The Fantasy Master Lothario is back, and he’s live and direct from Palm Springs!!! While Cougs runs back to LA, the GOD Pert talks Freddy Peralta’s debut, how I’ve sold Lance on Franmil Reyes, and the unexpected emergence of Charlie Morton over the last two seasons. We then talk a little C-Mart, a little Robinson Cano, and off course Vladimir Guerrero Jr. comes up. It’s almost like he’s Ralph Lifshitz Jr. just considerably better at baseball. All in all it’s an hour of fantasy baseball fire, prepping you for the week ahead, and reflecting on the week that was. It’s a little bit of everything, the biscuits, and the beans! Finally, please make sure to support our sponsor by heading over to and entering promo code “SAGNOF” for 20% off the highest quality t-shirts in the fantasy sports game. It’s the latest edition of the Razzball Fantasy Baseball Podcast:


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  1. Oddball Herrera says:

    With the position shenanigans going on with McMahon and Rodgers, do you think we see a double promotion? McMahon to the bigs and Rodgers to AAA seems like a smart thing with D.J. hurt…but then Rockies and smart aren’t necessarily correlated

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Oddball Herrera: Possible, I was at the Hartford game last night and they had Rodgers at third. Made some bad play there though. It’s possible, Rodgers is mashing.

      Don’t sleep on Garrett Hampson, he’s a great all around player.

  2. Scott says:

    Asked Grey this earlier, but very curious your take Ralph. In a dynasty league, which side would you prefer:

    Side A: Byron Buxton
    Side B: Andrew Heaney, Luis Robert, Nick Gordon, and a second round prospect draft pick (think of it as a top-75 prospect to be named later)

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Scott: Side B easily.

  3. Let's Play Two says:

    When do you think the Jays bring up Vlad Jr.?

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Let’s Play Two: Listen to this show or the prospect podcast.

      • Let's Play Two says:

        Listened to this podcast and the previous one. Didn’t hear you specifically mention when you think he’s coming up…unless I missed it. Did hear the other guest mention late season call up. Throw this Jays fan a bone? :)

  4. batflix says:

    Danny Herrera.. ok
    Danny Herrera… ok

    Vlad will not be up shortly imo, unless he eventually keeps going ape shizz in AAA and even then it seems janky

    Grey should go as Grey and bake the shizz out of shizz, googling recipes all the way
    Roofdie Peralta
    Franmil Jeyesus might be better than Renfroe, you ain’t crazy
    Urias will be up before Tatis Jr right? Urias could go all Albies with the major league balls imo (that are totally normal)

    Tell SeatGeek I use them

    RIP R.Cano


    grandpa shoe graffiti shaming in 2018

    Price bit of a pussy call, spot on

    I heard Grey fart

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @batflix: Why? Because service time? I’ll ask you the same question I’ve asked everyone who goes with this cliche take on callups.

      Who is the last good to great player that was held down for a year when he was ready? It doesn’t happen and when it does it backfires (Honeywell). He’s hitting over .400 at the best minor league level. Yes, the best talent is in AA not AAA. I did this last year on Devers. I’ll retire from Razzball if Vlad isn’t up by August 1st the latest.

      Way before Tatis. Likely Tatis won’t be up this year, if he is it will be a cup of coffee. Urias is not Albies. Albies has had more power, I’ve been saying this for over a year on Albies, that he’s been developing power going back to 2016.

      He’s a massive pussy.

      I like the shoes!

  5. jose says:

    On my upcoming draft, starting on the 18th.
    Do I gamble and take Reyes first (2nd pick) and hope that Alonso makes it back to me at pick #16? Or take Alonso (I need him, Pavin Smith is looking like crap) and hope Reyes makes it to me at #16 ? (dout it with him having being called up).

    In reality I think I need Alonso more (Pavin Smith). My other OF are Trammell, Jimenes and Cordero.

    I am trying to acquire one more pick, to try and get both De Los Santos and Paddack, if they are still there.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @jose: Alex Reyes? If it’s ALex the answer is a resounding yes. If it’s Franmi, go Alonso.

      Alex Reyes is way ahead of ALonso in terms of project-able future impact.

      • jose says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz:
        It is Frami . I already have Alex.
        After yesterday’s two HRs game, including a walk-off shot, it is Alonso. That is 11 in the season, time to move him to AAA and Dominic Smith to AA.

        Pitching is my strength. I have Alex, Bhueler, Soroka, Julio Urias, Kyle Wright and Gore. I also have Alcantara, but I am using him as trade bait.

  6. the Halos says:

    in a 10 team al/nl weekly h2h points league would you rather own andrew heaney or t skaggs ROS thx !!!

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @the Halos: It’s very close, but I’ll go Heaney.

  7. jose says:

    I already have Keibert Ruiz at catcher, but I am looking for a second one. I have four on my radar:

    Austin Allen ——SD – (24) – 328/390/ 626 / 1016 (8 HRs, also plays 1B)
    Andrew Kenizner STL -(21) – 343/417/480/898 (2 HRs)
    Tyler Stephenson CIN (21) – 297/396/432/816 (3 HRs)
    William Cabrera ATL (20) – 284/384/432/818 (3 HRs)

    I like Allen and his big lefthanded power bat, plus the fact that he can also play 1B.

    How do you feel about having too many players from one MLB team?
    I have Tatis Jr, Franchy Cordero and MacKenzie Gore already and was hoping to land Framil Reyes (very doubtful) and eventually Gabriel Arias .

    What do yuo think?

  8. Matt says:

    Ralph roster evaluation please. 12 team dynasty league 7×7 format. Below is my roster. Please advise on where to improve. Thanks!

    C. Jt Realmuto
    1B. Eric Hosmer
    2b. Brian Dozier
    3b. Nolan Arenado
    Ss. Carlos Correa
    Of. Christian Yelich
    Of. Kris Davis
    Of. David Peralta
    Util. Ryon Healy
    Util. Mark Trumbo

    Be. Carlos Gonzalez
    Be. Chance Sisco
    Be. ketel marte
    Be. Tim Anderson
    Be. Mark Reynolds

    Sp. Robbie Ray
    Sp. Jose Quintana
    Sp. blake snell
    Rp. Raisel Iglesias
    Rp. Blake Trienan
    P. Adam ottovino
    P. jeremy jefferys
    P. Shen wan Ho

    Be. Zack Godley
    Be. Trevor Bauer
    Be. Kenta Maeda
    Be. Ivan Nova
    Be. Junior Guerra
    Be. Kyle freeland

    NA. Kyle Tucker
    Na. Yordan Alvarez
    NA. Leody Taveras
    Na. Bobby Bradley
    Na. Yusniel Diaz
    Na. Brent Rooker
    Na. Joe Dunand
    Na. Kolby allard
    Na. Yadier Alvarez

  9. BootsyBaby says:

    Ralph – question: AL only, 4×4, can keep only one:

    $5 Adalberto Mondesi, KC
    $1 Anthony Alford, TOR

    Who do you keep? Thanks!

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