Holy smokes! If you’re a prospect hound, this has been a great year. The Twins got in on the action by promoting top prospect Byron Buxton while the Indians are expected to call up Francisco Lindor today as well. Buxton ranked #1 overall on my offseason Top 50 Prospects list and of course topped the Twins Top 10 list. Lindor ranked #17 overall and first on the Indians Top 10. Both have been floating around the top five in the prospect power rankings, so hopefully they are names that you’ve had tucked away in your reserves. Let’s celebrate with a post on what they both bring to the table for 2015 fantasy baseball…

After a slow start in Double-A this April, Buxton really turned it on in May and June – slashing .324/.385/.503 with four homers, 13 steals, six doubles, and ten triples over the last six weeks. The Twins have been notoriously slow with promoting their prospects, but they have nothing to lose at this point and at the very least Buxton improves their outfield defense. It’s not a move I saw coming (I figured late June would be the earliest we’d see him) but I love it anyway.

Buxton can run like a deer (80-grade speed) and play double-plus defense right out of the gate. He’s also a plus hitter and should develop more power as he matures. Essentially, he’s a five-tool player that could be stuffing the stat sheets in roto down the road – similar to a Carlos Gomez type with the potential to hit 20 homers and steal 40 bases. One thing to keep in mind for the rest of this season is that his power hasn’t fully developed yet. Right now I’d expect more gap power with doubles and triples than over-the-fence power. That makes him slightly less appealing for fantasy in the short-term, but three out of five categories ain’t bad for a rookie (runs/steals/average).

Just looking at some Steamer ROS projections to find a comparison, let’s call it Leonys Martin with upside. ROS projections for Martin feel about right…40+ runs, six homers, 20+ steals, and hitting .265. That projection might not make you feel all tingly inside and it’s probably conservative for a talent like Buxton, but my point is that he’s likely going to be a speedy, run-scoring type more than a Mike Trout 2.0 this year. To be honest, he may never have Trout-like power and that’s no knock on Buxton, who could still be first-round fantasy material in a year or two. Dynasty owners are celebrating something like the birth of a child this afternoon – but without all the blood and heavy breathing…I hope.

As far as Lindor, he’s similar to Buxton in that he’ll bring defense, speed, and a good hit tool to the majors with him right away. His defense at short is so good that fantasy players who roster Cleveland pitchers should be just as happy about this promotion as the Lindor owners! Also similar to Buxton, we’re talking about gap power (more doubles/triples etc.) than homers at this point, although unlike Buxton that’s probably where his power will stay. He’s not on the same level as a Seager or Correa on that front, but the contributions he makes in the other categories – plus the wasteland that is the shortstop position – make Lindor worth picking up in just about any format.

The 21-year-old got off to a cold start in Triple-A, but has recently turned it on – hitting .350 over his last ten games and .400 in the month of June. For a ROS comparison, he could provide similar value to Alcides Escobar, who Steamer projects for about three homers, 40 runs scored, 13 steals, and a .265 average the rest of the way. I don’t think Lindor has the upside of Buxton to cream his projection though. A lot of Lindor’s value stems from his insane defense, whereas Buxton is a toolshed on both sides of the ball.

One final note – it’s worth mentioning that the 2012 draft (where Buxton was selected 2nd overall) is shaping up like a who’s who in the majors this year. Carlos Correa (1), Mike Zunino (3), Kevin Gausman (4), Addison Russell (11), Michael Wacha (19), Marcus Stroman (22), Kevin Plawecki (35), Joey Gallo (39), Lance McCullers (41), and Eddie Butler (46) have all contributed in the major leagues already in some capacity. That doesn’t even include players like Corey Seager (18) and Jose Berrios (32) who should see the majors soon. Will all of these players become superstars? Nah, probably not. And if you can flip Buxton or Lindor for a more proven piece in a format like RCL, I’d say go ahead and cash in on the helium. But if you’re an owner in a keeper or dynasty, have a day and enjoy the ride!

  1. Helldiver says:

    Woohoo. My stash of Correa and Buxton is finally going to at least provide some stats!!!

    I had to clear room for Correa to play everyday in a 10 team Al only keeper league. So had to move either Machado or Reyes. Chose Reyes.

    What do you think of this trade? Reyes/Rusney for McCann/JD Martinez?
    I was tired of seeing 0/4 every night from my sinkhole at C with Zunino.

    Gives me an OF of Calhoun/JD/A. Garcia and now Buxton to throw in there.

    • so basically it’s Reyes/Rusney for Correa/McCann/JD? Makes sense to me. Good move choosing to hold Machado over Reyes in a keeper

  2. TheMuppetManiac says:

    I need someone to put in my NA slot, now that Linor is coming up. I need someone to replace him with. Who do you like for this season out of these guys?

    Jose Peraza
    Andrew Heaney
    Julis Urias
    Jon Gray
    Dylan Bundy
    Alex Meyer
    Mark Appel
    Jose Berrios
    Aaron Nola

    • apoxonbothyourhouses says:

      @TheMuppetManiac: Heaney for this year. Maybe Gray (he’s pitching MUCH better since May 1) or Peraza (Peterson + Maybin both playing well will keep him down longer). Bundy’s probably next year. Ditto with Urias. Meyer’s been awful and was moved to the bullpen. Berrios could come up, but I doubt it. Appel could come up, but I bet he’s up next year.

      • Yescheese says:

        @apoxonbothyourhouses: Heaney has been getting shelled his last few starts. That being said you’re correct in your assessment that of this list, he’s the only one likely to sniff the majors and be maybe average. Maybe Berrios

    • Cheese and Apox making good points…I’d go Peraza, Heaney, Nola. With the Twins being aggressive with Buxton I think Berrios is def. in play for this year

  3. Malicious Phenom says:

    I just have to tell someone, I added Mat Latos for his start yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dudes career numbers are too good for him to have been as bad as he had been this year, I knew he had to be injured and he was, AND he is ONLY 27, not sure why everybody gave up on the guy…

    Have a GREAT Sunday Mr. Prospector!

    • nice! #blessed

      you too MP!

  4. Mick says:

    Hey Mike,

    Do you think there a chance Snell will be called up this year? I have the number one waiver priority and was waiting, hoping he would.


    • Hard to say with Moore coming back, but he’s been really good at Double-A. So if the Rays have a need, I could see them giving him a shot at some point later in the year.

    • Nuke Laloosh says:

      @Mick: the Rays have always been notoriously slow promoting their pitching prospects. I would be shocked to see him before late 2016. I am however banking in seeing Berrios this year. Been sitting on him for over a year in dynasty and also nabbed Eduardo Rodriguez about three weeks before call up.

  5. Bruce Leroy says:

    Happy prospect day!! I have buxton in 2 leagues, it’s like Christmas morning. Would you trade yellich to make room for him in your lineup? Or keep him on the bench and let him grow a little.. also I need a third baseman w Zimmerman making his annual dl trip. Is Urshela that guy? Middlebrooks and spangelborg are available also. Thank you sir.

    • you too!

      I’d go Middlebrooks at 3B for a little more power. No problem moving on form Yelich in a redraft if you’re replacing him with Buxton.

