That’s a year longer than my longest relationship lol.

    • I like Taveras over Polanco for long-term.

  19. JoeyBelle says:

    Are you not worried at all about all these top SP prospects with horrible BB rates like Archie Bradley, Stephenson, Glasnow etc? Wont it just get worse in the bigs?

    • It’s concerning, sure, but command & control can be developed over time. Bradley might not be extremely friendly to your WHIP in his first year, but I’m confident he’ll get there…

  20. Phil says:

    When do you think Pederson comes up?

    • I don’t think they’ll rush him unless there’s an injury. Commenter WhatsupJoc has some good thoughts on that situation just a few comments above here.

  21. Bruce says:

    Any prospect pitchers that I can stash that can help me with ratios later in the season? Wisler?

    • Wisler is intriguing, especially considering the Petco effect… he also just got bumped up to AAA… Eddie Butler is another who could help in the ratio dept.

  22. Phil says:

    Is Singelton a better bet for good numbers in 2014 then Pederson?

  23. Scarecrow Greinke says:

    Would you add Stroman over Garrett Richards or Collin McHugh?

    • I’d add him over McHugh & while he’s more exciting to own than Richards, Richards is probably the smarter play.

      • Scarecrow Greinke says:

        @Scott Evans: Thanks man, great article!

  24. SMLV1 says:

    Drop Wheeler for Stroman? Standard Y! 12 team league.

  25. seph meier says:

    What do you believe to be Stroman’s upside for this season is? Any predictions on his stat line?

    • I’ll say 3.50/1.20/130 in 125 IP, but so much can go wrong with rookies.

  26. Ryan says:

    20 team h2h dynasty league. I was just offered profar brown wheeler for marte simmons. I like the value that I’m getting but I’m reluctant in dealing wheeler. Especially since this is a dynasty league. Should I try and deal someone else? Maybe peralta or richards or have him add a sp like someone like mejia? Team is below.

    c evan gattis
    1b miguel cabrera
    2b brandon phillips
    3b evan longoria
    ss yunel escobar
    lf dominic brown
    cf shane victorino
    rf justin upton
    util prince fielder
    bn neil walker
    bn kris bryant
    bn carl crawford/joc pederson/clint frazier
    dl jurickson profar

    sp yu darvish
    sp zach wheeler
    sp cliff lee
    rp pedro strop
    rp sean doolittle
    rp carlos torres
    p brian wilson
    p dan straily
    p wily peralta
    Bn robbie erlan
    bn garrett richards
    dl Clayton Kershaw

      • Ryan says:

        @Scott Evans: so would you rather have profar of Simmons?

        • Ryan says:


          *over simmons

  27. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Scott, offered a blockbuster(15 teams keep 11)

    Give up: Rizzo, Tulo, A Gordon, Shields, Polanco


    Crash Davis, Segura, Cargo, Liriano, Volquez

    Thinking about dropping the last two players off on each side for my counter.

    OBP/SLG and QS, K/9 league

    My steals, hits and K/9 are weak, currently in 2nd

    • I like the Rizzo/Tulo side. Think I’d hold…

  28. Regan says:

    Stroman or Kluber for the rest of the year?

  29. Regan says:

    Any idea what happened to Liriano last night? I have seen him dropped in 2 leagues already. I have him on 3 teams so not sure I want him on any others. Thoughts?

    • Hasn’t been sharp this year. I wouldn’t go after him.

  30. Amish says:

    Wheeler or Bauer ros? Someone just dropped wheeler…bid aggressively? Also, it’s a 3 year keeper league(only 2 minor leaguers), thoughts on Buxton? I have tavernas n just dropped Bradley,,, gotta be aggressive too right? Thx!

    • Wheeler & yes, bid aggressively. Buxton is a top-2 fantasy prospect, Taveras is right behind him…

  31. Brendan says:

    I’m currently streaming pitchers right now so I do have a spot open if I want to add a pitcher. I’m in need of Wins the most and could use some help with K since a decent amount of my pitchers are low ratio, low K guys. Should I continue streaming or add one of these? Stroman, Chavez, Eovaldi, Porcello, Gee.

    • Add Eovaldi and/or Chavez.

  32. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    So the Jays will use Stroman out of the pen and then have to send him back down to be stretched out?

    • He’ll join the rotation soon enough so that a stretch-out stint won’t be necessary.

  33. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    What does Singleton need to do to get the call up and do you think Springer will turn things around anytime soon?

    • Singleton needs it to be the 2nd week of June. Springer is playing below his abilities at the moment…

  34. alcohol abuser says:

    Hey Scott,

    Love your prospect articles!

    Pick two minor leaguers for me to roster on my dynasty league C.Frazier, D.Dahl or R.Tapia?


  35. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Just pulled off the following two trades in my H2H points league.

    Adam Jones to get Stephen Strasburg
    Shelby Miller to get Jay Bruce

    Based on our league’s scoring system, Strasburg will score more points than Jones. Jones has been sucking it up, but I do expect him to return to normal. However the drop from Jones to Bruce is not significant. We only start 4 pitchers and Miller has been on my bench all season. So he is contributing nothing to my team. Strasburg will start nearly every week for me along with Felix, Greinke and then one of Anibal, Gerrit and Gray. I also have Salazar, Stroman and Bauer.

    Being able to pull of both deals within minutes of each was some of the best fantasy baseball wheeling and dealing I’ve done in a long time. I’ve been working on both deals the last few days, but knew they both needed to be announced at the same time because if one came first the owner involved in the other would likely have backed out once they realized what I was doing.

    Pretty happy with the outcome. Might look to move either Gray or Anibal for a bat. Suggestions?

    • Nice work. Don’t get too locked into the idea of selling your bench arms for offense… if scoring favors pitching as you say, then you don’t want to have to dig from waivers to replace an injured arm.

  36. DP says:

    Can you please rank Pineda, Liriano, Gee, Stroman. 6×6 league with QS as extra cat


    • Gee, Pineda, Stroman, Liriano

  37. Hollar says:

    Scott, no concern that Cron’s power has only showed up in two of the most notorious hitters’ parks in the minors?

    • No, he brings 80 grade power potential. Park factors don’t concern me too much when the raw skill has elite upside.

  38. Waffle Taco says:

    Wrath of Cron? Already have Rizzo and Abreu and stashing Singleton. Should I say “thanks, but no thanks” to CJ?

    • Yeah, I think you’re in good shape at 1B/CI.

  39. Kenneth says:

    In a dynasty, who would you rather have Yelich or Pederson?

  40. Rags says:

    I’m in a points keeper league with an extra minors-only bench. Scoring greatly favors hits and RBIs, minus points for Ks.

    Would you drop Trey Ball, Phillip Ervin, Josh Bell or Eduardo Rodriguez for Tommy La Stella and/or Ryan McMahon?

  41. Psychedelic Floyd says:

    Part of the puzzle on Cron is the fact that his biggest power production has come in the California League, where pretty much everyone hits for power. Last year, he wasn’t in the Cal League and the 14 HRs are a bit troubling, especially because now that he’s back in the Cal League, he’s hitting HRs again. I have serious reservations about his ability to hit for power in non-hitter friendly environments like that, and Angels stadium is definitely not a hitters park. I would just warn people to not blow all their FAAB on this guy right away, I’m probably guna miss out on him but that’s fine with me, I’d much rather wait and see what happens then blow my FAAB on a guy who might hit 5 HRs from the 1B/DH position.

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