Aloha from Clearwater Beach, Florida. I will be relaxing at the beach in this 90-degree weather today. I promise, I’m not trying to rub it in. The weather is starting to warm up as we approach summer, which means the balls will start flying out at a higher rate than they already are this season. Today’s lede has done a great job limiting home runs this season and I’m excited to see him deal today. I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised how good Eduardo Rodriguez has pitched this season. Rodriguez looks to make it 6 quality starts in a row today and he has a stellar matchup against a team with the 3rd highest K rate vs. left handed pitching. If you haven’t noticed I like using lefties in DFS, especially when the teams they are facing struggle at the plate against lefties. John Farrell has no problem letting Rodriguez eclipse 100 pitches as he’s done it on several occasions this season already. There appears to be no pitch limit for E-Rod, so if he gets off to a hot start today we could see a high K total in the box score. Today’s game is being played at, which is smack dab middle of the road in home runs per game this season. Eduardo’s price tag is $17,600, which I consider a steal for his upside. Plug him into your lineups and lets win some money today!

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Stacks on Stacks: I will be heavily invested in the Washington stack today as will everyone else. The Nats are absolutely crushing lefties this season with a .391 WOBA.

Jake Arrieta, SP: $18,000 – I just do what Vegas tells me to do. Arrieta is the biggest favorite on the board however I do need to throw some caution into the wind (literally). The Windy City will be blowing out to right center at 16 MPH. Jake has already posted a 10-strikeout game against the Brewers earlier this season and it should come as no surprise the Brewers own the 3rd highest k-rate vs righties.

Zack Godley, SP: $15,000 – This will be Godley’s 2nd time facing the awful Padres lineup this year. Previously Godley let up 2 runs in 5 innings with 6 K’s in their first matchup. Godley gets a great park shift to Petco today and I think he will take advantage of it. He needs to keep his walks down for him to stay in this game. I think there is a good chance he gets 7 K’s in 6 innings today, which is an absolute steal at $15,000.

Jesse Chavez, SP: $16,200 – Chavez was in Grey’s buy column on Friday and highly regarded by Stream-o-Nator. I’m not a huge fan of Chavez but I do like his matchup against the Mets today. There is not a ton of upside so Chavez is more of a safe play to get you 15-20 points on FantasyDraft.

Matt Adams, IF: $6,000 – The Braves acquired Adams yesterday as a replacement until Freddie Freeman returns. Adams might be a sneaky GPP play. It’s been well documented that right field at Sun Trust Park is an easy shot for a home run. Adams draws a tough matchup against Strasburg today however he has taken him yard before and he will likely want to show off in front of his new fans today.

Justin Smoak, IF: $8,000 – Smoak and a pancake. As Freddie Freeman went down last week I scrambled to find a replacement and stumbled upon a guy on fire with no Smoak. I hope the fire is not put out anytime soon because this guy has been absolutely mashing. The weather in Baltimore will be high 60’s and the ball should be flying out of Camden.

Jose Abreu, IF: $8,700 – One of the best features of FantasyDraft is I can recommend 4 1b in a row and not feel bad about it because you get 3 IF spots to fill instead of individual positions. Abreu gets a great matchup today against Dillon Overton. He has been one of the best hitters vs. left handed pitching this season and has 3 home runs in his last 7 days.

Albert Pujols, IF: $7,500 – Albert’s brother (DFSBot) recommended The Machine today. Albert gets a great matchup against Tommy Milone. There is a chance Pujols rests today due to an injury he’s battling but if he’s in the lineup today I think you must start him at only $7,500.

Jedd Gyorko, IF: $7,600 – Gyorko looks to extend his 6-game hitting streak against Matt Cain today. Jedd is boasting a .331 average with 7 home runs on the year. It’s starting to look like he’s figured things out. I think he’s a must play for salary relief given his success this season.

Brian Dozier, IF: $8,700 – Dozier gets a great matchup against Jason Hammel who has been absolutely terrible this season posting a 6.20 ERA. I think its a great idea to stack a few Twins batters today to take advantage of  the mismatch today.

Adam Duvall, OF: $8,400 – This is an interesting pick today, Duvall has not homered in over 10 games however the guy is still producing RBI’s with no issue. Today he gets a treat with a LHP behind the bump. We do need to monitor this game as there will be storms today in Cincinnati.

Jacoby Ellsbury, OF: $7,600 – Why are your recommending Jacoby? I’m not, BVP God’s are forcing my fingers to type this recommendation. Jacoby has a stunning .541 batting average in 61 at bats. Needless to say, but Jacoby owns Chris Archer. On the other side of the pond, we have Evan Longoria who owns a .411 avg in 73 at bats vs CC Sabathia.

Michael Conforto, OF: $9,300 – Conforto’s price shot up $1,700 in the last 2 weeks, which makes me sad because it’s going to be tough to fit him into lineups now. If there is one player that Jesse Chavez should be worried about its Conforto. Conforto continues to crush the ball as Cespede’s is inching closer to returning.

Corey Dickerson, OF: $9,000 – This guys has really figured things out this season. I really thought he was a lost cause last season and did not give him any attention in any of my fantasy drafts this season. He’s going to get a opportunity to lay some wood on CC’s fastball.

Aaron Judge, OF: $9,900 – Expect there to be some drama in Tampa today. Yesterday we had pitchers and multiple coaches ejected. Archer is on the mound today and depending which Archer actually shows up will determine how this one plays out. The Yankees are trying to avoid getting swept in front of their home crowd in Tampa. I was at Tropicana field on Friday and there were definitely more Yankee shirts in the seats. Judge continues to be a threat to every pitcher in the league and still hitting the ball well.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

As of right now, there does not appear much to worry about as far as weather goes however there are a few games we should keep an eye on today. The following games might see some rain today Rockies vs. Reds, Phillies vs. Pirates, Nationals vs. Braves and Royals vs. Twins.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The heavy favorite of the day goes to Jake Arrieta at -200 vs. the Brewers. Vegas seems to like Strasberg on the road today as he is -183 vs. the Braves. I’m not impressed by the Vegas run totals today, the highest run total is the Rockies vs. Reds at 9.5. The only game with a run total under 8 is the A’s vs. Redsox at 7.5.