  6. Kendrick Llama says:

    Mike I was offered Felix and Braun for my degrom and Adam jones

    While Felix has been good, him and Braun are to worrisome to except right?

    • It’s a pretty even swap…I’d take Felix and Braun though.

      • Kendrick Llama says:

        @Maikel: really? Even with the Braun injury history / shot he got in hand/thumb

        • like I said, it’s basically even. Jones>Braun, Felix>deGrom. To be honest, I’m not sure this is a move that’s going to move the needle for either side. Sounds like you want to hold, so I’d hold.

  7. nelson says:

    Is this dude Brian Johnson for Boston anyone to get excited about. I never heard of him but he’s absolutely dominating.

    • Wild Thing says:


      As a Boston homer, Johnson seems like he could be really good and the team desperately needs starting pitching. But Eduardo Rdoriguez has us spoiled. We shouldn’t expect that right out of the gates

    • He’s been good and he’s likely close to a call-up too. He’ll probably crack the next power rankings, so I’d be just as excited about him as I would Nola, Berrios, Gray, etc.

  8. Mike says:

    Souza or Buxton ROS?

    • I’d go Souza for the power

  9. Wild Thing says:

    Great stuff as always!

    Correa owner is in last place with many needs in our dynasty league. Would it be crazy – or a great idea – to offer him 4:1 where he’s getting back Bogaerts plus 3 other top 10 prospects? Thanks!

    • thanks! I think it’s too much. I’m a Bogey fan though.

      • Wild Thing says:

        @Maikel: @Maikel:

        Thanks! I’m a bogey fan too! I think his power will come.

        • no problem man…agreed

  10. Larry says:

    Franco’s on fire!
    Can you rank Conforto, Nick Williams and Ryan McMahan? Will any be top 20 on end of year lists?

    • All the Franco!

      Top 20 might be pushing it, but all 3 will be top 50 most likely. I’d go McMahon, Williams, Conforto as of right now.

  11. Yescheese says:

    And perhaps just as exciting for prospect hounds, the annual offseason “top prospect lists” should see major overhaul. I see all of these guys exceeding rookie eligibility. The addition of this new wild card spot continues to generate fan-friendly team moves. Let’s celebrate!

    • for sure…at this rate even my midseason list is going to be crazy different

  12. BitchesBeShoppach says:

    I had Lindor stashed but missed out on buxton. Do you think Sano gets the call anytime soon? Thanks for the write up. I always enjoy reading them.

    • Yeah, Buxton this soon was kind of a surprise. Sano’s been hanging around the back end of the power rankings top ten. Plouffe is holding it down, but we could still see Sano sometime in July/early August. He missed a whole year and they have Plouffe at third so they may take it a tad slower with him. Still a good stash though.

  13. Malicious Phenom says:

    Sorry but I just had to. We all know what Grey thinks of the Catcher questions, so I figured I would get your 2 cents on these C’s..

    League is 10 team H2H, points, with just a negative half point for K’s.

    I have Lucroy as my C.

    Free agent C’s include:
    Gomes, Montero, Ramos, Mesoraco & Weiters..

    Hold or PU one of the others..

    thanks Mike, errr, I mean Maikel!

    • I don’t like catcher questions either! haha

      honestly, just stream your catcher in a 10-teamer

      • Malicious Phenom says:


        LOL, NO body likes cather questions..HA…

        Well it is a weekly league, i’ll just hold Lucroy for now as he has 3 games in Coors next weekend..cheers

        • ha…sounds good

  14. Gfy7 says:

    When do you expect Seager to be up? Rollins has not been good and 3rd base isn’t locked down in the majors. Does he have enough games at 3rd in the minors?

    • Olivera will probably get the first shot at third. Seager’s been near the top of the power rankings, but like you said it will take an injury/trade/removal of Rollins for him to come up. I’d still think he’ll be here by August and when he does, he’ll be the everyday guy at short. If Olivera sucks at third, you could see Seager get more reps there in the minors, and then that gives him another path as well. That second scenario is less likely IMO.

  15. chadaristic says:

    Lindor or Segura in a 5×5 H2H dynasty league?

    • I’d take Lindor in a dynasty

  16. Eric B says:

    I Missed out on Buxton by 2 hours, on a short beach trip and wasnt really expecting him to get the call so soon. I’m a little bummed about it, but I did manage to land Lindor. I dropped the injured 2B/3B Murphy for him. Murphy had been taking up an active roster spot with Soler, Paxton and Odorizzi on my DL. Decent move iyo? I already had Kipnis at 2nd and Semien backs him and my SS Alexi up in the middle so I felt like Murphy was expendable. Waiting on news about Ventura if he’s more injured than is being reported may dump him for Olivera.

    • bummer…nice get on Lindor!

      I like it…middle infield is such a crapshoot and it sounds like Murphy was indeed expendable

      I hear ya on Ventura…I’m waiting on that myself. We’ll form a prayer dodecahedron for him.

      • Eric B says:

        @Maikel: Ha, we may have to…anytime I hear ulnar nerve its a bit troubling to me. But I felt Murphy was the safer drop until I hear more on Ventura. Hopefully Lindor offers an upgrade over Alexi and Semien at SS.

        • yeah, I’m hoping for “he’s fine” and preparing for the worst

          your MI situation should work itself out over the next month or two between those three.

          • Eric B says:


            Yeah I hope so, this is my roster as currently constructed:

            5×5 HTH OBP
            C McCann
            1B Freeman
            2B Kipnis
            3B Santana
            SS A.Ramirez
            OF Stanton
            OF Calhoun
            OF Springer
            OF Betts
            Util Pollock
            Util Semien
            Util Avisail Garcia
            Bench P.Alvarez
            Bench Lindor
            DL Soler

            P Kluber
            P Chavez
            P Cole
            P Salazar
            P T. Walker
            SP Ventura
            SP Bauer
            RP Chapman
            RP Britton
            Bench RP Perkins
            Bench RP Melancon
            Bench SP Velasquez
            DL Paxton
            DL Odoriz

            • nice team

              • Eric B says:

                @Maikel: Thanks for the kudos and for the feedback.

                • anytime Eric

                  • Eric B says:

                    @Maikel: Mike, I know your a Philly guy and as fate would have it I’m a die hard Braves fan lol. Divisional bias aside, do you think I made the right call adding Lindor over say Jace Peterson. I know, I know, it sounds like homerism running wild, but he is eligible at 2nd and SS and he’s been awfully hot. Does Lindor do more for my roster or is Jace the smarter play?

                    • Mike

                      Mike says:

                      haha no worries

                      I actually think Jace could be the smarter play if it’s a redraft…he’s hot right now so you gotta own that if you need help at MI

  17. JOLO says:

    Hey boyzzz,
    I have Kershaw, kluber, arritia, Salazar, Bum, Haren, Erod and Gonzalez on the DL. To start the year I almost had myself locked in to top 2 spots in all pitching cats. I am in third and 4th is on my arssss.
    Question is how good is E Eod going to be? can I move a pitcher and which one?
    I can probable swing Bum for Upton or even pederson and a closer.
    A little concerned about pederson thus year. Should I be? This is my year so the has to work!!!


