This week on Knights Of The RazzTable we’re working with ADP 51-75 (nfc.shgn.com/adp/baseball). The easy picks are behind you as you get closer to pick 100 than pick 1. The middle rounds make are the glue of a great team. Round out your categories. Don’t completely neglect pitching. Demoralize opponents. Joining us this week are Razzball’s own Tout Wars champion, Matt Truss, and the ever-savvy Pat Fitzmaurice of FantasyPros. 

Q. We’ve finally reached the rounds people feel like they’re allowed to draft rookies. The two hot names are Oneil Cruz and Corbin Carroll. Both offer lots of tools. Which would you prefer?

Pat: I prefer Cruz for the power potential. With that long frame, Cruz the potential to hit 30-35 home runs, whereas Carroll is probably capped at about 20 HRs.

Truss: This is like asking me to choose my favorite child. Cruz is so fun and Carroll seems very legit. I trust my guy Geoff Pontes when he says he’s going to be great. I think I’m leaning Carroll here only because I’m finding myself drawn to another SS in this range, Dansby Swanson.

My take: I don’t think there’s a wrong answer here. Carroll comes a bit cheaper (for the time being) so I’d lean towards the slight discount.


Q. The pitching glut reaches terminal velocity as drafters realize how ugly it will get very soon. Which SP in the range are you most comfortable with as your SP2?

Pat: Cristian Javier has filthy stuff and pitches for the Astros. That’s a pretty nice combination. Opponents batted .152 against him after the All-Star break with a .226 OBP. When he’s on (which is most of the time), Javier is nearly untouchable.

Truss: Alek Manoah (ADP – 69) – An actual horse Manoah is the best bet for an SP1 out of this group. I didn’t believe this ADP so I went and checked a few early drafts I’ve done and sure enough, always after pick 60. I feel like I’ve missed the boat on this but will note it for future drafts.

My take: Two excellent breakout bets. Manoah is probably the better real baseball pitcher and a safer bet. Javier has the strikeout upside to go full-on Dylan Cease. For a pitcher to be a Wallstreetbets Moonshot the Ks have to be there.


Q. There are two players here that have yet to deliver on big potential: Eloy Jiminez and Teoscar Hernandez. Which one has the best shot at putting it together this season?

Pat: Teoscar Hernandez was in the 94th percentile or higher last year in average exit velocity, maximum exit velocity and barrel rate. I need a show-me season from Eloy Jimenez before investing. If he stays healthy all season and mashes, I’ll regret not getting him, but it’s the Eloy investors who’ve been having regrets the last couple of years.

Truss: I am a sucker for Eloy and the trade to SEA is a bit worrisome for Teoscar. He at least has some speed to help with that but Eloy brings the batting average….if he can stay on the field. I’m not leaning into the injury-prone tag and will draft like he’s going to be healthy and finally deliver. Team Eloy.

My take: Another close one. What makes me lean Teoscar is that the Mariners went and got him. They see something they like there. Maybe they can unlock the next level for him. That Seattle team could be sneaky fun.

A very close and hotly contested Table this week. There are no losers but if we’re counting Truss is the loser. His punishment will be to continue as the Razzball editor. (Editor’s Note: punishment accepted) Come back next week for ADP 76-100.