    • Your pitching is fine. I’d hold ERod and look to move Haren if you’re going to trade somebody. Joc? I wouldn’t worry about Joc.

  18. Good morning Maikel. Would you drop Gregory Polanco to pick-up Buxon? Polanco is hitting from the lead off spot, but only seems to offer steals and runs right now. Thanks and have a great Sunday!

    • tough one…is there anybody else you can drop? They could be pretty similar players ROS.

  19. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Hey Mike!

    My team is in need of speed and AVG and I’ve got too many CI/MI. From these guys in a redraft league, what’s a fair offer for Buxton?

    Franco, Belt, Pujols, C.Davis, Cano, B.Crawford, Lindor

    On a side note, as the proud owner of Buxton and Correa in a keeper league this is a wonderful time!

    • nice!

      I could see moving Franco, Belt, or Lindor if you’ve got a CI/MI glut.

      • A Hill O' Beans says:

        @Maikel: So I think I’ll start with Belt, but if it comes down to it I will trade you for Buxton Maikel. I’m glad you’re okay with that, and no hard feelings. It’s just business.

        • it’s all good!

  20. I b Teheran it up! says:

    Hey Mike great stuff! So I missed the Correa train and Buxton got scooped up up right before I could pull the trigger. Is Lindor worth grabbing over Brandon Crawford who’s having a career year?

    • thanks! nah, I’d hold for now if it’s a redraft

  21. MJ says:

    What are your thoughts on Conforto and Winker? I need to let one of them go and I am leaning toward keeping Conforto as he has more power and seems closer to the majors.

    • they’re both top 50 specs moving forward. Conforto probably has more fantasy upside, so it’s a swap you can make and not feel weird about

  22. MJ says:

    Tuff question for you Mailkel….,

    Would you trade Franco for JP Crawford? It is a keeper league and I already have Donaldson.

    • Does having Donaldson mean you have no room for Franco? This is like Sophie’s choice!

      I’d hold Franco as much as I love JP, but you’re talking about 1 and 1A for the Phils, so if your shortstop position looks bleak down the road, I could see it. Crawford has been awesome this year.

  23. I b Teheran it up! says:

    @I b Teheran it up!: BTW Franco has been a godsend on my team… hope he keeps it up! & thanks for the advice

    • no problem…me too!

  24. MJ says:

    What’s your take on all the Houston outfield rookies. Tucker is already up but seems to just be a place holder for one or two of the followin: Domingo Santana, Derek Fisher and Brett Phillips. Which of that group do you like best? I lean toward Santana but have a man crush on Phillips!

    • Santana is closer, but the Ks bother me. I’d rank ’em Phillips/Fisher…Santana

  25. Larry says:

    Kinda under the Radar but Joe Ross walked no one in the minors or in his 2 starts for Wash. Can I look to him to help my ratios?

    • sure thing…I think it set a Nationals record

  26. Hey there Mike. Great article, particularly this call-up AM! In a redraft are Andrus & Alexi your choice over Lindor? & howabout Castillo vs. Fowler? Thanks for your help!

    • thanks Zombie!

      He’s pretty similar to Andrus, in fact I think Andrus’ projection was the same as Escobar’s plus a couple steals. I’d rank them Ramirez, Andrus/Lindor…with Andrus getting the edge because he’s not a rook.

      I actually just moved Castillo for Fowler no joke. It’s pretty even, but I took the chance on the guy hitting leadoff everyday over the guy with more upside but some questions about his playing time and spot in the lineup.

      • @Maikel: on the same page. Thanks again Big M!

        • anytime man

  27. Clyde Prompto says:

    Great stuff as always, Maikel. Wondering if I could get your thoughts on a couple of guys struggling in the minors: D.J. Peterson and Oswaldo Arcia. I realize Arcia isn’t a rookie, but he’s still just a pup and is currently toiling in Rochester.

    • thanks! Peterson’s barely hitting over 200, but he’s got time to figure things out and I still like him long term. Too bad he’s in Seattle where his power won’t play as well. Arcia has some approach stuff to work on but I’d expect him to be back up at some point this year. He’s not a lost cause.

      • Clyde Prompto says:

        @Maikel: Thanks for the insights. Maikel Franco has been a major contributer to my NL Only team’s rise up the standings, so count me among the worshippers at the Church of Maikel.

        • nice! testify!

  28. Mike says:

    Would u drop burns to pick up souza or Segura for utility spot?

    • yeah, I’d grab Souza

  29. lolno says:

    Hey Mike! I love Sunday mornings just for this reason.

    Now, bear with me, as this is long-winded. I am currently 12th out of 14 in a 14-player, OBP/QS/TB/L added keeper league. I have done a lot of trading depth for better talent and grabbing prospects this year and the turnaround on the rebuild has been faster than I expected. So, I have been thinking about moving more of my older assets in a future-looking move. Before I ask anything, here is my team so you have a better idea of my situation:

    C Lucroy
    1B Pujols
    2B Deshields
    SS Xander
    3B Donaldson
    OF Trout
    OF Harper
    OF Buxton
    OF Guerrero
    Util Rollins
    Util Flores
    BN Corey Seager
    BN Singleton
    BN Moncada
    DL Travis


    DL Gausman

    So, my question is this: Do I trade Pujols for two first rounders next year? We keep 14, so the way I think of it is that those are 15th rounders. We redraft 15-26 on our roster spots. The most valuable picks usually end up being the first five or so, scooping all the international signings and players who just missed the keeper cutoff. After that, the talent kind of fades into fringey guys. For example, with my first and second round this year, I got Shoemaker and Gyorko. Brutal, huh? The first five that went off the board this past draft were Moncada, Tomas, Rosenthal, Rollins, Choo. Then it goes into your Adam Eatons, Ian Kennedys, etc. These firsts would likely be outside of those top 5 picks. They will more than likely be a middle of the round pick and a late pick.

    So, do you see Pujols being worth two 1st rounders next year, all things considering? Will there be enough international signings to make it worth it? Should I do it anyways and use them to get two good guys to bolster my team next year? Or should I hold on to him, keep him, and use him as a staple in my lineup with all the young guys I have?

    Thanks Mike, with each Sunday, you are becoming my favorite Razzball writer!!

    • thanks man! I’d hold Pujols unless you can also get some major legaue talent in return for him. For example, I moved him in a dyno, but in addition to the pick I also got Soler and ERod in return, and even that was a light haul at the time.

      • lolno says:

        @Maikel: Thanks Mike, you’re right. I was looking at maybe trading him + Keuchel for Jose Fernandez? Hard to do, because Keuchel and Pujols have been so solid and even now, Pujols is dropping bombs like flies…

        sorry… a little Tehol got into me with GoT references.

        • haha no problem

          • lolno says:

            @Maikel: do you like Keuchel + Pujols for JoFer, or too much given Keuchel’s dominance?

            • I think it’s too much for one arm

  30. B says:

    Souza and Guerrero on the waiver wire. Worth picking up either for any of my guys below?


    • I could see swapping Span for Souza

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @Maikel: not disagreeing, but oh where oh where have them steals gone souzamaphone!

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          yup…Steamer’s got him pegged for a baker’s dozen more ROS which sounds about right

          • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

            @Mike: that number sounds great, and he seemed fine earlier, so few in around over a month.

  31. AL KOHOLIC says:

    nice job boss thanks

    • anytime Al! thanks for reading

  32. Bad Newz Kennels says:

    In a keeper league with only two bench spots. Tough to hold on to guys. If you could only roster two of these, who would you: Addison Russell, Souza, Gallo, lindor, Carlos Martinez.

    • bummer…Russell and Souza

      • Bad News Kennels says:

        @Maikel: And if I could roster one more?

        • probably Gallo depending how long you can keep players for

  33. primetime_players says:

    10 team keeper. I currently own Hanley, but I felt like I needed to get Lindor, so I dropped Duda for him. I currently have Fielder and Hosmer so I thought dumping him would be ok.

    I also, dropped Garcia for Buxton yesterday… My outfield is Cargo, Brantley, Choo, Gordon and Pence on the DL.

    Our trade deadline in our league is July 20 and currently in the middle of the pack with a lot of season left so I figured I needed to go younger. Think I made the right moves?

    Current Team

    Pence DL

    • I might have shopped Duda first or dropped somebody older than Avisail, but adding Buxton and Lindor to your team will def help you get younger going into next year.

      • primetime_players says:

        @Maikel: I thought of that this morning, maybe dropping Gordon instead of Duda. Its a 10 team league so I may get lucky getting Duda back. Buxton is the guy I really wanted I missed out on Correa.

        • yup, I wouldn’t stress on it…nice job getting Buxton

  34. Brian says:

    1. Dominic Brown got called up, do we have any reason to be excited?

    2. Is Colin Mchugh droppable at this point, and is he just a streamer at best?


    • McHugh ranked 38 on JB’s recent list (but falling), so I’d hold and still put him above Streamer level. Probably nothing to see here with Brown in shallow fantasy leagues, but I’m interested as a Phils fan, even if they are just showcasing him for a trade.

  35. Jerry says:

    Hey, Mike! Santiago or McHugh? And also, Bruce or Maybin? Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

    • McHugh, Bruce

      you too!

  36. Which pitcher you see as the best to grab right now for help this season?

    J. Gray, A.Heaney (currently on my bench), H.Owens, Urias or Berrios?

    It’s a 14 team 5×5 roto keeper, and I have an ok staff that has mostly been unlucky… so I can stash a guy for help, but my thought is to get the guy on that list that is next in line…


    • Heaney, Berrios

      Gray’s fine, but are you gonna start him at Coors? That’s my only hangup with him even though he’s close too

      • @Maikel: would you drop Yimi and keep both of those guys? I have Allen, Axford, Ramos and one of C.Mart or Aaron Sanchez to plug into the 4th RP spot based on matchups (mostly always C.Mart).

        Also, since I have your attention… Who do you like in SP for this week (four spots)? Cashner (OAK, @ARI)
        Ventura (MIL… maybe)
        Aaron Sanchez (BAL, NYM… maybe
        C. Anderson (LAA)
        Hutchison (NYM)
        Thor (TOR, @ATL)
        Happ (HOU, @SF)

        Thinking: Anderson, Happ, Hutch, Thor…

        Thanks! and happy Sunday!

        • thanks, you too! I’d go with those four, sure.

          Dropping Garcia for Heaney or Berrios is fine if you don’t need Yimi.

  37. lolno says:

    you rock Maikel

    • thanks man….you too!

  38. Db says:

    Heyward or buxton? ROS
    Pick two shortstops Boagerts,Lindor,Flores,Russell,semien

    Is matz the #1 pitcher to put in your na spot, redraft league

    • ugh…Heyward

      Bogey and Flores

      yup on Matz

      • Db says:

        @Maikel: too late dropped Heyward :p

        Outfield looks like this now
        Upton,Souza,marte,polanco,buxton,adam jones,soler

        • haha how could I be too late I answered in 1 minute lol

          it’s all good…nice outfield!

  39. Hern says:

    My outfield currently is rostering

    Pence DL
    Ellsbury DL

    Should I drop one and pick up Buxton or hold? If so, who should get da boot? Thanks!!

    • I’d hold there if it’s a redraft

  40. Green monstah says:

    Howdy Mike / maikel!
    In a h2h points league w/ a weekly roster lock are you dropping Addison Russell to add Byron buxton?

    Russell is my 2b but I also have howie Kendrick on my bench.

    Next are you dropping shark to add either Quintana, or Edinson volquez?

    Thanks man!

    • so basically you’re getting Kendrick and Buxton for Russell…I like it

      eh, I’d just hold Shark there

      no problem!

    • Green monstah says:

      @Green monstah:

      It’s also redraft:

      Here are my pitchers we start 6;

      – max scherzer

      – shark

      – Harvey

      – deGrom

      – Eduardo Rodriquez

      – Carlos Rodon

      Bench: kazmir, Carlos Martinez & Noah syndergaard.

      • looks good, I’d stick wiht Shark for now

        • Green monstah says:



          • de nada

  41. Mikey says:

    Start Russell vs desclefani or Souza vs sale

    • I’d go with Russell

  42. chisoxx22 says:

    Drop belt for Buxton? 5×5 roto

    • depends on your corner situation…Buxton’s got the upside there I think

  43. Jerry says:

    Thanks, Mike! One more question: How about Chavez or Velasquez over McHugh, or would you still hold?

    • oof…I’d probably still hold. Not sure any one is that much better than the others

  44. Yescheese says:

    Do you think Joe Ross sticks in the majors or demoted once Fister returns?

    • probably gets bumped for Fister, yeah.

  45. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    Happy Buxton day! Happy Lindor day! It’s like Christmas and you Mike are Santa!

    • weeeee! you too Ralph!

  46. Edward says:

    Rest of this season…Cameron Maybin or Byron Buxton? I know at this point, Buxton definitely has the higher ceiling, but Maybin has been so good this year and especially last 30 days. Former top prospect himself.


    • tough one..I’d go Buxton though

      • Edward says:


        Thanks, that’s what I was thinking too. If you had both, and a roster crunch, would you deal one of them for Garret Richards?

        • oh definitely…Maybin for Richards would be solid

  47. Tals23 says:

    both lindor and Cory Seeger are available in my 16 team weekly points redraft league…..are either of them worth an add as an upgrade over boegarts or yunel Escobar?

    • I’d hold for now, see if you can land Seager when he gets a little closer to a call up

      • Tals23 says:


        • no problem

  48. Brian says:

    Alceides escobar or Lindor ROS? Thanks!

    • they’re probably going to be very similar, so I’ll lean the guy who’s not a rookie and take Escobar

  49. Pope says:

    Mike, great stuff! I got my hands on Buxton for $8 in my ESPN 12 team standard 5×5 roto keeper, but missed out on Lindor.

    Anyway, I’ve got way too many bats on my team. I’m currently rostering:
    A. Russell
    A. Escobar
    A. Jones
    R. Castillo
    C. Santana (UTIL)
    Dickerson (Bench)
    Myers (Bench)
    Buxton (Bench)
    Soler (DL)

    C. Carrasco
    A. Wood
    C. Rodon
    J. Chavez

    A guy just offered his Lindor ($4) and Samardzija ($15) for my Myers ($6). What do you think? I guess I would drop Panik for Lindor, but Samardzija has been pretty bad this year.

    • thanks! I’d hold there

      • Pope says:

        @Maikel: Alright, Mike. Thanks

        • anytime bud

          • Pope says:

            @Maikel: Mike, would you drop any of my guys for Ventura? Not crazy about his recent injury but he’s available

            • nah

              • Pope says:

                @Maikel: Thanks my man. I’m sitting in 4th in my league. Would you just keep trying to package bats for pitchers? I’m kind of at a loss. I feel like I can’t drop anyone

                • yup, I’d see if you can get something for Santana

                  • Pope says:

                    @Maikel: I’ll work on it. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday broseph

                    • you too Pope!

  50. rank 1 says:

    In a keeper league too much to offer Betts Buxton and a holds guy for Kipnis? Both Betts and Buxton have late round keeper value. Kipnis pdoesn’t but obviously helps for this year. Thanks.

    • yeah, I’d want the Betts/Buxton side there

  51. Alex says:

    Polanco a good comp for bux for ROS?

    • yup sounds about right

  52. Hi Mike … Maikel … do you like Buxton more than, say, Rajai in a redraft league for the three outcomes you mentioned (R/SB/AVE)?


    • probably pretty similar…I’d take Buxton for the upside

  53. Malicious Phenom says:

    Buxton batting 9th today..I have never seen a dumber group of Managers, yeah, I’m looking @ you Donnie, Christmas, Weiss and the lot of you clowns, that we have in the game now.

    Bux is hitting the snot out of the ball, he should be near the top of the Twins patheitc lineup..Man I would love to manage a real team for a year to show these guys how it is done!!

    Sorry for the rant, couldn’t resist!

    • gotta ease him into the pool I guess :)

  54. Steve Stevenson says:

    Think Russell’s startable at 2B in 14-tm weekly 9×9 (OPS, BB, K, NetSB) H2H ROS? Would you give Franco (bench bat, blocked at CI/Util by Pujols, E5 and Crush) for him? I’ve been struggling at 2B and my attempts to trade for higher end guys have gone nowhere.

    • absolutely…that makes sense for you

  55. Ballin says:

    Should I trade joc pederson for correa ss? I currently don’t have a ss and have trout and puig upton and maybin at outfield. 12 team roto style keeper league.

    • sure…your outfield is stacked and it fills a need

  56. J-FOH says:

    Hi Mike, great stuff, I read it, looking at ROS, I could see Buxton being Polanco-ish with the upside, does that sound about right?

    • thanks! yup, that’s another good comp

      • J-FOH says:

        @Maikel: Straight outta COMP-ton a crazy mother f**ker named Maikel, from the site called Razzas Wit Attitude…

        • Comps rule everything around me

          • J-FOH says:

            @Maikel: My Comps Playin Tricks on Me!

  57. Ryan says:

    Hey Mike! Love the info, and appreciate your humble attitude in respect to your fans! I am looking to add a backup SS (potential starter since Ian has been terrible), but as you can guess the options are limited. 3B eligibility would be a plus. Is J Turner worth consideration over someone like Lindor? JT usually hits 5th, now that Puig is back and is surrounded by a great lineup. JT seems to start about 90% of the time, at least for now. Should i snag him, at least til Seager is closer to getting called up, or would perhaps M Duffy be a better option in spite of his worse batting lineup spot and weaker lineup IMO? SS is my real only weakness on my team so I’m actually just hoping Ian will wake up and start acting like a impending FA who wants to get paid!

    • thanks! I’d add Lindor there as your backup. Turner may lose time to Olivera and Duffy just doesn’t do it for me honestly.

      • Ryan says:

        @Maikel: @Maikel: Thanks! I’m gonna have to drop a catcher between Santana, Morris, Weiters. 3 Catchers, Why you ask? Haha i was trying to take advantage of a couple teams weakness at the position and made the biggest mistake of this year dropping Correa for Wieters 3 days before his promotion! I still think about that stupid choice daily! Even worse I have had no success flipping one of them so I’m cutting my losses! I feel like Wieters is the choice, but Santana hasn’t shown much this year. He did have basically the same start last year though and really turned it on. Who would you choose?

        • Ryan says:

          @Ryan: To cut that is.

        • whoops! I’d cut Wieters before Santana

  58. Fastpitch says:


    Two questions for my 12 team dynasty league. Typical cats, OPS however.
    1. Is M. Stroman someone to stash. He is a FA.
    2. Someone wants Swarber I asked for Franco. close?

    • 1. yup, not for this year though
      2. yeah, I think that’s fair

  59. Will says:

    In a 12 team, 6×6 keeper league (OPS and QS) how much should I spend in FAAB points?

    I already have Correa and could add Buxton. I have 171 left and was thinking about bidding 132 because the other aggressive bidder in our league has 131 left. We started with 250 and the highest player was Gallo that went for 56. I pick up Correa early for only 6

    • makes sense if that’s what it will take to get him…one of the bigger free agents you’ll have floating out there this year, so go for it.

      • Will says:

        @Maikel: Vincent Velasquez, fiers, or Alex Wood to drop for buxton

        • Vinnie

  60. 740 says:

    sup MIke! great read! thank u….10team h2h 5×5.

    ROS. Seager, Russell, Lindor, Jace? I own Russell but, i feel like i need to upgrade.

    thanks again

    • thanks! I’d still take Russell there

  61. Mike says:

    Hey man dynasty league question for you.. Currently my Offense is stacked I win almost every week in Runs/Hrs/ribs and Avg. I am in need of stls tho which I lose almost every week. I could also use another SP.

    I’ve been offered billy hamilton(23rnd) and Danny Salazar(10) for my Corey Dockerson(24) . Any thoughts who wins here? 5×5 league and just to give you an idea of how stacked my Offense is that I feel I could lose Dockerson and be fine… I have trout, Harper, Abreu, Stanton, Rizzo, Edwin, Donaldson just to name my major producers on O.

    • AL KOHOLIC says:

      @Mike: id do that

    • nice team…agree with AL

  62. Swfcdan says:

    Coming to you for mlb fantasy advice today as lets be honest, Grey doesn’t really care too much about weekend comments ha.

    Would be selling off Lindor who im not a big fan of anyway, in a buyer/seller deal, also send C Davis for Freeman and Uihara (or another closer). Is Freeman a big enough upgrade from Davis? Their homers don’t say so but everything else does (OBP league), and im more worried that Davis could completely tank rather than mash any longer. Also I need a closer (who doesn’t!).

    And craaaazy prospect news, too bad I don’t have Buxton anywhere. Him and Correa could set the show alight, shoot me for not owning either of them anywhere!

    • sounds good if you’re looking to win now

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Maikel: I’m middle of the pack but only about 5 pts off 3rd place. Plus I have a lot of short term contracts, showing this team is built to contend now. Would Fielder be a better target than Freeman though? Insane AVG right now, but he isn’t exactly mashing homers everywhere.

        • ROS rater has Fielder better, but both better than Davis

          • Swfcdan says:

            @Mike: @Maikel: In the end I gave up Longo (really lost faith in him) and Lindor for Freeman and Perkins. Lindor I was meh on anyway, and I needed much better from my CI spot and Freddie is a bit of a OBP beast.

            Alright finally been offered that Franco deal! Getting Cruz, Price and a closer (all rentals), however there is one major wrinkle he has decided he must add to it too. He wants to dump Mesoraco’s awful contract which is through 2017 at $11, you might not think that is terrible but catchers are dirt cheap in our 10 teamer (I got Martin off waivers early on for example). Prob won’t hurt me much this year, but in future by taking up 1/8 keeper spots and if I break his contract it’s a 1/2 penalty.

            So the question becomes is taking on Mesoraco worth it to sell Franco to try and win this year? Get all that? lol

            • Mike

              Mike says:

              i’d say it’s worth it if you’ve got a chance to win now.

              • Swfcdan says:

                @Mike: Simple answer but probably the right one, thanks! Basically gonna try and squeeze as much from him as possible for this year.

                If it goes through I will lose you Franco with a heavy heart. Gone but never forgotten Maikel!

                • Mike

                  Mike says:

                  haha no problem

  63. Jose says:

    Great stuff Maikel! Loving the name change. Haha

    What are your current thoughts about Soler? Will the DL give him time to clear his head? His average isn’t awful, but I think his BABIP is pretty high, the strikeouts are rough, and the power has been poor. I felt like he was showing signs of life before getting hurt, but I may just be telling myself that.

    It’s a keeper league , so not looking to drop him, just curios about your thoughts.

    Thanks again!

    • thanks Jose!

      I think it’s typical growing pains for a young player…but I still love him long term and think he’s going to be a 20-25 homer guy in RF.

  64. Scott says:

    Tough question so understand if you don’t respond…but any help appreciated

    Trying to sort through current hot prospects vs. new draftees. From the list below, who would be your top 5 or so overall prospects to draft in a dynasty league? My preference is to focus purely on upside

    New draftees: Dillon Tate, Kyle Tucker, Kevin Newman, Kilby Allard, Ian Happ, Walker Buehler, Daz Cameron, Tyler Jay, Andrew Benintendi

    Current Prospects: Willy Adames, Ozhaino Albeis, Hector Olivera, Ketel Marte, Chih-Wei Hu, Edwin Diaz, Roman Quinn, Mallex Smith, Gleyber Torres, Derek Fisher, Spencer Adams, Luis Ortiz, Dustin Peterson, Brent Honeywell, Stephen Gonsalves

    • no problem

      Tucker, Happ, Benintendi, Cameron, Tate

  65. Baezaworldseries says:

    Can I start a “thing”? From now on Paul Goldschmidt will be known as PaGo. #Greatness

    • so let it be written, so let it be done

  66. PhilOssieB says:

    Hey Maikel, 2 q’s:

    1) would you trade Kyle Hendricks for berrios in dynasty pts league? Hendricks is pretty proven and wondering if berrios’ ceiling is much higher.

    2) is Castillo going to be worth a darn? Got him in a trade as a toss in. I have Giancarlo who I could shop for a pretty penny right now, but would only do so if I thought Rus will be a solid contributor next year .

    Thanks and happy prospecting!

    • 1) I’d just roll with Hendricks. Berrios is a #3 starter most likely and those are basically the type of numbers you’re getting from Hendricks right now.

      2) He’ll be worth a darn long term. I don’t know what to make of him right now though. Looking ahead to next year I like him a lot more assuming he’ll have an everyday gig and a year of MLB experience under his belt.

  67. L-Boogie says:

    Yo Maik! Any thoughts on Dbacks C Peter O’Brien? Chances of him getting the call anytime soon? If so, I’m assuming he’s worth owning.


    • Mike

      Mike says:

      nice power and he’ll play in a good park obviously. My hangup with him is playing time in the outfield, but still think we’ll see him this summer….possible late July/early August.

  68. big fudge says:

    Minnesota rube here and i happened to pick up Buxton a few days, immediately was offered cole hamels for him….take it?

    10 team standard roto..struggling in era and whip

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      If it’s a redraft, yup, I’d be all over that

  69. slew says:

    Odor getting called up by the Rangers. Should be interesting to see how they replace
    DeShields in LF.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      oh nice! I saw a Tweet that he got pulled from his game…

      for sure

  70. Jack says:

    In OBP league I have to drop one – Buxton or Hamilton.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Billy or Josh?

      • Jack says:

        @Mike: ooops — Billy.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          no problem…if it’s a redraft I’d stick with Billy. Keeper I’d lean Buxton

  71. Eric B says:

    We ran out of room…continued from above: It’s not a re-draft league but it’s only 4 keepers for a max of 3 seasons. So in this case it’s more about this year, chances of Lindor being one of those 4 are slim, so I really just need the best player ros between Lindor and Jace.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      gotcha…I’d take Jace then

  72. Booney's Wheelhouse says:

    When do you think steven matz will be called up?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Optimistically, next weekend on the road in Atlanta, taking Gee’s turn.

      Realistically, after they complete some kind of trade of Gee, Niese, or even both to open up a clear spot in their rotation for him.

      • Booney's Wheelhouse says:

        @Mike: Thanks. Kind of have the same gut feeling especially with Gee pooping the bed today and in the recent past. I added Matz last week with hopes of him coming sooner than later.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          no problem…worst case you’re probably only waiting another two weeks

  73. Swfcdan says:

    Can’t find my post above as im on my ipad, and yeah it makes my head dizzy zooming through all the comments.

    Meadows been dropped in my keeper, you like him over any of these strugglin prospects:

    Winker, C Frazier, Dahl (INJ), Franco (just kidding Maikel!), Pompey.


    • Mike

      Mike says:

      He probably has more fantasy upside than Winker at this point, but I don’t see a surefire drop there.

  74. chadaristic says:

    The Mets are considering moving Thor to the BP and placing Matz in his rotation spot.

    Should I drop Thor and pick up Matz in a dynasty league?

    I’m more concerned with ROS than next year and beyond, but curious how you would rank them ROS and in the future if both were SP.

    Also, Nola has been promoted to AAA. I watch a lot of SEC baseball, so i’m very familiar with him and have had him on my watch list since he was drafted. I’ll be adding him as soon as he gets the call and hope to have him as a keeper heading into next season.

    Lastly, do you have any thoughts on what’s up with Ian Desmond? Little power and less speed to this point. Any chance he gets back on track this season? Obviously he won’t reach 20/20 this year, but how can close do you think he can get? 15/10 reasonable to hope for?

    Thanks Mike!

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Matz should be up soon…but I wouldn’t drop Thor just yet. I still think a trade could celar room for both and they’ve been shopping Niese and Gee I think.

      Long-term I like Thor over Matz but for the rest of this season it could be flip flopped. That’s just the way it goes with rookies.

      Good stuff on Nola! I was really happy to see him get the promotion to AAA. Shouldn’t be too long of a stay.

      Desmond is a puzzle, but 10/10 the rest of the way is still doable. He’s not a guy I’m buying, but I’d hold if I owned him and wouldn’t sell low.

  75. Prime_Time_Players says:

    Coming into work today, listening to the guys on sirus and they are comparing Buxton to Jason Heyward, is this true cause OMG i don’t want that guy on my team.

    Lindor – compare to Andrus, possibly a JRoll type of player.

    Both players have no pop, but I thought Buxton was a 5 tool guy.

    If you were to grab a pitcher now to hold, in keeper league. Nola, Matz or Heaney. Was gonna put Bundy on this list, but that guy is nothing but problems.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      lol…Buxton has elite speed, so I’d expect something closer to Martin or Polanco for the rest of this season, and something closer to Carlos Gomez in the future. His power is more gap power right now (doubles/triples) than homers, but homers will come with time.

      Lindor comp to Alcides Escobar and Elvis Andrus both work…260ish with about 12-15 steals. JRoll comp prolly doesn’t work if you’re talking prime JRoll since prime JRoll had solid power. I don’t see that type of power coming from Lindor

      I’d grab Matz…forget Bundy for this year

  76. Sparty Scott says:

    In a 12 team 6 keeper league. Keepers are your first 6 rounds and can keep forever. Currently have Trout, Rizzo, Bryant, Arenado, Buxton, Pollock, Wong, and Xander. Probably keeping the first 6, but considering a trade of Pollock for Correa. Good trade? Also, who would your top 10 keep forever guys be if you could pick anyone? Thanks for all your help!

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I’d make that trade, yeah.

      Nice team! In no particular order I think you have to look at Trout, Stanton, Harper, Goldy, Rizzo, Kershaw, Tulo, Rendon, and maybe Donaldson, Arenado. Upton looking like a great keeper as well.

  77. omar says:

    In a 9-team AL Only 5×5 standard roto league:

    Was offered Miggy for my Correa, Calhoun, and Ventura (all players eligible to keep next year).
    Thoughts on this trade? I would be replacing Correa with JJ Hardy, and losing Calhoun would make my outfield a little thin (A. Jones, Souza, Burns, L.Martin, & Betts has OF eligibility, but that means Odor @ 2b). Have Abreu @ 1b and Donaldson at 3b already, so Miggy would be plugged in @ IF slot. Is this spreading my team to thin, or do you just take the best player in Miggy and figure out the rest? What are Correa’s projections look like for next year?


    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I’d hold your three. You’ve already got strong corners :)

      • omar says:

        Good deal, thanks! How do you feel about Correa being a keeper in AL only for 2016?

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          no problem! gosh, love him in that format…tons of upside at a position where there aren’t many great options

  78. Jason says:

    should i drop sandoval for lindor…..its a redraft league on mlb and its not rotisserie

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      nah, I’d hold Panda

  79. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    dynasty OPS 14 team H2H. just got this offer, i’m guessing this is a no
    my marte/altuve/4th rounder (any pick that’s not top 10 overall or higher really aren’t worth much) for opp’s d.travis/lindor/soler/3rd rounder. lindor would have some more value in this league, as it also has fielding stuff like double plays/assists/put outs. roster is this
    LF marte
    CF b.ham
    RF souza
    util tucker
    BN delino
    DL werth/mesoraco
    NA a-jax/sano/bell/dahl
    I’m thinking since i have souza (recently, i waivered and used half of yearly budget to get him when some twit dropped him) i don’t need soler this badly to take the large step down from altuve to d.travis, and segura i’m sure isn’t much different than lindor; so really since i’m guessing soler/marte close in value (one more steals the other more homers, probably eventually soler projects to hit higher average too maybe) i’d be losing altuve for travis and lindor, and that doesn’t seem smart. Only thing to be said for it is that my roster there is too steal heavy.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      a league that counts defense! now we’re talkin’!

      yeah, I agree with you. I think it’s best to hold there

      • Beware the Shit Rope says:

        @Mike: probably the only innovation of Yahoo compared to some others. I heard on last week’s podcast that Grey is in a league that actually uses Vickrey bidding theory. Vickrey was some dude, who, in the 90’s, proved by math that the true definition of what “market price” means ISN’T what most people would tell you, that it’s “what somebody paid” (i.e. highest bidder has to pay highest price); but that the true market price is simply a nominal amount above the 2nd highest bidder, so if you bid 20 for somebody, and the only other bidder goes 3, you’d win, but only have to pay 4, since the market price is actually 3. I tried to convince my comish in 30 man league in fantrax to do our player bidding in this way, no dice. In the coming years (esp as more economics nerds get involved) I’m hoping Vickrey bidding takes over the old ways.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          nice, sounds like a good way to go about it

  80. vinodole says:


    How do you feel about (ie please rank) these rooks through 2017:

    Joc, correa, Russell, Gallo, rodon

    In my keeper league all are signed thru 2017. So, team A has joc and rodon, team B has the other three. What’s a fair trade that gets joc to team B? What about a good trade for side A? OK, I’ll stop being cryptic, I’m considering trading joc but don’t want to give away a top 10 guy in 2016-17 for guys who aren’t close. Is correa closer to joc than I realize? Would I be an absolute buffoon to trade joc and rodon for two of the other three?

    Thanks! Btw I’ve been loving Maikel’s production so far! Too bad I don’t have him signed (we do have two extensions to give out, but that’s a conversation for another post!)

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Right now I’d rank them Correa, Joc, Russell, Gallo, Rodon

      If you can trade Joc and Rodon for Correa and Russell, I think you’ll be happy. Otherwise, I’d probably just hold what you have.

      No problem! I hope he keeps it up :)

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Mike: from what joc is doing currently you probably could do that deal with most opps.

  81. Mike B says:

    Hey Mike, great stuff as always! I’ve been offered a trade that I’m not sure what to do with. My team is not com

  82. Mike B says:

    Hey Mike, great stuff as always! I’ve been offered a trade that I’m not sure what to do with. My team is not competing this season, and I am simply looking to improve my keeper situation for the future.

    10 team, 10 keeper league (31 roster spots), players kept a round earlier than drafted increasing each season.

    Harvey (17th)
    Gallo (23rd)
    Correa (20th)
    Tanaka (too early to be relevant keeper value)
    OBP league with QS and an innings limit

    Which side do you like longterm? Factors I’m wrestling with are Correa’s positional value, Gallo having enough of a boost in OBP format to be legit asset, and Harvey already having TJ on his resume.

    I already have very good keepers, but still being June I have time to package the extra ones and non-keepers for a stud keeper from a contender. I’m honestly not sure if I’m crazy to pass on that offer or crazy to consider moving Correa.
    Thanks for any input!

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      yikes, that’s a tough one. I’d hold Correa if you’ve already got good keepers around him.

  83. AL KOHOLIC says:

    whats up Mike ole buddy,hey is this O’Brien guy worth a shot in most leagues and will he get the call,,thanks as always for the great job you do

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      He”s worth a shot…they still haven’t announced what they’re doing to replace Inciarte but if you have a no-brainer drop go ahead. Boring option is Peralta I guess, but the only thing really blocking O’Brien was OF playing time, so this only helps his chances of coming up soon. Sounds like a good one to write up for tomorrow’s profile.

      • AL KOHOLIC says:

        @Mike: Yeah i grabbed him in one league,looking forward to tomorrows post,thanks

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          no problem, Al. worst case scenario they don’t go with him and you move on to somebody else.

          • Mike

            Mike says:

            welp, looks like it’s Danny Dorn, which makes sense since he was already on the 40-man. we’ll have to wait a little longer for O’Brien bud.

  84. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    20 team dynasty where my DL slots are filled and i’m TEX, thus having to keep at least 9 minimum TEX players at all times. I tried to trade for kela but guy asked for franco, which is batshit. i was offering guys with similar value to kela, not starting 3B that project to hit for power and were top 50 prospects. Kela was ranked 8-14th for TEX alone preseason. H2H league with holds/K per 9/doubles,triples, BB’s, put outs, assists, double plays, outfield assists, double plays for pitchers, QS, relief wins, relief appearances. to prevent hoarding can only have at most 1 of 4 BN spots be pitchers.
    LF choo
    CF ozuna
    RF stanton
    util franco
    BN leonys/owings/inciarte (active slot)
    DL profar/beltre
    NA tapia/a-jax/t.anderson
    SP quintana/hammel/c.anderson/fiers/liriano/hendricks
    RP melancon/robertson/tolleson/walden (in active slot)/fien/lowe (SEA)
    DL – bradley/darvish/holland
    NA heaney/urias
    got a couple of trade offers
    1. my melancon for moreland/j.garcia/belisle
    2. my inciarte and worthless pick (25th round) for lomo and a 2nd rounder (but i’m very very likely to keep a full roster here, unless somehow a 10th overall prospect is better than 1 of mine)

    I’m thinking 1 is bad since j.garcia will get hurt and isn’t that much better than my SP anyway, moreland, while OK, doesn’t seem like i would want all 4 of gallo/fielder/franco/moreland with only 1 1B/3B/util slot. Unless Gallo goes back down, then moreland might have some value.

    2. i think is harder since i’m thinking of dropping inciarte anyway, or having to hold him in active slot till beltre’s back. free agent options here would be 1 of: dejesus,valencia, rusney (just got dropped), joyce, bour.

    3. should i do either trade, or try to drop inciarte for one of those guys (my crappy waiver probably doesn’t get rusney)
    4. should i stash peter o’brien over heaney (this would require me to drop fien or inciarte to do it). I was just reading that o’brien himself wants to not catch anymore, and ARI is making him do it, which i’m sure long term means he won’t be doing it. But if he does stick at catcher he appears to be better hitter than zunino, who at this point i’m only keeping do to him having solid playing time and defensive stats.

    5. drop fien for any of putnam/petricka/dunn/hagadone/maness. while fien was hurt 2 guys with worse K rates than him have taken over his hold spots. Fien has wonderful stats (including very much higher K rate than he’s ever had since returning in 7.33 innings), but all of those other guys get holds, putnam (with worse FIP than petricka) appears to get holds again, and probably moves Duke’s awfulness out of 8th inning soon.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      drop Inciarte for Rusney…P o’Brien hasn’t played catcher since May…actually writing him up for tomorrow :)

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Mike: might as well take the lomo offer then (yahoo has some silly ass thing that a proposed offer counts as a “pending transaction”), keep the 2nd round pick for possible trade value, and try to waiver rusney for dropping lomo. somebody else is trying to move me moreland, but he wants more than inciarte.

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          makes sense

        • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

          @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: zunino still have better value than espinosa long term? zunino does get playing time and some homers, and put outs since he plays nearly every day. SEA isn’t cutting his time even though he likely has the worst batting average of any starter in baseball.

          • Mike

            Mike says:

            eh, I guess. I’d take the MI over the C usually though, unless you’re in a total rebuild and need the youth, which in your case it doesn’t seem like you do.

            • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

              @Mike: the problem is that there are NO starting everyday type catchers in free agency, since we have to have 3-4 BN hitters many people have backup catchers. preseason i could’ve kept norris over zunino, and now the guy who wants zunino owns norris. but longer term doesn’t hedges steal norris’s time anyway? plus even though this SEA owner wants zunino he’d likely want more than just a 1 for 1 here due to these two’s season performances.

              • Mike

                Mike says:

                yeah, in that position you pretty much just have to sit on Zunino and hope he turns it around.

                • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                  @Mike: this is why for this year alone o’brien might be big time stash (possibly over heaney), he’d count as catcher. this is yahoo.

                  • Mike

                    Mike says:

                    possibly…I’m starting to wonder what the Dbacks really want to do with him or at least where they’ll play him this year. He’s got the eligibility, but he seems done at catcher now.

                    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

                      @Mike: i don’t want to miss him if he plays though (and hits of course). it’d be neat to have somebody at catcher who plays everyday and doesn’t suck at hitting.

                    • Mike

                      Mike says:

                      yup, it’s risk/reward there

  85. S.H says:

    Love the prospect talk.

    Well my fantasy team, is well on the way to finishing last. Now looking forward to the international signing so I can grab a few guys. from what I am reading Vladdy Jr. could be MLB ready by the time he is 19. Would you agree.?

    Also I am looking some high upside international players any tips.?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      thanks SH

      Vlad Jr for sure…Jhailyn Ortiz and Starling Heredia also

      If you’re including Cubans here I’d look at Eddy Martinez and Yadier Alvarez

      I’ll comb through a bunch of the international and new draft signings in July once everybody is signed also :)

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          They’re the team linked to him at the moment, yes, but I don’t know if anything has been confirmed.

          • S.H says:

            Thanks one more long question.
            I am in a 20 team no roster limit keeper league. I joined last year so there was no players to choose from.SP cost a lot to get.
            My team consists of
            1B-A.Craig,Aguilar, G.Bird,A.J.Reed
            2B0-G.Beckham, D.BArney, F.Wall
            3B-M.Franco,G.Urshela, R.Devers,R.Nunez
            ss-Lindor, T.Demeritte, O.Arcia,A.Rodon,J.Mateo
            OF-D.Santana,A.Alford,Brinson,R.Liriano,H.Renfroe,M.Harrison,Mazara,McKinney,Tapia ,B.Zimmer

            Sp-Colome,R.Hernandez,Lorenzen,Beede,Hader P.Jonson,Kaminsky,J.Barrett,Bedrosian,Burdi, Fedde, Finnigan,Alex Torres and B Mauer

            A few players should be up next year,sp maybe two more years.
            so my question is.
            I have two offers, one is for D.Hutchinson, and 3rdand 4th round pick
            for Liriano,Arcia ,Mauer,Torres,Finnigan and Mckinney

            the second deal Hutch and the 10 overall pick, for the same players plus Lorenzen.

            Should I do either deal or hold until season ends when the prospects list get updated.?

            • Mike

              Mike says:

              I’d hold. You’ve got some depth there and some lottery tickets. Rebuilding sucks, and if you cash in your chips for the wrong players it just extends the misery.

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